Mom’s Stand-In

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A man’s finger pressed the record button on the video camera.

“Have you done your homework?” Linda’s voice crackled through the handset, sounding far away, because she was. Her job dictated that she travel frequently, and this was one of those times. She left behind her daughter, Sarah, soon to graduate high school, and her husband.

“Of course, Mom,” the young woman replied. She had pushed textbooks and papers aside. Now she held the beige, plastic handset against her flushed cheek. “You know Dad won’t let us do anything until it’s finished.”

“Good, good.” After twenty years of marriage, Linda knew, like a good parent, her husband insisted on work before play. She also knew intimately of his needs and desires.

“Is it time?” Sarah asked, her full, red lips inches from the mouthpiece.

“Is your father there?”

“Y-yes.” Her voice quivered.

“He’s already touching you, isn’t he?”

A long pause. Linda knew what was happening.


“What are you wearing?”

“A blouse and skirt.”

“The short, plaid skirt we bought at Newberry’s? The one that’s too small and barely covers your ass?”

“Yesss…” Sarah exhaled into the mouthpiece as strong, male fingers slowly unbuttoned her starched white blouse. “I left my shoes and socks on the floor.”

“And underneath?”

“Just my bra and panties.”

The probing hands pulled open the young woman’s top, exposing a nice, petite pair of breasts encased in a gossamer nothing of a bra. Her perky tits didn’t need much support, if any.

“Is it the see-through bra you like so much, the one that lets me see your beautiful, pink areolas and delicate nipples?” Linda loved the thought of her husband undressing their only child.

“Yes, Mom. The one you told me to wear for Dad.”

The next thing Sarah knew, one of the hands slipped under the fabric, delicately caressing a nipple to erection. She let out a big sigh.

“Is he playing with your tits now?”

“Mmmm, uh huh.” Her breathing had increased. Another hand slowly, lovingly slipped up her leg, passing over her knee, to her smooth inner thigh. “He’s touching me down there, too.”

“What kind of panties are you wearing for him?” Linda felt her pussy starting to tingle, wetness forming.

“I-I…” Sarah had to take a deep breath as her father’s fingertips rubbed up and down the silky thin fabric covering her downy mons pubis. “Th-the purple ones with the lace.”

Like the revealing bra, Linda had bought her daughter an expensive pair of panties just for this occasion.

“That’s good, my sweet girl,” Linda responded, arousal rising in her throat. She slipped her own delicate fingers under the elastic band of sensible, white cotton panties. “You need to show him how to touch your pussy. Don’t allow him to do anything you don’t like. It’s your body and you’re in charge, no matter what he says.” Always the caring mother.

“Yes, Mom, but I like what he’s doing right now.” The young woman gasped. “God, it feels so good.”

“Excellent, my love.” Linda couldn’t believe her daughter was so receptive to being her stand-in. She had expected resistance, and was fully prepared for rejection, but none of that happened. The young woman was more than willing. Linda slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. “It’s important that you enjoy this as much as him.” She used her shoulder to press the handset against her cheek while she unbuttoned her own blue and yellow-flowered blouse.

“Is your father still dressed?”

More gentle panting and faint rustling of fabric.

“No, Mom. He came into my room naked.”

“Mmmm, already good and hard, I’m sure.”


Linda tugged her bra open, revealing a hard nipple surrounded by a large, red areola. “How are you two positioned?”

“He’s propped up on my pillows and I’m leaning back against him.”

“Between his open legs?” Linda visualized their bodies resting together.

“Yes, Mom. Now he’s taking my blouse off, and my bra.”

“Good, baby…good.” Linda fought to keep from masturbating. She wanted to draw things out as long as she could. She toyed with her exposed breast, tugging a nipple. “Now all you have left are your panties?”

“Yes, Mom.” Sarah gasped. “His hand’s inside them and he’s massaging my pussy.”

“How does it feel, angel?”

“Ahhh…” Sarah moaned. “He’s playing with my clit.”

“Your father knows how to touch your pussy, huh?”

“Oh, yesss…”

“Tell him to take off your panties, so you’ll be totally naked.”


Linda could hear her daughter murmuring to her father, then faint noises as Sarah put the phone down for a moment. Soon, she returned.

“Okay, Mom.” Sarah said. “Now we’re both naked.”

“Oh yes, my love.” Linda refrained from massaging her own clit, lest she come too soon. “Is your father’s cock still hard?” Like she had to ask, but she yalova escort loved describing every detail so she could cement the erotic images in her brain.

“Uh,” Sarah paused, as if she were checking. “Yes, very hard.”

“Is it pressing against your back?” Linda knew her husband’s cock like the lines of her own face. He wasn’t hung like a mule, but packed at least eight thick, noble inches. She envisioned his jutting erection folded back, sandwiched between his stomach and the small of their daughter’s back, his veined shaft capped by a purple helmet contrasting against her pale, white skin.

“Yes, and…” The young woman panted against the mouthpiece. “He’s kissing my neck and shoulder.” She sighed with pleasure.

“Your father loves foreplay.” Linda gazed up at the ceiling of the hotel room, envisioning her husband’s mouth pressing against their daughter’s smooth, delicate skin.

“Mom…uh…” Sarah hesitated.

“Go ahead, my love.”

“I-is Dad going to take my cherry?”

Linda hoped their daughter would say that. She felt a surge of joy and excitement well up in her chest, but managed to keep outwardly calm and controlled, extremely mindful of what she said next. “Well, my love, if you want him to.” This was undoubtedly a huge step for all three of them as a family and she wanted it to be perfect. “Just be aware you don’t have to give him your cherry. There are other things you can do to satisfy him.”

“But I want him to. I want Dad to fuck me.”

“Oh, god.” Linda couldn’t help but react, her emotions spilling out. The mere thought of her husband mounting their virgin daughter made her pussy ache with need. “Again, don’t forget you’re in control, young lady. Your father won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I understand, Mom.” Sarah’s voice had become light and airy, full of breath, and Linda sensed her daughter was equally aroused. “I need Dad to fuck me like he does you. I want to do everything with him that you do.”

“That’s why we discussed this, Sarah. Your father still needs to fuck while I’m away. He needs to fuck a lot, or he gets headaches.”

“I know, Mom. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.” Sarah gasped again, whimpering slightly.

“What’s going on?”

“He’s fingering my pussy again. Oh, fuuuck…”

Although her daughter was eighteen and an adult, Linda had never heard her use that word. It only served to enhance her arousal.

“Sarah, your language!” Linda teased.

“Sorry, Mom.”

“I’m just kidding you, young lady. You’re an adult now.”

No response, only heavy breathing.

“It’s time for the two of you to stretch out on the bed.”

“Okay.” Again, the handset was put down as bodies repositioned themselves. “I’m back.”

“Put your phone on speaker and I’ll do the same on this end.” Linda released her breast and pushed a button on the phone, returning the handset to its plastic cradle.

“It’s done.”

After a moment, Linda spoke. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Mom. Can you hear me, too?”

“Yep.” Linda took the opportunity to strip to the waist, leaving her only in panties. She returned to torturing her nipples, but now kept clear of her clit. As aroused as she was, the horny mother knew the moment she touched it, she would explode. “Let your father show you how we kiss.”

“Ohhh, yes!”

Linda could hear moaning and smacking noises, again, envisioning their daughter being taken in her husband’s strong arms while they made out. After several minutes, Sarah’s voice returned.

“Oh…god…f-fuck.” The young woman whimpered. “That’s it, Dad, suck my tits.”

“That’s it, yes!” Linda had to chime in. “Suck those beautiful, delicate nipples.”

“Oh…ohhh fuck!” Sarah’s voice sounded like a submissive little girl, she was so worked up. “Now he’s kissing down my stomach.”

Linda thought of their daughter’s downy, blond pubic mound, so soft and delicate, and so very inviting, barely concealing her pussy lips. “Open your legs, honey. Do what I say.”

“Yes, Mom.” Another moment passed, then Linda could hear Sarah take several deep breaths.

“Mom…M-Mom, he’s…”

“I know, love. Your father loves to eat pussy. How does it feel?”

At first, Sarah couldn’t say more, she was almost sobbing from pleasure. Then she spoke. “His beard is rubbing against my skin. God, his mouth is glued to my pussy. It feels so good, Mom!”

“Is his tongue rubbing all around your clit?”

“Sh-shit, yes! Yes! He’s playing with my tits, too!”

“I know, honey. He loves squeezing my tits while he eats me.” Linda’s fingertips gently tugged at her dark, thick pubes, still avoiding her pussy.

“Just relax, my love. Relax and let it come.”

“Mmmm, yes, Mom.”

Several moments passed while Linda listened to her daughter pant and moan, knowing her husband was burrowing away, torturing Sarah’s nipples, savoring her sweet, yalova escort bayan juicy arousal. Finally, she surrendered to her own need, and a finger slipped into her wetness as she shuddered. Immediately, her fingers did the walking, curling repeatedly behind her clit, rubbing the spongy mass there. Her hips responded, undulating gently as wet, slapping noises filled her ears. She was already halfway to orgasm when her daughter’s voice sounded from the nearby phone.


Linda, lost in masturbatory bliss, struggled to respond. “Y-yes, my love.”

“I’m about to…I’m…uhg…AHHHGGGG!!!”

That did it. Linda came along with her daughter. She yelped as fluid spritzed out of her body, sprinkling across the bedclothes. “Fuck, yes, Sarah!” She growled, still fully engulfed by the pleasure coursing through her body. “Come against your father’s mouth. Come for him, and for me!”

All the young woman could do is squeal as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her young body. “Are you coming, too?” She finally asked her mother.

“Yes…goddamn it, YES!!!”

For a deliciously long minute, the two women shared their pleasure, all words and sounds travelling at light-speed over miles and miles of buried copper wire. In time, Sarah fell silent, and Linda could hear the faint smacking of someone’s mouth. If she knew her husband, he was licking up their daughter’s post-orgasmic juices. She collected herself enough to speak, trying to regain control. Linda put her wet fingers in her mouth, tasting her own orgasmic fluids, then pulling them out with a gentle pop.

“Have him kiss you so you can taste yourself.” She licked her lips.

“Uh, okay, I…mmmphhh.”

Linda knew her husband was already French-kissing their daughter.

“Lick your juices off your father’s face, my love.” Linda’s index finger had returned to her pussy, again languidly curling behind her clit, ever so slowly. Another hand cupped a breast. She realized she should’ve placed a thick towel under her butt, since the wetness was now trickling down her ass crack. Too late now.


“How does it taste?”

More smacking and heavy breathing.

“I like it, Mom. Is this what he does with you?”

“Yes, baby.” By then, Linda’s pussy had rallied, and again roiled with moist heat. She knew her daughter was as wet and ready as she would ever be. Now was the time.

“Are we going to fuck now?” Sarah talked like she was ready, although her voice was a bit hesitant.

“Yes, love.” Linda again rubbed wet fingers underneath her nose, inhaling her own heady aroma. “But only if you’re ready. Are you?” She licked more juice from her fingers.

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, honey. What position do you want? Missionary? Doggie style? How about cowgirl?” Linda had already discussed with her daughter the different positions they could try.

“Mom, I…” Sarah paused. Linda could hear mumbling in the background, then her daughter returned. “I think we should start with cowgirl. I can control it better.”

“Yes, my love. As you wish.”

“Dad’s already on his back. God, his cock is so hard!”

“No surprise, young lady, what with your sexy, naked body finally within his reach.”

Sarah giggled. Linda continued.

“I know you’re wet, but you’re still a virgin, so it may not be easy.” Linda imagined her teen daughter’s impossibly tight pussy. She returned her fingers to her wetness. “Reach into the drawer of your nightstand. I put some lubricant in there.”

“Okay.” A pause. “Got it.”

“Rub it all over your father’s cock.”

Another pause. “Okay, I’m doing it.” Linda could hear her husband groaning in the background. “God, it’s so slick!”

“Of course, honey. Just to make it easier for you. Use a lot, but don’t rub his cock too much.” Linda snorted. “You may get a premature surprise.”

“I can already see something dribbling from the tip.”

“Then it’s time to stop.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Full speed ahead, Linda thought. “Well, go ahead and get a grip on it.” Linda closed her eyes, visualizing her daughter’s diminutive hand wrapping around her husband’s urgent erection. “Are you getting into position?”

“Yes, Mom. Dad’s helping me.”

“Good, good. That’s what I like to hear.” Linda used their daughter’s words to create detailed images in her mind.

“Okay, now we’re…” Sarah made a sound like air escaping from a tire. “Ahhhh…mmmm, g-god, yes!”

“Tell me what’s happening.” Again, Linda slipped her finger deep inside.

“He’s rubbing the tip back and forth across my clit. Fucking god, it feels so good.”

Linda loved when her daughter swore. “Oh, my sweet, darling girl, YES!” Arousal formed pressure in her chest and throat as her breathing increased. “You’re going to fuck.” She started squeezing her breast more aggressively, teasing a hard nipple. She realized it was the same nipple escort yalova her daughter nursed from only eighteen years ago. “Your father is going to fuck you now.” She couldn’t help but smile, relishing that singular word. “FUCK.”

“Uh huh, I…ahhhh!!!” Sarah yelped. Linda couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or pain.

“Are you okay, baby?”

“Yes, Mom. I-I’m starting to lower myself onto his cock.”

“Okay, honey. Just take your time.” Linda started masturbating again, albeit slowly. “We have plenty of time.”

“Uh huh.” The young woman gasped and whimpered again. “It hurts a little, but that’s okay.”

“You control what happens, honey. Don’t forget that.”

“Uh h-huhhh…oh, sh-shit.”

“Don’t be afraid if there’s a little blood, okay? Remember what we discussed.”

“Yes, I know, Mom.” Sarah panted.

Linda envisioned her daughter’s cute, little ass lowering itself, ever so slowly, centimeter by centimeter, onto her father’s slick pole. “Slowly…slowly.”

“Dad’s helping. He’s moving underneath me.”

“Okay, baby.”

“I-it’s…ahhhhggghhh…pushing inside.” Another yelp. “Deeper…deeper.”

“Yes…yes!” Linda’s finger quickened against her wetness as pleasure surged through her body.

“God…f-fuck…it’s going so deep! Nnnnngggg…I…I didn’t know I could take this much cock!”

“You’re designed to give birth, my love. You’d be surprised how much your pussy can take.”

“Uh huh! Oh, yes, Mom, yes!” The squeaking of bedsprings accompanied her quivering voice. “I can feel his balls pressing against my ass!”

“Oh, fuck, YES!” Linda’s fingers slapped against her burning sex.


Linda didn’t need to ask. She knew their daughter had, at last, taken all of her father’s cock, developing a steady rhythm. “That’s it, my love. Fuck your father. Fuck him!”

“Yes, Mom, YES!!! Fuuuck, I’ve never felt this good. Goddamn, my pussy…my pussy!”

In her own masturbatory bliss, Linda started thinking of the next few minutes, and what she had dreamed about since her daughter legally became an adult, for all three of them to come together!

“Uh, M-Mom, I think…I…”

“Are you?” Linda was almost there herself. She also couldn’t believe her husband hadn’t popped his cork, what with his daughter’s tight pussy milking his shaft.

“G-getting there, yes.”

“What about your father?”

“He’s nodding…ungh…ohhh!”

“Okay, then.” Linda’s pussy was on the brink. She fought to keep her words coherent. “Let’s all try and come together.”

“Oh, yes, Mom! I’d love that! I’m just about there, so hurry!”

“Honey, reach down and play with your father’s nipples, okay?”

“Y-yes, Mom. I-I’m…about…to…”

“Tug and pinch them gently. That’ll do it.” Linda knew of what she spoke. Her husband loved to have his nipples touched and teased. As for her, it was only a few seconds away as she tugged her own stinging bud.

Then it happened.

“COMMMINNNGGG!!!” Sarah wailed, sobbing with pleasure.

Linda could hear a loud groan join her daughter’s animalistic noises as the climaxes hit. It was a perfectly timed orchestration, and for a delicious minute, they all rode their orgasms through together.

“Mom! Dad! Fuck….FUCK!!!” Sarah rasped. “Fuck, this so good…SO GODDAMN FUCKING GOOD!”

“Fuck, yeah, Sarah…FUCK!!!”

In time, the gasps and panting turned into moans as they all reveled in sweet afterglow. Sarah’s voice, low and calm, was the first to break the spell.

“Oh, Jesus, Mom, his come is dribbling out of my pussy. There’s so much of it.”

“I thought so, honey. He’s been holding on to it for a few days.”

“So white and sticky.”

“Taste it.”

“I don’t want Dad to pull out. Not just now.”

“Reach down and get some on your fingers.”


Linda heard lips smacking and envisioned her daughter’s sexy tongue licking up her father’s come.

“How does it taste?”

“Mmmm…” More smacking. “Bitter, but not bad.”

“That’s the same seed that made you, my love.”

“Uh huhhhh. Now we’re holding each other.”

“Are you still inside?”

“Yes, I’m still on top.”

“Good. Stay there as long as you want. I’m sure he’ll rally in no time, so your work isn’t done, young lady.”

“I know, Mom. I know he’s going to fuck me a lot, just like he fucks you.”

“Yes, he will.”

With great reluctance and regret, Linda sat up, taking the phone out of its cradle. “And with that, I must go. I have a big day tomorrow.”

A sigh from her daughter. “Okay, Mom, if you have to.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“We’re going to have a hell of a long-distance bill this month, but it was worth it. You realize you’re no longer a virgin.”

“Of course, Mom. That’s what I wanted.”

I’ll be home this weekend, so we can talk and continue our lessons then. Your father and I both have a lot of things we want to teach you.”

“Oh, yes, Mom. God, I can’t wait!”

With that statement, Sarah plucked a small remote device from the nightstand and shut off the video camera.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32