‘Research’ Project Ch. 03

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Not just any ordinary house guests would receive this delivery to the bedroom. Not every bedroom delivery would have such a combination of items together. Alexis took pride in displaying her collection of evening essentials. She set down the tray next to Emily. He reached across Emily’s lap to get a closer look at the bottle of lotion. Emily went for the wine. Alexis questioned whether either of them were in the mood yet for anything else. Emily did complement her on her cord-decorated silver tray.

He sat back and gripped the bottle of lotion between his thighs to warm it. Alexis explained that this is what the bowl of hot water was for. One strange item explained, finally. He only had to wait now for the purpose of the heating pad. That will have to wait.

Emily offered to pour the others some wine before plunking the bottle back in the ice bucket. Somewhat rare, they preferred their merlot a little on the cool side. She nestled up next to him against the headboard and tapped the pillow on her other side for Alexis to join. She did and there they sat for a while drinking and getting their blood flow back to normal after that hot bath.

Emily came back first and spread her legs to put her feet on his and Alexis’ ankles. The flirtation was reciprocated by both parties and the fun began once more. With her legs parted so far as to reach the others’ legs, her pussy was open for business. Suddenly she felt two hands from opposite sides stroking and petting her. A hand of a strong man met the tender touch of the woman. She could not make mental sense of the conflicting feels and she had to close her eyes to focus. It happened to be when both sets of fingers connected and played together against her that she began to twist in response. They watched her display of appreciation as they worked her into a fantastic wetness.

Little moans escaped her and they looked at one another over her head as she slouched to get more relaxed. Each of them held a breast and began the slow teasing. Each of them had their own way of handling a breast, and Emily was the center of it. He held it like it was a toy, a method of foreplay and arousal. Alexis was subayevleri escort more from the view of appreciating the female body. She noticed the way she responded to his touch and she adjusted hers. He also noticed Emily’s response to Alexis and he changed too.

As they tried to play by the rules of another gender, Emily won out. Neither of them realized that any touch would get her aroused. He was the first to lean forward and begin to suck her as she became ready. Alexis let go of that hot breast and grabbed him by the hair. His instant moan triggered Emily to reach up for Alexis’ chest, or any other part of her where her hand may land. With very little guidance, Emily was soon massaging and reciprocating on the tremendous feelings Alexis was providing.

He lightened up on just how much he was contributing to the pleasure of his girl. Instead, he spun his position to their feet and watched from another angle. Aside from a little lotion enhanced foot massage for the ladies, he was now hands-off. He could work their feet and legs and watch the erotic interactions. These women were obviously becoming more comfortable with one another. There were still a few awkward moments, but they were able to work them out. His presence for whatever reason did not bother them. He knew Emily had not done much of this before. Alexis had him doubting.

Between the two women in front of him, he was feeling non-existent. He was living a dream and the characters could not sense his presence. They were wrapped in the moment and thoroughly enjoying one another. Light sensual kisses became heavier tongue-based engagements and a bit of slurping and smacking of the lips was turning him on in such a new way.

He always fantasized this scene. Now that he was seeing his girl with another woman, he was paying attention to his every breath. His woman was learning step-by-step as though creating a college research project. They were solid in their explorations. They were more thorough than college students. Being adults, they were excited by this whole night. Alexis and Emily were realizing the fondness shared between yenidoğan escort them and He was there to witness the transformation of all three of them. He was learning with all their research as well.

Finally without relying on mirrors and a prayer, he could watch and remember the motions that got her off. He could see the look on her face when she was touched just right. Whether it was an unsuspected stroke (and only one) of her panting pussy, or a brushing of her tense nipple through the silk sheet, her responses were consistent with his own moments with her. He’d remember what was best and he’d remember more so what it was about the two women getting off on one another that would make him hardest.

The hard cock in his hand between his folded legs was enjoying the show as well, since he had already covered his hands with lotion for their feet. Sliding uuupppp and baaack from tip to base over and over, he finally stopped as his hand capped the end of his cock. Holding it a second and letting it slip and press through his grasp for the feeling of pressing into Emily, he was living his fantasy.

These two nude women before him were changing positions and lowering themselves into a more reclined position. Alexis grabbed her own breast and held it as an offering to Emily. She accepted and stretched one arm towards her man. Now is when she wanted him to join. He was hardly breathing at this point, but a “no, you ladies continue” was able to slip across his tongue. They went on without him. Emily wrapped her lips around that plush breast and sucked until her cheeks caved in and Alexis moaned.

He sat up straight and tightened his grip, but the pace of the stroke remained. In an instant, he was ready to cum. The women went on with or without him, but Emily managed to keep a hand connected to him for security. Unsure if was to make him feel secure or if it was for her, she was comforted by the feel of Alexis as she pressed her fingers inside her. She was comforted by the familiar jostling of her man jerking off. Emily was able to tell Alexis how much harder to press into her, and how much more teasing yenimahalle escort of her clit she could handle before she, too came.

The feel of silk beneath them added to the eroticism. Alexis realized that this couple she was with had never really spent much time on them, which explained why they slid all over. They all shared a chuckle which soon became a bit of another research project for them. Alexis wanted front row viewing of this horny couple having sex as they know sex. After the next glass of wine, they went for it.

Alexis watched intently and participated as best she could. While he was entering her doggy style, Alexis watched from a profile to see just how much Emily’s tits swayed with his pumping and grinding. As she got the jist, her attention shifted to the amount of play in his balls. Depending on the moment, she either had to watch him from the back or she could see clearly how sexy he was in this motion.

With enough of an idea, Alexis tipped onto her back and slid her head beneath Emily’s belly. Her lips found their way to her swinging tits and as she latched onto one, Emily screamed. The sucking got harder the screams maintained and caused him to bang harder. Alexis could also reach him from where she lay. Her coordinated left hand grabbed him just hard enough that he could feel the manual cage around him, holding him snug. When she heard him grunt at her touch, she released that tasty breast to shift her head to the sexual connection. Her tongue made its way to get a taste of her nectar straight from his cock.

Emily was overrun with sensations, but when he realized what she was doing, he slowed to avoid slamming her face. He started up a fast penetrating pulsation with his fattened head. As soon as he felt it pop over her tightened lips, he’d pull away and go it again. Alexis had ample space to get her face in to give them alternating oral sex. He took one hand off Emily’s hip to grab hold of Alexis’ pussy for a rub-down. With each of them wanting the other to cum first, it worked out so they had a massive and intense climax together.

He shot it all over Emily’s back while Alexis reached around to run a fingertip through all he left behind. She tasted it, then offered a second fingerful to Emily. After a brief moan and gasp for another breath, they toppled on top of one another. Soon they were wrapped snugly in the silk sheets, staring at the dancing reflections on the ceiling.

Nobody said a word.

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