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She sat quietly at the end of her bed, hands folded neatly in her lap, gazing at the girl’s down turned face. The young slave was fastened to a peg on the wall by a gold chain fastened at her neck, it’s restrictive length causing her to have to sit on her knees with her back painfully arched. The woman watched the girl, scrutinizing every inch of her body, having a hard time understanding how it had all come to this. She and her husband had been married for years and one evening in bed, eager to end their sexual rut, she asked how they could spice it up.

“You know, something kinky.” She had said, now shaking her head at her words.

Her husband turned to face her with a small child-like grin on his lips. It was then that he told her he had always fantasized about having a slave. She started to laugh, sure that he was kidding with her, but the look on his face caused her smile to fade. Her brow furrowed in thought and she shook her head,

“I was thinking something a little less severe… I’ll have to think about it.”

She rolled over that night, hurt that her husband wanted another woman and eager to get the thought from her mind.

So now they sat, izmir escort Wife and pet, alone and each secretly curious about the other. Her husband had said it was just for “A little while,” and “She’s for both of us…” to try and pacify is affected wife, but she had simply nodded and faked a smile for him. She curtly cleared her throat and spoke to the girl finally,

“I don’t want you here. You are only here until I can think of a way to get you out, do you understand that?”

The girl looked up at her new mistress large lovely eyes and answered obediently,

“Yes Mistress, I understand.”

The woman stopped, hearing the girl call her “Mistress.” She couldn’t place the feeling it gave her but she wanted to hear it again pass the girl’s lips.

“Do you hate me?”

“No Mistress, never.”

The girl jumped to answer her quickly. Truly she could never hate this beautiful woman, she only wanted to please her as she had been allowed to please her Master.

Standing, the woman walked to the peg on the wall and removed the gold leash, reaching out, she took the girls hand and pulled her to stand before her. alsancak escort Smiling to herself she slid her fingers over the girl’s erect nipples, circling around her, past her pert ass which was still slightly red from this morning’s punishments. The pet was stunning, long deep brown curls inched down her milky back and shoulders, her skin warm and soft to the touch. Her sweet smell enveloped her Mistress as she inspected her form. The woman’s watchful eye caught the girl shiver as her nipples we’re teased and she smiled softly, realizing that if anyone knew how to please a woman, it was another woman. Masking her desire as “revenge” at her husband, she instructed the girl to sit on her knees on the bed, and was almost surprised when the girl quickly obeyed.

The Mistress sat in front of her new pet, still in the slinky negligee she had worn to bed, and smiled softly as she played with the sensation of Dominance.

“Part your thighs pet, I want to see your sex.”

Eagerly the little slave obeyed parting her velvety thighs to reveal her sex, cleanly shaven, and irresistibly pink and wet. Spying the dew gathering on her buca escort pet’s pink lips, the Mistress smiled softly, reaching out to brush a finger tip over the little one’s sex. The girl moaned softly as her Mistress inspected her pussy, causing jets of pleasure to flood her spine. The woman pushed her new toy on the bed, parting her pet’s thighs wide. She removed her negligee and crawled around the bed spreading her thighs over her pet’s face as she looked down at her pet’s reddened sex. The girl slid her hands up her Mistress’s outer thighs and over her ass, pulling her face up to hungrily taste her dripping sex. Mistress closed her eyes tight, her desire soaring as she leaned down, burying her face into her pet’s sweet juices. Both took one another, riddled with want and mounting desire, with veracity. The girl slid fingers into her mistresses pussy and ass as her mistresses teeth raked over her throbbing clit. Both approached their orgasm and both were ceaseless in their search and conquest of pleasure. Suddenly each was simultaneously hit with orgasm. Each woman buried her face deep in the other’s sex, lapping and suckling every drop of cum. Tangled thighs and arms quivered as the licks became slow and healing, soft warm kisses on the nether lips of one another. Mistress moved reluctantly from her pet so that she could collapse beside her. She closed her eyes and smiled softly as she felt her pet lean close and begin to softly lick her mistress’s cheeks and lips clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32