My First Cuckold Experience

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I answered an ad on alt and after writing as well as talking on the phone, She decided that we would meet at a local restaurant at about 9pm when there were less people in the bar area.

I arrived and walked into the bar area where I noticed a couple waiting and smiling at me. She took the Domme roll and stood up, shook my hand and introduced herself as Mistress Sam and she introduced her friend only as her MIT (Mistress in training). They both left their coats on and sat down. Mistress Sam told me that her bull was home awaiting the outcome of our meeting.

I was asked to sit down and was ordered a glass of ice water for a refreshment.

Mistress Sam took the lead immediately and began a question answer session filled both with personal questions as well as many sexual questions.

After about 45 minutes, Mistress turned to her MIT and told her that she thought I was perfect to bring home this evening, Mistress made a call and I followed them to her home about 25 minutes away.

As I pulled into her driveway, Mistress got out of her car and scolded me not to park in her driveway, that I do not deserve that privilege.

I move my car.

As I walked back to the house, I knocked 2 times as I was told to and the door opened. The Mistresses MIT opened the door (she was in her black heels and black stocking but what I did not see at the bar was her sexy little black corset holding up her small breasts with nipple piercings that were cone shaped with the bar bell at the very front of her nipple staining to keep the nipple long and erect, her nipples looked so erotic) as I walked in and noticed Mistress and her bull on the couch in a deep embrace.

Mistresses bull was in a black thong and Mistress was in diamond studded heels and a black nylon stocking which covered her from neck to toes.

Mistress broke free from her kissing and told me to strip. gaziosmanpaşa escort I did that without hesitation as the MIT came to me with a silver plate with my chastity device on it. Mistress told MIT to lock me up! There was a bit of trouble since I was a bit thick around my balls and the cb2000 would not fit (not due to my cock size though).

Pissing Mistress off, she jumped up with and went to another room to get another device I have never seen. The twisted penis device was simple yet if and when I would get hard was going to cause me much pain.

MIT stuck my soft cock into the first hole, downward and then up through the hole in the front, pulling the head of my cock through as far as it would go.

The device looked very good on me now, but if I got hard, OMG.

Mistress made me and the MIT stand in the living room watching them kiss, fondle and watched as Mistress finally took out her bulls large cock and begin to suck on him. It was an arousing site and out of the corner of my eye, I could feel the MIT getting very excited as well, which made my damn cock start to move.

After a while, Mistress got up and told us that we should all go into the hot tub in the backyard. I was first instructed to help Mistresses MIT out of her clothes and then was told to help Mistress off with her body stocking cover and heels. We all followed Mistress to the back area where her minimally lit and very large hot tub was bubbling away awaiting us to jump in.

Myself and MIT sat on one side of the tub and Mistress and her bull sat on the other, her bull sitting on the edge so that Mistress could suck and stroke his cock and balls. Myself and MIT only watched, but I did take small peaks at the MIT’s breast and watched as her nipples grow hard.

My cock in the chastity device was causing my cock to grow only a bit due to the gölbaşı escort way it was twisted and wished I could either play with myself of eat some pussy so very close to me.

About that time, Mistress told us that she wasn’t putting on a show for us and that her MIT should sit on the edge of the hot tub and make me eat her pussy until she told me to stop.

Knowing that my cock wasn’t going to come out to play, I took a look at the MIT and helper her balance herself on the edge, I gazed down at her perfectly shaved pussy with a set of lips that were huge and began to lick her like an ice cream cone. One thing I can do is eat pussy and I began gently licking her thighs moving closer to her lips, sucking them into my mouth so gently and then engulfing her entire pussy into my mouth, sucking hard and flicking my tongue on her clit.

After a while I sucked her entire pussy (clit and lips) into my mouth and sucked on it moving my tongue very lightly up and down on the very tip of her clit which drove her crazy and this is when she began to cum over and over until we heard Mistress Sam tell us to stop (I guessed because the MIT was cumming harder and louder) than her! Go figure, I got in trouble for making the MIT cum?

Mistress moved her way over and told me that she wanted me to do the exact thing on her since my penis was of no service to her and Mistress place her ass on the edge of the hot tub and that was when I final got to finally see her pussy up close and personal, her clit covered in a hood and her pussy lips each with 3 large rings in them. Mistress commanded me to eat away and that I better make her happy.

I began the same way I did on the MIT and then Mistress told me she had a better idea and slid down a bit for me to lick her asshole… I was a very happy cuckold and I ate away…

I did everything she asked of me and keçiören escort even included a very light licking with the tip of my tongue on her clit and she went crazy.

In my head I counted about 3 orgasms with the first being the best as she squirted on me.

When Mistress Sam’s heart rate finally slowed down she told me that I now needed to suck off her bull in the bedroom and I proceeded to dry off everyone and we all walked downstairs to her sanctuary in the basement.

The huge bed was in the middle of the room were Mistress knelt down and had her bull with his huge cock mount her, making her moan and scream in ecstasy. She pulled back and had me kneel along with her MIT next to me and we both took turn sucking on his cock (this was my first time) and to tell the truth, it was a very erotic experience, especially sharing with the MIT.

As we took turns, i began to go down and engulf her entire tit into my mouth, suck hard and making her moan as she took his cock deep into her mouth. When it was my turn. I sucked him and she went down and took my twisted cock that was still inside my chastity device into her mouth causing my cock to grow and hurt like hell though the warmth of her saliva made my cock feel good as well.

I was instructed that I am not to cum and that the treat I was getting was because i made Mistress cum 3 times in the hot tub.

Mistress stopped us from sucking the bulls cock and took him once again into her pussy until he came deep inside her… Mistress called over her MIT and made her lick up, cleaning with the finish being a deep kiss from her MIT as she shared the bulls come with me.

Mistress Sam had stamina, she then cuffed me and put me on a wooden chair, sitting me down with my legs spread apart, exposing my ass as she then with help from her MIT cuffed my hands above my head, put a chocker collar around my neck attaching it to the back of the chair holding my head in place and gaged me with a dental gag.

Mistress and her bull laughed as the took a simple look at the MIT and found that she was very turned on by my condition, in fact her pussy juices flowed down her thigh and the Mistress saw this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32