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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

Copyright 2013-2021.  Robert Armstrong.  This complete work of literary art is protected by US, Australian and International copyright law. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior express written consent of the author.  
License is granted to Nifty Archive Alliance, Inc. for electronic publication on the Nifty website. All rights reserved.

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 69:

“What was weird,” I say, “was how his mother commented on how good Archie was at playing dominoes. And then when I said that you were good at riding horses and playing poker, his father asked what I was good at!”

“I could have told them something that you”re really good at!” Karl says, taking hold of Junior and giving him a friendly wank.”

“You are too!” I tell him. “Oh, that feels good!”

“You want to play in the shower?” Kurt asks me.

“What? Like we did last Sunday night at Jintabudjaree?” I ask.

“Yeah that!” he replies.

“Hell, Yeah!” I tell him.

After our fun, I sleep well. Very happy!


Chapter 70 � Countdown to the Wedding

Sunday afternoon. We arrive home and enter the house to a wonderful smell.

I instantly recognise the aroma of roast chicken and vegetables. My immediate desire is to run out and see whether the rooster is still strutting around!

Ron emerges from the kitchen and removes Helen”s apron that he was wearing, slinging it over his shoulder.

“Hi,” he greets us. “I know that you said that you would be home around lunchtime, so Jacko and I assumed that you wouldn”t have eaten and decided to make lunch for you.”

“That is very thoughtful of you,” Helen tells him. “I hope that what I can smell is not any of my good laying hens!”

“But we wouldn”t miss the rooster!” Karl says, expressing the same thought as I had.

I look hopefully to Ron for his answer.

“No,” Ron answers. “I wouldn”t do that! Couldn”t! Jacko and I went over to see Tom and Will yesterday and he gave us two of the chickens that he had in the freezer, and some vegetables. Oh, and I hope that it was all right: we invited them both to lunch.”

“Of course!” Helen replies. “Thank you.”

“Where did you learn to do roast chicken and vegetables?” Dad asks.

“What? Do you think that I could have spent so much time here with Aunty Daph and not learned how to cook things?” Ron answers, grinning.

“What”s for dessert?” Karl asks. Then he adds, “If William is coming, then you”d better have plenty of something to fill up his stomach!”

Ron grins, “Jacko found some large tins of peaches here in the pantry, so we thought that peaches and ice cream would be OK.”

“And so it is,” Helen answers. “Now, what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to relax,” Ron says. “Everything is under control.”

“I could set the table,” Helen replies.

“Done. For eight,” Jacko tells her, appearing from the kitchen also wearing an apron. “See!”

He directs Helen”s attention to the dining table.

“What about coffee?” Helen suggests.

“That sounds like my cue!” Karl says. “Does anybody NOT want coffee?”

Receiving no negatives, Karl takes his backpack and heads in the direction of the kitchen, obviously going via his bedroom.

Jacko says, “I”m just tidying up out there, so that whoever gets to wash up won”t have so much to do.” Then he heads off after Karl.

“Well, I never!” Helen says. “So many helpers! And two extra cooks!”

I tell her, “Don”t forget that Karl and I used to have dinner ready for Dad when he got home from work every day. Better make that three extra cooks.” Then I add, “And Dad used to cook on weekends � breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, that”s four.”

“What are you saying?” Helen asks. I can”t tell whether she”s upset or pretending. “That I”m not needed?”

“Don”t say such things!” I tell her. “Looking after my Dad is a full-time job! Besides, you”re the head chef. The rest of us are merely useful cooks and kitchen hands.”

Helen”s deadpan face turns into a broad grin. “You could be a politician!” She tells me. “And, talk about a silver tongue! How did you get to be so smart?”

“Growing up surrounded by smart people, I guess,” I tell her. “Let”s see… there was Mum and Dad and Ma and Pa and Mr Grant. And now, you!” I add, nodding in Ron”s direction, “And the uni student farm hand.”

Helen looks lost for words, but grins at the extra compliment, shaking her head.

Ron cuts in. “You are wrong though, Helen,” he says. “Kurt could never be a politician!”

Everybody, amazed, looks to Ron for some explanation.

He gives it. “Champ, here, is too honest! And, he actually cares about people.”

“Amen to that!” my Dad says. And I get sandwiched between two hugs � from him and Helen. Then they head off to their room with their bags.

“Hey, Champ,” Ron says, picking up my backpack and walking close to me. “It”s good to have you back.” He pats me multiple times on my backside, then holds on while guiding me towards Karl”s and my side of the house.

“And it”s good to be back,” I tell him. I reach across with my near hand and feel the front of his jeans. “Yep, Unless I”m wrong, I reckon that you are really glad to see me!”

“You”re never wrong!” Ron says. And his pats turn into a swat! “Maybe later!” he says.


Karl”s rule! Mr Grant and William get to wash and wipe, and I offer to help by putting things away where they belong.

In the meantime, Ron is talking to Dad and Helen in the loungeroom. And I did see Karl and Jacko heading down to the sheds after they had mentioned about `getting the horses ready”. I”ll bet that preparing the horses is not all that their hands will be doing! Together. Alone.

Mr Grant, William and I join Ron, Dad and Helen in the loungeroom.

Soon after, Jacko and Karl return. I automatically check the front of Karl”s jeans, and Jacko”s for any remnant of chunkiness. Nothing is obvious except for that goofy grin on Karl”s face! Ron looks at me and winks. He”s noticed it as well. Jacko avoids looking at me or Ron. That confirms it!

“So,” Dad says, with everyone sitting around. “We have four horses and four quadbikes. Who wants to ride what?”

Helen surprises me with, “I wouldn”t mind going for a bike ride and following the trail that Ron and Kurt have set up.”

“Horse!” William says.

“Me too,” Karl echoes.

“I”m happy to join Helen on a bike ride,” Mr Grant tells us.

After some polite too-ing and fro-ing it”s all decided. Ron and I will join Mr Grant and Helen on the bikes. Jacko and Dad will take to the horses with William and Karl.

I think that Jacko and my brother have already had a bit of fun, so they won”t need to `get away” from Dad and William. However, if I can convince Helen and Mr Grant to come back without Ron and me… Well, you know!

“Any thoughts where you want us to go on the horses?” Dad asks the other three.

It”s Karl who suggests, “What about riding over past the possum tree, across to the creek and then following it south, to see where it goes and maybe discover something that we don”t already know about?”

Helen tells them, “That will be a lovely ride, under the `whispering gums”. That”s what caused my grandfather to give this place its name. He used to tell us kids that the gum trees used to whisper secrets to him, and we were too scared to do anything wrong because our grandfather would always find out about it! From the trees. Well, that”s what we thought!”

We all head down towards the sheds together. The horses are ready, so Dad, William, Jacko and Karl head off at a walking pace.

“The bikes are all prepared,” Ron tells us. “We checked them earlier.”

“Instead of Ron and I leading,” I say to Helen, “Why don”t you and Mr Grant go first � to see whether the trail markers are clear enough for farm stay people to follow.”

“Excellent idea,” Helen replies, then she and Mr Grant head off, with Ron and I close behind but wider, to avoid their dust.

However, I do think that a reasonable amount of dust would be a good reason for us to have a shower, eh?


The four of us pull up at `the lookout” and switch off our bikes. We take a few steps towards where we can get a better view of the whole landscape.

Helen says, “This is a beautiful place. It hasn”t really changed, except for how much the trees have grown. Let”s just sit and listen for a few minutes. Grandpa used to get us to do that. He used to say that when you can hear yourself breathing, you are better able to then hear the world around you.”

The noise of the bikes and Helen”s voice fade from my brain. What I thought would be silence, actually isn”t.

I focus on trying to hear myself izmit escort inhaling and exhaling.

Then I”m surprised at the other things that are picked up by my ears. The ticking of the bike engines as they cool. The scurrying, perhaps, of a lizard. The stirring of the gum leaves around us with the occasional breath of air on this raised `lookout” ground. The distant sound of some cattle. A sulphur-crested cockatoo, then responses to it by others; their diminishing sounds indicating that they are flying away from us instead of towards us. And the buzz of insects which I can”t see � probably flies and beetles.

However, hearing these sounds is not the only thing that my senses pick up. I inhale the refreshing eucalyptus of the gum trees, and the distinctive `earthiness” of our surroundings. I can even detect a lingering oiliness and the exhaust fumes from the bikes.

And, my body can tell the difference between the sunlight and the shadows as they fall on me when the thin clumps of leaves move to and fro.

“OK!” Helen announces, startling me. “How was that?”

`Amazing!” are the agreed responses of Mr Grant, Ron and me.

We all then exchange comments on the beauty of our surroundings. Our height above the ground below. The trees � eucalyptus around us and mulga spread towards the distance. And fallen trees. And the remnant of a fence. And rocks. And movements � of birds and a pair of emus. The sunlight and the shadows.

“Thank you, Helen,” Mr Grant tells her. “For an amazing sensory experience. So different from the traffic and the people and the seagulls around my parents” home.”

We linger. And appreciate.

“So, who”s up for some coffee and carrot cake?” Helen asks.

We look around at each other. Words are not necessary.

“I”ll take those smiles as everybody,” Helen tells us, turning towards where we left the bikes.

Mr Grant says, “I”ll ride back with you, Helen, if you like, and give you a hand. These two can stay a while and take their time.”

I look at Mr Grant”s face to see whether he just wants to be helpful or if he”s deliberately giving Ron and me some `alone time” together. If so, how would he know anything?

There are no smirks, no grins, no winks or any indication that he”s being anything but his usual helpful self! That”s a relief!

Before Helen leaves, she says to Ron and me, “I seem to recall that there”s a bit of a winding trail down the other side of the hill that comes out at the creek, if you feel like checking it out.”

Ron replies, “Yes, I remember that Uncle Jim took me down that way once. Is that where there is another, smaller swimming hole? Or is it down south? I can”t remember.”

“You could be right,” she replies. “If you feel like checking it out, let us know. That could be another place for farm stay guests to go, maybe on the horses, if it”s not suitable for bikes.”

I let Ron lead. We travel slowly as Ron picks his way through the trees, always trying to stick to what is left of an old trail.

When we get to the bottom of the hill, and out of the trees, the going becomes much easier. “That would be fine for horses,” he says. “If it is going to be used by bikes, it would need a bit of clearing and probably another set of markers for people to follow.”

“This looks vaguely familiar now,” he tells me, and we head straight for the line of trees that mark the location of the creek.

When we reach the creek, we see nothing that looks like a pool.

Ron leads us farther north for about five minutes. Nothing.

We go back the other way. About 50m from where we first encountered the creek, we find it.

“It”s not very big,” I tell him.

“About the size of a backyard pool back in the city,” he says. “But, it”s deep enough to cool off in hot weather, without being able to swim up and down like the other swimming hole.”

“You want to try it?” I ask, knowing that it will probably be as cool as the water in the weir at this time of year, with summer still over a month away.

“Best to check first,” he replies, “To ensure that there are no submerged branches that might have fallen into it.”

We walk up one side, cross the creek where it shallows, and then back down the other side.

“Nothing dangerous that I can see,” he says. “But you wouldn”t dive into this hole, only wade in and submerge yourself.”

“Let”s do it!” I tell him, and I start to strip off, putting my clothes over the seat of the bike. Junior hasn”t woken up yet to what”s going on!

Ron looks at me. “You are very handsome,” he says. “Even moreso than when we first met. You”re taller, with more defined muscles, and your crop of chicken feathers has grown too!” Then, “And that”s not all that”s grown!” he adds, focusing on Junior and my balls.

“Is it wanking that makes your dick grow?” I ask, hinting at what I do regularly.

“I don”t think so,” he grins, adding, “Because, if it did, mine should be double its size!”

I knew that it wasn”t true, but laugh loudly at his answer.

Standing naked, Ron”s dick has started to lengthen and get fatter and stand away from his body.

Junior wakes up!

“Turn around,” he tells me. I do and he says, “And even nicer glutes! As if that is possible!”

“Hey. You only saw me naked last weekend!” I tell him. “Nothing much could have changed since then!”

“True!” he replies. “But after what we all did up at `the lookout”, I guess that I”m just more aware of everything.

We only get as far into the water as knee-high and we both agree that it”s still too cold to go any deeper.

“We could just play near the bikes,” I say, wobbling Junior at him.

He agrees and we both end up spurting. Me in his mouth, and him between my legs. I”m happy! As satisfied as Jacko and my brother seemed earlier! Probably even more.

“Do I have the same goofy look on my face that Karl did?” I ask Ron.

“Sure do!” Ron answers. “But I can fix that!” And he gives me a hard swat on my backside. “There ya go, Champ,” he laughs, while I jump and skip around, rubbing where it stings. “That got rid of that goofy expression for you!” he jokes. “But, hey, you”d better keep your clothes on until my handprint disappears. Otherwise, it could be hard to explain to your brother!”


I enjoy the taste of carrot cake, especially with the lemon icing. So does William. Obviously!

Apart from toasted sandwiches, dinner is predominantly the left-overs from lunch which somehow escaped William”s eye, grasp and stomach. It seems that he was more keen to go riding than having extras. Hmm. Horses before food! Who would have thought it?


For the next three weeks, we have much the same routine…

Watching the New Village taking shape; me sharing time in Mr Grant”s bed two nights per week; fun with Ron on the weekend while Karl and Jacko always find somewhere to go.

Also, I”ve exchanged nightly SMSs with Andy. And, we are both looking forward to getting together this coming weekend � the first of the school holidays. Andy said that the train from Brisbane arrives in Charleville at 11:45 am on Friday and that the coach should be in Cunnamulla by 2:30 in the afternoon.

Dad has arranged permission from Mr Grant for Karl and me to leave school at 12:30 on Friday instead of the usual 3:30 so that we can meet Andy at the bus station. Dad has booked two rooms at the hotel for Friday night.

Helen said that she didn”t need to come with us, because she either has almost everything that she needs at the house, and her bridesmaids will bring anything else.

And, I did send Archie a message. Using some of the things that Andy has taught me, I said,

He responded,

I texted,

His answer:

It all seems weird! I try to understand where Archie”s coming from. I try to put the pieces together. All I have is, he can be extra polite, but he can also be `normal” when he”s not with his uncle or his parents. He pulled up his trousers to show me his bulge and then touched me `accidentally” as though he was afraid that I might say something to someone, or hit him. He used words like `assets” and `gentlemen” instead of just calling them `cock and balls” or `gear” or even `genitals”. He slipped me his mobile number, tells me that he likes me and wants to be friends. Does he have no friends in Cunnamulla?

Normally, I would ask Mr Grant for his advice, but I think that I should work this one out.

My gut feeling is that he wants, or hopes, to do something sexy with me but doesn”t know how to start. And, that he is too shit-scared to initiate anything, apart from dropping hints.

I give up wondering about things and text him,

His response is two emojis: a thumbs-up and what I call `the big, cheesy grin”.

Then I receive this:

My answer: two thumbs-up and two big, cheesy grins!

So, I”ve begun the discussion. Let”s see where it goes from here! Up to Archie!


Now, with only two sleeps until the end of term, and Andy”s return, I have many questions. Where is Andy going to sleep? Would it be revealing too much if he slept in my room with me? Surely he couldn”t sleep in the bunkhouse with Jacko and Ron! Could he and I stay in one of the workers” huts? Or at Jintabudjaree?

I give it a lot of thought izmit otele gelen escort and come up with a plan.

I will suggest to Dad that Andy and I stay at one of the cottages to “test it out before we have paying farm-stay guests, and see whether there are any problems, or if we notice anything that we could improve.” We would cook our own breakfasts and then join everyone for lunch and dinner and activities during the day.

Also, I will suggest that Andy and I spend two days (and nights) before the wedding, at Jintabudjaree. We would help Mr Grant and William prepare the property for the ceremony and food and dancing, and whatever else needs to be done.

What would Karl think? Would he be all right without me? But he would always have Jacko, wouldn”t he? But what about Ron? Would he join in with Jacko and Karl? Or with Andy and me? Or stick with Dad and do things around the property? Or maybe he might want to visit his aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Cameron.

Wednesday is my night with Mr Grant. Probably the last one for a while! So, snuggled up with him, I take the opportunity to check something with him before anything else, “Mr Grant, would it be OK if Andy and I came to stay next week on Thursday and Friday nights? We could help you get the place ready for the wedding on Saturday.”

“And give you both a bit of privacy as well?” he replies.

“Yeah. That too!” I chuckle, and I give him a big hug. He”s smart!

“Of course it would be OK, if your dad agrees,” he answers. “No problem!”

“Thank you, very much!” I tell him, and show my appreciation in the way which Karl and I have practised a lot lately. LOL. Mr Grant”s really good at it too! I will never forget that he was the first one to do it to me, and a few times since then. Does he get lots of practice with William? After all, it was William who taught me how to do it properly!


Thursday. Most of us do some `end-of-term review exercises”. Cinch! Mr Grumpy used to call them `exams”. Jane spends time with the little kids outside while we are working.

We spend a lot of time in the middle of the day watching the workmen. After all these weeks, the foundations of the homes are all done and the frames are already being erected. The Village Green has had the pipes buried and the ground is being prepared for the grass to be laid. Three new windmills for pumping water from the river have been built and are being tested. The big storage tanks are sitting on the ground, ready for their towers to be finished. The higher the towers, the greater will be the water pressure, Mr Grant has told us, and we did a science experiment to demonstrate that.

The pub is looking amazing! Just like some of the photos that I saw in the dining room, of how it was 100 years ago. Maybe better. Mainly dark green wood set against the red bricks and sandstone highlights. Dad says that they have already started to update the inside.

After a long lunch, we do some of our `Friday jobs”, even though it”s only Thursday, and then play soccer for the last 30 minutes of the day. Mr Grant says that he didn”t want us to miss out on that fun tomorrow, when we will be travelling to Cunnamulla to meet Andy.


Thursday night. At Jintabudjaree. With Karl. In bed. We”re tickling each other”s naked body, as usual. For starters!

“Are you glad that Andy will be here this time tomorrow?” Karl asks.

“Of course,” I reply. “It”s been so long! I really miss him.”

“Do you do sexy stuff together?” Karl says.

“You know that we do!” I tell him. “Like you and William, on Monday and Wednesday nights.”

“No we don”t!” he tells me.

“Of course you do!” I answer. “I pretend to be asleep so that you can sneak over there for a couple of hours!”

There is silence.

I add, “And I sometimes pretend to be asleep when you come back! So, I know exactly how long you take to do whatever it is that you do together.”

Karl, who I”m expecting to be annoyed, instead says, “So you know? And you pretend to be asleep, just so that I can go and spend some time with William?”

“Yes.” I tell him. “Haven”t you worked out yet, that it happens every Monday and Wednesday night?”

He hugs me. “Thanks!” Then he adds, “So, what do you do while I”m with William?”

“What do you reckon?” I reply, giving his stiff cock a few quick jerks.

Then I add, “Maybe while you”re over with William I should sneak in to Mr Grant”s room and ask him do it for me.”

“Why don”t you?” he asks. “Mr Grant wouldn”t mind, I reckon.”

I answer: “You know why!” and I leave it at that.

“Not that again!” he tells me, referring to my initial hesitancy to muck around with our teacher.

Hey! Is anything that I just said a lie?


On Friday, Dad comes to the school early to tell us that he has brought our backpacks with him from Whispering Gums with clothes that we will need for tonight and tomorrow.

We have our usual end-of-term lunch a little early, then Dad collects us and we head to Cunnamulla to meet Andy.

As soon as Andy gets off the coach, I can see that he is happy to see me. And Junior is definitely excited that Andy is here! Totally uncontrollable!

We head to the hotel to check in. Dad says to Andy and me, “I reckon that you two might have a lot to talk about, so you can have one room and Karl can share with me.”

I love my Dad!

He gives me our room key.

“Take a bit of time to freshen up and change,” Dad tells me. “Karl and I will meet you in Reception in 30 minutes. We will go for a bit of a walk around before dinner.”

Even though Andy and I walk to our room, once we are inside and the door is closed, we move at Olympic-dash speed. We can”t wait to get our clothes off and wrestle naked on the double bed.

We kiss and hug and feel and grope and push and wank and suck. Side by side. Me on top. Him on top.

“Shower!” I tell him. And it doesn”t take long, with me pushing Junior between his soapy legs, before I spurt. He does it to me, and spurts. We hug and let the water run over us.

“OMG,” he pants. “I”ve missed you!”

We use the hair dryer and make ourselves presentable. I put on my good jeans that Dad had put into my backpack.

We stroll to Reception. Casually. Totally different to how we were only 10 minutes ago!


Dinner, of course, is my favourite. Chinese. There is something common about everybody”s choice of what to share � chicken and almonds, chicken omelette, honey chicken. And I suddenly see how many more ways that I could like our rooster, instead of just roasted!

Andy struggles with his chopsticks and the waiter brings him a spoon and fork, like Karl”s. I”m determined to master them this time, even if I starve to death! The rice is the hardest.


It”s a long night for Andy and me, `catching up”. I ask him about giving himself to me completely again, and he tells me that he wants me to do it to him at Jintabudjaree, and for him to do it to me there too.

I agree, so I settle for doing `that thing” again in the shower. It”s almost as good!


Saturday morning. After we have showered together, Andy puts on some underpants that I”ve never seen before. You can practically see right through them! They are very thin, with hundreds of little holes. All over. I can clearly make out his cock, and balls and hairs!

“Holy shit!” I say, “Archie”s eyes are going to pop when he sees these.”

“Mesh,” Andy tells me. “I picked them out myself after seeing some like these on the internet.”

I have a quick feel, then say, “I”d love to try those on, but Dad will be waiting for us. Maybe tonight!”


“You guys look dead tired,” Dad tells Andy and me at breakfast. “Did you talk all night?”

“Just about, Mr Andersen,” Andy tells him.

I look at Karl. He”s not buying it! He knows!

“Dad,” I ask, between mouthfuls of hash brown and scrambled egg, “Andy has some new trousers that his mother bought, which need to be altered because they are too long. Can they be fixed while we are here in Cunnamulla today?”

“We can only ask,” Dad replies.

I can”t wait to see Archie”s expression when Andy takes his jeans off!


Mr Taylor and Archie both greet us. Smiles and handshakes all `round.

Mr Taylor says to Karl and me, “We are all keen to see how well your clothes fit, after Archie took so much care to get your measurements right.”

Archie grins.

Dad tells Mr Taylor about Andy”s trousers and asks whether it would be possible to alter them this morning.

“If it”s just the length,” Mr Taylor replies, “Yes, not a problem.”

“Thank you,” Dad tells him. “It was a last-minute purchase apparently,” Dad says, “and his mother didn”t realise how long the legs were.”

“It”s better to buy them long these days, instead of short,” Mr Taylor tells us, “Because it is easier to alter long ones to fit, than short ones.” I think he is making a joke! Then he says, “Why don”t you boys take Andy with you, and Archie can check his length? While you”re both trying on your clothes, I attend to your father.”

I bet there”s something else that Archie would like to check the length of apart from trouser legs! Andy”s is longer than mine.

My darıca escort brother tries his trousers and coat, standing in front of the mirror. Archie jiggles Karl”s pants at the hips from behind and says, “How does that look?”

Karl twists so that he can see his `nice glutes” at the back, then, at the front again he gives his obvious roundness a quick grasp. “Nice!” Karl tells Archie.

Archie then helps Karl with the coat and says, “Do up one button and see what you think.”

Karl does it, and then undoes it. “I think I prefer it unbuttoned,” he says.

“So do I,” Archie tells him. “You can see the trousers better with it undone.” He grins.

I know what he means. People will be able to see the bulge in the front. Very nice fit!

“Guys,” Karl says. “It”s a bit crowded in here. I”ll wait for you outside, with Dad.”

I try on my clothes. Perfect. “You did well taking the measurements,” I tell Archie, and grin.

I remove the trousers and coat and stand in my underpants, giving Archie a good look at everything in their pouch. Andy notices the direction of Archie”s gaze too. LOL.

Then, “OK,” Archie says to Andy, “Let”s see where your trousers sit and I”ll take the measurements for the length.”

Andy removes his jeans, and then deliberately takes his time putting on the trousers.

All the while Archie is staring.

Without the belt in the trouser loops, Archie does the measurements, and takes his time checking and re-checking the inside leg measurement.

When Andy removes the trousers, I can tell that his dick has started to chunk up. Probably caused by Archie”s `accidental” touching, at least three times.

Andy stands next to me, both of us in our underwear. Archie doesn”t know which one to look at and his eyes go back and forth.

Andy surprises me when stares at Archie and says, “So, you want to see my dick, do you?”

Archie goes bright red!

Without waiting for an answer, Andy tells him, “Well, if you show us yours, we”ll both show you ours. But be quick. Kurt”s Dad is waiting.”

Archie takes all of about two seconds to think about it and, realising this is probably a rare opportunity, unzips his trousers, and pulls down his underpants. Then he stands, looking expectantly at us.

His dick isn”t long, but it”s thick, like mine, and smooth. No wrinkles. He has lots of dark brown hair, and his balls are large and round.

Andy and I both push our underpants down. I look at Andy. He looks at me. And we are both chunking up.

Archie”s dick isn”t chunking. It”s already hard.

“OK,” Andy tells him. “Is that enough, or do you want to have a feel as well?”

Archie has a quick squeeze of Andy”s but spends more time on Junior. His is totally stiff, and he moans when I grab it and jerk it a few times. “Have you done it today yet?” I ask.

He knows exactly what I mean, and shakes his head.

“OK. Enough!” Andy says. “Let”s tuck everything in and get out of here before somebody comes looking for us.”

We join Dad, Mr Taylor and Karl. Andy and I have had enough experience in hiding chunkiness to be comfortable. Archie, on the other hand, has to hold Andy”s trousers in front of his body.

“Perfect fit, like Karl”s,” I tell Mr Taylor, who takes my coat and pants and puts them into a bag. There are two bags already on the counter. I add, grinning at Archie, “Archie”s really good with a tape measure!”

“Just the length on these ones,” Archie tells his uncle, referring to Andy”s trousers. “I”ve written down the measurement, probably about 7 cm to come off.” He hands his uncle the paper with the measurements. Outside and inside leg. “Both sides are the same. I checked!”

He sure did!

“About 20 minutes?” Mr Taylor informs my Dad.

“Perfect time for a milkshake and custard tart. What do you say, boys?” Dad asks.


When we return, Mr Taylor greets us and hands Andy his trousers. “Just go and slip these on,” he says, then come and show us.”

Andy heads for the change room and quickly re-emerges wearing his trousers.

“What do you think?” Mr Taylor asks my Dad. “Perfect fit?”

“Yes. Perfect!” Dad answers.

I agree and give Andy the thumbs-up.

Andy changes and the four of us leave, each carrying our own bag. They are black plastic with `Taylor”s Tailoring” in white on both sides. One side has the address. The other has the phone number.

I wonder where Archie is. And I imagine what he”s probably doing. LOL.


Helen welcomes Andy with a hug, gushes over him and calls him `handsome”. She”s never wrong!

“I”ve been thinking about it,” Dad tells us before dinner, “Instead of Andy sleeping in the bunk house, would you two feel comfortable sleeping in the same room?” He says to Andy, “Kurt”s bed is a double.”

I didn”t see that coming!

I stare at Andy, hide a grin and ask, “Only if you don”t snore and fart all night like my brother does!”

Everybody, at first shocked, all end up laughing, realising that I”m joking. Even Karl.

After dessert, Helen says, “You”re probably tired after yesterday”s long trip, Andy, so I expect that you”ll want a good night”s sleep. Don”t be afraid to turn in early, if you want.”

“You guys want a shower before bed?” Dad asks.

I don”t say what I think!

It”s Andy who answers, “We did shower this morning before breakfast at the hotel. So, I”m OK. But thank you for asking, Mr Andersen. Maybe tomorrow night.”

“Me too,” I add.


The days pass quickly. Mainly just Andy with me, but not always. Riding the quad bikes up to the lookout. Cutting mulga wood for the cattle to the north with Dad and the farm hands. Monopoly. A slow horse ride, just Karl Andy and me together, across to and down the creek, followed by some soapy fun in the showers of the bunkhouse, which the three of us enjoy! Poker. Helping with breakfast; Andy”s a whiz with baked beans on toast! Chinese Checkers. One night in the northern workers” cottage (Andy and me, just to check what it would be like for the farm stay guests). The nights are all long ones.


Thursday. Two days before the wedding. Dad and Helen bring Karl, Andy and me to Jintabudjaree for lunch with Mr Grant and William. And, to check out everything and to walk through what will happen. The arrival. The getting-ready. The ceremony. The food. The chairs. The tables. The band. The dancing.

We have brought with us Karl”s, Dad”s and my suits (which Helen hasn”t seen yet), shirts, clean underwear, socks, boots. Everything we will need to get dressed here. They all go into the blue room.

Apart from what the bridesmaids with have with them on Saturday, Helen has brought everything that she needs (which us `men” haven”t seen yet), and her things go into the pink room.

Mr Grant explains about the landau and William shows everyone that it is cleaned and ready.

It will be Andy”s and my job to ensure that everything is prepared `perfectly” as we have discussed, and that Helen and Dad are trusting my `eye for detail”.


After Dad, Helen and Karl return to Whispering Gums, Mr Grant suggests that Andy and I sleep in the green room, which is usually William”s, and that William sleep with him so that the blue and pink rooms will be fresh for Saturday.

It”s no shock for me that William and Mr Grant sleep together!

Before we turn in for the night, William says to Andy and me together, “Hey, no spunk on the sheets! OK? There are plenty of towels in the bathroom.”


Tonight”s the night! Almost like Andy”s and my honeymoon. We”re going to do it � give ourselves to each other completely.

I”m very nervous about the preparation, which Andy explains to me. It sounds gross! But, together in the shower, it”s not so bad. I get used to having his fingers inside me, and mine in him. Something which I had not ever thought of doing with anyone.

It takes a long time for Andy to `get me ready”, and it hurts a bit, but Andy is very gentle.

We go back into the bedroom and are preparing for me to slide Junior into Andy first when we are suddenly aware of someone joining us in the room. He speaks, and I know instantly who it is.

“Blood of my blood. You have chosen wisely. Do not be afraid of giving yourselves to each other completely. This will be a special time for you both.”

I appreciate Uncle”s words, but am confused when he says, “Be aware. A thief is coming. He is not who he claims to be. He will attempt to take what is not his, but, do not be afraid, because I will be here.”

Then, as quickly as he came to us, he is gone. I feel as though I want to talk about his warning, but not yet. Not right now! Not with Junior so excited!

“Are you ready to do it?” Andy asks me.


(to be continued)



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