Kelly’s Theatre Adventure

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Kelly’s Theatre Adventure
Kelly and I have been friends for a long time and I never really thought about our relationship together. We had always mutually pleasured each other without a single qualm. We both enjoyed sensuous encounters, hands caressing our faces, hair, breasts, buttocks and bodies in quiet out of the way places with each other. I know that I am a strong woman, I won’t say dominant, but I do have tendencies to boss everyone around; it’s part of my job I suppose to be that way, and Kelly, I thought was quite like that as well since she runs her own business and has employees working for her. But following my trip to her house late at night and discovering the peeping tom teenager, it struck me how submissive she was.

The more I thought about it, the more I was turned on, thinking of all sorts of naughty things I could come up with to exploit my voyeuristic nature with her as my subject. You may recall that I had an adventure arranged by someone (I never found out who) that transported me to an exclusive theater in the city were I became a captive and used by an all male audience at the theater was quite exciting. I had made it a point of becoming acquainted with the owner of the theater before I left, and of course, he told me that if I ever wanted to have a ‘return showing’, I was welcome to call him personally and arrange it.

“Hello Kelly, what you doing Friday night? I got two tickets to an exclusive Adult theater for a private viewing of a brand-new pornographic film I think we both might like. Are you interested in going with me for some fun?” I asked smiling to myself, knowing that she would not refuse my offer. “We can dress up all slutty like we’re porn stars and tease the heck out the other viewers.”

“Oh, wow, I was just going to go home and read a book. My partner is leaving Friday afternoon for a trip to her parents, leaving me alone for the whole weekend. That sounds fantastic, and I have just the right outfit to wear too. Slutty is not the word for it, it’s beyond imagination; I even have a pair of heels that will make me as tall as you are.” Kelly excitedly continued talking. “A bright red lacey top, low cut, to display the cleavage and just enough of my 36DD tits to not leave much to the imagination. If I bend over, my nips pop out and I have to stuff them back under the bodice. The skirt is almost like culottes, split down the sides of my legs, and barely enough material to cover my cunny. You will love burying your face between them I’m sure.”

“Um, you know how I love to bury my face and my tongue in your cunny, you little slut you. So, I take it, that is a yes, you want to go with me?” I was giggling almost hysterically listening to her describe the outfit.

“Yes, I’ll be ready, with bells on,” she replied. “See you Friday night.”

True to her words, she looks ravishing as she walked up to the car and got in. Her eyes lit up like Christmas trees as looked at my skintight leather skirt, barely long enough to cover my ass showing my athletic legs in the dim light and a leather vest over a see-thru black sheer blouse with my full breasts pouting and my nipples güvenilir bahis were standing hard under the material.

“God, you are gorgeous, maybe we should just stay here and play around tonight,” she giggled softly as her eyes took in my body.

“No, this is a special treat for you Kelly. I know you will enjoy it,” I said as we sped off for the theater. The valet opened the door and gathered my keys, as another opened the door for Kelly. The crowd at the front of the theater all stopped talking and looked as the valet offered his hand and Kelly’s shapely form emerged from the car. She was smiling at all the attention the crowd of men were giving her and looked expectantly toward me. Pulling a brilliant stone encrusted necklace and black leather leash from my pocket; I snapped it around her neck and her face blushed a brilliant red realizing she was now collared in public by my hand.

“Come Slut,” I said pulling her leash. I can’t begin to describe the men babbling in low undertones what they would like to be doing to Kelly if they were in my shoes as we started for the ticket window. I know she heard the comments; her head was twisting back and forth, smiling at them, nodding her head, flaunting her breasts as they bounced with her steps behind me as if her inhibitions had been released with the collaring. When we reached the window, she stood proudly still, head high in the air with her hair reflecting the theater lights.

“Enjoying this my little slut,” I whispered to her quietly, as I took the ticket halves back from the attendant. “There will be much more, you will see soon enough.”

As we entered the lobby of the theater and many hands reached out and touched her. Another attendant came immediately forward and guided us toward a curtained stairway leading up to the balcony seats above the theater. Her eyes went wide seeing the grandeur of the bar with multitudes of different alcohols, plush stools everywhere with well-dress men, young and old, partaking of the spirits, and beyond them, the open and plush couches and chairs overlooking the balcony and the screen below. There was a bevy of applause as we entered the room. Men came forward, kissing our hands, greeting us, introducing themselves, pressing business cards into our hands as we were guided to our seats of honor in the center of the balcony.

Kelly snuggled close to me as the lights dimmed as the porno started playing on the big screen. I lightly caressed her hair and neck as I put my arm around her shoulders, letting my hand lower to her breasts. Tracing the outline of her nipples with my fingers through the sheer material of her bodice, I heard a sharp intake of her breath at my touch. Running my other hand down her thigh, I gently pulled her legs open. Finding one of the slits, I let my fingers trail in seductive little moves upward towards her pussy. She turned more toward me and pressed her breasts against mine as I kissed her lips while my fingers felt the heat of her cunt.

The sounds of the movie actresses licking and lapping at each other masked the around us and Kelly was engrossed in the picture and my fondling tipobet her, she did not notice that all the men had shed their suits and stood behind us with their cocks in their hands looking over our shoulders at us. I undid the straps on her bodice and let it drop, exposing her glorious breasts. Several sets of hands from behind us began caressing her breasts, squeezing them feeling their fullness.

Her eyes went wide realizing that my hands were between her legs and looked up to see several cocks resting on the back of the couch and on her shoulders. She started to sit upright and pull away, but they held her firmly as I yanked sharply on her leash.

“Don’t fight it Kelly,” as collar dug into her neck. I moved away from her far enough to allow a naked man to sit on either side of her. “Take their cocks in your hands and feel how hard they are for you.” Another man came around, knelt down between her legs, and unbuttoned her skirt, pulling it down and off, leaving it in a heap on the floor, before his hands slipped under her buttocks lifting them and buried her face in her pussy.

“See, they are going to please you,” I sat back and watched her breasts being manhandled. “Play with the cocks as you were told Kelly, don’t disappoint the men.” Another man came and knelt on the couch alongside her, grabbed her chin and pulled her face toward his enraged cock.

“Look at that cock, all ready for your mouth, ready to fuck your throat like it was a pussy. Suck him Kelly!” Forcing his enraged hard cock between her lips, she slowly opened her mouth letting it slide in as her tongue licked the tender underside. Her cheeks bulged as it entered and she groaned feeling it slip further in.

The man lapping at her pussy lifted his head slightly and took aim at her clitoris with his tongue and lips. He began a light chewing on the nubbin, pulling it from its sheath held tightly in his teeth; he suckled it like a baby would a breast. She almost shrieked but the cock in her mouth muffled the sound as it was rammed down her throat. Her hands were still busy stroking the two cocks as I reached over and tickled her.

“Fuck her now,” I said pushing the man between her legs on the shoulder. “She wants your cock in that hot pussy.” He immediately stopped sucking her, pulled her ass to the edge of the couch and plunged his hard cock into her. She was so dripping wet you could hear the slosh and whiz of air as he rammed her cunt and began humping her wildly.

“She wants you ALL to fuck her gentlemen, line up and give her what she wants and deserves for being such a whoring slut” The men began lining up, one after another, each waiting to fuck her. As the first man came and pulled out, his sperm gushed and ran out and trailed along her asscheeks and onto the couch. As quickly as he moved aside, he was replaced by another engorged cock, thrusting harder and harder into her willing pussy hole. The line of unspent cocks was dwindled as each took their turns fucking her cunt. The volume of sperm pouring from her proved she was truly ravaged completely by the men.

“Thank you my love,” Kelly cooed looking at me as tipobet giriş the last man pulled out, shaking his cock over her stomach depositing the last of his jizz on her and smiled with a look of satisfaction on her face.

“Oh dear, you are not done yet. You are going to suck each one hard again, and they are going to ass fuck you. I know how much you like that, don’t you?” I whispered quietly to her alone as I yanked hard on the leash and collar, forcing her over on her stomach, ass up and face down.

“Come on guys, get over here and let Kelly suck your cocks hard. She is a cock-sucking slut and wants your cocks in her mouth.” She wiggled her ass seductively in the air for all to see as the cum continued to drip out of her pussy. There was a scramble to be the first. One after another, she sucked their cocks hard, tasting all their combined cum in her mouth, until all were once again ready for action.

“Now gentlemen, the final feast of the evening. Kelly wants her ass fucked good and proper and I’m sure you are all up to the task now that she has sucked you hard again,” I laughed loudly watching the faces of Kelly and the men. Kelly blushed brightly, her mouth opening and she stuck her tongue out at me. I motioned to one guy had a particularly large and thick cock and pointed to her ass. He quickly obliged me and knelt behind Kelly.

Kelly was still dripping cum from her pussy as he began pushing the tip of his cock into her brownie slowly. I watched her face grimace some as his cock sank in, inch by inch, until it was completely inside her ass. He rocked back and forth, using her tits as handholds to sink his cock deeper and deeper. His ball sack bounced rapidly against her pussy as he thrust into her.

I pulled my leather skirt up, pulled my thong aside as I moved up under Kelly, and spread my legs wide, yanking on the leash, pulling her head down between my legs. “You are going to make me cum Kelly while you satisfy all these men with your ass.”

She buried her face in my twat, licking and lapping at my sweet pussy, as I watched her breasts bounce under her in time to the thrusts of those fucking her ass. I had closed my eyes and laying back to enjoy her tongue probing my pussy, when suddenly I felt my hands being held and my clothing stripped off. It seemed she had done too good of a job getting all the men hard, and they were not willing to wait in line for a piece of her ass. My breasts were being pawed and played with and several cocks loomed over my face. Grabbing my hair, pulling my head back, I soon had at least two cocks being stuffed in my mouth, as well as one between my breasts. I feigned a struggle half-heartedly, laughing all the while, and began sucking the cocks that were offered to my lips. Soon, my mouth was overflowing with cum and my body covered in it as Kelly’s had been.

After some time, the lights came up and the trailer of the debut porno flashed across the big screen below. Kelly was still laying between my legs with her head resting on my pussy and I was flat on my back. I looked around and only the barman remained and he was busy placing bottles on the shelves not paying any attention to us.

Kelly stirred as I sat up. She looked up at me smiling.

“I loved this special evening you planned for me,” Kelly said. “I hope we can repeat it again…I mean, I have all weekend without my partner.”

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