Musical Notes of Passion

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“What the hell am I doing here?”

I asked myself this question for perhaps the tenth time since coming to the club. I wasn’t much into live music, except for maybe a good jazz band. But, here I was. Surrounded by a bunch of beautiful twenty somethings. They were laughing it up, having fun and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, shamelessly flirting with everyone who moved. Two young ladies, porn star kissing for a bunch of whooping guys, fell down in a tangle of legs, showing everyone what color thongs they were wearing. Instead of helping the women up, the dudes thought it would be a great idea to give the two a beer bath. Their parents must be so proud, I thought. I deftly avoided getting Budweiser on my clothes and the groping hands of some college age beer goggled frat boy. My God! I was almost old enough to be his mother. Sigh.

I wanted to leave but steeled my nerves. She was here. We had been talking for a while, texting back and forth on long, lonely nights. She was the guitar player for her band and had invited me to her next show. I was intrigued. It had been a while since I was with anyone. We had connected, texting each other to some very enjoyable self gratification sessions. She said she wanted to meet me face to face, to talk and maybe do some other things. I was looking forward to it. Getting dolled up, trying hard not to look like someone’s mother cougar hunting for some young cock. But, I was having second thoughts. What if she didn’t like me? What if she blew me off? It would be devastating. There was a big difference between texting some dirty sentences and looking someone in the eye. But, I stayed, looking at all of the scantily dress women bouncing up and down to the beat, their breasts barely contained in the cropped shirts they were wearing.

She was on next. Her band got a lot of cheers. They went into their playlist but I wasn’t paying attention. There she was. Not twenty feet in front of me. I was mesmerized. Her fingers flew over the strings. I imagined myself naked in her arms, those talented fingers playing with my body, making me cry out. She would play me like another instrument. I saw her beautiful mouth singing words and pictured her mouth on my breasts. The ruby lips marking me as hers. I felt myself getting wet. I wanted to climb on the stage and give all of these people a real show. I didn’t even realize that they had finished until the music stopped and people screamed out in appreciation. I joined them in cheering her. She was worth the praise.

Fingers tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a large man in a yellow tee shirt standing there. He smiled at me and handed me a pass. A backstage pass. Oh my God! She had seen me. I blushed as he winked at me, gratefully taking it from his hand and made my way to the backstage door. I showed the pass to the guy manning the door. He pushed it open, waving me inside. The sound of the crowd was muffled. The ringing in my ears from the shouting and the speakers faded as izmir escort I walked down the hall to the green room. The door was shut but the sounds of laughter and conversation bled through. I raised my hand to knock on the door but hesitated. This was it. I could leave now. No one would be the wiser. My throat tightened and I swallowed hard. Then I heard her. She laughed at something. Her voice sounded like an angel from heaven. I knocked on the door.

It swung open and I walked in the room. The band and some cute girls were there. I saw her standing in the corner, talking to a band mate. He smiled at me, motioning with his head in my direction. She turned around and her face broke in a beautiful smile. She ran over to me, wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big hug. I felt her breasts press into mine, her hard nipples poking my flesh. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the room. One of her friends made a joke and the room burst into laughter again. I blushed at the off colored comment and allowed myself to be led down the hall. The door at the end of the corridor led to a smaller room, filled with instruments and a small, beat up couch. The door had barely closed when she spun around and planted a deep kiss on my lips. Her tongue invaded my mouth and entwined with mine.

The kiss left me weak in the knees and a little dizzy. She pulled back and I could see myself in her eyes. Tears were brimming on her face and she smiled at me. I leaned in and kissed her again, lightly this time, enjoying the softness of her lips, the tenderness of the act. I felt her hands undoing the buttons on my blouse, exposing the lace of my bra. I shucked off my shirt and undid my bra clasp. I allowed her to remove the garment from my body and her eyes feasted on my tits. She reached for them. My breath caught in my throat as her strong fingers caressed me, tweaking my nipples. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling when she trailed her hand down to the button of my jeans, undoing it and pushing my pants and panties down my legs. She gasped at the sight of my freshly shaven pussy.

She said how much that turned her on and I made sure that there was not a single hair left on my vagina. She was on her knees in front of me and she reached her arms around me, gripping my ass as she leaned forward, burying her face between my legs. Her tongue snaked out, licking my bald pussy lips. I shuddered as the tip of her tongue touched my clit and I felt my juices start leaking down my legs. She let go of my ass and she spread my legs apart and her fingers probed my pussy. Her fingers touched my hole and she pushed two fingers deep in me, curling them and teasing my g spot. I felt myself cresting as her tongue and fingers brought me off to several mind blowing orgasms. i held my breath, not wanting to cry out and give away our position. My whole body shook as all of my muscles tightened, my chest heaving as I took several deep breaths coming alsancak escort down off of the high.

She stood up, smiling at me. Her face glistened with my juices and when she kissed me, I could taste myself on her lips. I pulled back, grinning and began to pull off her shirt, soaked with her sweat and my pussy juice.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her body was perfect. Toned from exercise, I ran my hands all over her body, in awe of the beauty that was standing in front of me. Her breasts, a perfect size for my hands, stood high and proud on her chest, the nipples hard as rocks. I ran my fingers lightly over her tits, enjoying the feeling of her soft, pliant flesh. Maneuvering her to the couch, I sat her down and knelt down in front of her. She looked at me, the expression of lust etched on her face. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was, naked in front of this beautiful angel from heaven, an object of desire for many lustful men. But she had chosen me. A mixture of feelings overwhelmed me and tears began to stream down my face. I wanted to please her so much, to prove to her that she had chosen well. Taking her right leg in my hands, I ran my fingers over the supple leather of her boot. Slowly, I lowered the zipper and removed it from her foot. Her calf was tight and toned from years of dancing and exercise. Taking off her ankle sock, I held her foot and began to run my tongue over her toes, enjoying the salty taste of her flesh. A low moan escaped her lips. I glanced at her face and saw that she had closed her eyes, her head thrown back and mouth open in a perfect O. Massaging her leg while I bathed her foot with my saliva, I made sure to cover every inch with my lips and tongue before moving to the other leg. I repeated what I had done and by the time I was finished, she was panting with desire.

I gently set her foot down and began to undo the laces of her shorts. Slowly, deliberately, I undid each lace. Watching her expression as I lowered the garment down her body, I made sure that my hands grazed her legs the whole time. I never lost contact with her flesh. Goosebumps rose where ever I touched and her body jerked in a spasm as my fingers tickled her thighs. I giggled quietly at her response. When I finished taking off her shorts, only her white, lacy thongs stood in the way of me gazing on her most intimate of treasures. I leaned in, licking the skin above the waistband before taking the fabric between my teeth. My nostrils filled with the deliciously musky scent of her arousal as I peeled back the panties. She was already so soaked that strands of pussy juice clung to the fabric in delicate threads, hitting my lips when they snapped apart. Again, I slowly lowered them down her legs, enjoying the teasing as well as the act of submission of bowing before this goddess. Little mewling sounds were escaping her lips as I lifted her feet and laid the panties down with the rest of her clothes. Spreading buca escort her legs apart, I gazed in wonder at the sight laid before me. Bald pussy lips framed a delicate pink flesh, Her hole glistened with her juices and her clit was peeking out from under its hood. I stared at it, mesmerized until my desires overwhelmed me. Leaning in, I licked her pussy lips clean.

Oh God! She tasted so delicious! Sweetness of her juice mixed with the saltiness of her sweat. My mouth began watering for more. I dove in and began feasting like a woman possessed. Using my lips and tongue, I scooped up as much of her secretions as I could but every time I cleaned her, more poured from her hole. Her breathing was becoming ragged. I glanced up to see her gripping her breasts tightly, massaging her orbs with her hands and pulling on her nipples. I leaned back in and took her clit between my teeth. Lightly biting down, I formed a suction with my lips and whipped my tongue back and forth on her nubbin. She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed tightly, trapping me against her body. She began to shake violently and, all of the sudden, doused my face with her cum, squirting all over my chin. My head felt like it was in a vice as her whole body tensed. At last, her muscles relaxed but I didn’t move my mouth from her pussy. Feeling inspired, I began to hum the same song that she had sung not an hour before. She cried out as another wave hit her. I felt her fingers entwine in my hair as she pulled my head even tighter to her body. More juices shot out of her pussy hole. The white, creamy secretions were dripping off my chin and onto my tits. Finally, she couldn’t take anymore and pushed my head back. I looked at her face and she returned my gaze through half lidded eyes. I smiled, showing my mouth full of her cum before swallowing the last savory drop down my throat.

I stood up only to join her on the musty, thread bore couch. I briefly wondered how many people sat here before us after performing the same act. But then, she hugged me close and all thoughts fled my mind. We held each other tightly, each enjoying the other’s naked flesh pressed against our bodies. She tilted my face toward her and, with her tongue, began cleaning me in small, gentle licks. I scooped her juices off of my tits and stuck my finger in her mouth, letter her taste herself. She sucked my finger like a small cock, licking the digit clean. I removed my finger from her mouth only to scrape more cum off my tits and let her clean it again. She smiled at me when she finished and kissed me on my lips. That’s when a loud knock came from the door. We both jumped, startled at the intrusion.

“Hey babe! You almost finished? We gotta get going.” Even though he never opened the door, I still blushed at the fact that everyone in the band knew what was going on. She laughed and said to give her a couple of minutes. We disentangled from each other and began to get dressed. When we finished, she pulled me out of the room. I started to balk at the idea of facing everyone, fearing everyone’s stares. She stopped, turned toward me and kissed me, right in the hallway.

“Come on honey. It will be okay.” She smiled at me reassuringly and after a deep breath, I nodded to her, returning the smile. And she was right. It was perfectly fine.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32