Playing 2 Games at Once

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It was finally summer break, only one more semester left, then my dissertation and I’m done. I was heading to a friend’s place to catch up, we were planning to play games and have a few drinks.

When I walked into Jess’s place I was surprised that her sister was there. She greeted me at the door with a slight smile, I could feel her undressing me with her eyes.

We sat down on the couch Jess’s sister, Ava, squished next to me, her legs pressing into mine. I could feel her thigh pushing against mine, her foot occasionally rubbing against my foot. She’s going to make me lose horribly I thought to myself. She turns around grabbing a drink on the table behind, her breath on my neck, god she’s a tease. I really shouldn’t… Shit, there goes that round.

My mind wasn’t in the game at all, I could feel her presence against me, her hand would occasionally rub my leg. Her body felt like a furnace next to me. Her foot wrapped around my ankle every now and then teasingly. I couldn’t understand how no one else saw or felt the tension. There were a lot of us sitting squished on the couch, I tried to reason, london escort agency though in my mind that was a sad excuse. After a few horrible games, with my friends making fun of me saying that I’d lost my touch, we took a break for snacks and drinks.

I excused myself to go to the washroom. “Can’t take the ass-kicking?” Cole yells out. I give him the middle finger.

“I’ll get you next round. Hey, Jess, didn’t you mention something about coffee?”

“Oh yes sure.” My friend said getting up and heading into the kitchen. I turned around and headed to the upstairs bathroom as the downstairs was occupied. Jess’s sister followed me down the hallway and turned into her room.

I used the bathroom and just when I was heading to go back, Ava caught my arm and pulled me into her room, and shut the door behind us. She ran her hands lightly through my hair, leaned in, and started kissing my neck. I started to push her off, “I know the way you’ve been looking at me every time you’re here Clo.” I sighed and let my body relax into her. “Plus you’ll play better if you let me relive some of this escort london tension.”

She slowly let her hands wander and undid my pants, allowing her access to my clit. She started to run gentle circles around. God, I wanted to have my legs around her neck. I wanted to move over to her bed but she had me pinned against the wall next to the door.

I wanted to undress more. “We have to be quick or else someone will notice,” I whispered into her ear. “I will admit I’ve been picturing taking off your clothes for some time.”

“I figured… You’ve been undressing me with your eyes all day. I figured I’d be a tease while you were playing, make it more of a challenge.” I ran my figures across her curves, man her figure is amazing. Her hand started to explore under my shirt, she gently cupped my breast over my bra.

“God, I’d fantasized about this moment for some time” I whispered.


“But, you were always my friend’s little sister, and off-limits.”

“Off-limits?” Ava then let out a little laugh, she has such a nice laugh it reaches her eyes and makes them glitter mischievously. london escorts “Well then, if I’m off-limits, we’ll just have to keep this secret. So make sure you are quiet.”

Her fingers sped up and started to rub rougher, the heat in my pussy was like a fire between my legs. She started nibbling my neck. “That’s it, let me give you a release.”

I cupped her breast as my legs felt weak. I kissed her neck as I felt her breath change. I could feel the pressure building up and then orgasmed. I could feel myself pulsating against her fingers. My head went blank in pleasure. She held her hand against my clit allowing it to calm down. “Good thing you are not loud when you cum, or else both of us might be in trouble. You better get out there and kick some ass now. I don’t want that ass Cole to win. God, I don’t know why you guys hang out with him.” Ava looked out her door, “go, nobody is looking.” and shoved me out of her room.

God, am I in trouble, I’ve always thought that Ava was off-limits; it’s always felt weird flirting with the forbidden.

I went back and my mind was clear. After playing a bit I heard my cellphone go off and it was Ava. She sent me a selfie of her lying in her bed, I could tell she was shirtless, and there was a vibrator in the corner. “Next time I’ll replace something in the picture.” I texted back, I’m playing with fire.

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