Lacey and Olivia

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Ass Licking

Author’s Note: This is the fictional tale of two people, both of legal age, finding love at a fictional college. It’s sappy and dialog heavy and it takes awhile to get to the sex(the good sex anyway) so it may not be for everyone. But if it is for anyone, I hope they enjoy

September 3rd, 2006:

It was an annual tradition on the campus of Burling College. At the end of summer, just as the leaves started turning brown, thousands of young freshman students would move into one of the campus’ 11 dorms. Some came with their mothers and fathers and there were teary goodbyes, some came by themselves but all of them settled in to their first real step on the road to adulthood. It was in one of the almost impossibly cramped rooms of Thurberg Hall that Olivia Thornton was now standing having her own unique goodbye with her own parents.

“I can’t believe how small this room is.” said Constance Thornton disapprovingly as she surveyed her surroundings. It was indeed a tiny room. Barely enough room for the two single beds, small desks and single shared dresser. “Whatever happened to that dormitory we saw on our tour? With all the space and the shared living areas?”

“That was another building, dear.” Her father, Ian, reminded his wife in his dry, English tones as carried the last of Olivia’s things in from the hallway. “Goodness me, it is a bit small, isn’t it?”

“That’s what I was saying, Ian.” Her mother’s voice was pure educated WASP “Why aren’t you living in that building, Olivia?”

“I put in for it.” Olivia answered, her mind drifting elsewhere “But everyone does. Housing assignments are random.”

“Your grades didn’t matter?” Constance seemed impossibly irritated by her Daughter’s room. Far more than her Daughter was. “Or your extra-curriculars?”

“A school like this, mother? Everyone has my grades or better.”

“It’s not so bad, eh?.” Her father said as he put the bags in the small, shared closet and gave his daughter what was meant to be a reassuring pat on the arm “Before you lot, I’d lived in a number of flats half the size and with twice the people.

“Well, we should be off I suppose, Let you settle in.” Constance said with only the briefest hint of emotion. Olivia realized the significance of the moment. She was near the desk, her parents near the door. There was a stack of boxes, literally between them. Olivia noted for a second as she looked at her parents and then, at her own reflection in the mirror hanging on the door behind them, how clearly she was a product of the two of them. Like her father, she was tall, standing 5’10 to his 6’4 and had inherited his eyes, bothin their deep blue colour and the astigmatism that had them both wearing glasses. Like her mother, she was pale, with a complexion that looked as smooth and creamy as ivory. She also had her mother’s high cheekbones, impeccable posture and dark chocolate hair, only slightly more invitingly displayed in Olivia’s ponytail than it was in her mother’s tight bun. Olivia opened her mouth to say her own goodbye but, before she’d had the chance, a very different voice entered the room.

And though she was firmly committed to the same career path her parent’s had each taken, pre-med and then med-school and then surgery, and though she was not only the kind of girl who’d been on that path and even devoted time to thinking about her area of specialty since she was 12, she had none of the emotional distance of her father or her mother’s coldness. She was kind-hearted and cheery.

“Oh my stars.”

The three Thornton’s turned to the doorway to see another girl, struggling with two impossibly large suitcases. She was clearly out of breath as she pulled one a few more inches and then the other.

“Allow me to help you with that, my dear.” Ian came to the girl’s rescue, taking both of the bags in his hands and lifting them into the room, still grunting at the weight of them. The girl kept still in the doorway, hands on her knees and hunched over, breathing hard from the exertion.

“Finally, a gentleman.” The tones of her voice were clearly southern but the accent was soft and understated. “You would not believe how many folks simply watched me breaking my back with those things.”

“Dreadful, isn’t it, the state of chivalry these days,” Olivia’s father added dryly as he put the suitcases to the side of the other bed, allowing the girl to finally enter the room. There couldn’t have been a bigger contrast between the assembled family and the new girl. She was blonde, with tanned skin and the smallest and lightest dusting of freckles. Unlike the very conservative dress of the Thorntons, the parents both in suits and even Olivia in a dress shirt and skirt, she wore a football jersey that was seemingly 3 sizes too small, pulled tight over two very large breasts and not covering her flat stomach and pierced navel. Distressed, low riding jeans and ratty blue sneakers completed the ensemble. She took a second catching her breath, her hands resting on curved hips before brightening into a thousand watt smile Ankara escort as she looked at the three of them.

“Well y’all must be the Thorntons.” She guessed correctly “I hope I’m not intruding on a goodbye?”

“No, not at all dear.” Ian assured her “We’d said ours and were just on our way.”

“Well, then I’m glad I caught you in time to say hello.” the Blonde approached them with an outstretched hand “I’m Lacey Miller and I suppose I am going to be your daughter’s roommate.”

“Hello Lacey.” Constance shook her hand first, looking at Lacey as though she were a member of a different species. Not disapprovingly or judgmentally, simply as though she’d been assigned to study her. Ian extended his hand as well to her but Lacey shook her head in the negative.

“No sir, my hero gets a hug.” Lacey said as she embraced him.

“Oh yes, alright.” Ian chuckled as he accepted the gesture warmly, even though it was with some surprise.

“And you must be Olivia.” Lacey said, expertly navigating the boxes on the floor to also surprise the taller girl with a quick embrace. “Oh I am so happy to meet you. I don’t know if you’re like me but I’ve thought about meeting my college roommate for years now and how we’d just be as close as two girls can be and I just know, I mean seeing you confirms it but I knew ever since I saw your name on that housing assignment thing they sent out, that we are just going to get along famously.”

The words came in a blur, an excited, happy blur. Olivia couldn’t help but laugh and return the hug.

“And just look at you.” Lacey continued, without drawing a breath “You are just as pretty as a thing can be, like a hand-carved doll of a princess. We are going to have to have a bouncer at the door to keep the boys away, aren’t we?”

Olivia’s parents gave her a slightly disapproving look at that last part and she returned it with a frosty one.

“Actually, Lacey, I’m….”

“Will your parents be along, Lacey?” Constance asked quickly, eager to change the subject. Lacey sat down on the small chair at her desk and set her laptop bag down in front of her.

“Oh no, no. They’re back in Abilene. I flew out from Dallas at the airport. I swear, you should have seen my Daddy, crying so hard you’d have thought the Cowboys were leaving Dallas for Timbuktu.” Lacey laughed at the memory. Constance gave that a weak smile while Ian, not getting the reference, at least seemed to empathize with the feeling. “How about you? Where you from?”


“Well, I’m originally from Montpelier and Ian is from….”

Olivia drifted out of the conversation as she sat down at her own desk. She missed Abby so much. She hated that she was here and that Abby was still back home. She pulled from her phone and began typing out a text message: “Just got here, miss you baby so much, love you” and sent it to the entry on her phone saved for her girlfriend. Her wonderful, beautiful, delightful girlfriend who’s only flaw was being born late in the year so that, despite having turned 18 only a few months after Olivia had, she was only now starting her senior year in Prep. It was barely a minute before she got her reply. She felt her heart skip and then ache as she read “Love U too, baby, have fun, kisses”. Olivia couldn’t wait for the year to end. Abby would join her here in Burling at the end of the year, they’d move off campus together and it’d be just like she always dreamed. Her fond day dreams were interrupted by her realization that the conversation between her roommate and her parents was still going on.

“…well, Daddy’s Chief of the Fire Department back home and Mom’s a homemaker I suppose although she’s started up this internet company where she’s selling her pies on-line. Not just pies but cookies and such as well and, let me tell you, they are absolutely worth it although I’ve never completely understood how she ships them and how they’d taste after being in the mail. So I’m not sure what you’d call her. Baker or Entrepreneur or something along those lines. I should email you the link to her site because, I tell you, I’ve been gone less than 6 hours and I already miss her cooking so you don’t even know what you’re missing…”

September 4th, 2006

“Do you think your parents liked me?” Lacey asked, completely out of the blue, as she stretched up to put her textbooks on the highest of the bookshelves.

“Of course, why wouldn’t they?” Olivia laughed a little as she effortlessly did the same with her own books.

“Ugh, when I get all excited and nervous, I know I go overboard on the whole good ol’ girl thing. I’m all ‘goodness, gracious me, today is as hot as my daddy’s texas chili’ and so on.” Lacey’s voice was indeed even softer, with a little less of her accent, today. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, Texas-born and Texas-bred and all that but I hate thinking I came off as dumb or flighty or anything.”

“Don’t worry about it. My parents are….hard people to get a read on but, trust me, I’m sure you delighted them.” Olivia wasn’t all that Ankara escort bayan sure of what she was saying, her parents did tend towards the judgmental and snobby, but she definitely thought it was better to reassure Lacey.

“Because I won the state spelling bee at 8, you know.” Lacey said defensively

“You mentioned.” Olivia nodded with a smile

“Got the highest SAT score in my whole high school’s history.”

“Uh huh.” Olivia was skimming through the first few pages of her biology textbook now.”

“I’m on a full ride here. And they don’t give too many of those for academics.”

“Didn’t give one to me, that’s for sure.” Olivia said in acknowledgement, not that tuition was a problem for her parents.

“Well, I won’t fret too much.” Lacey said as she put the last of her books away, before sitting down on her desk. “But if you manage to talk to them soon, slip one or two of those things in there so they know I’m smarter than a tree full of cartoon owls.”

“Whatever you say, Daisy Sue.” Olivia teased as she also sat down. It’d been a long day, the line in the bookstore had been 3 hours long and then they’d both walked back across campus carrying the thousands of dollars and untold pounds of books back to the dorm. She leaned back on the chair, trying to get it to hit the knot in her back.

“By the by, did you see who lives next door?” Lacey asked, her voice a low and conspiratorial whisper despite the door being shut. Olivia shook her head in the negative. She knew that on a co-ed floor like this it was arranged so it’d be a pair of boys in the next room but she hadn’t, nor was she especially likely to have, taken specific notice of any of them.

“Tim Fitzgerald, can you believe it?” Lacey revealed with incredulity.

“Who’s he?” Olivia shrugged

“Only, like the best basketball player in the history of anything. Guy was on the cover of magazines when he was 16.” Lacey continued. Olivia was not a sports fan by any means and both the name and the level of accomplishment were lost on her. Lacey seemingly picked up on that and continued “And if that don’t float your boat he is absolutely gorgeous. He’s, like, 6’9 and nothing but muscles and dimples and green eyes and goodness…you really didn’t notice him?”

Olivia had taken notice of a very tall guy next door a little earlier but hadn’t taken all that much interest. Olivia had known she was gay since the moment she knew what being gay meant. She sighed. Not because of the conversation she was having. But because of the conversation she was about to have. She didn’t mind it, exactly, she’d had it before and with people she knew better and whose reactions she worried about more but, still, this could be uncomfortable. Especially with Lacey being southern and them getting along so well. She didn’t want to hide who she was but if it bothered Lacey or if she needed to move out, well, Olivia found herself looking at her shoes the way she did when she got nervous.

“Lacey, there’s something I should tell you. Just so we’re completely honest and open with each other because honesty is important in a friendship and especially if we’re living together we should be able to live comfortably with each other, right?” This time it was Olivia who’s speech was rushed and nervous.

“Of course, Liv, you can say whatever.” Lacey was somewhat surprised by the serious twist the conversation had taken but she only had a look of concern on her face as she tried to think of what she might be told. She locked her eyes on Olivia and did her best to give her a reassuring look.

“I’m gay.” Olivia said, half exhaled and half spoken aloud. Lacey did recoil just a bit. Just in shock. She had not been expecting that in the slightest. A thousand questions ran through her brain as she looked at her roommate.

“You are? But….I mean….you’re so pretty!” Was all that Lacey could say, kind of blurted through her shock. Lacey’s comment brought a little look of frustration and disappointment to Olivia’s delicate features.

“Yeah, well, thanks and everything but….”

“Oh goodness.” Lacey put her hand to her mouth “That was just about the most ignorant, stereotypical thing anyone’s ever said in the history of the world, isn’t it?”

“No,” Olivia smiled a little now, “Not on the right end of the spectrum maybe but it’s ok.”

Lacey leaned forward to give Olivia a gentle hug.

“Oh, Liv, no. I don’t care a bit. If that’s your thing, power to you.” Lacey said as she gently patted her friend on the back “And I appreciate you letting me know but, no, gosh I do not object in the slightest.”

“Because we could work something out if you do feel weird, like where maybe I could not be around when you changed or…”

“Hush, you weirdo.” Lacey laughed as she pulled back “It is absolutely no deal, big or small.”

Olivia sighed an exaggerated sigh of relief as Lacey returned to her chair and turned her attention to her computer screen.

“Besides, you know, maybe it’s the best of both worlds.” Escort Ankara Lacey mused philosophically as she opened up a web browser. Olivia cocked an eyebrow

“How do you mean?”

“Well, way I always saw it, we’d always be bugging each other the way girlfriends do. ‘How does this sweater look on me, does my butt look good in this’ and so on.”


“Well, now I can get two perspectives.” Lacey kept at it. “Your innate sense of feminine style and fashion as well as whether or not it makes you want to throw me down and make sweet, sweet love to me.”

She delivered the line dryly but it did bring a laugh from Olivia.

“I have a girlfriend, you freak.”

“Maybe you do, but I am just smoking hot when I get my game on. Best of luck controlling yourself.”

Olivia reached over onto her bed for her pillow and chucked it at her Roommate’s head.

October 16th, 2006:

“Oh yes, ride me stud.” Lacey was naked on her bed, her legs wrapped around the muscular waist of….Jason? Jeffrey? George? Whatever his name was, his condom wrapped cock was aimed squarely at her ready pussy and he was slowly but surely sinking himself into her. Lacey had been slightly disappointed by the size of him. Not that he was small exactly, but she liked them to be big and she’d been receptive to his advances at the partly because he’d been the largest guy there. On the football team, if the jacket thrown over her desk was a good indication of things. She’d met him at her first frat party, an opportunity that Lacey had seen as her chance to get her first no-string attached college sex while Olivia was back home for the weekend, visiting her girl. Lacey was no stranger to sex. Not that she’d been easy back home but she’d had a few boyfriends and she’d had her fun. Now, she was an adult. At college. And able to have these little flings.

“Oh yes,” She moaned as he entered her. Not big. Not quite the feeling of fullness that the biggest of her boyfriends had given her and that she enjoyed so much but, still, Lacey liked sex and while size may have been a nice component of the recipe but it wasn’t the whole meal. Her lover’s hands roughly grabbed at her naked breasts, seemingly delighted in their size, weighing and them and squeezing them together as he’d done since they started making out. He wasn’t terribly subtle with it but, then, Lacey liked a little bit of roughness. Soon he was getting into it, bucking and riding as she’d requested and Lacey could feel herself heating up, could feel that slow pressure building up inside her.

“T…hat is very, very good.” Lacey groaned as she lost herself in the feeling, letting her hands roam over her own body and his. Feeling the delicious hardness inside her, again and again, starting her on her journey to that amazing…

“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh yes, yes YES!” The fellow grunted and jerked as Lacey felt the condom balloon up a bit with his seed. She looked up at the ceiling, completely taken out of her moment. He collapsed on top of her and began kissing at her neck.

“That was fucking awesome.” He half slurred, drunkenly as he rolled to her side. Lacey was busy cursing god and her own lousy luck.

“Yeah, any chance you want to stay up for seconds?” Lacey asked hopefully as he withdrew his softening cock from her. He smiled at her.

“Absolutely baby, just let me catch a few bits of sleep and then I’ll fuck you so good you’ll wish it was….”

But then he was snoring. And Lacey thought up a few new names to call god.

October 17th, 2006

“Fitzy, that is just unbelievably gross.” Lacey said as Tim Fitzgerald sat in front of her at one of the tables at the dining hall, a tray of food in each hand. He looked up at her with a slightly hurt expression on his face. Tim, Lacey and Olivia had become fast and inseparable friends almost as soon as the first week of school was over. Tim had subverted both of the girl’s concepts of college athletes. He didn’t seem to have a serious bone in his body and seemed up for all manner of elaborate ruses and jokes, something that made him a natural match for Lacey but he was well-read and innocent and unconditionally accepting of seemingly everyone and everything, which had endeared him to Olivia. He did, however, have a palette that made eating with him hard to take at times.

“What’s wrong? I’m a big guy, I have to eat a lot of food to keep weight.” Fitz asked as he picked up one of the three sandwiches on his plate and took a bite.

“And does that food have to be what looks like a peanut butter, jelly and tuna fish sandwich?” Lacey practically gagged as she saw bits drip from the back of his sandwich onto his plate. Fitz thought about her question for a second before answering.

“Well no, it doesn’t have to be obviously.” He answered seriously “But they are freaking awesome. I’m thinking of a name for it, either Mudfish Surprise or Sloppy Cod’s.”

“You need help, Fitz.”

Tim shook his head and rolled his eyes as he continued eating the bizarre amalgamations on his plate. Lacey went back to idly picking at her own plate, leafing through some History reading she needed to catch up on. Their relative tranquility was ruined, though, by Olivia’s crashing backpack landing on the table beside them.

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