Let’s Go for a Drive ch 2

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My friends call me Amanda. I’m fifty and a red-haired sexy BBW. I live in a small apartment on the outskirts of a major metropolis. On the back side of my place is a deck which is secluded away from the main road. During the day, my neighbors are usually gone to work, so I can do just about anything I want. This means when I venture outdoors I chose too, could wear little or nothing at all, which I sometimes do, because I’m an exhibitionist.

My friend Dave and I just took a sexy drive in the country, one where I was wearing no clothing. I have never been that aroused for awhile.

We just drove up to my place and I led him by the hand into my house. “Things are about to get a little hotter, I cooed, now that we are alone.”

Dave is his sixties; his hair is brown with flecks of grey. To me age is just a number, as when there is snow on the mountain there is always a fire in the furnace. His tanned face, bold nose, and strong chin are very pleasing to the eyes. His tall figure has a little extra padding, which to me makes him more attractive.

He pulled me close, kissed me hard, then suggested. “Honey, enough talk, let’s go to your bedroom, I’m dying to finish what we started in the car.”

“Oh that was hot, and the idea of strangers watching me is so arousing!”

I grasped his hand and let him to my bedroom. Once inside the door, my dress was removed with one swoop of my hand. For a brief moment I turn on the radio to a soft rock station. It’s the kind of music that I like to have on when I’m fucking.

Dave closed the door pulled me close planting a kiss on my lips guaranteed to make my toes curl!

I looked right at him pulled him close and purred. “It’s been awhile since any men gave me this much attention.”

He frowned. “You’ve got to be kidding? Honey, you are a beautiful woman! If it was me, izmit rus escort I’d jump at the chance, every day, and then some.”

I blushed, “Take those clothes off darling, it time to polish that cock of your in this hot cunt of mine!”

As I watched this sexy older man strip I said to myself, ‘Age only matters when you’re talking about wine and cheese.’ When he removed his boxers, there in front of me was semi-hard cock. I bit my lip and drooled from more then my mouth.

He walked over to me, and took me into his arms, and kissed with enough passion to light my fire for weeks. He then led me to the bed, kissing me as he laid me down. Taking hold of my legs, he spread them wide, and ogled my pussy for a moment.

He licked his lips hungrily. “Baby, I need some nourishment!”

Dave lowered himself between my legs, licking me from my clit to my ass, and then zeroed in on my sensitive swollen clit. After eating me for awhile he looked up and stopped long enough to ask, “Do you like what I am doing doll?”

All I could do was mutter, “Uh-huh.”

It had been that long since any man ate me like this. I pulled his head back closer toward my wanting hot box then reached down and began playing with my hardening nipples.

Dave resumed eating me then glanced up at my face. He stopped and shouted, “Oooooh fuck, I love a woman who can suck their own tits! It’s such a turn on for me. Oh baby, please keep it up, as I go back to your delicious honey-pot!”

The more he licked the hotter I became, when I took my nipple into my mouth and bit it. I quivered all over with my first earth shattering orgasm, and flooded his face with so much nectar, it dripped off his chin. He began slurping like a hungry puppy lapping at a bowl of milk until he cleaned up ever drop.

With a devilish grin he asked, “Ever izmit escort been fisted honey?”

My eyes lit up, and my body quivered with anticipation. “Yes, and I love it!”

I handed him some lube and watched eagerly as he greased up his hand and wrist. I spread my legs wide and licked my lips.

He knelt between my legs, rubbing my drenched twat with his whole hand. Next, he zeroed in on my pulsating hole. Placing two fingers inside, finger-fucking me slow, then added a third, then after a while a fourth. God it was tight, but didn’t seem to mind the intrusion.

I raised my hips moving them in a slow dance of welcome. My flesh felt tingly, as my pulsating hole felt warm and slippery form not only the lube but my increasing flow of juices.

He worked his fingers into the tightness, stretching my walls apart. He twisted and turned his hand until the base of his thumb was against my clit. The side to side action made me gasp and shake.

Without hesitation, he pulled back, stared into my eyes. “Baby, are you ready for me to go deeper?”

I was panting, lips parted, and my excitement was overwhelming. “Oh yes, do it now!”

He couldn’t believe he’d found a woman who loved to be fisted. He poured more lube on his hand this time his finger formed a cone with the thumb tucked neatly into the palm. He watched me lick my lips as he parted the swollen labia with his fingertips. He thrust firmly, with a long, steady twist, and buried half his hand inside me. God was it tight!

“I’m going to push my big fist right up inside your cunt!”

He began to move his hand from side to while leaning into me at the same time.

I leaned forward, grabbed his arm, and shrieked, “Aaahhhh Yesss, do it! FIST ME!!”

He felt the magic of the moment, my vulva spreading right around his hand. He could feel me milking it, kocaeli escort slowly. She knew exactly what she was doing, even better than me! The sensation around my knuckles was incredible. So tight, so hot, as each ripple of her inner flesh clearly transmitted through my skin. He didn’t stop until he was wrist deep inside her.

I let go of his arm and rested back on my elbows, as my hips thrust rhythmically, fucking his hand.

He began fist-fucking me, pushing hard as he could as it was obvious that I liked it.

“I can’t believe how much you’re enjoying this baby. It’s not often I find someone who likes to be fisted.”

His knuckles rubbed my cervix and then my g-spot, as he rotated his fist. My hands were trembling as my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Yes, that’s it, right there, Oh fuck!!!”

He sped up as his cock drooled with pre-cum, and watched me orgasm. My face distorted, as my pussy reacted by squirting fluid from my hole into his open mouth. He licked eagerly not wanting to miss a drop. My lips were clenched, eyes blazing with lust, as my body jerked with each spasm, clamping and squeezing his wrist.

He watch in delight as I calmed down, leaving his fist inside me for awhile. The twinges stopped and he eased his hand out. His cock was begging for release.

He moved up to my mouth and rubbed the head across my sweet lips. He looked up into my face with those gorgeous green-eyes and I took his whole cock into my mouth with one gulp.

He pulled my head close, and began fucking my mouth as his hand toyed with my clit. It didn’t take either of us long to cum, mine triggered his. Cum spurted from his cock, down my throat.

“Oh God, you are amazing!”

“You don’t have to go anywhere soon do you, I want to spend the whole night with you.”

“No, as my wife isn’t expecting me to come home until late tomorrow night. Darling, what do you have in mind?”

“Something hot, wet, and deliciously exciting, you my dear will have to wait until tonight to find out.

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