Pyjama Party

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The day that my daughter, Susan, turned eighteen she had a pyjama party. She was probably the youngest of her immediate group of friends and so I had half a dozen eligible and nubile young females floating around the house in their pyjamas.

I’m no fool. I knew exactly what to do in a situation like this. I became Brer Fox. I went into hiding, lying low and saying nothing.

It was after midnight before the noise settled down and the girls started dropping off to sleep. By one am it was dead quiet in the house, as I was also asleep. Something woke me at three am and I went on the prowl to make sure that everything was all right.

I found Kelly in the kitchen, getting a glass of water. Kelly was blonde and big busted. I mention the big bust because I had always wondered if she wore padded bras. Now here she was in my kitchen in the wee small hours of the morning, wearing flannelette pyjamas that were noticeably strained across the front.

“Kelly,” I said, nodding to her by way of greeting.

“Hi, Mr Wilson,” she returned. “Woke up thirsty,” she added, holding up her glass of water.

“And noisy,” I said with a grin, laughing at her blush.

“Sorry for disturbing you,” she said.

“You’ve always disturbed me,” I told her, watching her blush spread. “Seeing you’re here, you can answer a question for me.”

“What’s that?” she asked, curious.

“Are these real? Do you mind if I take a look to see?”

I reached out and flicked open the top button of her pyjamas. Kelly stood there looking slightly stunned. She was still standing, mouth slightly open when I flicked the second button.

“What are you doing?” she asked, surprise evident in her voice.

“I’m undoing your buttons so I can look at your breasts,” I said calmly, flicking open the next button. “I’ve always considered them to be rather a splendid pair and have often wanted to see them.”

By this time I’d flicked open the last button and her pyjama top separated slightly. I took it by the collar and eased it off her shoulders, giving me an excellent view of her breasts.

“Mr Wilson,” she suddenly protested. “You can’t do that.”

“Of course I can,” I pointed out. “I just have. You mean I shouldn’t do it.”

“You know what I mean,” she retorted.

“I do,” I admitted, “and if you expect an apology you’re crazy. You have a wonderful pair of breasts and definitely worth my while taking a look.”

Kelly gave me a real feminine look, put down her glass of water and started to straighten her top.

“A moment, Kelly, before you do that,” I said.

Kelly paused, looking at me, hands holding her pyjama top but not yet bahis siteleri closing the gap.

“They say one may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb,” I told her, “So if you care to wait a moment. . .”

I reached over, hooked my thumbs around her pyjama bottoms and pushed them down, taking my time. Kelly just stood there, watching it happen, apparently not believing I was really doing that.

Standing back for a moment I nodded my appreciation.

“Very nice, Kelly. Very nice indeed.”

I reached out and touched a nipple, then dragged my finger across her breasts until I had reached her other nipple. Moving downward I traced a line down to her mons and rubbed it lightly.

“The question is, what do we do now,” I murmured.

The answer was, hear a voice call out to Kelly. Kelly squeaked and had her pyjama bottom back into place in no time flat and hastily buttoned her top. Everything was back in place, including Kelly picking up her glass of water, when Susan wandered in.

“Oh, there you are. What’s up, Daddy,” she asked.

“I heard a noise and was just checking that everything is OK,” I said. “Kelly was just getting a glass of water.”

“Did I wake everyone in the house?” muttered Kelly, looking embarrassed.

“Nah, just me and Dad from the look of it,” she was told. “We’re light sleepers.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m going back to bed. Good night. Nice seeing you, Kelly,” I added.

An interesting interlude, I thought, and one never knew, it might have become a lot more interesting. Kelly had definitely been slightly excited by what I was doing, even if she had also seemed a little stunned.

I was smiling when I went back to sleep.

I rose reasonably early the next morning and, while I didn’t seriously expect a bunch of teenage girls to get up early on a Saturday morning, I made damn sure I was dressed before I ventured out of my bedroom.

Fortunate that I did so, because I’d barely eaten breakfast when Kelly and another of the girls came wandering into the kitchen. Kelly blushed when she saw me, but she smiled and said hullo.

I acknowledged both the girls, commenting that I was surprised that they’d managed to get out of bed so early. Jenny, the other girl, said she had to work that morning. That explained why she was already dressed. Kelly, I was pleased to note, was still in pyjamas.

I lingered over a cup of coffee while the two girls scoffed some breakfast, then Jenny shot through to her job, leaving Kelly stranded with me.

“Um, I’m just going back to bed for a while,” muttered Kelly, indicating the direction of the bedroom.

I stood up and moved around canlı bahis siteleri to where she was standing, edging toward the door.

“Why?” I asked, smiling. “Afraid that I’ll sneak another peak?”

Kelly blushed. “Of course not,” she muttered.

“You should be,” I told her and I was already working on her buttons.

“No, Mr Wilson,” she said, a touch of nervousness in her voice. “Someone could come at any moment.”

“Highly unlikely,” I murmured. “Am I to understand you don’t really want me to undo your top?”

“You know I don’t,” she muttered. “You took me by surprise last night.”

“True, but it was exciting, wasn’t it. What do you think would have happened if Susan hadn’t come to see what was going on?”

“Nothing,” Kelly stated emphatically. “I mean, I hardly know you.”

“Actually, you’ve known me for years. And now that I’ve seen a bit more of you I want to get to know you better. Undo your buttons. I want to see if your breasts are as lovely as I remember.”

“I’ve already pointed out someone might come,” Kelly protested. “I have no intention of undoing my buttons.”

“But you want to,” I pointed out. I reached out and tapped where an erect nipple was pressing against her top. “You’re dying to have me take another look. Knowing someone may come just makes it more exciting. Now be a good girl and undo them.”

Kelly flung a look over her shoulder to the bedroom where the rest of the girls were snoring their little had off. She swung back to me, looking slightly harried.

“I’m only undoing the top,” she muttered, fingers flicking lightly over her buttons.

That was alright by me. I was quite capable of taking off her pyjama bottom.

With her buttons undone and her top gaping slightly she stood there, breathing heavily. She didn’t try to resist, not even verbally, when I brushed the top back off her shoulders, giving me a proper view of her chest.

Her nipples were already erect and Kelly gave a little gasp when I cupped her breasts, rolling the nipples under my thumbs. From there I traced my hands down her sides and took hold of her pyjama’s waistband.

“I said just the top,” she protested as I started sliding her pyjamas down.

“I know. I heard you but I’m just ignoring it,” I reassured her. “You really want these out the way.”

As soon as her pyjamas were pushed over her bottom they slid quite easily down her legs with no help needed from me. I was in favour of that as I had other things to do with my hands.

Kelly leant back against the wall, eyes half closed, letting my hands get acquainted with her body. She was breathing hard, almost gasping canlı bahis for air, as she slowly writhed under my touch. My hands stroked and probed, sliding into places where they shouldn’t go but were eagerly welcomed.

In the midst of this I still had time to unzip and direct Kelly’s hand there. She pressed hard against my trousers, her hand measuring what was beneath the cloth, squeezing it. Getting up her nerve her hand darted past the open zip to see what she could find.

She seemed to appreciate what she found as she pulled it into the light where she could pay it closer attention. Too much attention in my opinion, as her touch was doing devastating things to my libido.

“Enough,” I told her, pulling free. A toe to her ankle had her moving her legs further apart.

Kelly leaned back against the wall, her shoulders pressed to it, but her hips thrust forward. She watched as I slowly eased my cock between her lips, edging into place. Her eyes seemed to widen slightly as the head of my cock eased past her lips, letting them close around me.

I paused at that point, just holding steady. Seeing I wasn’t moving, Kelly lifted her eyes to look at me.

“Now?” I asked, and Kelly nodded frantically.

With that I drove full into her with one powerful thrust. Kelly’s hips drove forward to meet me as I came, and she hissed her relief.

Then we started moving against each other, gently rocking in place. Oddly enough, considering where we were, we were in no hurry. We just took it easy, moving easily together, finding pleasure in each other’s bodies.

This was one of those times when there was no frantic race to a climax. We just rocked together, me sliding in and out of Kelly, with her moving in unison, helping me along. It just seemed to go on and on, pleasure accumulating and excitement growing.

I could tell when Kelly was finally nearing a climax. Her movements became a shade more frenetic, she was breathing raggedly, her eyes closed as her thoughts turned inward.

Ever ready to help, I drilled into her a bit more firmly, at the same time covering her mouth with mine. I finally gave a convulsive jerk and spilled inside Kelly, which was enough to help her on her way. She groaned, deep in her throat and gripped me tightly, shivering lightly as her climax swept through her.

We stayed together for another minute or so. Kelly finally opening her eyes, looking a little stunned. We separated, both of us breathing rather heavily, and then Kelly realised where we were. She hastily had her pyjama pants back up and started on her buttons, face scarlet.

“God,” she muttered. “If anyone had come in I’d never have lived it down.”

“But no-one did, so there’s no need to worry,” I murmured. “Coffee?”

“No thanks,” Kelly said. “I’m going to have a shower and get dressed. It’s dangerous to wander around in this house in pyjamas.”

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