My Favorite Fishing Hole

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My Favorite Hole

By Bill Gillman

It was beautiful afternoon in Michigan. I had decided to take the afternoon off from work and go do something I love to do. That would be, river fishing. No boat or motor, just me, my fishing vest, (full of tackle) and pole. There are very few things I enjoy more than wading in the river during the summer and catching smallmouth bass.

I drove to my favorite stretch of the river, gathered my gear and headed up the trail that follows the river. After a thirty-minute walk I came to the old railroad bridge and went down over the bank to the river. My plan was to fish my way down river until I got back to where I parked, then get out and head home. This stretch of river had several eddies and a few islands that make great ambush spots for smallmouth bass. There are a couple homes on this stretch with docks that offer additional fishing opportunities.

One home in particular, adds a bonus to fishing this stretch, and that is the home of Lisa Keller. Lisa is a middle-aged lady that is beautiful and likes to hang out around her home, on the river, in nothing but a bikini, most days. Lisa and I have known each other for most of our lives. She is a couple years older than me but we have always been friends. She was the hot girl in high school and many of the guys, in our small town, liked her at one point or another. She was not knock out gorgeous, but she was beautiful, and she always knew how to make a young fellow feel special. I don’t know why, but she liked to flirt with me, even though she was dating older guys. I had a huge crush on her but we never hooked up. She ended up leaving the area for several years and then moved back and purchased a nice home on the river.

I didn’t know that she was back in the area until one day, while I was fishing the river, I saw on the dock ahead, a beautiful looking lady, sunbathing. I kept right on fishing but was more focused on the mystery women in a bikini socking up some sun and making things awfully hard on a guy. I was working the fishing hole, near her dock, very thoroughly. At one point, she raised up her head and looked around. I acted a if I was just fishing and not concerned with her. However, to my surprise, I heard a familiar voice call out to me. She said, “Catching any fish, Bill?” I turned and there was Lisa, she had a few years on her since we last met, but the years had been good. She was prettier than I remembered. It was probably because I had never seen her in a bikini before, but it was great to see her again. We chatted and got caught up on the lost years between us. Throughout the summer, I fished that stretch several times and I was always pleased when I saw her house come into view, around the bend. Oddly, she was always in a bikini, not that I minded, but it just brought back those old memories when we were young and she would flirt with me. A couple times, I noticed that she dashed into the house in one outfit, only to return in a swimsuit of some sort and make her way down to the dock and wait for me to stop and talk to her.

On one fishing kurtköy olgun escort trip, I saw her walk down to the dock and lay down on her chaise lounge and as I got closer, I could tell that she had taken off her top. She was beautiful, laying there soaking up the sun, with a body that gives men wet dreams at night. I knew she was playing a game and I wanted to join but was uncertain of the rules. As I neared her dock, she called for me to join her. I climbed out of the river and she handed me a towel. She only had on leopard print bottoms. She was stunning, and she was not ashamed or embarrassed. She looked me right in my eye and asked “Do you like what you see?” I responded, “You know I do. Why do you think I keep fishing this stretch of the river?” She chuckled and took me by the hand and led me over to the chaise lounge. She turned and looked at me and said that she was hoping I needed to go fishing today, and was glad when she saw me on the river.

She laid back on the lounge and patted the spot beside her with her hand. I followed her invitation and laid back next to her. We just talked of years gone by and of fun times we shared. She told me of purposely flirting with me and watching me get all confused and flustered. It felt so right, our conversation just flowed and we were truly enjoying reconnecting that day. Some may think that I am a foul, but it was no longer about a quick roll in the hay and then goodbye that controlled my interest in her. Don’t be mistaken, I wanted this woman with every fiber in my body, but it was more then that.

As we lay there and talked, she rolled over onto my chest and began running her hands across by chest and stomach. Her touch was electrifying and my body was responding. She smiled as she noticed the bulge in my shorts start to grow. Her worm body and those wonderful tits were pressing against my chest and I could not resist reaching across and gently rubbing them. Her body was responding as well and I enjoyed watching her chest rise and her nipples tighten. Her hands were now on my growing cock and she was pulling down my shorts. I pushed my hips off the lounge and my shorts were pulled out of the way. She grasped my dick in her hand and I loved the way it felt as she started stroking up and down my shaft.

The chaise lounge was large with an overhead covering and had curtains that were pulled back and held by a hook. Lisa got up and released the curtains and pulled them together so as to create some privacy. She then came towards me and as I spread my legs, she leaned over and let her breast hang down and graze my body as she crawled on top of me. She stayed on her hands and knees then moved up and down and side to side across my body. Her nipples were hard and her tits were soft, the sensation of this light, sexual touch was wonderful. I tried to reach up and touch her breast but she quickly pushes my hand away and told me to, “Just lay down and relax.” I laid back and closed my eyes as she continued to slowly and methodically trace my body with her tits. I was so tuzla escort aroused by this woman and she was in control.

I could feel pre-cum dripping from my cock and it didn’t go unnoticed by Lisa. She started focusing on my groin area and even squeezed my dick between her tits and apply pressure as if to milk more precum out of me. With pre-cum now covering her nipples, she started spreading it down the shaft of my cock. She then straddled my head with her legs, facing my feet, in a 69 position. I opened my eyes and liked what I found hovering over my face. I then could feel her mouth taking in the tip of my cock. Her tongue started to circle my tip and she reached down started caressing my balls with her fingers. She leaned forward and I could feel her mouth taking in more of my cock. Her tongue never seemed to stop moving inside her mouth, licking the head of my cock, it felt so good. Lisa started slowly rocking back and forth, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. I could feel myself getting harder than I had ever been and wanted to turn her over and pound her sweet pussy, but every time I tried to move, she would tell me “No, not yet.” So I would lay back and enjoy the torture some more.

She was in control. Even though she stayed in the 69 position, she purposely kept her pussy just out of reach of my mouth and tongue. I wanted to take her hips with booth hands and pull her down to my mouth so as to enjoy her sweetness between her legs. But every attempt at this move was met with her resistance, it was only going to happen when she wanted it.

Lisa started to get more aggressive with her rocking motion on my cock and as her body rocked back and forth, she started to lower her hips so her pussy would graze my waiting mouth and tongue. She was wet and tasted amazing. She started to pause longer between her rocking and lingered over my mouth, allowing me to take in more of her. I could feel her moist lips swelling with pleasure. My tongue flicked into her opening and pressed against her inner wall. Man was she getting wet. She pushed herself up some and started to grind on my face slightly. She was starting to moan as she moved her hips to help me hit that spot, she wanted hit.

Her grinding began be become more forceful and her paced quickened. She no longer seemed to be concerned with teasing me, her movements were very purposeful as she started rotating her hips against my face. My face was soaked with her wetness and I knew she was getting close to reaching an orgasm. She was in her zone as she continued to grind against my face. She found her spot and kept with a steady movement that did not change until I felt her body tense up as she let out a moan of pure pleasure as her orgasm rolled through her body. She shook slightly and then relaxed as she slid off my face and slumped on the lounge beside me. She had a beautiful smile on her face and a wicked gleam in her eye.

I thought that she would want a break, she had worked hard for her orgasm, but was pleasantly surprised when she said, “Now I want your pendik escort dick in me.” I rolled over and took her ankles in my hands and opened her up wide as I positioned myself between her legs. Her eyes were instantly wide with anticipation as I lowered my cock to her wanting lips. I rotated my hips so the tip of my dick could rub over her lips until it was soaked with her wetness. Then I sank my cock deep into her with one smooth motion. Her eyes went wide, and I felt her hips rotate to meet my thrust. She really did want my dick. I kept her legs held up and back slightly so I could go deep. She was game and matched my thrust with a grinding motion of her own. I was consumed with her lust for a my cock and I no longer held back. I started to increase my pace and my cock was soaked with a combination of her sweet juice and my pre-cum. Lisa, took her legs in her hands and pulled them back towards her body even more as I pounded into her pussy over and over again. I reached under her hips and lifted them up sightly as I continued to thrust into her. It was hitting her spot in a different way and she started saying, “Right there, harder, harder, don’t stop.” I relaxed my hips to help prolong my own orgasm, because I knew I would not be able to continue pounding like this without erupting. I wanted to see her cum in this position, I wanted to feel the warm gush of her orgasm swallow me up, run down my shaft and drip from my balls. I kept right on thrusting into her until her eyes closed and her head turned to the right as another orgasm spasmed through her body.

I stopped my thrusting as she came down from her climax, letting her enjoy the moment of pleasure. She lay there for a moment then looked up at me with those beautiful flirting, green eyes and without saying a word, rolled off the lounge and bent over with one hand on the back of the seat. She didn’t have to say a word, she knew what I needed. It was a sexy looking pose and she knew it. I stood behind her and she reached between her legs and guided my cock into her dripping pussy. She hiked one leg up on the lounge as I began pushing myself deep into her. She kept one hand on my balls from between her legs and kept stoking them in rhythm with my thrusts. I didn’t hold back anymore, with every thrust of my hips, my cock became more engorged with warm cum wanting to explode. The sound of flesh-on-flesh slapping was amazing and I never wanted it to stop. Her moans and the sound of pounding flesh was sending me over the edge. I said, “I’m going to cum,” and Lisa said “Give it to me, I want to feel you come inside me.” That was all it took; I felt my orgasm erupt from the depths of my being as I came buried deep inside of her. I kept thrusting until I knew that she had every last drop. The complete feeling of release and ecstasy washed through my body and we both collapsed onto the chaise lounge spent, with our needs fulfilled.

As we lay there, Lisa says, “No wonder why this is your favorite fishing hole. I can’t imagine you ever finding a better one.” I grinned and nodded in agreement. This will defiantly go down as one of my favorite fishing experiences, and the nice thing about finding a good spot is that you get to go back over and over again. There are few things more satisfying then making love to a woman that enjoys sex and wants to please her partner and receive pleasure in return.

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