Mary and her Lovers Ch. 01

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– so it begins… –

I received a phone call at the office this morning. It was my wife Mary, right on schedule as she does every afternoon after her lunch break. “Hello dear, how was your morning” she asked.

“Oh not too bad, same old same old, how was your lunch break? Did you happen to try that new restaurant you were talking about last night?” I replied as I sat back in my chair.

“Well, I didn’t go to lunch with the girls today” she said. This was a little bizarre, as she has a usual lunch group of other women in her department. “You remember that guy I told you about? The new one, Jason in my department” We had a little game we would play, where my wife would point out or tell me about random men she thought were sexy. This of course was due to my coxing of her to fulfill my biggest fantasy.

I quickly replied with a yes, as I got an empty feeling in my chest. This was the feeling I always got when she talked about other men she found attractive. “Why do you ask?” As it did seem a little peculiar, that she would mention him when we were not having sex.

“Well… I finally asked him out” she said with a giggle. “And you’ll never guess how my lunch was.” I began to feel my erection start to grow in my pants.

“Oh really, did you go to lunch with him” I asked eager to hear her reply as I hoped this was the beginning of her finally agreeing to my desire. This all started when I blurted something out during my orgasm while we were having sex. I had been debating on bringing up my fantasy, slightly hesitant for fear she would find it creepy. Nevertheless, although I planned to bring it up, I did not exactly plan to do it at that time. “Tell me how big John’s dick is.” Her response surprised me.

John was the most recent guy Mary had been telling me about. He was a waiter at the regular restaurant her and the girls would frequent on their lunch outings. She told me he was rather muscular, tall and had ‘gorgeous’ blue eyes, that she found very sexy. There was a little part of me hoping he would wind up being the guy who could fulfill my fantasy of watching my wife have sex with another man.

“Oh it’s so much bigger than yours, at least two or three inches longer,” She moaned. I said earlier, this surprised the hell out of me, as she was never interested in giving that much detail. Usually she would just say who she found attractive, and who she thought of while pleasuring herself. He eyes were closed as she told me about this guy she’s been finding so attractive. She moaned more and more as I shot my load and I can tell she was coming too.

After we finished, we laid there, all intertwined with each other. “You really surprised me with that one,” she said. “I decided to just go with it, and found that it kind of helped me cum” She said with a slight laughter in her voice.

“What do you mean, helped you cum” I questioned thinking I was not doing my job. She rolled over onto me and kissed me.

“Oh stop it,” she said smiling. “You know what I mean. I was kind of hot, that’s all.” Perhaps I was reading too much into this, too prematurely, but this really got me excited.

“Are you saying you’re considering fucking around, and telling me about it” I asked her, noticing my increased excitement; she gave out a little giggle.

“Well, I don’t know about all that. I’m just saying I kind of found that a little hot,” she said rolling over to light a cigarette. “You surprised me and I guess I surprised myself,” she said exhaling a puff of smoke as she rolled back to her previous position. “I instantly came, when I thought about how big his dick would be, and just picturing it got me so hot, so quickly.”

That was how it all started, but we never went any further than talking about whom she would choose, and what they would do. It did make for some very erotic times, but it was not the full fantasy. I was beginning to think we would never progress beyond talking about it. Then, today she actually went to lunch with a man we have talked about while fucking, and asked him out now?

“So, what did he say? Or, better yet… how did you ask him, and what did you ask exactly” I excitedly asked her.

She continued her shy-ish giggles. “Well, we’ve been flirting for a few weeks like I told you. And today, in the break room while I was getting my morning coffee he told me how pretty I was today.”

“And that led you to ask him out” I quickly asked, as it did not sound very inviting. I mean, just telling her she looked nice. Really, that is all it took to give this a try, someone showing interest.

“Well, not exactly. I thanked him, and then he asked if I had plans for lunch. I told him nothing I couldn’t break, and asked what he had in mind” she replied.

“So… you went to lunch. Where did you wind up going? What did you talk about” I spat the questions rapidly as I had a million of them swirling through my mind.

“Wow. Is someone excited?”

“Well, hell yea I’m excited. My wife just went out to lunch with someone she thinks is incredibly sexy and I get off on you and other guys. What’s not to be excited about” I reminded. “Even if he’s not siirt escort the one you choose… or this never goes any further, it gives me plenty for the spank bank. Just imagining what you could have done.”

She laughed rather hard this time. “You’re silly” she said, “Who said nothing happened?”

“Uh… you don’t mean…” I hesitantly asked her.

“No. Nothing happened. We just talked,” she said laughing off my readiness.

“Did you tell him about us, or that you find him very attractive,” I quickly asked her.\

“Um, yes I did,” she said in a seductive tone. “I told him you get off to me talking about fucking other men, but that I’ve never actually done that,”

“What’d he say?” I asked unexpectedly.

“He thought it was interesting. He’d never heard of anything like that before” she said with a titter. “And he blushed rather adorably when I told him I thought he was unbelievably hot” she continued. “Then we talked a little more about odds and ends, and headed back to the office.”

“That’s it” I disappointedly asked her. “When did you ask him out?”

“Well, we had taken his car and he brought our relationship up again on the ride back” she said, exhaling rather loudly. I could tell she was toying with me now. She always did that when she had more to tell, but wanted to make me squirm. “I just asked him if he wanted to get drinks this weekend.”

The feeling in my chest began again. I was getting very excited; she was actually going to go out with another man. “So, this weekend then and just drinks?”

“Well, to start I guess” she said. “I’m not going to ask someone I work with every day to just come over and fuck me in front of my husband” she snickered in a condescending tone.

“Yea, I guess you’re right. That wouldn’t have been good if he said no,” I laughed.

The two days that remained until the weekend where hell on me, the hours at the office seemed to drag on. The possibilities flooded my concentration on the entire drive home Friday. This was that night. Mary was actually going to go out for the night with another man. My anticipation overwhelmed me as I pulled in our driveway.

When I opened the door to the house I saw Mary sitting on the couch, dressed very sexy. She had a short red dress on that showed off her sexy legs very well. She was 5’9″, thick with a very nice ass and a 34C breast size. Her blond hair was straight to the middle of her back, with bangs that slightly went into her eyes. Having a severe foot fetish my eyes immediately shot to her feet right after I noticed the dress. She had high heeled, open toed black shoes on with straps that wrapped around her ankles and hot pink toe nail polish. I loved when she wore the pink paint; it was by far my favorite of her vast collection.

“Wow” I exclaimed as her eyes met mine. “You look… very… uh… wow” I stuttered. “You’re ready to go already” I asked her not doing very well at hiding my surprise and attraction.

“Yes. I wanted to start early. The constant flirting at work has been driving me wild” she laughed, standing up and straitening her dress.

“Planning a late night are we,” I asked.

“Maybe, I’m not sure yet, we’ll see how it goes” she smiled. “I wanted to wait for you to get home, to see me before I left, so I told him to meet me at L’Albatros at 5 o’clock,” she said as she walked to closet and grabbed her coat. “So, I guess I’m off” she said lively as she leaned over and kissed me. “I love you, and wouldn’t wait up, just in case,” she said with a wink.

“Oh, you know I will. I’ll want all the details,” I said.

“I know.”

I went to the door as she walked out and watched her get in the car. I waived as she backed out of the drive and drove away. I was so excited, but knew it would be hours before she came back. I pondered jerking off to what she might do, but did not want to waste it and decided to save that until she got home.

I wound up falling asleep on the couch when my phone woke me up. It was a text message from Mary. As I looked at her name on the screen, I could feel the excitement rush over my body. I timidly clicked read. “Can I fuck?” I felt yet another flush of excitement run over me. That was all she sent. Did I really want my wife to fuck another man? I know it is what I have been fantasizing about for a long time, but now it was going to happen. I knew she would not go through with it if I texted her back with a no, as she had been the only girl I had ever been with that I have even considered bringing this up with.

“Are U at the restaurant?” I sent back.

“No.” was her reply.

It was eight o’clock now. She had been gone for three hours, but probably just talking and flirting at the restaurant. “Are you drunk, where are you?”

I was a few minutes before I received the next reply, although it felt a lot longer. “At his house.” I hated these short texts. She could have offered more details and saved us both some time. Another one came through. “Well… can I?”

“Can I call you, without interrupting anything?” I sent back. I seemed to be sending my texts a lot faster than she was which sincan escort made my imagination run wild. Were they making out, or just talking and he had no idea she wanted to fuck him?

The phone went off again. Her response was “I guess you can.” I immediately clicked her picture on the speed dial as soon as I read the text. The phone rang a few times before she picked up.

“Hello.” Her voice was very soft, almost a whisper.

“Hey” I said, not wanting to jump right into my third degree.


“What are you doing?” I asked, unsure of how to start my interrogation.

“Do you want the short of it, or do you want to know the details? If you say I can fuck, I’ll give you all of them when I get home,” she impatiently answered with a chuckle.

“How about a few details… and yes, you can fuck him” I replied.

She paused a bit. “Uh… well, we’re laying here naked. His fingers are in my pussy and I’m stroking his cock, waiting to continue sucking him off… and for our phone conversation to end with the good news that I can take this massive dick inside me tonight.” \ “Um… yes. You can fuck. But first, how big is massive” I asked her slightly bewildered by her choice of words.

She guffawed. “Well… How big are you Chris?” I heard her ask him. Then I heard a man’s voice in the background but could not make out any words. “About nine inches… and it’s pretty thick,” she said with a certain readiness in her voice. “I’ve never had one that big before” That was true. She had been with several men before we met, but up until now, I was the biggest. I am about seven inches, which I knew was above average, but damn! Nine inches, seriously?

“OK, you have fun baby” I said getting ready to hang up and let her activities begin.

“Oh I will,” she said as I heard the phone disconnect.

Whoa. She was really going to have sex with this person. I felt excited by this, but at the same time a little jealous although, that is what stimulates me… the jealousy. I looked over at the clock; it was only a quarter after. Damn… it would probably be awhile until she got home. I decided not to think about it, as I honestly did not think I could have sat there and waited impatiently for her. So, I flipped through the channels as I made myself comfortable on the couch again.

I was woken by keys in the door as I looked over at the clock, 4:00. Damn! She has been gone all night. She quietly walked in and shut the door behind her. I sat upright and she walked closer. Her hair looked disheveled and she seemed worn out. There was a musty smell to her. I could tell she was recently dripping with sweet, as her hair was still damp. Her dress was tousled and ruffled. She threw her purse to the couch, and I noticed her panties wadded up and hanging out as I looked back up at her. “Well… how was your night?” I asked with an ear-to-ear smile on my face.

“Oh… my… god… It was fucking amazing” she gleefully replied as she plopped onto the couch next to me. “I came at least seven times,” she said slapping her hand on her legs. “Amazing, absolutely amazing…”

I reached over and began to nuzzle her neck. “She cocked her head in my direction and kissed me gently on my cheek. It was a rub off kiss, I could tell. “What?” I said expecting the worst. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m just really tired and wore out. I honestly do not think I can have any more sex tonight, I spent all night doing that and my pussy is sore,” she said as my heart began to sink. This was monumental to me, and I understood she had to be tired and sore… but I wanted to fuck her so badly. “I’ll talk to you while you jerk off” she told me with a pouty expression on her face.

“OK” I said feeling slightly better, as I started to pull my pants down. I was already extremely hard and knew I would not last long, but figured I would just go slowly to at least get the whole story before I exploded.

She leaned closer to me as I began to play with myself. “Where do you want me to start?” she asked.

“At the beginning” I said very eager to hear how her ‘fucking amazing’ night of sex with another man went.

“Well, let’s see. When I got to the restaurant he was already there waiting in a corner booth. He stood and kissed my cheek as I sat down. We talked awkwardly for a while; and you could just feel the sexual tension in the air,” she said leaning her head back on couch. She licked her lips as I could tell she was deep in thought. “So, fast forwarding though the mundane part of the evening, we had about an entire bottle of wine and I started to get a good buzz going. We began with slow flirting, playing a little footsy under the table. At least two hours passed before he even brought up leaving and going somewhere more comfortable. I agreed and we decided to take his car.”

“Whose idea was it to go to his house?” I asked while steadily beating my dick.

“Oh, that was mine believe it or not” she said with a huge smile on her face. This excited me more knowing she had gotten into it as my jerking off started to become too close to orgasm, so I slowed my hand sinop escort and listened intently. “When we got to his car, he asked where we should go and I asked if we could go to his place. He said sure, and that is just where we headed. He did not live far from the restaurant so there was not much time to ‘make a move’, but I really wanted to just lick all over him, so I started touching his thigh while he drove. He snickered a little and looked at me. Oh god, his face… I could feel my panties getting damp already merely from his look” she reached over and began to fondle my inner thigh and she leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear. “I then began to fondle his bulge that was very large… especially for not even being hard.”

My stroking started to pick up again, as this was the first time in thirteen years of marriage, my wife had ever done anything with another man. “I slowly undid his button to his jeans, so I could stick my hand in there and feel what exactly that bulge hid. He started to get stiff as I pulled him out and oh my god! He was fucking huge! It was the biggest cock I’d ever felt.”

This too excited me. I have a thing for men who were bigger than I was, when it came to my wife’s sexual adventures. I wanted her to be a size queen, but she always said ‘size doesn’t matter’. I guess after tonight, she changed her mind, or just said that because she had always been polite in the bedroom. “Once he was hard I bent over and put him in my mouth. I could not even come close to deep throating it. I only managed to go down on it about three or four times before, we got to his place. I quickly lifted my head as he shut off the car and he leaned over and deeply kissed me. His lips were so soft, and his tongue intertwined with mine… I could tell he was such a good kisser.”

I was becoming much more excited as I could figure what was coming next. They were at his house, about to go in and I could only imagine the obvious. The sex was about to begin. Then I thought to myself. She left at five, said they were at the restaurant for about two hours, which puts them at about seven, and she didn’t come home till four in morning. Did she fuck for nine hours with him? I noticed this thought was making my dick even harder if that was possible and I again realized I had to slow the jerking or I wouldn’t last for the best part of the story.

“When we got into his house he immediately started kissing me and grabbing my ass, had my dress hiked up to my waste and was spreading my cheeks to the point that my thong was sliding in. He muttered something about loving my ass and quickly removed my dress completely. He started sucking my breasts and biting my nipples. And you know how I love that” she looked at me with a seductive look and bit her lip gently. “He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. The kissing got hotter and I could feel his member, as his pants were still undone. I could feel it rubbing my pussy over my panties and I just got wetter.”

I continued my stroking… then I thought they would not even start fucking until just a little after eight when she texted me to ask, and they are going this hot and heavy already. I had to admit it was very commendable he could lift her so easily… she was at least 150lbs, with a big ass… I could only imagine how it looked with his hands all over it, spreading her sexy ass cheeks. “He carried me over to his couch, kissing all the while. Gently laid me on my back and slid down between my legs. He slid my panties to the side and began to lick my, now soaking wet, pussy. He made me cum rather quickly… using two fingers deep in me, licking my clit and occasionally ramming his tongue as deep as he could in my cunt.”

She slid her hand from my thigh to my balls and began kneading them. “That was the first orgasm… there would be many more to follow” she grinned at me, as she decided to take over my stroking operation.

“You should skip ahead or I’m not going to last” I pleaded with her.

She slowed her jerking and leaned back in by my ear. “Well, long story short… before I called you he continued to eat me out, I sucked his dick till he came in my mouth and we sat naked on the couch and talked and kissed, until I realized I just had to fuck him.”

“He came in your mouth?” I asked.

“Yes. Why, does that bother you? I mean, you know I had amazing sex with him and you know I love to give head, and you are worried about me give him a blowjob” she asked me in a bit of awe.

“No. I figured you would suck him off… just did not think you would let him cum in your mouth. You tend not to like the taste of cum, that’s all,” I said.

She gave my ear a little lick. “I know, but, he oddly tasted a little sweet. It was not like the other cum I have tasted before. It was actually pretty good” she chuckled. “Then I texted you and asked if I could fuck. As soon as I hung up with you, I literally jumped on his cock. I rode him like that for a while, and then he spun me around. I continued to ride him in reverse and he gripped and grouped my ass the whole time I did. I think he must have a thing for asses because he seemed not to be able to keep his hands off mine,” she laughed, continuing her story. “I rode him for about a half an hour, but didn’t cum. Out of the blue, he turned me around picked me up and started bouncing me on his dick. Then, I did cum!” She let out an exhausted laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32