My daughter’s cuckold Ch. 05

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This is a fictional story. All characters are over 18. The story includes sections of incest, forced-bi and cuckoldry. If you are not into those type of things you do best to read something else, but if you are — go nuts and enjoy!


If you haven’t read the previous chapters in this story yet you are well advised to do so.

Chapter 1: I get blackmailed and chained, naked, to a chair in my own guest bedroom by my daughter and her two friends.

Chapter 2: The girls invite three black guys for an orgy as I’m forced to have my first taste of black cock. I have to swallow cum and clean up my daughter’s soaked pussy.

Chapter 3: I settle in as my daughter’s cuckold and am forced to relive my fall from grace.

Chapter 4: I’m forced to host an orgy for daughter and friends while having a butt plug.


It’s been over a month since that night when the girls had the guys over for an all-night fuck session. Since then, things settled down and become routine. My daughter Emma’s rules still keep me in place, but other than that my new life is becoming more and more similar to my old life.

Every morning I shave my pubic area, as I’ve been instructed. Before dressing I turn on the video camera and jerk my penis until I’m just on the verge of coming, as I’ve been instructed. While doing that I degrade myself by describing out loud how much enjoy being a cock sucking cuckold, as I’ve been instructed. This is easier said than done as I need to be loud enough to make Emma and her friends happy with the recording, but quiet enough to not be overheard by my wife. Just before climax I stop, look into the camera and thank Emma, Lisa and Amy for allowing me to be their cuckold. Just as I’ve been instructed. Finally, I upload the video to our joint what’s app group.

The more days that pass, the less feedback I get from the girls. In the beginning they were quick to reply, urging me on or degrading me in their response. As time passed there could be days between the responses and when they do send something it’s often just a word or two – “good”, or “pathetic” or something along those lines.

Seen from an outside perspective I guess most would think that the painful part of all this would be the blue balls from jerking off every morning but never being allowed to cum. Although painful, the real torture is the fear that the girls are getting tired of me. What had I been thinking? They are teenage girls, or course they would get bored quickly. They have successfully beaten me and now I’m yesterday’s news. That’s what it feels like anyway. I try my best to be more adventurous in my morning videos. One time I even used the butt plug they bought for me, while beating my meat but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to excite them.

Several weeks passed and I was still stuck in the same rut. Emma was hanging out with Lisa and Amy even more than before and given her late nights out I was confident that she was getting her fair share of orgasms, but I was no longer a part of them.

The closest I got to her endeavors was when doing her laundry and throwing her cum stained panties in the washing machine. I’m ashamed to admit it but as the frustration grew, I sniffed the cum stains more than once. I even licked them at times before washing them.

I continued my morning routine as Emma hadn’t told me to stop, but for my own sanity I started to focus more and more on work. As an app designer I usually work from home, but this Friday I was meeting a potential client in town for a business lunch. However, just as I arrived, I got a text telling me he had to cancel last minute. I was very annoyed that he didn’t say something earlier, but client relations are important, so I just rescheduled for next Friday and headed back home again.

As I walked in the door, I immediately heard noises coming from the upper floor. It sounded like Emma and it wasn’t clear to me if she was experiencing pleasure or pain. I dashed upstairs in a sense of urgency and found her on all fours in the master bedroom, on mine and her mom’s marital bed, facing the doorway. She had an expression that looked slightly more like pain than pleasure and behind her an older black man was plowing away for all he was worth.

I don’t know if it was frustration or if I had just snapped out of the natural cuckold role during all those weeks of silence. Maybe it was even because the guy was older, but either way, my brain simply didn’t compute what was happening and I lashed out.

“Who the hell are you!?” I screamed. “Get off my daughter and get the hell out of my house!”

Emma’s stared at me in disbelief with an expression saying, “what the hell are you doing?” The guy behind her, however, didn’t even acknowledge my existence. He just continued to plow my daughter from behind, enjoying his white little treat.

I immediately realized my mistake. Sure, they guy was older. Probably a few years older than me even, but he was still fit and built like a complete unit. His total yalova escort silence was a more powerful dominant expression than any words could possibly have achieved. I felt completely stupid and just wanted to sink through the floor.

After about minute or so of fucking, while I stood silently and pondered the consequences of my mistake, he pulled out of Emma to a moan of disappointment that escaped from her lips.

He got off the bed and walked up to me, completely naked, with the biggest black cock I’d even seen. It swayed back and forth and had long gooey strings hanging from it as it was soaked in my daughter’s cum and his own pre-cum. He stopped just in front of me, still silent.

“Get naked asshole,” he ordered. I hesitated for just a fraction of second before sensing that this man did not joke around, and I better comply. I began to take my clothes off and felt both cold and shy. Not to mention embarrassed standing in front of this godlike specimen of a man with my pale body and average sized dick.

When I was done he didn’t even look at me as he suddenly gave me a slap on my face so powerful that I fell to the floor. I may even have blacked out for second or two because when I opened my eyes next time, he was standing over me spreading his powerful legs on either side of my torso.

I looked up at his huge black balls and shimmering cock. He just looked out the bedroom window and said “You should know how lucky you are,” in dark and dominant voice. “Not many people disrespect me like you did and live to tell the story.”

“The only reason you are alive is because I’d rather go back fucking this slut than dealing with the mess. Now, apologize and suck my cock!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Being dominated is one thing but fearing for your life is a completely different thing. What had Emma gotten us into? But the terror this guy was able to instill in me also heightened his dominance and made me feel even more inferior. Despite being scared like never before, or maybe just because I was scared like never before, I stopped thinking and did what he said almost on auto pilot.

“I am so sorry, sir,” I said in the most honest voice I could. “It will never happen again. Please forgive me.”

I looked up and saw a long gooey string hanging from the tip of his cock almost all the way down to my own face. I opened my mouth and caught the mixture of cum and pre-cum on my tongue, savoring the salty taste and gooey texture.

As I moved towards his long member, I collected more and more of it in my mouth until I finally reached his cock head. It was large and swollen and was glimmering from pre-cum. I captured the final part of the gooey string in my mouth as I kissed the head, feeling the heat coming of his member. I had seen large black cocks before, but this took the prize. It was as long as anything I’d even seen, but the girth was the size of my forearm.

I wondered how Emma had been able to fit this monster in her pussy as I opened my mouth and tried to take the head. I felt the silky-smooth tip on my tongue as I pushed forward but I quickly realized it was too big. I pulled my head back and regrouped, preparing my jaws for what was to come.

I opened wider than ever before and moved my head back towards the proud black cock in front of me. This time it went better as I felt his head slipping past my lips and completely filling my mouth. The musky scent was almost overpowering as I tried to move my tongue to stimulate the slippery cock head. I’m not sure how successful I was as there were no room left in my mouth to create any movement.

I tried to bob my head back and forth as another way to please the black master in front of me, but the slightest movement forward made the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and trigger my gag reflex.

The dominant man didn’t care much for my struggles as he kept his strong hand at the back of my head, forcing me to go deeper down on his cock than I could handle. With his other hand he pinched my nose so that I couldn’t breathe through it. The huge cock in my mouth made it impossible to breathe that way, meaning I could not get any air whatsoever.

The first couple of seconds I figured he was just joking, but I quickly realized he did not joke around, and the sense of panic grew stronger by every fraction of a second. “Is this really happening?” I thought to myself. “Am I dying now?”

Given what he said before it wasn’t outside of the realm of possibility that he was choking me to death with his big, black cock. Now I was really panicking and started squirming and waving my arms trying to get out of his hold, but to no avail.

As I started to feel dizzy and my consciousness just drifting off, he let go of me. I fell to the floor, convulsing while gasping for air, spitting and finally I started to cry from the whole ordeal. The black older man just scoffed and said “ok, you’re forgiven for now. We’ll discuss your punishment later.”

With that he climbed back yalova escort bayan on the bed and aggressively shoved his cock in my daughter’s pussy. This time it was Emma who gasped. First in pain from the sudden intrusion but quickly in pleasure from the black cock pistoning in and out of her.

Over the next half an hour or so Emma climaxed more times than I could count, while I was laying on the floor beneath the bed sobbing from my mistreatment but still with a raging hard-on as my abuser was plowing away, burying his monster cock in my daughter.

Finally, as Emma was in the mist of climatic bliss, I heard the black man grunt a few times as he deposited his cum deep in my precious daughter’s pussy. He then pulled out of her unceremoniously and went over to foot-side of the bed, just next to where I was laying, and let Emma clean his sloppy cock with her mouth, which she eagerly did.

After a couple of minutes of scooping, licking and sucking both of their cum from the black giant he slapped Emma and said, “Enough bitch!”. She moaned from the slap, showing that she had just as much capacity to be as submissive to others as she had being dominant to me.

Emma crawled back to the head-side of the bed and began shoving her fingers into her pussy, alternating between masturbating and scoping up cum with her fingers and putting them in her mouth.

The black dominant man, standing just beside me, turned to me again and for the first time he looked into my eyes.

“Hey cuck!” he said. “Are you eager to get between your daughter’s legs and slurp up some alpha male cum?”

I was scared and deeply humiliated and wanted nothing more than to say no. My rock-hard dick told another story though, and I knew it was true even though I didn’t want to admit it.

“Yes, please” I said, bowing my head in shame and looking down on the floor.

“I know you do, white boy,” he replied. “and you want to suck my cock again too, don’t you?”

Even though I almost passed out last time I couldn’t do anything else than comply.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes, please let me suck your black cock again sir.” I pleaded in my most submissive voice.

I heard Emma climax again in the distance, clearly exited to hear her cuck father beg to be abused by the black alpha cock once more.

The man scoffed at my pleas. “Well, forget it cuck!” he ordered. “I’m not like the other guys you have running around here. I’m the alpha of alphas. The taste of my cum and sucking my cock is a privilege that you’ll have to earn. Understood?”

In some strange way it made perfect sense when he said it. “Yes, sir. I understand,” I replied without hesitation.

“Now, let’s talk about your punishment.”

I was confused. I had been slapped. I had been choked. I had cried and sobbed. Hadn’t I been punished enough? My mind said one thing, but my mouth said something completely else.

“Yes, sir!”

“When you barged in like a lunatic you made me feel like an unwanted stranger in your house, so I think the only right thing to do is for me to make you feel like an unwanted stranger in what will essentially be my house.”

I was confused, what did he mean?

“Within a week from now,” he continued. “I will turn your wife into a slut whore for my black cock and you will be cucked by both your wife and daughter.”

My mind was completely blank. This couldn’t be happening. Could it? Emma couldn’t buy into this either, could she?

“Me, and whoever I decide will then come and go freely in your house abusing your wife and daughter as we wish. Understood?”

“Oh, my good, yeeeeesss!” I heard Emma screaming in orgasmic bliss. “Finally! Thank you so much! Mom and I will be your willing whoresssssssssss!” she exclaimed as another wave of orgasms rolled over her.

So much for hoping Emma would put an end to the plans.

My whole body felt frozen along with my mind. I wanted to scream no. This would change my whole life. Being a cuckold to my daughter and her friends had been a roller-coaster adventure but involving my wife would impact my marriage and therefore my everyday life. What’s worse, she would likely divorce me the second she learned about all the perverted things I had done.

I couldn’t possibly agree to this. But then again, I couldn’t say no either. So, I chose a third option.

“Please sir,” I pleaded. “Can I have another punishment?”

He looked at me with silence, making me think that maybe he would see reason.

Then he slapped me again in the face. Not hard enough for me to pass out this time, but plenty hard anyway.

“The only acceptable answer from a cuck is yes sir. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” I immediately replied with my cheek burning from the impact of his open palm.

“My patience with you has run out, boy” he continued in a harsh voice. “No more warnings and no more explanations of the rules. From now on you do as you’re told and you don’t talk back. Otherwise, I’ll get mad for real and trust me, you don’t ever want to experience escort yalova that.”

Completely terrified I put the potential marriage wrecking coming week in the back of my mind and focused on surviving the next couple of minutes.

“Yes, sir!” I replied obediently.

He seemed pleased enough with my answer and put on his clothes. Just as he headed out the door, he turned to me said:

“See you in a week, cuck!” as he broke out in laughter.

He then turned to Emma and said “And you… I’ll see you whenever the hell I want!”

“Yes, sir!” we both replied at the same time. That made him laugh even more as he headed down the stairs and out to his car.

Later that same day, when both of us had had the chance to catch our breath and clean up a bit, I approached Emma to get a better assessment of the situation. She explained that the man was called Tyrell and that he was Dion’s and Andre’s father. The boys, and the whole community where they lived, followed him blindly. She gave me the impression that he was almost like a black, well hung, godfather.

He was an ex-army man, having done two tours in the Middle East and apparently, he was highly ranked. After the military he spent almost 10 years as a professional MMA fighter, holding several titles at one point in time. So, no wonder he could hit like a truck and was so naturally dominant.

I tried to convince Emma to put a stop to his plans of getting Jessica, my wife and Emma’s mom, involved in our perverted games. However, Emma explained that she had asked for Tyrell’s permission to get her mom involved for months but it had fallen on deaf ears.

“Besides,” she added. “Even if I wanted to stop it, I wouldn’t stand a chance. I have no saying in what Tyrell decides. I’m just a servant.”

I was horrified. It was unnerving enough when this just involved a group of horny teens playing, but it all seemed so much more sinister now. My baby girl had become a servant to what seemed to be a sadistic gangster and by extension I was also enslaved by this thug.

Even worse was that my dear wife would now get dragged into this as well, and she would learn of all my perverted behaviors. How I desired my daughter, how I’ve sucked cocks and swallowed cum. I’ve been a selfish, perverted asshole and now Jessica will have to pay the price. I was certain she would divorce me at the very least. Probably turn me in to the cops even. I truly felt my whole life slip away and there was nothing I could do about.

That night I couldn’t sleep at all and in the morning when I was trying to do my normal jerk-and-send-video-routine I couldn’t get hard as I only thought about what my poor wife would think of me. I broke down in tears and pleaded with the girls to accept my video anyway.

For once I got replies as all three girls took turns calling me loser and saying things like I will never be anything but a cuckold and that Jessica would soon know what a pervert I am. I started crying again, feeling completely alone in the entire world.

The human mind is a funny thing though. As the rest of Saturday passed without anything out of the ordinary I started to convince myself that Tyrell’s words were just that — words. I managed to sleep at least a few hours that night and in the morning I could complete my routine and send a normal video to the girls.

Sunday was uneventful as well and by Monday it all seemed like a distant memory. That was until Jessica came home from work in an unusually good mood. She was smiling to herself and almost glowing as she carried in the groceries.

“Hey honey, what’s so funny?” I asked, fearing the worst but hoping for an innocent reply.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she told me. “I just met this funny guy in the vegetable section at the store.”

“Ok,” I replied wanting to know as little as possible so that I could continue to believe this was totally unrelated to Tyrell’s promise to take my wife before the end of the week.

“You know,” Jessica continued without me asking. “It’s so seldom that you just connect with someone you meet so randomly.”

“True,” I almost grunted back, hoping to wrap up the conversation.

“But you know,” she continued. “This was such a pleasant conversation. We joked and had fun just trying to choose avocados. It was so refreshing.”

Neither Jessica nor I had ever been the jealous type. Not that we were those types that flirted with others or anything like that. We were just so confident in our relationship that we didn’t feel the need to control each other or keep secrets from each other.

Conversations like these were maybe not the norm, but it happened that we shared experiences of good conversations with other people, regardless of the gender. So, I couldn’t really blow a fuse for Jessica having a friendly conversation with a man at the grocery store. Besides, I didn’t know if this mystery charmer was Tyrell yet, so I had to play it cool.

Jessica didn’t mention the meeting again but was walking around with a silly grin for the rest of evening. The next morning she put on an unusually sexy outfit for just going to the office. She had tight leather pants, high heels and a tight black top showing the cleavage between her C-cup tits.

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