Kitty’s Boys

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“Good night, Kitty.”

“‘night.” In her singsong lilt, Kitty tossed the word over her shoulder as the glass door swung shut behind her. The young guy who worked as a guard in the Obion River Mall was cute and he pushed open the back entrance door every night when Kitty was scheduled to close up the shop. Cute, she thought, but too young. It was always “too” something with Kitty, but she recognized that in herself.

Kitty did not want to end up here in Greenfield like so many of her classmates: one baby on her hip and one in her belly, waiting on a husband who was either working another man’s horses, driving a coal truck or collecting unemployment. Kitty wanted out. She wanted to find a place that was not an hour’s drive to a city big enough to warrant its own phone book.

The clicking of her high-heel shoes on the pavement echoed between the stucco walls along the loading ramp and back into her head. The lingering effects of her father’s stroke consumed much of the diminutive girl’s days leaving few hours to devote to her studies. Determined as she was to care for her father and keep him at home, her grades had suffered.

With a B+ average Kitty knew she would have to work and collect student aid to get through a university, prompting her decision to attend Jackson State Community College in the fall and transfer, after two years, to the University of Tennessee at Martin. Till then she would have to work as much as possible and spend her free hours studying calculus and chemistry, her two toughest subjects. Plans were being finalized in the eighteen year old’s head when she turned the corner at the end of the narrow lane used for unloading trucks. A hand covered her mouth quickly while strong arms pulled her off her feet.

“Keep quiet and you won’t get hurt,” a husky voice whispered into her ear.

A squeak of fear from Kitty’s throat was muffled by the big hand.

“Shut up, I said!” The voice was menacing now.

“Kitty?” In the distance she heard the guard call to her. Inside she wished she had been more open to his advances. Her mind raced, maybe he saw what happened and would come running down here to scare off this gorilla. The unmistakable sound of the door slamming closed filled the corners of her eyes with tears. The young guard was not coming to her rescue. A tightening in her ribs threatened to choke off her breath.

“Come on.” The man jerked her off her feet again pointing her body towards a van parked in a dark corner of the parking lot. It was too dark to read the license plate but Kitty knew someone would spot her car in the lot and report her missing.

Hopefully, before I get hurt, she thought.

Velcro straps bound her wrists and ankles. The straps pulled tight and a gag was stuffed into her mouth. She was unable to move or make a sound.

All her plans for school and work were pushed to the back of her mind. Survival was her priority now. A slow deep breath slowed her pounding heart only slightly.

Gotta remain calm, she thought. Give him what he wants and he’ll let you go… Oh shoot! This isn’t how planned to lose my virginity.

The tears that had gathered in the corners of her eyes rolled down her cheeks. Kitty wasn’t religious and held no romantic notions about her virginity, she had merely been too busy taking care of her father, after his stroke, working to pay bills and getting through school to get involved with a boyfriend.

In the months after her mother died Kitty remembered her father was deeply depressed but he did not go on a drunken bender or drown his sorrows in other women. Instead he set about providing a good home for Kitty until the woolen mill where he worked went bankrupt. A week later her father had a stroke and was unable to care for himself.

Kitty was only fourteen when that happened and she was determined to care for her father as he had cared for her. Everyday since had been too hectic for romance or even sex. To Kitty, sex was “sex education” and films with sperm furiously wiggling in a petri dish in hopes of “congress with the ova.” The narrator of one film actually said “congress with the ova” making sex sound—in Kitty’s mind—like a highly technical act between two individuals who had entered into a legal agreement to produce offspring. “Congress” had not seemed that important to Kitty, until now.

When the van rolled to a stop she heard a garage roll shut. Kitty knew she was in deep trouble, but she told herself he can’t touch your heart. Keep your wits, let him have his way and worry about staying alive!

The van door flew open and Kitty jumped when the stark light flooded into the back. Strong arms corralled her forehead, pressing her head tight into his shoulder.

“I’m gonna untie you, but if you try to run I’ll hurt you. Do you understand?” the man asked flatly. Kitty nodded. Straps came free from her wrists and ankles but the gag remained in her mouth. Her arm was twisted up behind her back, in her kidnapper’s grasp, not so far that it abidinpaşa escort caused her any pain, but far enough to let her know it was in her best interest to do as he commanded.

Quickly the pair reached a doorway that opened onto a steep stairway leading beneath the house. A dark tunnel that led to Kitty’s fate.

“Hold the rail, it’s steep,” he said as he released his grip on her wrist. Kitty’s eyes darted back and forth surveying every detail. There was no place for her run. She figured he would not have let go of her arm if there was anyplace she could get to before he caught her.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs Kitty stood with her arms at her side in resignation, her eyes clamped shut, waiting. Waiting for this man to finish and release her: she hoped. She decided she would try to convince him that she would not even report this if he let her go without hurting her. There was no resistance in her.

“Take out your gag.” The man’s voice startled her and she opened her eyes slowly, pulling the wad of cloth from her mouth while her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the basement room.

It was filled with amplifiers, sound boards, a couple of guitars and looked to be soundproof. She figured any screams would not carry beyond this makeshift studio.

Kitty turned to face the man who had kidnapped her and drank in his features. He was tall with a mop of unruly blond hair and nice blue eyes. Kitty wondered why he had picked her: she thought he looked like he could get most any woman he wanted.

He stared back at her for a moment before he opened his mouth.

“You don’t recognize me, do you?” Kitty blinked in confusion. “I asked you to go the Senior Dance…. you were just a freshman… you just said ‘no’… and then walked away.”

A rush of memory hit Kitty hard. A month after her father had his stroke a handsome guy from school had practically begged Kitty to accompany him to the a dance but her mind was a million miles from dancing, school functions or boys at that time.

“Shoot.” Kitty hung her head in embarrassment and closed her eyes again. Scouring her memory she came up with a name. “Kip, right?” she shot at him while she studied his features.

“That was… I really liked you a lot but you didn’t even know I existed. I hated you for a long time.”

“I’m so…” Kitty took a deep breath. She did feel bad about the slight but it was quickly forgotten in the ensuing hectic years of her life. “I am truly sorry. My father had…” She let her voice trail off. Why should I apologize to the guy who kidnapped me? she thought. Swallowed hard, a deeper sense of panic began to rise in her chest with the realization that this was not a random act of violence. His felonious act was planned with her in mind and Kitty was aware enough to know that made her predicament more dangerous.

“What are you gonna do?” She heard a tremble in her voice.

“I saw you working at the Victoria’s Secret, and the clothes you had on…”

Employees were required to dress in a somewhat provocative manner and the store gave employees a forty-percent discount to make sure the customers could see what the goods looked like on the pretty employees. As the old joke goes: Victoria’s Secret is, her clothes won’t look as good on you as they do on her.

A roaring sound in Kitty’s ears grew louder and she realized her breath was coming in short gasps. It felt a rock was in her throat when she asked, “Are you gonna hurt me?”

He stared at her without blinking. “I haven’t decided.”

Kitty fell slowly to her knees and began weeping. Kip raced to her side and gathered up her shoulders in his strong grasp and lifted her into a chair.

“Breathe, Kitty,” Kip whispered with genuine concern in his voice. She was confused by his act of chivalry.

“What’s going on?” She bawled openly.

The outburst seemed to deflate the man. Kip turned away from her and staggered across the room where he fell into a chair and covered his eyes with his hands. Kitty swore he was crying but she could not be sure of anything at that point.

“I saw you and a whole raft of feelings came rushing at me and I was so… fucking mad at you…” Kitty flinched at that word. She never had much use for profanity and it always made her uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I really am.”

Kitty kept an eye on Kip in case he went completely mental on her. When she was a random target of violence she thought she could walk away from this situation relatively unharmed but being the target of a planned assault was different. Watching him closely she cataloged every detail.

He was big, his shoulders stretched his shirt as did his biceps and chest. She could see he was a muscular man and she had felt him pick her up off her feet easily. He could hurt her without much effort and Kitty knew it.

Slowly, almost without her control, her fingers fumbled with the buttons on her silk blouse. It was akyurt escort a white see-through number she had only worn once because she was a little shy about showing the mall rats her 32 C cup breasts, even if they were concealed beneath a red satin bra.

One of the few times she had noticing a stirring between her legs occurred when she first put on the satin bra. The fabric slid across her tender nipples—she had just started her period making her nipples more sensitive—caressing them gently. Her hands roamed over the red fabric massaging her firm flesh beneath. The delicate caress filled her stomach with butterflies and made her eyelids feel heavy. A few moments of that heavenly feeling and a quickened pulse were interrupted by the tinkle of the little bell her father kept next to his bed.

Now she was going to show this dangerous man, who had kidnapped her because of a slight four year earlier, her carnal treasures: treasures that she had yet to explore. She reasoned that this course might get her back to her world alive: giving this man her virgin flesh. Offer him the heaven between your legs and he might spare you pain. She swallowed hard as her fingers pushed the last black pearl button through the slit in the fabric.

“Ki…” The word caught in her throat. Swallowing again she continued. “Kip…” she whispered. He dropped his hands from his face and looked up at her slowly.

Kitty pulled her blouse open to his gaze. She wanted to be sexy, to please him, to somehow to make up for what she did to him years ago but she had no idea what to say or do. “I don’t know… I’m a… I’m a…” Kitty stammered and felt her face burning hot with embarrassment.

“A virgin?” He finished her sentence.

She nodded nervously.

Kip sighed aloud and clenched his eyes shut. Tears rolled down his cheeks when he did. Kitty stood frozen, her blouse held wide for him to examine her untouched flesh at his leisure, too afraid to cover herself, and yet not sure if he wanted to drink in her pale smooth skin or if he might kill her where she stood.

“I thought you were a… I saw how you were dressed and thought you had been… um.” His chest heaved several times and then he collected himself. “I’m sorry. I’ll take you back to your car. I was just so angry,” he added quickly.

Kitty stood frozen, her trembling hands unmoved, holding open her silk blouse. “Kip, I don’t want you angry at me,” she whined.

“I… I’m not… now. I thought you were whorin’ around and that got me pissed. That you’d turn me down and then start fuckin’ everybody else.”

Kitty flinched again at that word but inside she felt something break free. Part of her wanted to escape from her life of school followed by long hours at work, punctuated with homework while she continually cared for her invalid father. She wanted to cry, she wanted to jump for joy, she wanted to feel a man’s weight between her legs. She did not even care that Kip had kidnapped her. She longed to change something in her life, virginity seemed like the easiest.

“Kip… I want to…” she whispered

Kip held Kitty’s gaze for a long time before he spoke.

“Why would you want to do this with me? I wasn’t important to you before.”

“My father had a stroke and I was upset and I didn’t know what I was…” Her words petered out. Confusion, fear and a sexual excitement she had never known made her head spin while her hands still held her clothing open to Kip’s view.

“Put your hands down at your sides.” There was a flat affect to his voice which added to Kitty’s confusion but she did as she was told.

Kip stood up and walked to a spot only inches from her heaving chest. The pounding of her heart echoed in her ears and she thought she might faint when he stopped, so close she could feel the heat from his large masculine frame. A scent of sweat and manhood filled her nostrils and the dizzying effect of it combined with the terror of the kidnapping caused her knees to buckle.

Kitty was vaguely aware of Kip’s hands on her shoulders before she realized she was falling towards the floor. His steady strength consumed her now and she felt a rush of blood within her body, yet unexplored by male flesh. In her mind one thought roiled to the surface: the size of this man seemed to dwarf her. Looking straight ahead Kitty saw the bottom of his pectoral muscles through his tee-shirt as they bounced taut when he held her body steady. Her physique was small, almost insignificant, in comparison to his bulk.

Never very big, Kitty’s five-foot three-inch petite frame was lost in his when he pressed her against his body.

“Sit down, sit down,” he said softly. Kitty’s head was still reeling when she collapsed onto the sofa. Her eyes focused slowly and she realized Kip was seated next her on the edge of the sofa. Concern colored his face. She swallowed hard and set her jaw.

Myriad thoughts dashed through Kitty’s mind: there was only one way to be sure ankara escort her kidnapper didn’t hurt her, she reasoned. Offer her hymen to him in hopes her gift might make him see her as more than a piece of meat that caused his pain. In the past she never had time for love or boys or sex and it had caused one person to hate her so much that he kidnapped her and all she wanted to do at that moment was erase the guilt she felt for that. It was crazy for her to feel guilty about this—this man committing a violent capitol crime—but her reasoning and her emotions were out of synch.

Kip’s eyes roamed down her exposed flesh massaging her breasts through the filmy satin material. A funny feeling in Kitty’s bellybutton lit a fire in her that spread slowly to her nipples, settling between her legs. A terrible itch grew inside her. She knew she was lost at that point.

“Kip,” she panted, “Do something.”

He leaned over her quaking body and kissed her deeply and tenderly. Her breath left her body in a rush while her arms snaked around his chest pulling him closer. Kitty felt like this was the most freeing moment in her life. She didn’t care that she had been kidnapped. Her job, her father, school, everything she knew was a far away at that moment.

The big man pulled back and Kitty spoke quickly.

“Kip, that was the first real kiss I’ve ever had.” She admitted, between gasps. “I’m so sorry I didn’t do this earlier.” She began weeping openly and Kitty felt herself losing control of her emotions. She was terrified, curious, excited, aroused all at once and she buried her face in Kip’s chest in a combination of embarrassment—at being a virgin still—but also a giddy delight at the prospect of tasting the pleasures of the flesh.

At school, Kitty had eavesdropped on the other girls in gym class as they related detailed stories of ecstasy shared in the back seat of cars or on the bleachers by the track—a well-known location for teenage trysts—and she secretly wished she could join in their exchange but had no experience to share. Her moment of discovery had finally arrived and her body seemed to overrule any arguments her mind could lobby.

Kip pulled her damp face from his chest and Kitty saw a look of confusion furrow his brow.

“You said you were a …”

“I am,” Kitty broke in on him. “But, I’m scared and I’m… I don’t know what’s happening to me,” she gushed.

Kip pushed her back onto the couch where she lay confused and shaking. A strong hand grabbed at her short skirt and tugged on it. Slowly, she raised her hips off the leather fabric of the couch and the skirt slid down her slender legs to her knees. Kip wrapped his arm under her knees and lifted her feet off the floor. Then with a quick pull he snatched the denim skirt free from her ankles and tossed it over his shoulder.

The look in Kip’s eyes frightened Kitty now, sexual fascination yielding to terror once again. She tried halfheartedly to push him away. Her wrists where caught up in his grasp quickly and she felt her hands pulled away from his body and spread wide. A pressure between her legs caused a soft squeak of surprise to bubble up from her throat when she realized Kip’s body had slipped between her knees. A weight bore down on her mons, the weight of Kip’s body pressed against her’s.

With her arms apart and Kip hips against hers, he bent forward in slow motion to suck her satin encased nipple into his mouth. Kitty felt like she needed to pee when he made contact with her erect nub and she thrashed back and forth with this foreign twisting sensation in her gut. Kip’s power only let her move slightly and even allowed his hips to insinuate themselves more firmly against her sex. A distinct lump in Kip’s pants ground into her vagina and Kitty became aware, for the first time, of a moisture seeping past her virgin lips. Panic hit her: it’s not time for my period she thought, but why am I wet? A pain hit her nipple now as Kip applied more pressure to her stiffness.

“Ow,” she whined.

Kip released her nipple and began to kiss a trail of fire down her tummy towards the dampness between her thighs.

“Oh jeez, I think I’m…”

The prodding of his stiffness against her open body caused her to suck in a deep breath as it slid along her damp thirty-five-dollar Victoria’s Secret panties.

“Oh, man. Kip, wait a second, I need to…”

“Hush up,” he barked. Kitty felt her eyes must have been wide as plates while she watched his face edge closer to the center of her sexual pleasure. She ground her teeth and readied herself for a quick exit to the bathroom and an apology if this new sexual arousal had prompted her body to start her period early: Kitty had no idea about her body’s natural response to sexual excitement.

When Kip’s mouth began to gnaw at her mons and then her clitoris she clamped her eyes shut and waited for him to break off his assault. When he began to munch happily on her sexual organs her eyes popped open to see, not blood on his lips, but instead, a smile as he lapped at her dampness. She breathed out a sigh of relief and felt his hands release her wrists in order cradle her butt. More relaxed now she let her head fall back to the leather couch. Just as quickly her head popped back up and she sucked in a deep breath.

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