Lockdown Slave Ch. 02

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Technology is changing the world at a faster rate than most people assume. And no, I am not talking about the fact that my travel from San Diego to Tokyo took just about 12 hours because I bought a seat in one of these metal objects flying in the air.

I am talking about the fact that based on the technology we are adopting already, and various upgrades being worked on, you might just wake up someday to discover you don’t need a bank in other to have a bank account anymore, or all together, you don’t even need a bank account at all.

I and my business partners are here finalizing on how to finally phase-out middlemen and brokers in our business and by doing so, save ourselves a lot of money.

And did I forget to tell you Tokyo is beautiful? Oh, no, I forgot.

Tokyo is beautiful!

I saw a redhead wearing a red jacket on a red shirt and red chinos pants, on red sandals. She almost blended with the large red tomato kiosk in the background. She was holding hands with some dude whom I presume to be her boyfriend. Green hair, green jacket on a green shirt and green pants, on green sandals. Also looked nice against the red tomato background. I can’t begin to tell you all the weird things I noticed.

So, the blockchain conference was a success. We got two brilliant blockchain technologists to collaborate and help transform our ideas into what we named the Trap Coin. San Diego will experience this service first, then the rest of America and the world as our innovation breaks beyond borders.

We signed the contracts ordu escort and I headed back to my hotel room. I didn’t have the luxury of spending a few more hours or days exploring what more Tokyo had to offer. That may be for other people that flew in like I did, but not me. I had other plans; Wuhan!

Apart from the fact that Chen was the next thing that filled my head, I needed to meet her quickly, spend whatever amount of time I can spend with her, and get back on my way home.

Before I left home, I was well aware of the Coronavirus Dieseae 2019 (Covid-19), which is spreading fast around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) had just officially described it as a Pandemic. We were all aware of the threat level, but many people were still managing to still work and live their lives, only more carefully. It was in Tokyo that movement restrictions and lockdowns started springing up. Italy was on lockdown already, Japan wasn’t at the moment.

I got to my hotel room, packed my luggage and got ready to leave Tokyo. I got on a call with Chen and informed her I was about to head to the airport. She was expecting me.

Being familiar with the stocks and financial markets makes me understand how sometimes, things can go very steamy quickly, or fall to hades in seconds. I have seen the Dow Jones Industrial index doing 2500 points up and down with less than five bars in volatile market situations.

I saw that play out in real life. In just about 3 hours and 30 minutes it took to land in Wuhan, the threat osmaniye escort level of the outbreak had skyrocketed. My flight WH442 was the last to land at the airport. The airport was now on a lockdown, all across the whole of China, and other cities around the world. It felt like the end of the world was coming, and it caught me at a wrong location, in a foreign land.

Health officials in rubber gears and wearing nose masks were parading everywhere. Police and military personnel were being stationed. I called Chen again, and it was clear she wasn’t coming to pick me. I quickly made it out of the airport, knowing I had to find my way to her house by myself.

I was still able to get a cab.

Chaos was all over town already. Everyone was rushing to get somewhere or to buy something, and traffic was beginning to build up.

Eventually, after a 50 minutes drive by a cab driver who couldn’t pronounce any English word correctly, I got to my destination;

54X6X, Wuah Xiao Road, Wuchang, Wuhan.

I stood in front of the red house and called Chen. She asked me to wait. I waited for another thirty minutes, then watched a lady park a saloon car in front of the house.

It was Chen.

She didn’t say anything to me. She just opened the trunk and started taking the supplies she bought in. No hello, no welcome, no hug, nothing.

I approached to help her.

“Stay right there!”

I halted my steps.

She packed everything in and reappeared with a hand sprayer.

Without ostim escort saying a word to me, she sprayed me with the sanitizer from head to toe. I had to quickly cover my nose.

“Turn around!”

She sprayed every surface on my body, and my luggage too.

“Follow me!”

I walked after her. She was just exactly as she appeared on the video call. Cute and petite.

I was taken aback by the next thing that happened. She led me into an empty underground basement and asked me to drop my luggage. There was no table, no chair, no furniture or item of any sort. Just a poorly lit empty and rusty space.

“Take off your clothes!”

“Every item of clothing on you!”

I stripped naked and tucked my clothes and underwears into my luggage.

Close to the very small window at the top of the wall was a bracket poking out of the ground with a ring just above the floor.

There was a chain on the floor with two big padlocks beside it.

Chen approached me with the chain. She wound one end of it around my neck and locked a padlock through the rings. She then fastened the other end of the chain to the metal ring poking out of the floor and padlocked that too. I could still stand straight but obviously wouldn’t be able to jump. The chain was just a few inches longer than my height.

“I will be back soon, I have some things to do right now.

Welcome to China!”

That was all. She didn’t even wait for me to reply or say anything. She turned around and walked out of the basement. After she closed the gate, I could see and hear that she locked the gate with a padlock.

I was nervous and scared. That wasn’t nice in any way. I felt neglected and treated like scum.

But I had that stupid erection again.

(To be continued)

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