Pirate and Prisoner Pt. 02

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My writing, also posted elsewhere.

Disclaimers: NSFW. This has F/M fart fetish content, so if you’re not into that don’t read. All characters are 18+, readers should be too. Sections are marked by dotted lines, so for the plot heavy sections feel free to skip to the next set of dotted lines, if you’d like.

The first thing Red noticed when he woke up was the soreness. His chest was sore from when he had been knocked off of the ship he was on during a battle with pirates, and his back was sore from when he hit the water before being saved by his captor, Isabelle, and his arms and shoulders were sore from sleeping with his hands bound behind him. It had been a hot and humid night, and it had taken him a while to doze off after Isabelle had let him lie down on a blanket by the fire.

The second thing he noticed was the smell. It was like rotten food and stale milk, but given what his captor had done to him last night, he had an idea of where it was coming from.

He rolled over and opened his eyes just in time to see the curves of Isabelle’s ass descending to block his vision again. Her baggy pants were damp with sweat again, but by now they were starting to smell unwashed as well as the sweat went stale over time.

Her ass sounded off, and another fart bubbled out on his face.


She stood up to look down on him, her black hair hanging loose around her face. “Good morning, boy,” his captor said in her French accent. “I thought I should blow my butt trumpet to wake you.”

She nudged his face with her dirty bare foot, and he groaned as he tried to sit up.

“Lie back down,” she said. “I need to sit and have my coffee.”

Red noticed she had rekindled the fire while he slept and, with a pouch of luxury coffee almost certainly looted from some unfortunate cargo ship at some point in her travels, had made herself a cup. Hell, it could’ve been stolen from his ship, he knew that his captain always kept little luxuries in his cabin. He looked enviously at the coffee while he lied back on his blanket.

She straddled his chest, then gracefully lowered herself to sit on his face. Her weight pressed down on him, her pants almost sticky with the humidity and sweat. He held his breath as her ass cheeks smothered his mouth and nose.

He heard her sip her coffee, then felt the heat of a quiet fart slipping out on his face. She shifted her weight so his head turned and he could breathe to the side of her ass, but the smell of the fart was intense despite it’s silence. She shifted back straight so his nose was again lodged in her ass crack.

“So, my little captive, today we will be traveling. My captain is to meet us at the other side of the island tomorrow, now that your English friends have left.”

She punctuated the news by lifting up an inch and farting on him again. It popped out with a quiet pfft. When he breathed it in, the smell seemed to be getting worse.

She settled back down. “The plan is for me to bring her any loot in my rowboat, and you, my little prize, will be ransomed off to the nearest English colony.”

She shifted forwards so his nose and eyes could peak out while she looked over his shoulder at him. She scrunched her face some, and another fart blew up his nose. This one came out louder and longer, like a rancid wind. Now he was sure the smell was getting worse every time she farted, because this one made his stomach start to turn.

She sat back to sip her coffee. “It will be bit of a walk, but if you can handle my farts I’m sure you can handle a little walk. Yes?”

He knew what she was gonna do, so he waited a moment to speak. But she just squatted with her butt hanging over his face, so he opened his mouth to speak. As soon as his mouth was open though, she sat down again, then let out a long, bubbling fart.

Pfffffft Pfrrt Prrt

The taste and smell was almost toxic, and he started having a coughing fit, but her ass kept his head pinned in place. He realized that every time she passed gas, it smelled more and more like her shit. The thought disgusted him and he almost gagged.

She chuckled at his struggling underneath of her. “Perhaps you in fact can not handle my farts so well, can you, boy. Don’t make me spill my coffee. Keep your mouth open for me.”

She dropped another long bubbling fart in his mouth, then sighed. Just the smell of it almost made him tear up, and he struggled to stop from coughing. She lifted up to let him breathe better, but that just made him inhale the smell deeper, burning his lungs.

“You know what they say about coffee,” she said, sitting down again. She lifted her cheek to fart nonchalantly, but it came out loud and wet.


“It wakes you up, and then it wakes up your digestive system.”

She didn’t bother to move while Red struggled to get fresh air. He ended up with his face to the side, with one of Isabelle’s ass cheeks hanging over his mouth. He sucked in air, but elvankent escort as he did, she farted again.


He could hardly stand it, and he gagged on the smell before breaking into a coughing fit. His eyes watered.

Isabelle looked down at him. “Aw, did I make my poor fart boy start crying? Couldn’t take my ass? Let me dry your tears.”

She spun around so that now she sat cross legged, with his nose in her crotch and his eyes peaking out. She crinkled her nose at the smell clouding the air. “Wow, that is awful. I couldn’t imagine having to take that in my mouth.”

She looked at him pointedly. “You won’t have to imagine though. Open up, boy.” He stubbornly kept his mouth shut.

“Open up, or if I shit on you from this coffee, it will not be an accident.” Red’s face burned with humiliation as she looked into his eyes and he opened his mouth around her asshole.

She scrunched her face up again, and a long, low, wet fart bubbled out like some toxic syrup into his waiting mouth. It was so thick he swore he felt it on his tongue.


Isabelle sighed in relief. She smiled as his eyes teared up at the smell of her shit again.

She finished the last of her coffee and set the tin cup to the side.

“Let’s see if I have one more good fart before I have to dig my latrine.” She paused, and looked at him with a mischievous twinkle in her dark eyes.

She stood over him, and lowered her pants and pantalettes so that her bare ass and pussy stood over him. Her ass cheeks shone with sweat in the morning sunlight. “I wouldn’t want to soil my pants if this goes poorly, would I?”

Red buzzed with anxiety at the thought. “Open up, my little latrine,” she ordered, and he opened his mouth fearfully.

She squatted down slowly, her ass cheeks spreading and her rosebud tightening as she lowered. “Are you ready?”

She didn’t wait for Red’s answer before her asshole winked at him, and a long fart blew unfiltered into his open mouth.


She pulled her pants up and nudged his face with her foot. “You are lucky boy. In fact, why don’t you thank your mistress for her farts.”

Red was so relieved he complied. He coughed up the fart smell before saying, “thank you for your farts, Mistress Isabelle.”

Isabelle laughed aloud as she adjusted her belt, slipped on her boots and walked into the forest. “That’s right, boy. You are very welcome.” He watched her hips sway as she walked away.

“Now, I am going to cut your bonds. If you would like to run off on this deserted island and live like a savage in the jungle, feel free. But I would suggest you stay with me,” Isabelle said, having packed their supplies into two rucksacks. She cut through the rope with her dagger and looked at him expectantly.

“I guess I pick you over being eaten by bears and cannibals,” Red said, rubbing his wrists.

Isabelle laughed, but it was a softer laugh than when she was toying with him that morning. “You are funny, Englishman. There are no bears in the Caribbean. And the cannibals are quite nice when you get to know them.”

They picked up their rucksacks and marched along the island. The mosquitoes were annoying and the tropical sun was almost searing, but the trail across the island wasn’t hard and they refilled their fresh water at a spring.

Finally they arrived where they would camp.

“Want some rum?” Isabelle asked as they set their packs down. She uncorked a flask, took a swig and held it out to him.

Red looked at her suspiciously, but she seemed sincere. “Oh come on, I don’t bite.” Red accepted and they traded the flask back and forth.

“Say,” Isabelle said as they sat listening to the waves crash not far away. “Why didn’t you resist me, when I used you earlier?”

Red looked down, embarrassed. “What choice did I have?”

“You could have said, ‘no,’ or maybe tried to run away, but instead you let me fart on you again and again.” She spoke with the slow and sing song voice of slight drunkenness. “I’d almost think you liked it, haha.”

Red’s first thought was of the knife at her belt, but he realized she was right. He would have done what she said with or without the knife. He had always had a fantasy of being farted on by a woman while buried in her ass, not that he would admit that to her. But he thought of her bare ass that morning, the pale curve of her cheeks and her long smooth legs, of her pussy lips and her tight asshole hovering over him. He thought with shame of how she had made him swallow her farts, but what he didn’t want to admit was that she was right, he liked it more than anything.

“Umm…” he said, feeling a pleasant buzz from the rum and running his hand through his hair.

“Ah, seigneur!” Red looked up, and saw her staring at him, or more specifically at his crotch. He was rock hard thinking about her.

He tried to cover his boner. “It’s not emek escort what it looks like, I…”

“Don’t you dare lie to me, boy. You do like it.” She swayed just a little as she stood up. She looked angry, but then softened, and looked more surprised than anything else.

“I… uh…”

“Uh, uh, uh. Your friend there gave you away. Just tell me you like being in my ass while I fart on you.”

Red paused. It felt like crossing a point of no return, to say honestly and out loud what he wanted her to do to him.

“I… I like your ass, and I like when you fart on me, and I like when you act like you own me.” He hated his drunken self for the unwanted honesty.

But Isabelle just smiled. She sat down next to him, then pulled his head to her shoulder. “Good boy.”

They sat that way for a while, looking out at the ocean between the trees together.

“You know,” Isabelle said, breaking the silence, “since you kind of like it…”

“What?” Red asked, sitting up.

“Well, I’ve gotten a bit sweaty on our trek, and I haven’t bathed since I was on my ship. And since you don’t mind, I was thinking… maybe you could bathe me?”

“Like, in the water?”

“Not quite what I had in mind Red. I meant with your tongue.” She stood up to look at him hopefully.

“Hmm…” Red said. He thought of how bad the sweat would taste after fermenting all that time, and whether he wanted to let her use him like that. “I guess…”

“Excellent!” Isabelle said, cutting him off. She laid out a blanket on the dirt. “Now, boy, on your knees.”

Red uncertainly walked to the blanket, but she grabbed his shoulder and pushed him to his knees. She was still a little buzzed, and fumbled with her belt buckle, so he helped her take it off. She pulled off her shirt and he helped her unlace her undershirt. She slid her pants and pantalettes down and kicked them to the side. Red smelled the sweat as soon as her pants were down; her ass reeked from their trek through the jungle.

Then she had him take off his shirt, kissing him drunkenly while she was bent down over him. There was a passion behind her lips, but when he tried to stand up and kiss her back she pushed him back to his knees and stood up.

“Now,” Isabelle said, spinning so her bare ass cheeks were just in front of his face, “kiss my ass.”

Red blushed, but he kissed her sweaty ass cheeks, one at a time, almost tenderly. He alternated, coming closer and closer to her crack.

She caught him by surprise, grabbing the back of his head and bending over so his face was buried in her bare ass crack. “Kiss my little rosebud, ass boy,” she ordered.

Her asshole smelled even worse. Sweat was beaded along her ass crack, and her asshole smelled like the leaves she used to wipe after her morning visit to the latrine hadn’t been very effective. He gave it a peck, but she forced his head in so his lips were smushed against her puckering hole, then rubbed her ass back and forth across his face.

She looked down at him, and he blushed again looking back up. She blew a kiss down at him.

“Good little ass kisser. Now, it’s time to lick me clean. Work your way back to my ass and I’ll give you what you want.”

She pulled off her undershirt, and her breasts shone with sweat in the dappled sunlight. Red came from below, licking her underboob and squeezing her breasts. The sweat was stale and salty. Isabelle moaned as he sucked her tits, but regained control over him by grabbing his face and rubbing it in her cleavage.

She turned to the side as he licked, so his tongue was in her sweaty armpit, then put one arm around his face. His tongue flicked out to lap up her sweat, but her muscled arm locked his head in place. The smell was intense, and her arms smeared her sweat across his face.

“Other armpit now, my human washcloth.” She smeared Red’s nose through her other armpit before casually resting her elbow on his head and letting him lick it clean.

Then she pushed him to sit down again, and put one foot up on his face. “To the ground now boy.”

Red laid down on the blanket and she rubbed her foot over his face, then shoved her toes in his mouth. He sucked them clean, then licked her dirty soles. The sweat between her toes, and the dirt staining her feet, tasted bitter.

Then she switched to the other foot, smiling playfully as she squeezed his nose and rubbed his face with her foot. When she finally put her toes in his mouth, she shoved them in all at once and he almost gagged. He worked his tongue around the crevices of her toes. She pulled her foot back out, trailing spit, and wiped it across his face.

“Now, I have been standing for some time, and would like to lie down. I know you have been quite patient waiting to get your face back in my ass crack, but back on your knees.”

Isabelle laid down, ass up and her head propped up on her hands and elbows. Red kneeled behind her, then leaned eryaman escort forwards. He rubbed his hands up her thighs, then put his face over her sweaty ass crack. He licked gently at first, but he felt compelled to just dive into her luscious ass cheeks and bury himself in them.

But Isabelle slowed him down. “Not so fast there, my eager little ass licker. Start with the cheeks.”

Red obediently ran his tongue across her ass cheeks, then worked his way into the crevice of her ass crack until with every lick his face would rub up and down her ass. He licked up the bitter, salty beads of sweat.

Then she spread her ass cheeks with her hands. “Now, clean my dirty asshole with your tongue.”

Red touched it tentatively at first, caressing it with the tip of his tongue. He ran around and around the edge, then slipped it slowly into her. He could taste and smell the sickening smears of her morning shit, but it was almost intoxicating. He pushed his head deeper, and the spit and sweat let his tongue slide right in. She moaned.

He felt her foot on the back of his head, with her leg locking him in. He wormed his tongue around, cleaning her asshole. She moaned again, and her foot pushed his head up and down, his tongue sliding in and out of her ass.

“Oh, you good little bitch, get that tongue into me.” He felt her foot push hard against his head, but he felt another pressure from inside her asshole, and realized it was a fart building up.

“Kiss it. Kiss my ass and worm that little tongue of yours around inside of me.”

He puckered his lips around her asshole, and pushed his tongue all the way out. But the movement seemed to loosen her asshole, and released the fart building up inside her. With his lips sealed around her asshole and her foot locking him in, the hot air of her fart filled his mouth, unfiltered and straight from the source.


It was like hot tar filling his mouth, and his cheeks puffed out slightly. With her legs holding his lips to her asshole, he inhaled through his nose and the fart burned his lungs.

Isabelle looked back. “Go ahead, suck out my farts and don’t stop licking.”

Red stuck his tongue back in. Her asshole tightened around it, then loosened, and another fart stained his tongue.


It came out loud and bitter. He moved his head up and down to move his tongue in and out of her hole.


The air blew like a rancid breeze into his open mouth, and echoed in the waiting chamber. He coughed a bit again, and he felt her foot pull him in again.


He didn’t know how she could be so gassy, the fart went on so long. Her ass air filled up his mouth. It sounded wet.

Pfffffttt Brrrrrrttt Prrrrttt

Her farts bubbled out one by one, and he could feel her ass cheeks tense up to squeeze them out. The air seemed more rancid and he gagged a little at the taste.


One more fart bubbled out. “Last one, I think” said Isabelle. Red pulled his tongue out of her ass, licking around the sides of her hole.

“No wait…” she said, locking him back in and rubbing his head around her crack by his hair with her hand. She groaned slightly as she squeezed the fart out.


Red choked on the taste. “That was the last one,” she told him.

She stood up, and he looked back at her with watering eyes. She smiled. “Thanks for the tongue bath, boy. I hope you enjoyed it.”

Red coughed again, it felt like his lungs were still filled with her ass air. She chuckled, and sat down next to him. She kissed him on the forehead, then tilted his head up and kissed him on the lips. He couldn’t help but admire how gorgeous she was. He brushed a hair from her face and she smiled.

That night, they sat across from the fire eating again, but this time his hands were free and they shared their rations.

“Tomorrow morning, we meet my captain. I think she’ll like you. But Red… I have to tell you.” Isabelle seemed suddenly, uncharacteristically shy. “I think I love you. I don’t want to let you go, back to your English cities where the women are ladylike and men’s tongues don’t work… like that.”

She smiled sadly, and Red felt shocked. “But I can’t keep you captive forever. You can go back to the English colonies if you’d like, without the ransom. You’re free.”

Red thought about his miserable job on the merchant vessel, about the constant rocking of the waves and the cloudy skies of England. He thought about how he longed for this woman, how he had been struck from the first moment she appeared like some angel of battle. It wasn’t just what they did together, it was her laugh, her voice, the mischievous twinkle of her eyes.

“If I… didn’t go back,” Red said, and Isabelle looked up. “What would we do, stay here? Because I’m no fighter and no pirate. I just want to raise chickens and stay on solid ground. But I also want you, and… oh, I don’t know.”

Isabelle took his hand. “There’s a place, a place we could run off to,” she said. “On the Spanish main, where the Indigenous live. If you give the word, my captain, she can take us there.” Her eyes gleamed with excitement.

“I’m yours,” Red replied.

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