Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 03

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Reworked note:

Beside tease and denial, this story is a mix between lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls. But this one takes place in a universe ruled by women teasing guys relentlessly.

The odds are high you understand nothing if you start here from scratch. This universe is not mine and uses many many concepts you won’t understand without at least reading the glossary in chapter 1. It depicts the life of people in this world with all its aspects, and the evolution of the romance follow these.

It focuses on absolutely terrific extreme tease and denial mixed with the adorable and cheesy aspect. It is my take of a very cute love story between two outcast people in this world, but a lot of the “unfair” and “unsafe” out of their rainbow world is described and not less part of the kink.

I reworked this intro from previous chapters and forgot to mention delicate aspects of mild consent and virgin “not-shaming-but-quite” and around (by around, I mean self-awareness about social-awkwardness, introversion, shyness and all. If you’re not at ease with this, it may be a bad experience) I apologize to the people that might have been touched by this further than a kink that they don’t like. Also I add now that it’s no more a spoiler that though there is few actual pure ballbusting or cbt, balls kinda hurt a lot in this universe^^.

If you lurk my socials through my profile page you will find a picture of the 3 main characters face (and later… not just their face!).

Words from the creator of this universe.

“This is Salamando_Flames. I am allowing CuteAndLovelyYetHorny to post this work based on my Sex Mage World concepts. “

Minimal additions are added to the existing lore, this is a fanfiction.

Glossary and basic info of the universe as created by its creator:

See chapter 1

In my own take of the universe:

See chapter 1

+ As implied, magic can dry precum once out at the girl’s will, same about actual semen. It can’t be done early enough to modify the sensations of ooze or orgasm.


“Fuck… two useless days in a row, that guy was funny tho, and the samaritan-me saved 2 depressed ones, they’ll thank me with nice blue balls one day! … … Still… boring… fucking boring, seems hopeless…” Elina sighed alone in her car and started to focus on me.

30 minutes later, she put her ear against the door of her flat in the corridor, and stated to smile as she guessed relentless screams of despair.

That! Is funny, at least! He can only blame himself, all that for a girl that can’t even gift him a mere phantom feather the day of his orgasm, if it ever comes haha!

She concentrated to make my nuts even more sensitive to pleasure and added a bunch of phantom strings tickling the hell out of them, then she called her boyfriend for a surprise blowjob next to me.


“The worse one I met before you still held up 4 months in his tiny hopeless sack, not bad when it doesn’t belong to a crazy bitch like me!”

“What? A competitor in my area? My male instincts won’t let that happen!” I joked sarcastically at my own despair, my pelvis giving the car sit a nice lapdance thanks to a sole phantom toothpick dancing on my balls. I looked at her hand wandering on her boyfriend’s crotch to thrive deeper into that state. But it’s alright, Astra’s hand would reassure mine tomorrow, just like a week after, and as probably every week to follow.

The world looked like made of rainbows and flowers from my perspective: my blue balls were amusing Elina, we were having fun together with her boyfriend, then we parked and met one of her friend with her boyfriend and they teased us like hell. It’s my life, my state doesn’t allow to think of something else anyway, why not enjoy it when your brain is put to constant afterglow at the thought to hold the sweetest hand of the world soon!

So Elina took her list back where she left it, two days ago, as Eola’s spell added over Elina’s to grind my inside semen machinery some more.

“Wrong alert, this one is 24, has a girlfriend, they’re in the process, he came that morning haha!”

“Better late than never!” Eola teased her boyfriend that pouted.

The next one gives some more hints of the reason he pouted. She put her hand in his nape reassuringly, knowing it reminded him a dark period of his life.

“A “slip-through-the-net”. Orgasm blocked for weeks, bullied, social anxiety and stuff.”

“Here comes the virgin savior, tatatata-ta-tata!” She laughed as if she transformed into a superhero or magical girl, and hugged her boyfriend in the process. She and Elina had a false ankara otele gelen escort tag written “Virgin Hunter”, with a handwritten “Virgin Savior” on the back, visibly added later, remnant of their fun during Elina’s first “virgin hunt” that lead to what my balls look like now.

Elina, Eola and Tim, her boyfriend, knocked at the guy’s door. The girls presented the “virgins are cute” events, as usual, and Tim was here as a testimony that it wasn’t another trap. They left the poor guy with a hug from Eola that already made him tremble, a strong shield for the coming days, and they laughed as he splashed the floor and almost the ceiling with his cum in 3 strokes so much he was desperate.

Elina would love to bring me there to witness the cumming they allow in the end, but she knew better than to explain what she did of her free time to such mentally fragile case, the so called “slipped-through-the-net” of any unexpected nice treat happening to even the most introvert guys.

Despite what I’m put through, the way she holds our contract, shields me and play fair on all points (… past what her kink demands!) give a good hint that she was far from heartless. Finding several of these poor guys while she looked for me had affected her and made her feel guilty, but she still wanted to live her dirty fantasy!

So her rational mind came up with an idea to make it both safe and “reasonable”, from today’s world expectations at least. She thought to find a team and center to organize teasing games with them, giving blue balls safely, occasional release, and the emotional care needed; so that virgins and dominant cock-teases loving to humiliate can have fun together in a good mood. She met Eola as well as other friends from Samaritan organizations that were submitted the idea. She brought the first virgins herself, and let interested people organize and play with those special boytoys, while her boyfriend and my sore blue balls used enough of her sex time!

Some come and go with girls that start to attach, some get pussy; others, like Tim, commit to never ever get but always revolve around, as his face suggests right now, dutifully kissing Eola’s crotch over her skirt, in the corridor, while no sounds of coming elevators or dangling house keys are heard yet.

It’s a sweet spring Sunday evening. When I turn my head the other way, my tormentress kisses her boyfriend deep and their crotch rub until a sound is heard, and we head to the car, boys blushing and frustrated, girls giggling. The arousal emitted makes the people we pass by smile or frown as they guess part of what happened, unlike poor guys in the building that took one more random arousal waves it’s been 16 years and a half they stopped trying to know who it came from…

We went to read the sex mind of two other virgins, and the two couples made out or teased the boyfriends in the buildings till someone arrives or go out.

“One of them seems potentially viable.” Elina tell us.

She starts to read his kinks in front of his door and slowly turn back in the street to not appear suspect; and she shamelessly enforces the law, focusing 45 minutes to scan his thoughts and behavior, coping methods etc…, while we gasp, curl and moan in public as private lust providers, and she concludes he’d finish to break under her torments, disappointed but far from surprised.

We’re back in the car, Lonen and Elina fuck in the back seat while I watch, Eola slides over Tim’s strap-on, leaving him edged to perfect the day, and blows him 12 thick shots, to his disbelief. We tell each other good bye, Elina teases she’ll not have time to pre-render my nightly fucks, I yell “No!”, both girls burst in laughter, Tim looks like “wtf!” and I mumble I dream I fuck my innocent crush when she doesn’t guide who I dream of…

Finally, I smile as the hours before her hand meets mine can now be counted on only 3 hands.

When you reach my level of sexual frustration, pass from “no end in sight” to “you are free” in a random day of the 7th month, refuse to be “freed”, and can’t think of anything else over your day… yeah, that’s a fun and nice Sunday!


I gasped as both her hands caught back mine.

That’s torture… making up my mind you’re leaving is already so hard… I lamented as I turned back to see her angelic face again, while my hand was still gently warmed between hers.

“I… I… When I’m here, I have a little bit of power in me… … la-last week too…”

“It’s wonderful, there are hmmm… sleeping guys you know, if you…”

“That will do… see ya haha! Bye!”

I looked at her go, looked… looked… and started to run through the death corridor before my thoughts allowed it. Next thing I knew is that I fell on the floor when I realised that if I fell later, mind roasted at the last second, the odds Astra would get an accidental butt grope or even balls’ hit weren’t öveçler escort totally null. Out of the zone, she helped me breath and ease the pain on my knees with a pat in the back, as Cori healed me by infusing magic to my balls, without making it worse.

“You’re fantastic Astra… please, count on me… I’m your support, right? If you don’t want to it’s okay, but if it’s to protect me, then you’ll just stop when I start feeling arousal, can that do? If it works a second, it works right?”

“No… but yes, that’s to spare you… I have no male friends subjected to normal treats, no male friends except you anyway. I want these powers, sure…”

“I’ll run at your home when you call me you feel it, alright? And well… I’ll have a deal with Elina that will cost me to regrow what it spared me, most likely; can you not feel guilty about it? Then can you find amusing to try to give me blue balls? I understand if you can’t, be honest and we’ll find a solution, but I… truly want to see these powers Astra…”

I gasped as I saw tears form fast on her eyes, but she ran to me and hugged me for the first ever time, in front of everyone, knowing I was naked, starting to cry.”

“I couldn’t have… before you said those last things… it… thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!”

I was so shaken that no brain parts were left to mind the delirious twitchings of my cage. I blushed and looked at her closer than I ever did, with that staring-avoiding look, contorting my neck, tilting my head. She was heaven itself.

“You, thank you.”

She smiled and dried her tears, then got up and chuckled.

“If it’s fun to know you have blue balls, it will be fun to do my best to add my itsy-bitsy part of it too!”

“We’ll have fun.” I added shyly, found dumb without answers to match her so direct “fun”. I swear my cock escaped a whole stream of precum at the sole dissonance between her cute voice and what she just said; how fast, how she was crying 3 seconds ago; and for how many times I felt bad when I caught the back of my mind imagining her say way less explicit things. I could admit it to myself now…

As she walked through the corridor, focusing on finding a little fluctuation in the light magic sensation she had from the tease zone, hoping it was my cock in its cage, she realized her walk was strong, happy, proud.

These thoughts crossed the realization that she thought of arousing my cock and not my balls. She felt bad but bit her lips a moment, realizing how dumb it was, and that it’s actually my cock that will harden if she succeeds to use a hint of a spell on me. Her brain, heart and pussy teamed up to confirm the “it’s alright” she needed to hear inside, and the last one started to heat warmly and become a little wet.

The thought that her walk was proud didn’t abandon the fight and made its place back in her lustful mind, creating the image of actresses with that kind of walk: The shy gentle lone glitch mocked and almost sometimes bullied in her past, feelings her little buttcheeks up and firm swinging left and right.

She saw the round asses in her mind moving smoothly at each step, and her pussy took so much control of her senses that her complexes lost the ticket to her train of thoughts as she stopped mid-way in the corridor and looked backwards. My face looked at her, still crimson, and she repressed an urge to breath high and lift her head as her pussy started to ask. She thought that even if I looked elsewhere, it couldn’t miss my eyesight; and as she walked, feeding on her guilt and usual shyness, she pictured her own little butt moving left and right sensually, at each step, biting her lips as she imagined the picture was my eyesight.

The door closed, she ran and didn’t stop to the bus to not cut her rush, however the time lost.

I’m gonna do this! I can’t believe I’m gonna do this!

Her hand was at work over her jeans in the elevator, and she threw away her clothes on the floor, fell on her bed and fingered herself like she never did, moaning my name, like she never did either.


I ran fast in the town, balls light as air, or at least feeling like such when all hints of “blue pain” was erased. I was still remembering the predicament I passed through at home, to compensate the fact that all spells beside the shield and the micro-spells enhancing my semen production were erased.

I stopped a second, hands on my knees, to catch my breath, and passed by a girl of the place, late 30’s, that already saw me run twice this week, with a friend of her. Their cleavages were to drool for who would have already came the hour before…

“Found someone to release a bit of this? She joked.”

“Ahh… ahh… the contrary I guess.”

“Gone masochist hihi, I feel sorry that’s the best to keep your sanity in cases like yours, have fun!”

“Not even! I guess good old love, in the air millennia before pendik escort sex magic. Still the only thing to mess a man’s brain up worse than endless blue balls I guess, have a nice day too!” I tried to look convincing in my sarcasm.

I “flashed” her mind the picture of two girls kissing and licking delicately a man’s cock with me looking, in chastity and apparent utter despair. In a fraction of a second, she knew I took it as for the 4 visits I did my crush without being subjected to my usual torments.

The girl had added her own basic cum increase spell, and Elina fucked with my mind, recreating a phantom cock in erection, twitching like the real trapped one at the endless kisses and treats his cock was given, all felt over the large area of my nuts. Then she induced a terrific need to masturbate and prevented it.

Lonen had awaken pinned to the bed with two tongues on his deliriously sensitive organ, and the girls had their fun with us until Astra saved us without knowing, as he would cum the moment I’m called to go, or sent to work with terrific blue ball at 2pm.

She had that demonic idea since I’ve spent some time everyday to try unsuccessfully to get a tiny bit blue-balled by my beloved Astra, her unstable and barely perceptive powers starting to manifest more and more often.

The girl winked at me and asked casually.

“Can you flash how she does the phantom cock? That’s hot! I’ve only seen it once before, in years, I thought it was an illusion she made, even with magic.”

“She’s a tease nerd you know, you have to trick mirror neurons that create phantom members when the members are symmetrical and one is missing, unlike a dick. With the cage, make sure the guy is twitching without an end and create the brain dissonance by openly trying to create sexually a hard cock even if you can’t. Then, if you studied mirror neurons, picture them and trick them with the magic as well as you put all your might to just create the phantom dick. With trials, it will come and stay, then it’s only sensitive to phantom tortures. I really gotta go, sorry, bye.”

She knew I was on a rush, but still didn’t believe how one of the worse case in town just betrayed its own kind and explained like a professor how to perform one of the most sophisticated and mind-breaking trick.

It’s just a random Friday for him, haha!

I ran back with the phone against my ear.

“Hi, Astra? … Yeah, I’m really sorry, I’m on the way, can you wear winter clothes please, as dull as possible… Sure, Elina’s been mean that morning. That’s good for you but I’m really sorry, the least bit of curve drives my eyes, I’m afraid even with all my might to be a good boy, even if it’s you, that won’t do… I don’t worry; you, don’t worry… I’m here soon, bye.”

We met and blushed as everytime. Not every time in so weird clothes for the season in her case though!

I turned away, humiliated. I didn’t dare take my cock in place as she could see my bulge poke in my jeans easily.

“It’s alright, it’s the context.” She wanted to pat me but not make it worse, so she just tried to comfort me with her words, till I presented my bulge to her. Then I changed to put one of the tight jeans allowing her to see clearly the shape of my testicles, and at the point we were, I asked if keeping the bulge would help her picture the whole package… vaguely of course. It felt in no way like at college now they were presented only to her, and in fact we both knew I was hard at her “natural” sight anytime we met those days.

The uncomfortableness we shared didn’t help her power maintain till I was there and when I was there; but this time… I yelped and breathed fast a second, for the first ever time…

“You f-fel… felt…”

“A contact, a contact… Hm…” I exclaimed weirdly; between uncomfortableness, terrific vulnerable arousal due to the symbolism of it all, and my innocent joy for her, beating the two ‘genital induced feelings” to be expressed enough on my face along them… I guess it was the look of “desperately blue-balled true love” itself.

“I t-tried to rub gently.” she stuttered, her heart beating faster that it ever did, barely minding she was eying my waving crotch, my cock dance entirely visible over the jeans.”

I need to cum! I need to cum!! Damn, I’ve literally “literally” no stamina when it’s her…

“I didn…f-feel so much… a little poke, not even…j-just a contact.”

She nodded and failed her smile trial. We remained silent, looking opposite directions on the floor. Her eyes would sometimes betray herself a glimpse more of my twitching member.

“P-please go on…” she asked.

“Huh, with what?…”

“Don’t make me…” she mumbled “… say it.” I remained silent because I was really clueless, so eventually: “… … … … … … w-where…”

“I-I’m sorry, really sorry, it was the hm… l-left… … … one. A bit under, on the left side. I was very tense and it sent me quite… … … p-pleasure. J-just to be honest with you, right?”

“I’m happy, I’m trying to give you pleasure” she blushed even more and looked back the other way around. “I just… more pleasure makes you more frustrated, it’s already enough for you to bear right?”

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