My Night With Brian

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Some of you may know me by now, I’m pretty open about my story. I wrote this about two years ago for a guy on Lit named Brian. Now, there are a lot of guys here named Brian, but I won’t tell you which one he is. The story is pure fantasy.

Or is it? Here is My Night With Brian

I had dreams a few years ago, in them I was trying to lick the head of my own cock. I kept trying until I could lick the tip. Sometimes I dreamed I was always nude. I don’t know why.

I dreamed I could jerk off another guy, I dreamed I would suck a guy.

I dreamed of my wife feeding my cum to me, and of wanting it. I dreamed of her having orgasms as she fed the cum to my mouth below her. I think I also dreamed about being fucked in the ass by a soft dildo, while being jerked off.

Some years ago, I had a story about being force fed my cum after I filled her. She would be above me and I was restrained.

In the story we fucked and I begged her to feed me, she crawled higher and fucked my face, feeding my hot load back into my mouth as I licked and ate her out.

It turns out that I found out that the scenario I wrote about was influenced by a story I read by a guy named Brian.

When I realized how he influenced me, I sent him a message saying that if it wasn’t for him I never would have written the story.

And so, we became friends. We wrote to each other a few times. We both had received fan mail assuming we were cock suckers. I have no idea where that came from.

I also belong to a group called guys who are straight but would also like to suck a cock, something like that..

I met another guy last year, his name was Star. I was so intrigued, I wrote a story about sucking his cock.

Not a story about finding a woman and fucking her, but of sucking his cock. And I wanted it to be really hot. I wanted the reader to feel like I was sucking him. I never published it. It was a gift for him.

In May 2010, 10 years ago, I wrote a story on Lit, after seeing photos and videos of chicks with dicks. I had never seen what I thought were beautiful women, great breasts, beautiful hair, mouths…with a dick bigger than mine.

I began to feel that if I had actually met one of these ladies, and ended up making out with one of them, (Her name was Jessie) then god damn, I’d have sucked that dick, even if I was prepared to lick a vagina, if that gal had a dick, you couldn’t stop me from sucking the whole thing down my throat. And you know, she was an experienced cock sucker, and she deep throated me, that was amazing in my dream.

I fantasized that the lady was Brian from Literotica, and that he remembered me and how I complimented him on his story that was so fucking hot it made me want to taste cum.

Finally, the next year I wrote Brian, I asked what state he was from. We had a nice dialogue on iM. He said he was from Connecticut. Thats just a ferry ride across the Long Island Sound.

I asked him what he thought about chicks with dicks. He said he thought the same way I did, that if a girl you met had a dick, you might actually suck it if she looked like the video, I mean, damn.

About 7 weeks later, it turned out that I had to go to Connecticut to give an estimate on a job. I only go there two or three times a year, and because of the lateness of the ferry, I had to make it an overnight.

I remembered that Brian was from there, and i got a particular rush when I remembered him. I went onto Lit and I messaged him, “Hey, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods tonight, how’s the weather?”

I packed and drove east to the ferry. When I got there, I checked my phone for messages.

“Hey, Jay, weather is nice. I guess you’re going to Bridgeport. Stay at the Ramada there, it’s nice. The breakfast is terrific.”

I replied, “Thanks man.”

I was afraid to say anything else. I wanted to drop a hint, but I couldn’t think of one other than, “Hey remember that time we talked about sucking cocks, and chicks with dicks, that was some fun, eh?” So I didn’t say anything more.

I got on the ferry and in fifteen minutes I was napping soundly. The ferry seemed to get there in record time.

I drove off the ferry directly to the Ramada, I could see the sign from the upper deck. I was in my room by 3:45 PM. The hotel had a nice lounge and I was in the mood to hang out there and have a steak after a few drinks.

I called my wife just to tell her where I was. We talked for five minutes. The frozen vodka martini with lemon peel was perfect.

I was watching the Mets pregame when a page came over the sound system, “Call for Mr. Richards, Mr. Jay Richards there is a call for you.”

I sat up, stunned. Jay is my pen name, no one else would know that. I knew who was calling. I hesitated to take the call, knowing I might bee güvenilir bahis too scared and couldn’t hide it.

I went to the phone, “Hello?” I said.

“Jay, hey it’s Brian, you know…” He had a nice pleasant voice, young, clear, tenor.

“Hey, hi, how are you.”

“I’m good. How do you like the rooms. Nice right?”

“Yeah, I was having a drink in the lounge.”

“Are you with your wife?”

“No…I’m… alone.”

“I, uhhh…I’m in the parking lot. I saw you through the window when you went to the desk for the phone. Would you mind if I came in for a drink with you?”

I don’t know how to explain this to you, dear reader, but I could hardly breathe. I was so scared, all the fantasies went out the window like a flock of sparrows, just zoom, gone in five seconds.

I took a deep breath, I wasn’t committing to anything. And I still had the fantasy, so I said, “Yeah, sure. C’mon I’ll meet you in the lounge.”

I went back to my table, took my drink and moved into a booth. I saw him approach, a little taller than my 5’7— younger, leaner, a nervous smile. If I had to put an actors name to him, he reminded me of Matt Damon in some way.

He came to the booth, I stood up and we shook hands.

When we sat, I flagged the barman. He took our drink order.

“So do I look different than you’d imagined,” I said.

“Yeah, you don’t look bad, he said.

“A little older than you’d thought.” I said. “You, you’re younger, very good looking.”

“Ha, thanks I guess. So what brings you up here.”

I told him about a customer we had and that I visited several times a year and all.

“So your wife let you out to visit me?”

“Well, she’s at her sister’s in Maine for the weekend.”

Things began to make sense.

“I bet you feel funny meeting me in a bar on a night that your wife is away.”

“Yeah, well my heart is about to explode.”

The bartender brought the drinks.

“Just in time, “I said. I felt he was struggling just as much as I was. I didn’t want to scare him away. “Hey, look, we’re just two guys, kind of friends just having a drink, that’s all.”

“Yeah, that’s cool,” He said.

“Except that we both like videos of chicks with dicks,” I said. Then I laughed hysterically. He joined me and we couldn’t stop laughing.

It went on for five minutes. “Well, that broke the ice,” I said still laughing.

“It did, thanks.”

Can I ask you a question?” I said.


“The stories you wrote about you and your wife, were any of them based on some kind of truth, or were they all made up, fantasy?”

“Mmmm…made up, but with some truth, some actual thing that may have happened, but only some, I expand on everything.”

“Me too. My wife doesn’t know anything about that side of me, the storytelling fantasy stuff.”

“Yeah, me too. She doesn’t know.”

“So the story about, you know when she made you beg to, uhh…eat your own…you know, was that partly true?”

“Ah, yeah, that actually happened but it was less dramatic than I made it.”

“That one hooked me.”

“What about you?”

“Mine are almost all made up. I haven’t been with my wife, with anyone in…in…a long time. Hey, do you want some food, I was going to order something, c’mon, order something too.” I said.

The waiter came, I ordered the steak, so did Brian. We had beers with the food. By the time we finished it was only 7:45.

We talked about baseball and travel, the hall of fame, cruise’s we’d been on, skiing. It was like I was with any of my other friends, except that I wondered what his cock looked like, and if I would ask him to let me go through with it.

I had a vape pen with pot. It didn’t smell like pot, so I warmed it up and took a long pull when the barman wasn’t looking. I handed it to Brian, he took a pull, then another.

I took a second hit and put it in my pocket.

I went back to Vodka on the rocks. He went back to Bourbon.

I was feeling pretty good. My nerves were calmed.

“I’m gonna go get a pack of smokes. You want anything?” He said.

I handed him the extra electronic room key card, “Yeah, some Vodka.” I said, “I’m going up to my room.”

He slid out of the booth. He went left, I went right.

I got to my room, and under the fog of the pot, I thought a shower was needed. I stripped down and got into a hot shower. I had trimmed myself earlier that week, but while I was there, I shaved my ball area clean.

When I got out of the shower and toweled off, I took another hit off the vape pen. I put on shorts, no underwear, and a white tee shirt. Brian came into the room with a bottle of vodka. He saw that I was just out of the shower, my hair still wet.

I put some ice in a 2 cups and poured vodka over it. I offered one to him. My güvenilir bahis siteleri room was on the sixth floor and there was a nice view. I opened the curtains and pulled a chair next to the one that was already there. We sipped and watched the view.

Want to watch a video? I said.

“Sure, whatta ya got?”

“Chicks with dicks.”


I set my laptop on the table between us and I logged into you-porn. There was a particular chicks with dicks video that I liked.

It started off with two beautiful women making out on a couch, low cut tops, no bras, hard nipples poking at the material. I sipped as one gal slipped the strap off the other girls arm, revealing one breast. She touches the nipple, the girl puts her head back as the girl licks the nipple, then lets the other side drop. Before long both girls are caressing each others magnificent breasts and licking tongues.

“Oh yeah,” Brian said.

“Wait for it,” I said, as the camera slowly pans back and we see that one girl is stroking the other girls hard cock, while licking her nipple. Soon they are kissing and stroking each other’s hard cocks.

Then one ‘girl’, slides down and begins to suck the other ‘girls’ cock.

By now, my nipples are hard, my cock is hard and poking up from my shorts. Brian was straining against his erection inside his jeans.

“It’s ok, I said, pointing to my cock poking up out of my shorts, You can loosen your clothes.”

I took another hard pull from the vape. I handed it to him. He smoked as we watched. I sipped my vodka.

Sometime while I was watching, Brian slipped off his jeans, and soon after, he kicked away his undershorts. His naked cock was beautiful, shaped just like mine, but bigger. My cock is less than five inches, his was easily seven.

“I’ve never stared at a cock before,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

He smiled, as he began to stroke it, “No, I don’t mind.”

My heart was pounding up into my throat as I watched him. He watched the screen, and glanced at my somewhat smaller cock.

I thought I would pass out from the surge in my blood pressure, but I leaned to him and whispered, “Can I touch it?”

He moaned approval as he took his hand away, his cock sprung straight up and pointed at the ceiling.

I reached out and touched the hot tip with one finger, he groaned. I stroked the length of his cock, then up to the tip. A drop of pre-cum appeared. I smeared it around the head of his cock.

“Can I stroke it? I said, my voice quivering with lust. I couldn’t believe how bold I had become. I wanted this and I wanted it before either of us changed our minds.

“Yes,” he gasped.

Now I nudged my chair closer as I continued to spread the dripping hot, slippery pre-cum.

I grasped his cock gently, I felt it’s heat and the throbbing, pounding blood inside. I felt him quiver. I began to stroke his beautiful cock as he moaned. He smelled masculine, it was nice. Now I stroked from the base to the tip and back again. “Jesus.” I said. “Brian, I want to suck it, but I want you to tell me to. You have to say it.”

He was shaking all over, “Jay, suck my cock, suck it please, suck it now.”

“Is this why you came here Brian, is this why you came to my room? Because you thought I might do this, ” I said as I continued to stroke him.

“Yes, I thought about it ever since you called, don’t make me wait, do it.”

“Do what, Brian?”

“Suck my cock!”

I got on my knees in font of him as he lie back in the lounge chair. He opened his knees to accommodate me. I held his hot cock from the base, I wasn’t afraid, I was thrilled. I leaned forward and I licked the head of his penis, his hard purple throbbing cock, and then I opened my mouth and I sucked his cock right down to the base. I fit his whole cock, throbbing and hot as a poker, into the hot confines of my mouth. I began to suck him as he moaned, “Oh god, oh my fucking god.”

I sucked back up, then down again. Soon I had lost my fear, I was leaking my own precum on the carpet as I sucked him. I grabbed his hips and I mouth fucked him as if I had been doing it all of my life. He began to shout as his cock seemed to expand and he started to shoot boiling hot thick cum into my mouth. I began to swallow and suck him deeper. I sucked and he moaned for another full minute or two. My mouth tasted of the cum taste, the acrid, ammoniac peppery taste was on my tongue. I slid back and sat on the floor as his cock still throbbed and pulsed.

On the screen the second girl was now sucking the first girl’s cock, as I just had done to Brian.

I went to the bathroom and rinsed out my mouth. I didn’t like the taste, but I knew that if he wanted, I would do it again.

I came back into the room and I sat on the bed. I lay back with iddaa siteleri my feet on the floor, still bare, but I had the tee shirt on.

Brian was still in the chair, catching his breath, his penis now flaccid, jeans and underwear still on the floor.

The girls were still on screen, sucking each others cocks.

He went into the bathroom. I heard the water run, he came out a minute later, also with only a shirt on.

“Holy shit,” he said. He sat next to me. My cock was hard again as I watched the video. One was now shooting cum on the others breasts.

“I’m not gay, you know,” He said.

“I’m not either.”

“Can I, touch it?”

Blood pounded in my ears. “If you want to,” I said.

His long fingers touched me the same way I had done to him. My cock jumped and throbbed.

He stroked the tip like I had, then stroked my shaft, gently. My little cock throbbed. I stroked my hard nipples over my tee shirt. They were like hard pebbles. I pulled off the shirt.

“I…I want to suck it, but I don’t know if I can.” He said quietly.

“I like what you’re doing,” I said.

We both watched the screen while he stroked me. Soon, I felt I wouldn’t last, “Uhhh,,,uhhh I’m gonna squirt,” I said. Three more strokes, I lifted my hips up and I squirted a rope of cum up to my chest, then another, and another. He stroked me gently now, and then he stopped.

I had nearly passed out, I didn’t open my eyes for ten minutes. He had gone into the bathroom to wash his hands and then he came back.

“Thanks,” I said. I got up and went into the bathroom. I got into the shower to wash the cum off my chest.

After I dried. I came out wearing the bathrobe that was behind the door. He was still naked. “I…I’m sorry, I don’t know why I didn’t suck you…I wanted to. It felt so good to jerk you off,” he said.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. It’s fine.”

I poured each of us another vodka on ice and handed one to him. “Cheers.”

We took a long pull of the drink, both of us naked though I had on the robe. I shook it off and reached for the pot, took a long drag, and passed it to Brian.

He too took a long drag on the smoke. We laid back and glanced at the screen. They were jerking each others cocks and licking each others breasts. “Must be nice to have great tits,” I said, noticing that we both were getting hard again. “Do you like your nipples played with,” I asked.

“Yes.” he said, his eyes glazed from the pot.

“Me too. I used to ask my wife to lick them just before I came.”

“I can almost cum by making them hard on my own,” he said.

“Show me. I want to watch.”

Without hesitation, Brian leaned back on the pillows. His cock was pointing straight up again, and throbbing. He closed his eyes and allowed his fingers to lazily stroke his chest circling around and finally focusing on his now hard nipples.

“Show me,” I whispered. My own cock was throbbing.

He moaned as he began to flick his hard nipples, the same way I do. “Oh, yeah…your nipples are so hard, and your cock is throbbing,” I said. “What do you want me to do?”

I leaned forward and began to lick his nipple, his eyes were still closed.

“Fuck my mouth with your cock,” He whispered.

My heart was pounding like a drum, I felt dizzy. I straddled his hips and kneeled in front of him. My cock was throbbing. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” He said, eyes still closed.

I leaned closer and placed my left hand on the headboard. I took a drop of my pre cum and placed on his lips. “I’m wet for you,” I said. “Taste my wetness.”

He shivered from excitement then his tongue slipped out and licked his lips. I heard him sigh, his lips parted, his eyes still closed. I brought the tip of my erect cock to his lips and stroked his lower lip with my hot cock. He moaned and opened his mouth more. I put one inch into his lips and waited. In a few seconds he leaned forward, opened his mouth and engulfed my cock in the hotness of his mouth. I groaned. He began to suck my cock.

“Uhhh Oh god, Brian, you’re sucking my little cock….you’re sucking my cock.”

“Mmmm fuck my mouth, Jay.” he moaned

“Jerk your cock Brian, jerk off while I’m fucking your mouth.”

He groaned again and I felt him stroking his cock behind my thrusting hips. I was fucking his mouth wildly.

“Tell me what you want…say it,” I said.

“Cum in my mouth, oh god, fill me with cum, Jay.”

I put two hands on the headboard and fucked his mouth. I felt my cum boiling over in my balls to the point of no return.

“Suck harder, harder”….and then I squirted into his sucking mouth. He swallowed and choked a little. I reached back and pumped his throbbing cock.

He squirted like a fountain.

I pulled out of his mouth, leaned over and put his throbbing spent cock in my moth again. I sucked his softening cock.

Later, we did more pot and we stroked each other’s cock again.

Brian left before midnight. Though it was our first and only time, we still keep in touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32