Natural Escalation

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Tim looked over at Lisa. Her eyes were half closed, but she noticed him looking, and her lips curved into a lascivious smile before the pressure from behind surprised her and she shut her eyes in ecstasy, pushing back and raising her ass a little to meet the massive cock burying itself inside her rectum. Tim felt his cock twitch a little, pressed against the bed beneath him. Her delirious expression caused him almost as much discomfort as it did arousal. Her eyes cracked open once more. That wicked grin was the last thing he saw before his face was pushed down into the pillow and his own ass was filled forcefully up once more. He had brought this all on himself.

At first, Lisa had been furious with his little excursions into the chat rooms. When she had first discovered his secret ‘hobby’, she had felt betrayed and disgusted. Did he want someone else? Was he not getting enough at home? What was the matter with her? What was the matter with him?!? They had had an argument which had worked, in stages, from white hot rage through to cold detachment and the realization that they might agree to disagree, but that she was never going to approve of what she considered to be his extra-marital affairs. In her eyes, he was cheating every time he went into one of those rooms. He had told her he would quit doing it and she had accepted his answer, secretly refusing to believe a word coming out of his mouth.

The net-filter software she had bought had two modes: nanny mode, and silent running. In nanny mode, she could have blocked his access to the dirty sites, cutting off the pathway to his philandering, but he would have just found some way around any obstacles she put in his way and gone right on chatting and cheating behind her back. Silent running mode was a different story. Every website visited, every keystroke typed, was logged. Screenshots were quietly taken and stored in the cloud. Chat transcripts saved and email notifications sent to the secret inbox he didn’t know about. Two could play this kind of cloak and daggers game, she thought, and she had felt zero remorse for invading his privacy like this.

The realization that he exclusively visited gay chat rooms hadn’t really been that much of a shock, if she was honest with herself. She had always suspected her husband was a bit of a sissy. His at-times extra-macho posturing was, if anything, more confirmation that he was insecure; not girlish, but perhaps something worse. The devotion he expressed for cock in those anonymous chat rooms, when he believed his words were going unread – except by the pervert on the other end of the connection – bordered on the reverent.

She was conflicted about it. In some ways, it was a turn-on, reading these ephemeral pieces of interactive pornography. She imagined the sweat; the spit. Imagined the grunts and the wet sounds as flesh slapped against flesh. Images of nameless men rutting Tim’s ass like wild animals, seething with need as their hips bucked and their fat cocks, bulging thickly, disappeared into him, knocking the breath out of him, made her breathing come a little faster, warmth flickering between her legs as she read the dirty confessions. But she was also hurt. Jealous. Angry with him for being something other than what he had promised her he was. Angry with him for going behind her back, even if it was just virtually.

She was certain it was just virtual. For one thing, there was never really any time for real affairs. Tim’s schedule was pretty clockwork, and had been for years. She would have noticed if anything had changed. But, perhaps more certainly, she was sure Tim didn’t have it in him. The very sissiness that fueled his need to lurk around those chatrooms would prevent him from making his fantasies come true. He lacked the balls to do it. He could dream beşevler escort about serving anonymous cock, could chat about it, but he would never actually go through with it.

The chat rooms were full of people like Tim, she began to realize as she scanned through transcripts that read like exaggerated Hustler Confessions. Sad guys who trolled around, pretending to be genuinely looking to ‘meet’, but who were really only looking to find an anonymous partner to cybersex them to a pathetic climax, bathed in the blueish light of the computer screen, before clicking off; closing the incognito window, and going back to pretending to be straight.

She had intended to use the records as ammunition. Had intended to confront him with a mountain of cum-soaked evidence to back her up in an argument that never actually came. Sitting in the toilet at her office, reading through the daily logs her software secret agent dutifully emailed her, she found herself getting more and more aroused. She had almost surprised herself the first time her fingers had slithered beneath the waistband of her panties to find her swollen clit, as she read the automated account of the previous night’s activities.

He chatted when she was asleep. They would have dinner, watch a couple of shows together, and go to bed. Sometimes, they would make love, but it was always a bit of a sad affair. He was a selfish lover, and most of the time, his cock was only half hard, she suspected. She herself usually lingered halfway between boredom and resentment, and her half-hearted attempts to get into it didn’t help matters much.

Even when he was fully aroused, Tim’s cock was not spectacular. It was nice, she guessed, when it was hard, but it was certainly no leviathan. A modest cock, she might have said, if she were being charitable. On more honest days she would have been more disparaging, if she had bothered thinking about it at all, but she was never really likely to do that. Even when she fingered herself in the office toilet, reading the daily dirty reminders of her husband’s inadequacy as a man, it was never his cock she was imagining, but the anonymous cocks plowing themselves into him; driving into him over and over again as he eagerly opened wide to take them.

Sometimes, Tim would drag her into his fantasy encounters. He would log in as her – an anonymous female entering the gay chat room, looking for someone to fuck her man. It was all part of his fantasy submission. He would be offered to strangers, against his will, by his devilish wife and they would come and eagerly do her bidding, subduing him for her. Whenever he would use this angle, he would be inundated with responses. The site of a female name in the list of chatters always drew a lot of attention, even in the gay rooms. What was somewhat surprising was the fact that, even in a gay chatroom, the response was almost universally – “can I fuck u too?” Tim was always quick with a rebuttal – “not interested. looking to watch my man get fucked.” – but the more persistent ones would try several times before getting blocked.

She would feel the wetness stir, down below, as her loins responded to the second-hand, anonymous offers of sex from eager strangers. She imagined them sitting in their rooms, rock-hard cocks; rippling abs; smooth tan skin, that intense look men get when they’re about to orgasm creasing their faces as they feverishly stroked their cocks thinking about fucking her.

After a few weeks, she found that her fantasies were filled with the needs of strangers. It was a natural escalation, she supposed. Her mobile internet connection was great at work – four bars – more than adequate to meet the bandwidth requirements of the chat room Tim frequented. She was so excited the first time she büyükesat escort signed in, her skin fairly tingled. She was almost dizzy as she laid her bait.

“Female; 29. Looking for someone to fuck my man.”

She was inundated with responses in seconds. After months spying on Tim, she knew the script almost by heart. She had quickly picked one chatter – Hung_Bull27 – and four minutes and almost as many orgasms later was smoothing her skirt and blouse, phone tucked safely in her purse, fingers quickly washed and back to work.

She felt a little guilty as she walked back to her cubicle, legs wobbly, but only a little. He had been doing this for ages! She was well within her rights. When she went home that night, she had fairly taken him by force. His cock was fully hard for the first time in as long as she could remember, aroused by her uncharacteristic desire. He tried asking what had gotten into her, but she put him off, preferring to keep her secrets.

Soon, it was a daily affair.

It was always a different guy. She wasn’t building relationships, just finding anonymous people to mindfuck and then straightening herself out for the return to normal. It was a high. She felt invincible. In the gay chatroom, she was the commodity; the one everybody (well, almost everybody) wanted. She reveled in the desire beaming along wires and wireless signals from the unseen clenched, pumping fist in the anonymous dark to the fingertips flickering furiously inside her own cotton panties.

They would always try to meet, always ask for pics or video. They wanted proof of her femininity; proof of her reality. She would assure them as well as she could but refused to give up real images, instead insisting that they take her word for it. She was happy to meet, she would say, once she felt sure they weren’t creepy. Most guys were happy enough to take her at her word as she spun her tales.

She wanted a stranger to come over and take her wimpy husband by force, right in front of her. Would she be naked? If she thought it was hot she might. Would she get involved? She couldn’t say. That wasn’t really what she was looking for. She really just wanted someone to pound her husband. Did he know about this? Not yet, she would grin wickedly. Did he want cock? Oh yes, she was certain of that if she was certain of anything. Why was she doing this? She wanted to see him squirm.

They thought it was hot, and she found their arousal intoxicating. Like a million other chat room fakes, she would finish herself off and then click off, severing the connection and leaving her partner hanging. And for a while it worked just like that. But then… She found herself straying from the script.

“Can I fuck u instead?” Hmmm… “I don’t know… Can you?” “I can fuck u real good. wear ur pussy out.” Maybe there was something to that claim. Tim certainly wasn’t in danger of wearing it out. After an initial burst of excitement, their lovemaking had gone back to what it had been all along – semi-limpy sex that was pretty much just about Tim getting his rocks off. She imagined that cock out there in the disembodied darkness of the internet. It was as hard as a rock. Veins bulged from the shaft like roots pumping blood to the rest of the magnificent member. Her knees trembled and she could barely stifle a moan as she finished herself off just in time for Jen from accounting to come in chatting with Cheryl from personnel.

On Wednesdays, Tim worked late. He would come home by eight, and she would have dinner ready for him. She would usually use the time to catch up on shows he didn’t like, or waste it browsing social media sites, but not this week.

She was breathing hard when she shut the front for behind her; dropped her keys on the little table next çankaya escort to the couch, and practically stumbled to the bedroom. She stripped down and put on her sexiest underwear before pulling open her laptop and surfing to the chatroom. It was a matter of minutes before she had found the studs she was looking for. Two men; local. Both were happy to take a piece of Tim’s ass as long as they could have her in the bargain. Both could be there by eight-thirty. Both had her address before she could change her mind. Her breath was ragged and her fingertips tingled as she masturbated feverishly on the bed, allowing her juices to soak into the panties before getting up and slipping on a dress and tripping half excited, half nervous flutters, to the kitchen to get dinner started.

Neither man knew about the other.

When Tim came home, she had wine for them both. A light meal – chicken and salad, was a mild disappointment for Tim, but she soothed him, promising that he would love his dessert. Her nerves threatening to get the better of her, she plied him with wine as he worked his way through dinner, and then she was leading him into the bedroom, coaxing him with a teasing voice he couldn’t have resisted, even if he had wanted to.

She had him stripped down to undies in no time, and was just about to take off her flimsy party dress when the door went.

“Who can that be?” Tim started to get up but she shushed him; urged him to stay where he was. She would get it; she was still dressed. His lust combined with his natural laziness to get the better of him and he lay back, his little cock stiffening in his underwear as she sidled out of the room. They were both in the corridor outside. It hadn’t taken them longer than the few seconds before she had opened the door to figure out the game, and they entered together as she beckoned them inside.

“What the hell?” Tim’s hand shot out of his underwear. He had been playing with it, of course. “Who the hell-“

“Quiet there, little man,” one of the guys said, laying a meaty hand on tim’s chest and pushing him back down on the bed.

“Honey, I’ve invited some friends, I hope you don’t mind” She smiled innocently as the other guy stepped up behind her to rub himself against her, massaging her breast through the thin dress. It was off before he could protest and, despite his rage and indignation, his cock was ample proof that, just because he was being forced, that didn’t mean he didn’t want it.

Big hands had no trouble flipping him over, and his underwear were pulled down to his knees. Despite his wriggling around, he felt a finger probing his asshole, and he gasped as it popped in, knuckle deep. His face was pressed into the pillow, and that muffled his cries, but he could see from one eye that Lisa was rubbing herself against no. two’s throbbing erection, barely contained in a pair of impossibly form-fitting boxerbriefs like a tramp angling for payday. Her eyes were closed as his had snaked around her torso to find her crotch, which he immediately began fingering like a champ. She gasped, and actually giggled, as he pulled down her panties and shoved her, somewhat forcefully onto the bed beside her husband.

“Thanks for the inspiration, honey,” she breathed as the head of his massive rigid cock popped into her with an audible sound.

Whatever his answer was, it was impossible for her to understand, mashed into the pillow as he was, but his grunts were unmistakable as his new partner began pile-driving himself into her man’s ass.

The vacuum as her bull pulled himself out of her pussy was almost painful, but not compared to the searing pain she felt as he pressed his helmet against her asshole. She took a deep breath, relaxed as best as she could, and shivered a bit as it began to slide into her most intimate place and pain quickly turned into velvety arousal. She looked over at Tim out of eyes only half open. His expression was somewhere between terror and constipation. She giggled to herself as she pushed back, raising her ass a little to meet the thrusts from behind.

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