Mia, A Coed Story Ch. 01

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“Oh my gawd Mia! Is that all?” Trisha practically shouted.

“What? Its nice, its a great place to get to know each other, a lot better than a movie for a first date, you can’t even talk there.” I answered

“No! I mean, you kiss them good night? That’s all? Don’t you like any of them?”

“I told you, I like a lot of them, its just, well, they never seem to want to go out with me again.” I said.

Trish and I had just made the cheer squad as freshmen at our university. Before try-outs, we had never met, but were fast becoming close friends as the only freshmen on the team. The team was coed, but none of the freshmen guys made it, and only Trish and I of the girls. I was on an academic scholarship anyway, but the only extracurricular things I enjoyed were cheer and golf. I wasn’t very good at golf, my handicap was, well my swing and my putting. Okay, it was a 15. If I got a mulligan per side. And I was having a really good day.

Cheer on the other hand I was pretty good at. Not good enough for one of the teams competing nationally, but still, solid. This was confirmed after three days of tryouts focusing on gymnastics/tumbling, dance and stunting when Trish and I were told we had made it. Trish was a cute little mocha skinned African American with a dazzling smile and bubbling personality. I was a tall, 5’11” Asian American with long black hair, and a tiny waist, hips, and unfortunately, boobs. On a good day when I felt crampy and bloated I was a solid B cup. As we sat together having a late lunch following the announcements we got to know each other even more than we had during them. She was a lot of fun and I had finally made a friend here.

We talked about everything, where we had gone to high school (her an hour up the interstate, me two hours by air two states away), our majors (hers education and art, mine engineering, probably aerospace) and of course guys. It was this conversation that had brought the outburst from her. I was about to find out we had completely different perspectives on dating.

I was adopted when my birth parents left me at an orphanage in Korea. My parents, my real ones, the ones that adopted me, raised me from about three months old. I never knew my biological ones, and have no need to. DNA says I am half African, half Korean, so in all likelihood my father was a GI and my mother a local girl. This is not uncommon. I was raised by a nice protestant couple who took me in with their three sons. Mom had always wanted a daughter but after three boys the doctors told her it was probably not wise to try again. She was tiny, at least a foot shorter than me, but with smile so huge one would never notice. My older brothers were very protective of me throughout school, and I had only one real boyfriend, Mark, my senior year. I was raised in church to save sex for marriage, but even my mom and dad thought that was antiquated. They did caution me about sex and being ready for it, and throughout school I was more focused on grades anyway. To help regulate my periods and clear my skin up, and probably because she recognized that even good girls get hot and bothered, when I was fifteen mom took me to get the pill, so I was ready in the sense of taking birth control, but I guess I had never gotten ready for, or ever grown up to a point of maturity where I could handle it. I knew how it worked, but it all seemed a bit gross and messy to me.

Mark and I got as far as kissing, well, making out really, but I would never go further, it just didn’t feel right, I just didn’t think I was ready. After prom we mutually decided to split up, he went into the army after graduation and I was moving away to college. I think he wanted a summer to sow wild oats too, at least he went through quite a few girls in our home town after the break. Each one I heard about hurt me inside just a little, so I was happy in August to finally pack up and go to school. I lived in the dorms. My roommate in the fall had gotten pregnant and obtained her MRS degree early. My spring roommate had moved in with her boyfriend by early February, so I had the place to myself. If you have to live in a dorm, that is the best way.

Trish’s roommate in the fall had gotten into a horrible wreck, gotten married, and moved out of the dorm. Trish moved in with another girl who tried out for the squad but didn’t make it, Amber. Honestly I think she tried out just to make Trish happy, it was clear early on she wasn’t into it and her mind was elsewhere.

“So, you go on a date with a guy, you like him, you think he likes you, you have, what was it again? ‘A nice night at a coffee shop’? And you kiss him good night when he drops you off. You’re not leaving anything out?”

“Uh, no.”

“So, you don’t go on a lot of second dates I guess” she said with an effervescent grin that said I couldn’t be mad even if she did seem to be laughing at me.

“No,,, well, wait. How do you mean?”

“How I mean” she said, aping me gently, “is if you like a guy you need to demetevler escort give him a little sumpthin sumthing to let him know you’re interested in seeing him again.”

“I kiss them good night, if I like them, what more do they want on a first date?”

“That’s how dates ended in our mom and dad’s time! Back when Fred was dating Wilma!”

“Uh, okay.”

“You have to adjust for inflation since then girl! Now days a blowjob is the handshake of the dating world.”

“What? Ewww! I would never do, well not for someone I just met. Maybe if we were dating a while or something” I said, but not meaning it. The idea of putting a guy’s junk in my mouth was just kind of revolting. They were meant to fit one place, and that when you were ready to be together always. Its just the way I felt about things. Admittedly with all my brothers protecting me I had been sheltered and the only guy stuff I had seen had been accidentally walking in on them when they were in the shower. Other than biology books and what the girls on my non coed team had told me in high school, I knew nothing about sex. And I was okay with that.

“So ladies, we’re having a party at the coach’s lake cabin to celebrate the end of try outs and the new team mates. That’s you, so you must attend!” Trig said as he bounced up to the table we were seated at. Trig was a great guy but could set off gaydar in the next county. He had been my stunting partner and through out try outs had been helpful and friendly. He was great looking, sharp as a tack pulling a 4.0 in accounting, and kept me laughing. Why couldn’t straight guys be like him!

“Sounds great! What time?” Trish answered before I had a chance to. I really needed to hit the books, I wanted to keep a 4.0 and had some tests in a couple weeks, but I couldn’t really say no since Trish said yes and since the party was basically about us.

“Right now! You can ride with me! I hope you like drinking, drugs and casual sex” he said this last part under his breath in a whisper.

“What?” I nearly shouted.

“Just kidding!”

“Oh” I said, relieved.

“Coach doesn’t allow drugs, well maybe some weed, but nothing too harsh” He giggled as we walked to his car.

“I don’t know if Mia knows whether to take you seriously or not” Trish laughed.

“Oh I’m serious Mia. Such debauchery hasn’t been seen since the time of Claudius. Now come ladies, to my chariot!” He said as he hooked his arms into ours as we grabbed our gear bags and Trig walked between us.

“Mmm k, but can I get back early to study?”

“Sure, its Friday afternoon, we’ll have you home early Monday, about what, 3 am work okay for you Trish?”

“Uh, I’ll still be wearing my tryout uniform if we stay that long” Trish giggled.

“Well, someone’s anyway” Trig laughed.

“You’re depraved” I laughed.

“Oh absolutely my little Asian American Princess.” He replied as we reached his car and he opened the door for us like a gentleman. One of the things you have in a stunting partner, an absolute necessity, is trust. If they are going to throw you in the air while you do flips and turns, and hold you up while you stand on their had eight or nine feet over the asphalt, you better trust him, and I totally trusted Trig as a result. He would never let anything happen to his “Mi Mi” as he called me now. He had really grown on me, making me laugh, understanding the frustrations of a difficult move and cheer life in general. More often than not he was the guy that caught me when three others and he would throw me into the air, and caught me when I was ready to give up. That he was obviously gay didn’t bother me as it was nice to have a guy grabbing me by the butt and throwing me around, and holding me in the air lifting me up by my stuff that I knew wasn’t interested in it.

We laughed and giggled all the way there, which took a little over a half hour. Trig had one of those frantic personalities that kept us in stitches and honestly I felt as close to him as I did Trish at this point, maybe more so. I was finally making friends on campus that I would keep it seemed. Once we arrived we found most of the team already there, and those that were not arrived shortly. The coach congratulated Trish and I, and told us that the cabin was the squad’s home away from home and that here, we were all family. She talked a few minutes more about the importance of coming together, working hard and partying just as hard, the sort of things coaches say at the start of a year, which for cheer was in the spring after tryouts, then the party began in earnest.

There were snacks and some sort of punch served. I wasn’t really hungry but a long cheer work out can leave you dehydrated and the punch was delicious with all kinds of fruit floating in it. I finished my first quickly and after my second was empty the music was playing, people were dancing and the party was in full swing. Everyone was introducing themselves to demirlibahçe escort Trish and I, although most we had met in passing over the previous days. It was a wonderful feeling to be around friends again and I felt warm all over.

“Whoa, you might want to slow down on those, how many have you had?” Trig asked as I poured my third glass of punch.

“Two, why? Its just punch.” I answered as I looked at him askew for his strange concern.

“Uh, no honey, that’s sangria. Its wine and fruit juice. Or in this case, wine, vodka and fruit juice. Why don’t we find a place to sit and talk. Here, this is cranberry” He said as he handed me a glass.

“No, I mean, I don’t drink.” I said

“Well, you do now!” He laughed. “Oh, and thats just cranberry juice, no vodka.”

We went to the edge of the great room, the center of which had been converted for use as a dance floor temporarily. It doesn’t take much to get cheer folks to dance, and I was no exception, but I realized there was a reason I was feeling warm all over, beyond the friendship and comradery. I was just a little bit tipsy. Still I sat next to Trig and he put his arm around me, just offering support and affection to the new girl, and I felt like I was home. I felt warm and protected, safe even. It was a nice feeling. The alcohol began to really kick in though, and after a few minutes I wanted to dance. Most of the squad was up grinding on each other, which was a bit risque for me, but it was dance, so, thats like art, so, in my mild stupor, it was rationally okay. I dragged Trig to the floor and began to dance with him. He definitely got into the spirit and one thing about cheer guys, they can dance!

We started out mild, just swaying with the music which was really loud, up tempo, hip hop, but by the end of the first number he had his hands on my waist from behind and was gringing his pelvis into my buns. I had never danced like that but it was fun. Soon my hands were above my head swinging around as I grinded my tush back into him. Its a good thing he was gay or I would have been well on the road to an unintended pregnancy just from our dance moves. I turned and carressed his face while I rode on his thigh, sliding my stuff all over him and we ended up doing this and every other move we could steal from others on the floor. Finally after three or four songs he led me back to the seat and we sat with his arm around me again.

We rested a bit, danced more, and generally just had a great time getting to know each other for a few hours, then went outside to cool off. I had, at Trig’s suggestion, limited myself to one sangria an hour and when the cool night air of spring time hit me I woke up sort of, and became a bit self conscious. We had been twerking and freakin for several hours, and I had never done that sort of thing before. It was just too suggestive. I would have really felt bad if I thought Trig had any interest in me. I scanned around the party and decided that Trig was in no condition to drive us home but wondered if Trish had met anyone that could. There were two couples making out while one other danced, but no sign of Trish, or most of the rest of the squad.

“Do you know where Trish is?” I asked Trig as we stood on the deck outside the great room.

“Yeah, her and two of the guys she’s been stunting with, Paul and Stephen, they went upstairs a half hour or so ago to one of the bedrooms for some trust exercises.”

“Woah. Thats dedication. What are they doing falls or some other type?” I asked, trying to imagine what sort of trust exercises you could do in one of the bedrooms.

“Heh… some other type” he giggled as stood behind me and he returned his arms to my waist. I closed my hands on top of his and swayed back and forth to music I imagined in my sangria laced head. It was touchingly romantic and my mind drifted to thoughts of us as a couple, somewhere by ourselves, looking over the ocean instead of the lake, but of course, Trig was gay and that was that. As nice as it felt I was still tipsy, so I took him by the hand and went to a patio set hidden in a dark corner of the deck. I sat while he leaned against the table in front of me.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, just, uh, alcohol. I’ve never really drank before, or you know, gotten a buzz, is that what they call it?”

“Yeah. You’re drunk.” He laughed.

“Nope, I’m not sober, but I’m not drunk, I feel, well, really really good. Oh, what trust exercises?


“That Trish is working on with her guys.”

“Oh, uh, the kind where you’re all naked and trusting the others to do nice things to your body.”

“Oh” I said, not really getting it. Then it hit me. She has having sex with both of them! “Oooooohhhhhh!!” I said on understanding. “Well, I’m glad we don’t have to worry about that!” And I meant it. It was nice having a guy friend where the friendship wasn’t complicated with wanting to be romantic with each other, no matter dikmen escort what my fantasy had been moments before. Trig was perfect, but, unaccessible, and I would just have to live with that.

“What do mean?”

“Because, well it just figures that I finally meet a great guy who gets me and all this cheer life nonsense, and seems to care about me, and encourages me and keeps me safe and of course its not gonna happen between us”

“Oh, why is that?” He asked, his face even in the dim light showing confusion.

“Because you aren’t like that, you’re, uh, gay.” I giggled.

“Who told you that?”


“I’m not gay. Oh, I am fabulous! Probably more fabulous than any of you bitches! But, well, I would be glad to sleep with every girl on this squad. And the coach. At the same time… in fact I may have a new fantasy now that you mention it, but no, I’m straight, very, very straight.” He laughed. “I’m far from gay. In fact, I told all the other guys to let me have first chance at dating you.” He laughed. “You really thought I was gay? Why?”

“Well, because you’re always so happy, and, well groomed and, well, you just, you know, you don’t leer at me and, well I don’t know, I just thought….”

“Here let me show you something.” He said as he quickly unsnapped his baggy work out pants and let them fall to the floor. As soon as he did it became apparent that under his briefs was stuffed a raging erection. He didn’t make me guess about that either as the briefs followed his pants to the deck and his rock hard penis sprang forth.

“Oh my gosh.” I whispered as I just stared at it. Decorum be damned, it was beautiful, and… he wasn’t gay? That meant all the flirtatious things he said and did were… oh shit.

“Now Mi Mi, honey, if I was gay would you grinding that fine ass up against me all night have this kind of effect?”

“No. I… Uh, I don’t… I’ve never seen one I’ve never touched” was all I could mumble as I stared. I had seen biology books, and caught my brothers coming from the shower when we were kids, but nothing prepared me for the, uh, thing that was in front of me. It had a plum colored mushroom shaped head with a little slit on it that was, well the slit looked moist. And that was a top a shaft that was as thick as a Red Bull and as long as.. well I don’t know, but it was longer and thicker than I expected one to be. It was covered with pronounced veins, throbbing in time to his pulse and looked like it might go off at any time. At its base was well a well groomed whisp of hair, even shorter than my pubes and I had trimmed them for try outs (those tights are a bit revealing.)

Oh. And it was beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I wanted so much to be close to it and explore it, to feel it, even taste it. I wanted to love it and show it that it was loved… and I realized that the idea of giving a guy a blow job at the end of a date didn’t sound like a bad idea at all now.

“Can I?” I asked as I leaned forward and reached out to touch it.

“Oh, by all means, be my guest'”

I forgot where I was, outside on the deck surrounded by a party that was winding down, although we were alone for the moment. At first I just touched, like it might bite me if I gripped too hard. It was warm, and heavy, and the skin was so very soft, but just under it felt like a throbbing steel bar. The head was smooth, like velvet and a drop of golden honey oozed out of the little hole on the end. “Was this cum?” I wondered. I knew guys orgasmed from there, but I had no experience in such things.

I couldn’t limit myself to touching and stroking the shaft. I had to taste it now. I had to suck a dick and give my first blow job. I leaned forward and opened my full lips, a genetic gift from my black parent and planted a wet kiss on the very tip of his penis. Since this got a moan in response, I licked my wet tongue all over the head and planted slurpy wet kisses all along the way, while ever so gently stroking the shaft with my hand. The leaking juice was tart and metallic tasting, but the rest was salty goodness! I tried to take it into my mouth and down my throat, but I could barely fit the head in my mouth, although when I did Trig gave me a satisfied groan. At those times I sucked on it as hard as I could.

Trig began moving his hips back and forth to push it more into me, but the head was my limit. While my black parent had given me full lips, my Asian parent had give me a tiny mouth. Before starting school in the fall I had my wisdom teeth removed as there was no room for them for instance. I was limited on how much I could suck, and this disappointed me. I tried to make up for it by licking his shaft, tracing the swollen veins up and down it, and he seemed to enjoy that. I visited his testes, and licked first one, then the other.

“Am I doing okay? I don’t really know… Well, I’ve never done this before.” I said as I stroked his penis and looked into his eyes.

“You’ve never given head?”

“No, I mean, no, I’ve never even touched a penis. But, I love yours, its very nice.”

“Oh, well thank you! I’ve grown rather attached to it. So I’m your first? You’ve… wow.”

“Yep very first one, I need you to teach me, I want to be the best you ever had.” I whispered.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32