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Chapter 5

I admit, I kinda wondered what was going to happen to Basti from stealing all his moms money, and as luck would have it, we found out only about four hours later. Milos and I were just getting ready for bed, when the doorbell rang, so, we threw on our robes, and went to the door. When we opened it, we found a police officer and Basti there, Basti holding a garbage bag of things, and he also has what will very soon be an incredibly blackened eye.

“Ah, I see your mom took it well that you finally hadta break down and just take the money you needed to buy your clothes!” I said.

“Yeah, almost as soon as I got home, she stormed up to me and screamed at me, saying how dare I steal from her. I just said, “I didn”t steal it, I asked for it, because it”s your responsibility to buy me clothes and stuff, and you refused, so, I took it instead”, and that”s when she punched me. I called her a useless ugly fucking bitch, and that”s when she punched me a second time. I managed to grab her phone, and locked myself in the bathroom, and called the police, and this officer was kind enough to bring me here, while another officer was kind enough to take my useless ex mother to jail. So, I”m hoping I can stay here for a few days, while everything gets figured out.”

“Of course. How are you feeling, your face”s looking pretty bad, I should take you to the hospital.”

“She didn”t hit me hard, she was too drunk, it hurts, but I don”t think there”s anything wrong.”

“Okay. For now, but I”ll have you sleep with Milos, so that if there”s anything wrong in the night, he can alert me. He”s a way lighter sleeper than me anyway.”


And finally the officer spoke. “So, Sebastian here refused to allow me to call social services, asked for me to bring him here instead, he says he has medical issues that means he needsta wear diapers, which you already know about, and that he won”t get treated with respect in foster care. Being a foster child myself, and having had medical issues growing up, I tend to agree, so, even though technically I”m supposed to do so, I”m not. He says he hopes you”ll take him in, but that if you can”t, that he”ll call them himself.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that, and yes, I”ll take him in. I”ll have my lawyer swing by in the morning with all the papers for his mom to sign, and get the legal stuff outta the way as soon as possible.”

“Excellent. Well Sebastian, you have yourself a good night, and an even better life. I hope that this is the last time we meet in an official manner.”

“Thanks, and ditto.”

Before too long, the police officer was gone, and when we turned to Basti after closing the door, he smiled brightly to us.

“Thanks so much Vince. You have no idea what this means to me.”

“Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.” I said, and then picked up my newest son, and hugged him tightly, rubbing his back and his nice soggy baby bum lovingly as I do so.

I carried Basti up to bed, set him down and stripped him to his diaper, while Milos crawled into bed, after removing his robe, and I laid Basti down to join him. I gave both baby boys kisses to their foreheads, and wished them a good sleep. I too headed to bed, thankful that I already have the next day off, so that I can take care of everything.

When morning came, so too did all three of us, for three baby boygasms, each of us getting one of my cum loads to enjoy, and then we get cleaned, diapered, and dressed, ready for the day ahead. I sent Milos to school, since there”s no real reason for him to stay home, even though he wanted to, and as soon as I felt it was polite to do so, I called Gabriel and explained to him everything that I know. He said he would be over in a few minutes, and was, and so he then got everything from Basti that he needs, and left. It was only two hours later that he was back.

“Wow, your mother”s a real piece of work Basti. I managed to make her sign you over to your previously appointed godfather, which she did rather freely, but when I demanded that she give you half your fathers assets, she point blank refused, saying it”s all hers, and that she owes you nothing. So, I left, went and looked up if your father had a legal will in place, and he did, but for some reason it was never enacted. So, I got a copy of it emailed to me, and guess what, your father left everything to you. So, I went back to your mother, showed her the documents, gave her one week to move out of your house, offered her the option to take some money and move as far from here as she could, and that I”d encourage you to drop the charges against her, but that it”s a limited time offer, when I leave, we go to court, she loses everything, and she goes to jail, and that I”m asking for a minimum of ten years for mental and physical abuse, and theft of all your money and property. Oh boy did she scream at me. In the end, I managed to make her see the right thing to do, since it”s cleaner that way, and costs you less money to just give her ten thousand so that she can move across country and never speak to you again. So, if you agree to all this, I just need yours and your new dads” signatures in about a bajillion places.”

“Wow, awesome. Okay, I agree.”

Once more, there were only about twenty places to sign and or initial, and then it was done. I told Gabriel that I”ll pay him for his services, but Basti refused, and said he”ll pay it. Gabriel told him how much it”ll be, and he happily agreed. Before too long, Gabriel was gone.

“I have a new Daddy, and you”re a gay baby boy diaper lover as well.”

“And I have a new gay baby boy diaper loving son. I think I”m gonna throw up.” I teased, well, only partly.

“Yeah.” Basti giggled.

By the time all that had been taken care of, without surprise, both Milos and Carl walked in not even half an hour later. We told them the entire tale as we now know it, and they are both incredibly happy for Basti.

I honestly wondered how long it would take Carl to ask the question I know he has already wanted to ask since the day we met, and half a second after we finished, is approximately how long it took.

“Vince, I know it”s a lot to ask, but, would you please let me live here as well. I”ll be a really good gay baby boy, I promise?”

“I admit, I wondered how long it”d take you, so, yes. But, you haveta take the papers home, and have your dad sign everything, I”ll give you my cell phone, so that if anything goes wrong, all you haveta do is call.”

“Thanks.” He said, and then slammed into me and hugged and kissed me, tears pouring down.

“You”re very welcome Baby.”

“You know what, my dad”s at work right now, he only works like ten minutes walk from here, and this way he won”t be able to really cause a scene, so, I”m gonna go now.”

“If you think it”s best, then, by all means.” I said, but, I do have to agree, it might be for the best. Carl has told us that his dad is rather big and strong, and that he”s truly afraid of what his dad”ll do to him when and if he finds out certain things.

Carl was back just a little over thirty minutes later.

“So, how”d it go?” I”m pretty sure we all asked exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time.

“Awesome. I told him that I needed to talk to him, and had him come over to an area where others could still see us, but wouldn”t be able to hear us, then told him that I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover. I could see from the look on his face that he was none too happy. He hissed out, fuck, it figures, you”re a fucking disgrace like your mother was. He asked me if I really truly wet the bed, and I said, as a matter of fact I do, but that I”m not horrified that I”ll never stop. I asked him if he still wanted me, because if he doesn”t, then I”ve found a place that doesn”t think of me as a waste or a disgrace, like I know he does, and all he said was good. I asked him to sign the papers, and he did, he never even looked, just turned and said good riddance as he walked away. So, yeah, pretty near exactly what I thought was gonna happen. I even swung by my old house on the way past, and grabbed all my things.”

“That”s good to hear Baby. I”ll call Gabriel tomorrow to have it all finalized and have him contact your old dad.”

“Thanks Daddy.” He smiled brightly, and hugged me tightly again.

“You”re welcome.”

“Does that mean I getta call you Daddy now as well?” Basti asked.

“Absolutely.” I smiled happily, and then had him join the hug.

Milos came and joined in on the loving family hugs, and we all cried happily.

“Well, I guess we may as well go shopping and get you baby boys the few extra things you”re gonna need now?”

“Like what?” They both asked.

“You both need more clothes, you both need personal care stuff for the bathroom, and several other things as well, I”m certain.”

“Daddy, Basti does home schooling, remember, and, to tell you the truth, I kinda wanna do the same. Could we maybe do that as well?”

“Oh, well, I was just gonna take Basti to your school and enroll him there. There”s no one here during the day to oversee you boys and help you when you need it!” I pointed out.

“Yeah, we could do that, but you know as well as I do what”s gonna happen the second everyone finds out that all three of us are gay baby boy diaper lovers. Not only will we all be teased even more than we already get, but when they find out we”re all adopted brothers, some people could start wondering things we really don”t want them to wonder. As for no supervision, well, who says we haveta do so here. There”s more than enough room in the office for us to put another couple desks for us to use, and we can do our schoolwork at the store, and then help out as well.”

“Okay, fair enough, you do have a couple very valid points, and you”re also correct about the office. Okay, so, is that what all three of you wanna do then?”

“Yes.” All three said as one together.

“Honestly, there”s no way I was gonna go back anyway, I woulda fought that ruling. It was horrible, and I”m not strong enough to take it.” Basti said.

“Yeah, I wondered about that as well.” I laughed.

So, we decide to head out, and our first stop is to the local school district office to ask who we talk to about that, and the lady directed us to the correct place, so, we went there, and I had all three boys entered into home schooling under my name. Basti is already set up, of course, but they still had to change everything in their system, and Milos and Carl were also added, and we were given all the information that we need. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

“So, I guess we also needta stop at an electronics store and get you baby boys computers. You didn”t have one Basti, how”d you do it?”

“We had one, it was an old desktop, we should actually go and grab it so that we don”t haveta buy one.”

“No, all three of you”ll get new notebook computers, it”ll be way easier in the long run.”

“Yeah, but they”re expensive.”

“I know, and while we won”t buy the cheapest models, nor will we buy the most expensive ones either. Don”t worry, it”s for school, so I can write them off on my taxes at the end of the year.”

“Okay, but I don”t want you spending too much money.”

“Don”t worry Baby.”

We hit the electronics store, and as it just so happens, they actually had an excellent deal on a very good quality notebook computer, so I asked for four of them, because mine is actually getting pretty near it”s end anyway, and getting a new one had been on my radar for a while now.

“While we”re here, I”d also liketa get you boys cell phones of your own, we don”t have a home phone, never needed one, and while I know that most of the time we”ll be together, when we”re not, I”d rather you have one. We”ll only get the very basic plan, same as I have, it does include some data time, but not huge amounts, and like me, you won”t need bahçelievler escort hugely fancy and expensive phones either.”

“What, no, that”s expensive, we don”t need them.” They all said together, almost exactly the same thing.

“The basic phones are only a little over a hundred a piece, and the plan”s only like thirty five a month each, so, it”s not that bad, and we can afford it, so, don”t worry. You”ll just each haveta pick out a different case.”

“That”s still expensive. Just get one for us to share, if we go out, it”s likely we”ll all be together anyway.” Milos said.

“No, that”s not fair, and while you”re probably right, and I”ll likely usually be with you as well, this is also for safety too, so, no more arguments.”

“Fine.” They all said, but I know they are secretly happy too.

And since my phone is already four years old, and now has a battery life about as long as the average blond bimbos attention span, I too got a new one, but, like I said, they are not the big flashy and stupidly expensive models that so many people seem to think they just haveta have, and for no reason really. When we went and paid for everything, I think the boys nearly fainted.

“You definitely spent way too much money.” Milos groaned when we left.

“Not really, when you divide that by four, we only spent not even seven hundred each, plus taxes of course, and if we all treat it well, it”ll last all of us a few years at least. Our phones were a hundred and thirty five, plus another forty for the cases, I know many people who spend a thousand on a phone, and then throw it away the next year when the next big thing comes along, because they think they absolutely can”t live without it. My last phone, which was the cheapest I could find then, lasted damn near four years, it was a hundred I think, so, twenty five a year, that”s really cheap. These ones will last as long, if we treat them right. Same with the computers, mine was basically the same thing as we got, just the older version, and I think it was five hundred as well, but it lasted me damn near four years too, so only a little over a hundred a year for it too. Trust me, that”s not bad.”

“Fine, but thanks.” Milos said lovingly.

“Yeah, thanks.” Carl and Basti said together.

“You”re very welcome Babies.”

From there we headed to see James, and as usual he was happy to see us, and when I told him that we just need a few more clothes for my two newest sons, he was happy for us. We got another half dozen diaper shirts for each of them, two more pairs of pants, and a few more shirts each, and socks for all of us. Funny enough, we have no underwear, again, odd.

Since the medical store I like is close by, we stopped in there to stock up on diapers, and all three baby boys happily came in with me, and looked through the selection as well. We ended up buying double the amount that we really need, but, for some strange reason, I am perfectly okay with that.

Next is the grocery store, and we stocked up on the groceries that we need, as well we got all of us our personal care items, because Milos and I are getting low anyway. Basti actually said this is the first time he is getting deodorant, but, I had to break it to him that he has actually needed it for a while, so, he stuck his nose in his armpit and said he can already smell it, and agrees. I laughed at him. They even had some really good quality electric tooth brushes, so, I bought us all one, since I”ve just been using a manual one for a while, since my last electric one died, and I really do prefer how much better they work. Of course that meant I had to buy toothpaste as well, and all four of us like different ones, so, I bought all four. A couple new hair brushes, plus a razor and shaving cream for Carl, and then some Old Spice cologne for all of us, since it”s not only my favorite, but the only one I can actually use, because most others just stop my breathing. Same with body wash and shampoo, we all like or need something different, so, we got each of us what we want.

Now with perishable items in the car, we head home to put it all away, but, as soon as it was put away, and we are now in fresh diapers, which of course always takes us a while because of how we truly do love to change our soggy baby bums, I decide that we really truly should all go out and do something fun as a family, and take us to the games house, so that we can play mini golf and arcade games. It”s expensive, absolutely, and we all had a blast. We stayed there for damn near five hours, and spent nearly two hundred dollars. By the time we are all played out, all our diapers are nearly ready to burst, but we”d drank a fair bit as we played, so, that”s just fine. We decided to risk it and went home for our soggy baby bum changes, since, let”s face it, the way we enjoy doing so is not safe or easy out in public.

Every last one of us have wet spots on the backs of our pants when we do finally get home, and we all giggled at our naughtiness, but then stripped down to just our gloriously soggy and leaky baby diapers, standing in a circle as we always do, and relieved ourselves of our baby diapers, passed them to the right, and all enjoyed them thoroughly. Basti was the first to reach down to start stroking himself, and so, we all followed suit, and probably not even thirty seconds later, we are all cumming, and so, we passed our soggy baby diapers along, Carl”s and mine with fresh cum in them, and continued sucking and stroking. We actually managed four gay baby cums this time, so I actually got to enjoy both mine and Carl”s cum, and mmmm, a gay baby boy diaper lover sure could get used to that.

Finally we all get diapered up, and decide that we have just about enough time to make quadruple baby diapered worth it, and so, we do so. To ensure that we”re ready to change the next morning when it”s time to go, though, we all go and get some tea going and drink a glass of juice as well while we”re waiting for it to be ready. It”s also getting really close to dinner time now, and so, we make and eat that.

“Well Baby boys, I think it”s time to get your computers all set up, so that they”re ready for you to start school in the morning. While you”re doing that, I”m gonna set up all our phones, so that they”re working as well.”

“Okay.” They all say as one.

It took a while for us to all be done, and I got all three boys their cell phone numbers, trying to get them all the same, and managed to get them all exactly the same, only the last number is different, so that”s awesome. I then asked the boys which number they wanted, they all chose, and so, I put their cases on their phones, and then programmed my new phone with their numbers, thankfully all my information already programmed in my old phone was on the card that I swapped over, so, I had to do almost nothing other than tell the phone to look there. It took the boys until damn near bedtime to get their computers all set up how they want them, of course I hadta help with some of it, but that”s okay, I was happy to do so.

The next morning, after an amazing soggy baby bum change, and only three baby boygasms each this time, we all went and got washed up and ready for the day. As soon as we have all had breakfast, and we pack our lunches, we head for the nice walk to work.

“Okay Baby Boys, I have a fold up table in the back room that we can just put in the office, and we have a few folding chairs that you can all use for today, so, let”s get that all set up for you, and then you can get started. Remember, no fooling around, just put your heads down and get it done. If you have any questions, just text me and I”ll try and answer them, or come back and help you out when I can. I imagine that you”re all gonna strip down to just your baby diapers, and really, why shouldn”t you, but, remember, if you leave the office for any reason, you haveta get dressed first, since there”s no telling when the door might open and someone could possibly see you.”

“Okay Daddy.” They all say as one, giggling because of it.

We got the table and chairs all set up, then the boys got settled down and started doing their work. Because Basti has done home schooling for quite a while already, he knows what they need to do, so, he told the others, teaching them what to do and why, and then they all got to work. I left them to their school work and went and got the store all opened up and ready for the day, and had a good day. The boys came out and ate lunch with me, and then when they were finished for the day, they came out and stocked all the shelves and did all the cleaning, and since I was fairly steady for most of the day, this was greatly appreciated. I”d often in the past stayed an extra hour or two after closing to do this work when I”d been busy throughout the day, so, having the baby boys do that makes my life much easier for sure.

“So, how was it?” I asked as we”re walking home.

“Awesome.” They all say as one.

“That”s good. When we get home, we all need super soggy baby bum changes, and dinner, then we should go out and do something active.”

“Okay.” They all say happily, and though I”m not a hundred percent certain as to what they are more excited about, diaper changes or dinner, I”m fairly confident that food isn”t on their horny little minds. Then again, I”d happily go without food to get our amazing soggy baby bum changes that we all enjoy so much.

As soon as we made it to mine and Milos” bedroom, we stripped down to just our soggy baby diapers, and we”re all really good and soggy too, then proceeded to enjoying them how we all so very much enjoy. For three amazing orgasms, we sucked and stroked, and enjoyed. We then diapered each other up how we desperately deserve, then went and made dinner. After dinner, we got dressed, and I took the boys to the park and made them run and play for at least an hour, since I”m actually supposed to for their schooling, but should anyway for their health. Of course I ran around with them as well, so that”s good. After that, we went to a furniture store and picked out a couple desks and better chairs for the boys for in the office, and then took them to the store to set up for the next day.

The next several days went like this, we”re all so far beyond happy, I had no idea that life could be so truly amazing, and the boys all claim the same thing. We had another amazing weekend together, and though the boys are supposed to do school work on Monday, they didn”t, reasoning that they”re doing it on Saturday anyway, not to mention that they all figure that they”re getting one and a half to two days worth of work done every day, so, we spent the entire weekend together just having fun. We”re all getting our amazing soggy baby bum changes at least twice a day, because we”re usually double diapered at the very minimum, and usually when we change after work, we get triple diapered, since why not, that way they last “til morning. Sunday morning we quadruple diapered again, and stayed like that for the entire day, all happily drinking lots and lots to ensure we peepee our baby diapers equally lots and lots. Monday I took the baby boys to the natural history museum in the big city, and we had a really good day.

It was just a little after lunch on Tuesday, when the owner of the store that I knew wanted to relocate came over.

“Hey Vince.”

“Hey Jim, how”s business going?”

“Excellent, and that”s why I”m here. You already knew I wasn”t gonna renew my lease, because I wanna move. I know I still have nearly six months left on my lease, but how would you feel about my moving at the end of the month. I desperately need more space, and I”ve already bought a new building, in fact it”s only three blocks away.”

“Oh, that”s excellent, so, you”re the one who bought it. That”ll be a great location for you.”

“Thanks, I think so as well. So, yeah, naturally, paying for my lease here, and the bank for that, makes it more than a little tight. We”ve already started the renovations needed to make it more us, and we”re gonna be ready sooner than expected, since bakırköy escort we really didn”t haveta do as much as I”d feared when I started looking for a new home, not to mention, the purchasing and everything actually went way faster and smoother than I”d assumed it would.”

“Understandable. I damn near bought the building, but was outbid by someone, I”m guessing that was you. It”s in really good shape, so I bet there”s not much work that needsta be done to it. As for getting out of your lease early, sure, why not. I might just go over and tell Dean that they”re no longer welcome here, that they”ve missed too many payments, and ask them to leave at the end of the month as well, and then expand the store again, since there”s a few things I”d liketa add.”

“Oh, so it was you I was bidding against. At least you didn”t go higher than I was willing to pay” He laughed.

“If I had”ve known it was you, I wouldn”t have, but I wasn”t gonna pay more than that anyway, and my Realtor told me you bid only five thousand more than me, but that”s more than I was willing to spend, it”s not that important to me. So, I bought the one next door instead.”

“That”s good. You bought that one, but why?”

“Investment. I had an extra million that wasn”t doing anything, and you really can”t go wrong buying land. Even if it doesn”t lease, then I getta write it off as a loss, I win either way. Believe it or not, I make more money by writing a property off as a lost lease, then I get from the bank as interest on that same amount of money. However, with that being said, I already have two people on the hook for that one, I just haveta have my guys go in and get it ready for them, and it”ll be leased. They”ve already signed the papers and everything.”

“Oh, that”s good. They won”t be competition to me, will they?”

“No, I”d never do that to someone, I don”t agree with that sorta thing. Actually, since they”re gonna be right next door, I think they”re gonna compliment you a great deal, and you may all have better business because of it. One of them”s a stationary and arts store, the other”s a pottery studio and store. With you being a artsy décor store, like I said, having all three of you practically next door might just benefit all of you.”

“Oh, that”s excellent. Thanks so much Vince, that”s a huge relief. As it is, spending a million on the property hurts, but the thought of having to pay for this place for half a year on top of it had me nearly puking my guts out.” He laughed.

“I bet. I”ve had more than a few of those times myself. Thankfully now everything really does pay for itself for me now though, so I don”t really haveta worry any more.”

“I bet, you”re ten years younger than I am, and I remember you said you quite literally started with nothing, and now how many properties do you own. It”s amazing.”

“No, it”s gutsy. But, when you start with nothing, it”s easy to put it all on the line and close your eyes, because if it fails, then you”re truly back to the start, and no big loss.” I said, shrugging.

“Yeah. True enough I suppose. Still, gutsy though.”


“Well, thanks once again.”

“You”re very welcome.”

As soon as he was gone, I went over to the other store and gave him the bad news, he just laughed and said he wondered when I was gonna haveta do that, but admitted that he”s sick of trying to keep a sinking ship afloat, and that it really is a relief. I admit, I do feel bad for him, no one wantsta lose their business, but, really, I don”t think he”s ever truly tried to make it work, but he”s not exactly the brightest bulb on the tree to begin with I”m afraid to say, and truth be told, I”m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

As soon as the boys were done their schoolwork for the day, I told them what had happened, and asked them their thoughts on expanding the store.

“That”s great, but what will we expand?” Milos asked.

“Well, I have a few thoughts, so, I want your opinions on them. Since we already carry a lot of products that are kinda based on the comic book world anyway, I was thinking of putting a comic book section in, and then, because they also tie together, video games. We don”t actually have either of them in town anyway, so it might just be a good addition. I was also thinking of adding more to a few of the other areas, such as puzzles and building sets, and maybe expanding them some. We could also check out other lines of products that we don”t carry that tie into what we do here, and add them.”

“How big are the other two stores?” Basti asked.

“The two of them together are almost as big as we are. Maybe a quarter to a third less if I remember correctly.”

“Oh, that”s a lot of extra space. We could probably damn near do it all then.” Carl laughed.

“Possibly. I have the building drawings here somewhere, we could probably get them, make copies of them, and draw it all out.”

“Cool. Let”s grab them, and then set them on the table and get to it then.” Milos said.

So we did. Right on the table in the middle of the store that we use for playing at, we all sat down and drew it all out. I ended up calling the Chinese food restaurant that we like and asked them to deliver us more than enough food for three times our numbers, and just as I got off the phone, Basti informed us that I”ve started leaking, so, we all desperately need super soggy baby bum changes, because we haven”t yet, like we usually have by now. So, knowing that dinner won”t take too long to arrive, we made it quick, but still managed to suck all the diapers nicely and fire off three orgasms a piece, and be properly diapered and ready for dinner when it arrives. I threw my wet pants into the washer and put on my spare pair, and only minutes later, dinner arrived.

As we ate, we continued hashing out all the details and trying to figure out a game plan. It was late by the time we were finished, and so the walk home was in the dark, but that”s okay. It”s also damn near time for bed, and because we”d only single diapered, we”re in need of soggy baby bum changes again, and managed two good orgasms a piece as we enjoyed our seriously soggy baby bum change.

Carl and Basti left the room as soon as we are all diapered, but Milos stayed behind.

“Daddy, I wanna sleep with you tonight. Carl and Basti have been sleeping together for a few days now, and I really wanna start sleeping with you. I also wanna kiss each other how I know we”ve both dreamed of for a long time.”

“Okay.” I said happily and readily.


“Yeah, I”ve been leaving that upta you Baby, I still wanna move slow and loving with you, so, yes, come cuddle Daddy, Baby.”

“Thanks, and I still wanna move slow too. I do wanna start rubbing and sucking each other soon though. I desperately wanna taste your cum and piss right from the source.”

“And I wanna kiss you deeply with some of my cum and piss saved in your mouth, and then I wanna suck you and get your sweet gay baby boy piss direct from your hot hard little gay baby cocklett, then share it with you in more sexy piss kisses.”

“Fuck, that damn near made me hard again.” Milos giggled.

“Yeah, me too, but tonight also isn”t the right time for that.”

“I know.”

So, we crawled into bed, and I hugged Milos tight to me, he sighed deeply, I sighed deeper still, we whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, and then I passed out and slept better than I ever have before.

“You guys finally slept together last night, huh.” Carl said happily when we all got up.

“Yeah, and it was so nice.” Milos sighed contentedly.

“Yeah, it really is, isn”t it.” Basti sighed as well.

“Mmmhmm.” The rest of us all said together.

We had breakfast and then our customary soggy baby bum changes, all of us enjoying it so much, that we truly never wish to change how we do so. Finally we got dressed and headed to work for the day. As soon as the boys were in doing their schoolwork, I called my contractor, Jamie, and asked if he has another crew that would be able to start on my store for the beginning of the month, and he said that he doesn”t at the moment, but that he might be able to juggle a couple things and make it work. He generally does do that, since I”ve given him so much work over the past several years, that he”s usually pretty accommodating, which is kinda nice. Of course he asked me what I”m doing, and so, I told him. He laughed, and said he”d come over in a few days once we have some finalized plans, and I said that sounds good. I then called my architect next and told him the same thing, and he said he actually has time this morning to come by, and in an hour, he was.

Between customers, my architect and I hashed out what it is that we want. The boys and I had decided that since we really should have a separate and fully and properly accessible customer use washroom, that the washroom facilities that are already in the far corner would be dedicated to that, and as such, would actually take very little to make better. We want everything to be as open as possible, and since I happen to know that the support pillars are buried in the other two interior walls, nothing has to be changed, other than tearing down the walls. The washroom in the current centre unit will just be dismantled, as will both stores” stock rooms, then all the walls and ceiling need to be refinished how the rest of the store is, and then I”m going to have them repaint the entire store, inside and out, since it really should be done again. I”ve also decided to have a new main sign done, as well as all new window graphics. Most of the main work can be done while I”m still open and running, but, once they”re ready to tear down the last connector wall, and then do all the painting, I”ve decided that there”s really no other option but to close for about a week to give them the space to work.

As soon as my architect says he has everything that he needs for now, he heads out, saying that he”ll have the plans to me in just a day or so, since there really are no major changes that needta be made.

Two days later, I had the plans, and so, I called Jamie, and he came right over to go over it all with me to see what all I want and need done. I told him our plans to close, because the boys agreed that that sounded like the best plan, and he thanked me for that, since it really will make his life that much easier. Since I”d made my current back room nearly twice the size it needed to be, during my last renovation when I took over the two units that used to be there, at least I don”t haveta change all that much on my side currently. All I said I”d do is remove all stock from the shelves lining the exterior walls and the connector wall, and then remove the shelves as well, so that they can paint everything. I also decided to have them wire in spots to put ten large TV”s hanging from the ceiling in certain places, so that I can play movies and whatnot, as well as a few extra things that I”d wanted in the past, but now certainly have the money to do. It”s actually gonna look pretty spectacular when it”s all done.

The boys and I”d done lotsa research over the past several days, even asking every regular customer what they thought we should add, getting hundreds of really good ideas, and going with almost all of them. That then meant that I hadta research suppliers for all the new products, because while the suppliers that I already have do have some of it, most are not from them. Throughout the next week, I had probably twenty different company reps come through to find out what all we”re doing, and what all we”re wanting that they”ll be more than happy to sell to us. I made sure that all the boys were with me during these meetings, and when I hadta see to a customer, I did so, while the boys pretty near hounded every poor rep. We were actually all in agreement with one of the reps, he was a sleazeball and not one of us liked what he offered in the least, so he was thanked for his balgat escort time, but told that we”d decided on someone else for those needs. In the end, we ordered damn near two hundred thousand dollars worth of new merchandise, but clearly had all shipments held until we”re ready for them. I figure that the renovations are probably gonna be another few hundred thousand dollars by the time the dust settles, but that”s okay, I haven”t done a major renovation or upgrade in a few years now, and it really is about time to do so anyway.

It”s now only a week before the renovations are to start, and Milos and I”ve been sleeping together every night since the first. It really is so nice. This morning, though, I started having an amazing dream, and considering I almost never dream, at least that I remember, that is something. It was an amazing dream, I was getting my first blowjob. Then, I distinctly felt myself cumming in my dream, which woke me up, only to find that it wasn”t a dream.

“Oh, holy fuck, Baby, wow, that feels spectacular.” I groaned.

Milos mumbled something, but considering I”m still inside his mouth, and maybe even in his throat, I couldn”t understand what he”s trying to say, because not once has he stopped bobbing, sucking, humming, licking, and everything else that he”s doing that”s making me feel better than I”ve ever dreamed.

Of course, like every other male on the planet, I”ve dreamed of having my dick sucked, but, the dreams are falling light years short of the reality. Milos even has his hands inside my diaper, one is tickling my nuts, while the other”s tickling my hole, and between the three areas all being stimulated at the same time, I feel as if I”m about to cum again very soon. Then Milos slipped a finger inside my gay baby bum hole, and start fingering me, and that”s when I had probably my largest ever orgasm to date.

Milos must”ve felt it happening, because he pulled so that only my dick head”s still in his mouth, he lapped at the tip of my dick with his truly talented tongue, and I exploded in his happily sucking mouth. Apparently I also have a morning load of piss, because it exploded outta me at that moment too, and I tell you, cumming and pissing, at the same time, is actually a little painful, but wow, what a pain, I could definitely start craving that. Instead of pulling off and stopping, like I thought he might, and he probably should, Milos instead continued to finger me, only now I feel even more full than before, he must”ve slipped another two fingers at least inside me while I was cumming, because I don”t remember him doing so.

I have no clear idea how long I lasted before cumming again, all I know is that I never want it to stop, yet, at the same time, I need it to stop, I”m burning up it feels like. When I came again, it was like a full on super nova, and that was the last thing I remember.

Not a clue how long I was out for, but, when I woke back up, I”m in a fresh diaper, which feels like it”s quadruple thick, Milos had inserted the butt plug I”d bought myself years ago, but rarely ever use, and Milos isn”t in bed with me. From the light coming into our bedroom, I can only guess it”s really late. I guess it”s a good thing it”s Sunday, because I have the feeling that had it been a work day, I”d be seriously late. It actually took me several minutes of just staring at the ceiling, attempting to comprehend what happened this morning and how it felt, before I even rolled over to look at the clock. I laughed when I saw that it is damn near ten A.M already. I crawled out of bed, and actually stumbled.

When I made it downstairs to where the baby boys are, I find them all in equally thick baby diapers. There is a nice large mug of tea ready and waiting for me, and I happily grab it, then as soon as I am able to, I grab my baby, and lay on him a kiss that hopefully says all that my feeble mind won”t be able to say in response to what Milos did for me this morning.

“Mmmm, good morning Baby.” Milos sighed as soon as I let go.

“And good morning to you too Gorgeous.”

“Fuck, the noise you made when you came that last time, that alone made me cum so hard I damn near passed out as well, and I”m pretty sure one of my nuts actually ejected, then pulled back in, wow, what an orgasm.” Milos giggled.

“Yeah, I kinda feel the same way, and like a wrung out sponge, to tell you the truth.”

“Considering I made you cum six times, I”m willing to bet that”s very accurate.” Milos giggled again.

“Six, I only remember three.”

“You came twice before you woke up, then the once right after, then you peepeed in my mouth, then I got three more from you. I was actually surprised when I actually got a small shot on your last one, I thought for sure you were gonna be dry. You were hardly even hard any more, but, I guess, when I slipped my fist inside you, and you came so hard, and made that sound, it forced one more small squirt out.”

“Fuck, you fist fucked me?”

“Oh yeah, started with one finger, then I slipped in two more, then my fourth, and then my whole hand.”

“Fuck, I don”t even remember all that.” I laughed.

“I don”t doubt it in the least. When Carl and Basti were telling me yesterday that they finally started sucking and finger fucking each other, I knew it was time, but I knew you”d still try and hold me back, so, I thought I”d wake you in the best way known to gay baby boys everywhere. Trust me, I”ve held off more than long enough. Tonight I want you to repay me every bit as fully as you are now. I know I can”t take your whole fist, at least yet, but I want as much as you can give me. Then, when I got you all set back up so that you could sleep, I hadta go peepee very bad, and you looked like you needed a baby bottle, so, I gave you what you needed. You drank it all like a good baby boy. Now, in a week or so, I desperately wanna make sweet gay baby diaper love to each other.”

“Okay.” I said, and if I was even remotely capable of getting hard again, I would be, but I just can”t. Milos really did suck me really fucking dry.

“And all three of us wanna order some good toys please, so let”s get you fed up first, and then order us the toys good gay baby boys need.”


As soon as we finished eating, we gathered around my computer, and hit the sex toy website for our area. We ended up with three butt plugs, four dildos, all vibrating, two double ended vibrating dildos that looked like a lot of fun, four vibrating cock rings, four of the largest tubs of the best lube they had, and then we hit their adult baby fetish section. Wow. From that section we found the absolute thickest cloth diaper I had ever heard of, so we got one each, as well as amazing waterproof baby pants to go with them. They also had some shockingly kinky baby clothes, but we decided against them, for now. There are several other things in that section that made us groan, but, again, we left them for now. Now with several hundred dollars worth of toys, I paid for it all and set it to just ship to the store, since that”s where we usually are anyway.

“Can you find a really good adult baby diaper website?” Carl asked.

“Okay, but what for?”

“Well, we already get really good diapers, and even doublers, but I”m willing to bet that if we can find an adult baby website, that we”re gonna find even better ones, not to mention I bet they”ll be real babyish as well.”


It only took a few minutes to find the site that Carl was thinking of, and yeah, another several hundred dollars later, and we are paying and setting it to deliver to the store as well.

“Wow, now I can”t wait for those to come in, those are some amazing looking diapers, and each of those diapers claims better capacity than when we quadruple baby diaper each other.” Carl groaned.

“Same.” The rest of us said together.

We had a really nice day together, but since of course we”re so heavily diapered they might be able to spot it from the space station, we didn”t leave the house. Instead, we played games and joked and talked the entire day, but it was easily two hours before bedtime when Milos got up, extended his hand to mine, and told me that it”s time for bed. Well, fuck, I just went insanely hard in at best a quarter of a second. I”m reasonably certain that I just stretched the plastic of my diaper to near breaking point, and how the tape held on without snapping, I have no idea. All I heard as I nearly dragged Milos to our bedroom, was the sound of Carl and Basti giggling, but, I”m pretty sure I heard them following us as well, so, I”m probably correct in guessing that they think that that”s a great idea as well.

Milos” super thick and very well taped on diaper really is only going to get in the way of what we want and need to do, so, I grab the scissors from the end table, cut the sides, and pull it down in the front, but I do leave it in place underneath him. Milos is even harder than I have ever seen him before. He is so hard, in fact, that he is as solid and rigid as a spike, he is no longer even pulsing with his heartbeat he is so hard. Instead of sucking him in, like Milos so very clearly wants and needs, I instead bury my face in his gloriously soggy baby diaper, and inhale all that I can get from it first. Next, I lifted Milos” legs, and spread him out, there is another target that I have dreamed of slipping my tongue into since the day we met, and so, I give Milos a tongue fucking that made him cum twice within only two minutes, his first having exploded out of him barely three seconds after starting.

“Oh, holy fuck, you”ve gotta suck me now, I haveta piss something fierce.” Milos gasped.

Well, what”s a gay baby boy diaper lover supposed to do to his truly stunning and amazing little gay baby boyfriend, I sucked him. Again, maybe ten seconds is all that Milos lasted before cumming again, I had not even started attempting to finger his amazing little gay baby bum hole, my hand was still searching for the lube, but I found it just as he exploded once again. I doubt that Milos was even finished cumming when his pee quite literally exploded into my mouth, and he peed what is probably his largest ever single load. Wow, he must”ve been saving that for a couple hours at least. Fuck is it ever good though.

Now with lube coated finger, I slip all in with my middle finger inside Milos” sexy tight little baby bum hole, because I know that not only can he take it, but he desperately wants it as well. As slow as I possibly can, I slip in and out of his hot little ass, while sucking him as best I possibly can, and the sounds that Milos is making is making me rise as well, but I”m trying my best to not cum.

As soon as Milos started his next baby boygasm, I slipped another finger inside him, and continued, and then a third finger at his next baby boygasm, and finally a fourth, which kinda shocks me that he is able to take it so soon, yet not only did he take it easily, but he moaned even deeper from it. I managed to make Milos cum four more times, before he made a sound that I”ve never heard before, and then passed out. He fed me just one more little jet of pee, which was amazing. He hadn”t even been truly hard for his last orgasm, which was exactly what I was trying for.

I now have to cum and piss more than I think I ever have before, and so, I crawl out of bed, pull Milos into position, aim his face in the way I need to, rip my diaper off instead of cutting it off, and press my dick head to Milos” sexy little lips. His body remembers, because he starts sucking, and that”s when I nearly blacked out, I came so fucking hard. It took everything in me to not ram my dick into his mouth, and Milos sucked all my cum in his sleep. As soon as my vision cleared, I let go the pee load that is nearly screaming at me now, but I do so as slowly as I possibly can, so that I don”t drown my poor baby in his sleep. I admit, I still needta cum something fierce, so, I let Milos keep on sucking, and I jack off to two more orgasms in Milos” happily sucking mouth.

Now I need sleep, but before I can do that, I really need to get us both diapered how we want, need, desire, and deserve. So, I quadruple baby diapered us both again. I know we”re gonna needta go shopping tomorrow some time, but once we”re nearly leaking should be more than soon enough for that. Once I have us both diapered good and proper, I crawl into bed, cuddle up to my baby, and pass the fuck out.

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