Jordan and Debbie Become a Couple

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Please don’t reproduce this copyrighted work without permission.

All the actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!


Thank you all for your continued comments and support for Jordan’s exploits. If you haven’t already read the previous three installments, I suggest you do so before reading this fourth chapter for purposes of continuity.


I couldn’t help smile back at her, probably reflecting the same mischievous grin she just flashed me. “Oh, I suspect that’s something those two girls do whenever they get the opportunity.”

As I headed back to my classroom to prepare for my Anatomy class, I wondered what Erika and Lisa would have in store for me today.

I had about an hour before it was time for my class to start and as I sat at my desk chewing on a granola bar and staring blindly out the window I started to consider how much my life had changed in the past two days. In ways I never could have imagined I no longer felt like someone who always struggled desperately to fit in. I felt that my life was starting to take on some sort of focus that finally seemed to make sense and, more importantly, I was actually happy for the first time ever; happy in all the areas that were critically important to me, my family, my job and most of all – my love life.

Oddly enough, however, in a role where I was supposed to be the teacher, it seemed as if I was the student who was doing all the learning. And although that was perfectly fine with me, I thought about it at great length and realized that maybe I could still have fun teaching someone a thing or two.

An idea began to take shape in my head. I became excited about it and anxious to perfect it further, but I knew that in order to pull it off I really needed some major league help. Then in a moment of utter clarity I suddenly knew who I was going to ask for that help.

As the sound of the bell shattered the silence in the hallway marking the end of class, the student traffic slowly began to increase and then gradually some familiar faces I recognized from yesterday started reappearing in my classroom. I decided to move out into the hallway so that I could intercept Erika and Lisa before they entered the room, which I suspected would also keep me from making another spectacle of myself, as I so gracefully did yesterday.

As I stood at the doorway gazing down the hall it suddenly occurred to me that this might not be the brightest idea I’ve had yet. I could still vividly recall what happened to me yesterday when I hadn’t been mentally prepared when these two vixens first arrived at school. That erotic image damn near had me back-peddling the entire day. The entire day, that is, until Debbie finally put me right back into whack last night.

I’d seen both girls earlier today in the parking lot, but in all fairness I’d have to say that I was a bit distracted at the time. I was coping with a mild case of shock after just being caught with Debbie’s tongue down my throat and her fingers half-way inside my pussy and my normal perceptive skills were far from where they usually might have been.

Although I was immediately relieved once I saw that it was Erika and Lisa instead of anyone else on the planet, I was simply not very observant at the time, so I couldn’t remember a thing about what they were wearing. As I watched them heading down the hallway towards my classroom I now realized that was probably for the better, or I might have been a little too distracted today, as well.

As it seemed to be the custom in the school, every head turned to follow the two girls as they made their way down the hall, leaving a trail of fantasy stares and open mouths in their wake. I didn’t blame any of the students or the teachers or even the Vice Principle who stopped and stared at these two beauties along the way. In many ways looking at a truly beautiful woman was like looking at a piece if artwork or a beautiful sunset, it just never gets old and it never becomes routine.

It was only my second day at school and I felt a real connection with these girls and I had to smile as I watched them heading towards me. As was the case yesterday, Erika looked like she was ready for a full fashion photo shoot for Cosmo, even after nearly a full day of attending classes. I don’t know how she did it, but if she could bottle and sell it, she’d make a fortune.

Although Lisa surrendered nothing to her in the looks department, there was just something almost mystical about the way that Erika moved and acted that let you know that she had been doing the high fashion model gig for a long time. It was as if every step and escort izmit every fluid movement she made was subliminally choreographed for the photographers who would usually be in attendance to memorialize every frame. What a dramatic difference it must be to grow up looking like that, I thought – envious as hell.

Today, as was the case yesterday, Erika was just stunning, but I was beginning to realize that was the rule and not the exception. She was dressed like a Victoria’s Secret angel wearing all white, with a plain top that brandished the name of the rock group AC/DC across her chest in black glitter in the heavy metal group’s trademark font. Of course, the top stopped a couple inches below her boobs revealing a stomach that was definitely no stranger to hours of physical exercise in the gym. Her dangling gold bauble that was hanging from her pierced navel bounced to and fro, reflecting the light from the recessed florescent ceiling fixtures above.

The hem of her white skirt hit her about mid-thigh, maybe even a bit higher I would guess if I had to bet. It had two support straps that were buttoned at the waist. The buttons were made of some large silver coins that I didn’t recognize and I guessed their origin was either Icelandic or they might have even been Euros, which I’d never seen before. They weren’t overly showy but up close they really caught your attention, as if the rest of the package wouldn’t.

The straps rode up and over her shoulders, then crisscrossed and retreated down her back before being attached to the backside of her skirt by a second matching pair of silver coins. It created a sort of an overalls’ effect and it looked simply adorable on her. Then it struck me that the outfit appeared to mimic something that a much younger school girl might wear and maybe that was why Erika just looked naughty as hell wearing it while she was in her towering stiletto heels and hose. As if all that wasn’t enough, the straps were forced off to the sides because of the fullness of her incredible breasts.

I could see that Erika was wearing matching white thigh highs that were secured by a pair of white suspender garters that were also visible at least an inch below the hem of her skirt. I thought the entire effort looked sexy as hell and I felt that now familiar itch begin to appear in my loins that could only signal one thing. God, how I really envied her and I knew that I would have sold my soul a dozen times over to look half that incredible on my best day.

From where I was standing it appeared as if Erika was wearing white seven inch strapless platform high heels. Just like yesterday I couldn’t help but notice that in those towering heels she moved with the grace of a gazelle. I had only been wearing really high heels, which I classify as four inches or higher, for about three years now but I remember how tough it was for me to feel comfortable in them and move about as if it were perfectly natural.

Actually, I’m not sure I’m there yet. I even have a pair of clear acrylic eight inch fuck-me platform heels similar to the ones Erika was wearing yesterday that I’ve never even worn out, mainly because there had been no one in the past who I cared enough about to send such a signal. Actually, the only time I wore them was to practice strutting around in my apartment in Austin, but I remember that I didn’t look anything like Erika does when I walked around in them. I guess I’d have to work on that too.

As beautiful as Erika looked, perhaps the most noticeable thing about her appearance was the slight splash of color. Her lipstick and her finger nails and toe nails were done in a deep red shade, which made for an incredible contrast against the white background, even from a good distance away. Red was always considered a bit of a naughty color and it wasn’t at all out of place on her, I thought with a smile.

Lisa was wearing a pair of red satin shorts that must have been at least one or maybe even two sizes too small. I strongly suspected that what those shorts did to her ass would probably be considered obscene in a handful of states, including Wyoming. From where I was standing it looked as if I could even see the cleft of her vagina in those shorts and I thought she just looked incredible.

Her short-sleeve pullover top was white, with a detailed silk-screen print of Viggo Mortensen in his Aragorn attire adorning the front. I hadn’t gotten to know too much about either Lisa or Erika yet, but I had to admit that I already liked Lisa’s taste in movies and I absolutely loved Erika’s taste in music. Yes, my daddy did get me hooked on heavy metal music years ago, but I also love Texas’ own LeAnn Rimes and I love to listen to country music, as well.

Lisa was also wearing a regular pair of four inch red heels and without the high platforms she appeared to be more than a full foot shorter than Erika. She was also wearing white anklets with the tops neatly folded over and the image lent just enough innocence to her appearance that made you just izmit escort want to run out to the car with her to do every obscene thing you could ever imagine.

And of course to complement their erotic persona, and to flame the passion now stirring deep within me even higher, the girls arrived in front of my classroom holding hands.

“Well, what ever have we done to merit such a special greeting from the teacher today?” Erika asked in her sexy accent, quickly glancing at Lisa before her eyes came back to rest on mine.

As I looked into Erika’s beautiful blue eyes I couldn’t help drawing the inevitable comparisons with Debbie’s warm and loving brown eyes, eyes that I knew I’d fallen in love with. In fact, I was not exactly sure what there was about Erika that caused every single hair on my arms to stand up the way they did when she was around. I guess I’ve never met someone like her before, hell – outside the Playboy Mansion I didn’t even know people like this existed in the real world.

I guess to sum it up I’d have to say that Erika would be the woman of your wildest fantasies or dreams, and I truly prayed that I’d get a chance to experience her at least once before the end of the school year and hopefully much sooner. Debbie, on the other hand, would be the girl you’d want to see sleeping next to you every night. The girl you’d like to come home to after working all day; the girl you’d like to spend the rest of your life with.

Anyway, Erika’s eyes sparkled in a way that was much different than Debbie’s. They were daring and constantly full of adventure or perhaps they even some element of danger or risk. To look into them you just knew that whatever it was you wanted, it was always on the menu. I simply couldn’t imagine the energy level Lisa must have to keep up with this gorgeous creature and that realization caused me to develop an immediate respect and a form of adoration for her that I hadn’t previously considered.

All that said, I’d still never change my present lover for anything or anyone, but there’s nothing wrong with a little harmless fantasy every now and then. Enough of the comparisons for now and back to the moment at hand.

This blond goddess standing only a couple feet from me had a tremendous arsenal of weapons and it was obvious that she knew how to use each one. She was now flashing her most erotic smile at me, as if she already knew the answer to her question. In fact, I suspected that this was a woman who did not generally ask questions unless she already knew the answers.

I smiled at her but I remained quiet for long moment as I continued to watch the stud through her tongue move up and down as she spoke each word. It almost had a hypnotic effect on me. Then I noticed something I hadn’t before. As Erika was waiting patiently for my reply, the stud in her tongue kept raking across the top row of her teeth making a clicking sound that was barely audible, yet highly sensual. I just wanted to stand there staring at this woman and I might have continued to do so, but then the bell rang for a final time signaling the start of class. Thank god I was the teacher or now we’d all need a late pass. I guess the inmates were finally in charge of the asylum.

I gathered my wits about me and leaned towards them. “Ladies, first of all, thank you for your discretion earlier to today. Needless to say, Ms. Masters and I are very grateful.”

They shot each other a quick glance before smiling back at me without saying a word. In a strange way their silence almost seemed to suggest that they were welcoming me on the team and what they did was really no big deal.

“Listen, I’d like to speak to you both tonight if you’re not too busy doing your Anatomy homework. They each smiled, catching my tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. How about if we go out to dinner where we can talk about it outside of school, of course it would be my treat?”

While Lisa turned to gage Erika’s reaction to the invitation, Erika’s eyes remained fixed on mine as if she was studying my face, searching for some sort of indication of exactly what I might have in mind. As I continued to watch her, her erotic smile never once left that beautiful face.

“Ms. Peters, we would love to go to dinner with you and . . . whatever else you might have in mind.” The tone of her voice almost sounded coy, but her response could not have been more laden with sexual overtones and innuendo, then if she’d been standing in front of me totally naked wearing a strap-on. No matter what sort of interaction I seemed to have with this girl, it always seemed to have an incredibly seductive effect on me and this conversation in the middle of the hallway was certainly no exception.

I managed a smile and then I remembered to also move my mouth, as well. “Wonderful, why don’t you give me your cell number Erika and I’ll call you by about 4:30 and tell you where we can meet. Is 5:00 pm okay with you ladies? I usually get up at 5:00 in the morning to go jogging, so I try to izmit kendi evi olan escort get to bed no later than ten.”

Instead of verbalizing a response, Erika reached in her purse and pulled out her lipstick with her left hand. Then she reached for my hand and held it as she wrote her cell number across the top. Hmmm, a lefty like myself, I thought, enjoying any similarity I might even remotely share with this beauty. Then she smiled down at me and started to head into the classroom behind Lisa.

As I stared at the telephone number on the back of my hand I suddenly remembered that there was just one more thing that I had to tell her before she went inside the classroom. I reached for her and caught her elbow, which caused her to stop in her tracks.

She immediately turned to face me, standing only a couple feet outside the open doorway. I took her hand and moved her back into the hallway for some measure of privacy, as if that was possible anywhere near this woman. She responded by taking my hand in hers and suddenly we were actually holding hands in school with people passing by all around us. To me the feeling seemed like I was holding a live wire and I could feel the current of the woman’s sexual energy coursing into my body.

Because of the cost involved, we never went out to eat very often when I was a kid and since food was never very important to me I was totally okay with that. But when I turned sixteen my folks surprised me by taking me out to eat in a really nice place that had a huge buffet. But what I really remember the most about that place was the dessert buffet against the far wall. It wasn’t as large as the regular buffet, but I was suitably impressed.

Anyway, I remember not eating much dinner because I was saving room for my dessert. I’d passed by the dessert buffet a couple times and I just couldn’t make up my mind about what I wanted. In truth I actually wanted to try everything on that table, but I realized that was a rather unrealistic solution, so after studying the items for about fifteen minutes I finally selected three things that I wanted to try more than any of the others.

Now here I was, six years after we went to that buffet, and I can still remember drooling over those desserts and taking all that time to finally make up my mind. Okay, stay with me here, there’s a point to this silly food thing.

As I stood only inches in front of Erika now with no other distractions, I felt like a kid once again staring at that crazy dessert buffet. I knew I was a brand new member to the club, but already I wanted to do everything sexually imaginable with this vixen and as I looked at her I did not even know where to start.

We were only inches apart now and this was as close to Erika as I had ever been, with the exception of sucking her finger in the classroom yesterday, which I didn’t really count since I was sitting down at the time and the entire episode resulted in an incredible out-of-body experience for me.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ve all seen instances where we’ve noticed that some of the women we’ve always considered beautiful were a little deceptive in their appearance. What I mean by that is that once you finally got up close to them you realize they’re doing it all with mirrors. They put their make-up on thick enough to cover every slight imperfection and soon you have no idea where the actual woman stops and the make-up begins. That was definitely not the case with Erika. With the exception of her eye makeup and lipstick, this woman needed no such help to achieve total perfection.

I knew I liked Erika’s taste in music and I also loved her seemingly endless patience with me. As she stood before me waiting quietly for me to tell her why I pulled her back out into the hallway I continued to stare at her with the adoring eyes of a little puppy dog. I had no idea how long I stood there ogling at her, but she never showed even the least bit of impatience towards me and I really appreciated that virtue. That said, even I knew it was time to finally open my mouth and stop fantasizing. Speak Jordan, try and say something – anything.

“Erika, I want you know that I think what we did in class yesterday was one of the most wonderful and erotic things I ever did in my life and I’d be deliriously happy to do that again and much, much more with you – anytime. Anytime, that is, except in this classroom. You appear to be an extraordinarily bright woman and I’m sure you already know the effect you have on me sexually, but please don’t get too playful with me in there.” I said, as I motioned towards the classroom with my hand. “In order to keep my job I really need to teach that class and not become an emotional wreck like I was yesterday. Oh, and by the way, I never got the chance to respond to you yesterday, but yes – I absolutely loved the way you tasted.”

I smiled at her warmly at her and it seemed like so many unspoken words passed between us at that instant.

Her smile seemed to grow even wider, as she appeared to enjoy seeing me raise the white flag, while I revealed my unbridled honesty with her regarding my emotions. Then she said, “I find you incredibly attractive Ms. Peters, but from now on I’ll try to restrain myself when I’m in your class.”

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