Research Subject with Mom

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Perspective: Dr. Priya Varma

By this point, Priya was hitting her stride as the police department’s top psychologist. Most of her methods were textbook procedure, however, her curious mind led her to pursue treatments that could be characterized as unorthodox and holistic.

The foray into the world of incest was a revelation. It taught Priya that she could do anything, that the world of psychology was limitless. That sex and mental health were often intertwined.

Female detectives were her favorite. Mom/son couplings were even better. Combined, it was the best of both worlds. A female detective fucking her own son. The very thought would sweep Priya’s breath away.

Now there was a chance to delve deeper. She’d been assigned to handle a female detective who was recently suspended for two reasons:

1. Excessive use of force while making an arrest.

2. Signs of depression as reported by colleagues.

Priya remained naked after a shower, freshly dried, and she laid on the bed with a folder in hand. The keys to the detective’s re-instatement depended on mandatory psychological evaluations.

Personnel File

Name: Carolyn Bennett

Age: 46

Gender: Female

Rank: Detective

Unit: Burglary/Robbery

Experience: 22 years (15 year police officer — 7 year detective)

The rest of the report contained mental impressions made of the detective over the years, performance evaluations, and any complaints filed against her.

Closing her eyes, Priya tossed the file down and laid deeper into the bed, feeling the room’s air on her skin, thinking of how to approach the situation. This was like meditation for her. Total concentration on the task at hand. She reached between her legs and touched herself.

Their first meeting happened two days later at approximately 9:30 in the morning. As expected, it was a mostly icy affair as most law enforcement agents view these evaluations as a waste of time. A large part of Priya’s job, however, was to convince them otherwise.

When the first meeting ended, Priya refused to reinstate the detective back to active duty, leaving the detective annoyed that this would continue. Nonetheless, the detective’s mental health was of the utmost importance.

Priya wrote a custom plan in her office after giving much thought.


SUBJECTIVE: Detective Carolyn Bennett, although dismissive of these sessions, has made a small breakthrough with her bout of depression. At the end of the first session she admitted to having suicidal thoughts in her teenage years.

She has also admitted to feeling “burnt out” and occasionally “overstressed” in recent months. The city has experienced an increase in crime this past year and budget cuts have placed a greater burden on law enforcement officers.

OBJECTIVE: Tell-tale signs of depression are visible if carefully examined. I notice that she forces herself to make a ‘happy face’ where she smiles but her eyes are unchanged. Colleagues have noted that she eats less and she’s become thinner. She brushes off any question/comment about her own happiness and tries to change the subject.

ASSESSMENT: One of the things Det. Bennett mentions (however reluctantly) is her divorce. She’s been single for the last 4 years and remains in constant communication with her ex-husband; they have a 20 year old son who alternates living with both parents.

It appears Det. Bennett views this as a failure in her life. She acknowledges the regrets she has for exposing her son to a divorce. She refuses to discuss this in any detail, which leads me to believe that this is a deeply rooted issue for her.

PLAN: I want to continue meeting with Det. Bennett for at least five more sessions, which she has already been informed of. She must prove that she can commit to an actionable plan that can provide her with the treatment she needs.

Action: …..

Excluded from the assessment report was that Priya already had a detailed action plan in mind. One that she wouldn’t even save on her office computer. It was only between her and the detective — no one else.

She typed a new Action Plan, folded it, and placed it inside an envelope which she taped closed. Pressing her brown lips against the white envelope, she gave it a kiss. This had all the potential to be her masterpiece. She placed the envelope on her desk, beside a family picture.

Their next meeting was 11 a.m the following day. Priya kept the envelope on her lap while they sat across from each other in the office.

“I want to begin the process of getting you reinstated,” Priya said. “It should be resolved within two weeks, depending on how fast things move.”

“That sounds reasonable.”

She reached over and handed the envelope to the detective.

“Give that to your son. Then give him privacy. I want your son to fill it out and sign it.”

Detective Bennett gave a hard squint. “My son?”


“My ability to resume my job is dependent on my son?”

Priya yalova escort was unmoved. “Yes, do you have a problem with that?”

“Actually, I do. My son is a college student, he has nothing to do with this, and it feels inappropriate to give…”

“If you have a problem,” Priya said, cutting off the detective. “Then you can talk to the Chief of Police or the Commissioner, who have vested in me the full authority over your suspension.”

Pulling rank always does the trick and the detective’s attitude shifted.

“Okay, fine, you win,” the detective said. “I’ll get this little permission slip signed and we’ll be done?”

“We would be on the right track. To clarify, you are not allowed to view the content of the envelope. And you are not allowed to discuss this with anyone.”

Detective Bennett held the letter up. “What exactly am I supposed to say?”

“Tell your son to review the letter and provide honest answers. When he signs it, come back, and we’ll proceed with the rest of our sessions.”

“You seem to take pleasure in belittling me.”

“The pleasure comes later,” Priya replied.

Detective Bennett laughed and shook her head. “We’ll see. I don’t want to argue. I’ll have my son do this tonight. When can we meet again?”

“How about tomorrow, same time?”

“As it turns out, my schedule is wide open. See you then.”

The still-annoyed detective got up and left, while Priya remained seated, watching those legs move, admiring that beauty.

A lot was on the line. Priya knew that if the letter was shown to the police department heads, she’d lose her job, and if it were shown to the medical board, then she’d lose her license. But she trusted her instincts and knew that cops rarely snitch.

10 a.m. the next morning, Priya made a point to dress prettier for the appointment — office skirt with a silk blouse — and she put on more makeup than usual. She also had a second cup of coffee for more alertness. It was a big day and she needed to act like it.

The detective sat in front of her again, same seat, same casualness, same annoyance that this was still happening.

Priya was given back the letter, which had the seal broken.

“There it is,” Detective Bennett said. “My son completed it.”

“How long did he take to fill it out?”

“I don’t know. Maybe 15 minutes.”

“That sounds reasonable. Now let’s have a look.”

Priya opened the letter casually, a burning desire deep within, eager to see how this plan would unfold and how a son would answer the questions.

To her delight, every question on the form was answered in earnest.


Note: This document is protected by doctor-patient privilege and will remain confidential.

To: Warren Bennett

From: Dr. Varma


We’ve never met, but I’m Dr. Varma and I’m the specialist in charge of treating your mother. A sad reality is that many in the law enforcement community suffer from mental health related issues, which often stems from the important work that they do.

Your mother likely suffers from depression. You may be aware of the symptoms she is exhibiting.

My job (and my passion) is to assist with the recovery process, and with your help, we can make great strides in bringing her to a better place. Although the questions below may seem bizarre, you’ll have to trust me, my experience, and my professional judgment.

Again, everything in this letter is privileged information and will remain between you, me, and your mother.

Thank you,

Dr. Varma


1 = Nonexistent

10 = The absolute most

Ratings: Please answer these questions to the best of your ability, whether it be guesses or rough approximations.

How would you rate your [own] sex drive: 8

How would you rate your mother’s sex drive (guess): 3

Your mother’s natural beauty: 8

The sexiness your mother dresses around the house: 5

The sexiness your mother dresses at work: 7

Your mother’s current mood: 4

Your mother’s efforts towards finding a romantic partner: 2

Do you believe that great sex changes someone’s mood? [y/n] yes

Would your mother’s mood improve if she had regular sex? [y/n] yes

Should she have a regular sex partner? [y/n] yes

If offered, would YOU be your mother’s assistant? [y/n] yes????

Thank you for your participation and candor.


Below the letter, as requested, was Warren’s email and phone number, along with a proper signature.

After getting the answers she wanted, Priya shifted her attention back to the detective, who seemed bored and genuinely oblivious to the letter’s content.

“Would you like to read your son’s answers?” Priya asked.

“Sure, why not?”

Priya handed the letter to the detective, who glanced at the page, not expecting much out of it. But when Detective Bennett’s eyes narrowed and held the page closer, it became clear this was anything but normal.

“Is this a joke?” Detective Bennett asked incredulously, yalova escort bayan letter in hand. “Did the department put you up to this?”

Priya remained stoic. “No, it’s not a joke.”

“Then what is it?”

“Detective Bennett, what I’m proposing is a unique solution to your current mental state. I think of it as cum therapy.”

“Cum therapy?”

“The concept of having regular orgasms — and giving orgasms in exchange — to heal the body and mind. It’s an unorthodox approach and something that should stay between us. If you follow this program, then I would gladly lift your suspension and you’ll be back to work.”

The detective cracked a smile. “I’ve got to hand it to you, Dr. Varma, you do have a great sense of humor. Who put you up to this? Who are the pranksters that I need to slap across the face for bringing my son into this?”

“I assure you, it’s not a joke,” Priya said with a straight face.

“Of course it is,” Detective Bennett replied, holding up the letter. “You had me show this letter to my son with all sorts of intrusive sexual questions. I could report you if this was real.”

Sitting across from each other, Priya spread her legs and hiked her office skirt so that her brown thighs showed. When she spread a little more, her curly black pubic hairs were visible. She reached down and spread her labia, giving the detective a clear view of a pink pussy, which had just turned wet.

“Does this prove I’m serious?” Priya asked, still holding her pussy open.

This was the biggest risk of her life. She watched the detective’s eyes go up and down, from her pussy back to her face.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” the detective replied.

“That’s privileged information. I can’t answer that.”

“Then what can you say? I’m interested in how your mind works.”

“I believe the answer is simple,” Priya said. “Women with power intimidate most men. They’re afraid to approach you, and in bed, they’re afraid of giving you what your body needs. Sometimes women just want sex to release tension. No flowers. No chocolates. Just a hard dick inside.”

“I’d say that’s a fairly accurate statement.”

“We know it is. And at your age range, a lot of men are either married, neutered by society, or lack the necessary hormones and stamina.”


“Simply put, most men your age lack the primal hunting instincts and sex drive to satisfy a woman with your stress levels.”

“Also true.”

“What about the son?” Priya offered. “Unlike other young men, a son will never tell anyone. A son has incentive to keep the secret because it would also ruin him if the news spread.”

“I’m still listening.”

“Young men find older women extremely attractive. They are full of testosterone and need release as often as possible. They have amazing staying power. Your mature beauty is a bonus to them. Your authority also makes you a great conquest.”

“Unfortunately they lack bedroom skills and etiquette,” Detective Bennett replied humorously. “Not that I’d know. It’s only an assumption.”

“A correct assumption. But the advantage of doing this with your son is that you live together. You have all the time in the world to teach him. And as the mother, your son naturally has respect for you.”

There was a long, hard stare from the detective.

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Your son will fuck you like his life depended on it,” Priya said with great confidence. “That’s the reason these sorts of mom/son relationships often turn out so well. Because a son can offer superior sex.”

“Maybe I don’t care about sex.”

“You still need my signature to lift your suspension. And in my professional opinion, what’s missing in your life is great sex. Hard, rough, and often.”

She spread her legs further, showing how moist she was, showing how serious she was about this. Priya could tell that the detective was aroused, that somewhere beneath that tough exterior was a woman who craved dominant sex.

Perspective: Detective Carolyn Bennett

Why are good things found in forbidden places? Carolyn agonized over that simple question. She was at the whim of the police psychologist and she liked being pushed to unknown places. It gave her a dirty, twisted rush that she hadn’t felt in years, because eventually the high you get from arresting criminals starts to feel normal.

The orders from Dr. Varma were clear: The rating scale answered by her son must maintain an average score of 8 so her suspension could be lifted. Falling below a score of 8 would result in ongoing treatment.

Would she be fucking her son? Of course not. Never in a million years. The important thing was keeping her sex-crazed psychologist happy, and if that meant playing dirty games with her son, then so be it.

Days later, she went to the mall for accessories and undergarments. Things she’d never purchased before. If she was going to do it, she was going to do it right. Carolyn bought sexy lingerie and heels. escort yalova She was never the type to wear that for anybody. She’d always been a tomboy growing up and was more inclined to liking masculine things.

When the saleswoman smiled and noted that there must be a ‘lucky man’ in her life, she answered, ‘if you only knew.’

In another store she purchased makeup and the employee helped her find items that accentuated her facial features. The mascara brought out the color of her eyes. The blush enhanced her fair skin.

After arriving home, she put the shopping bags on her bed and got to work. Stripping naked, she wore her new undergarments and lingerie. Then she put a touch of makeup on her face.

This new version of herself took her by surprise. She wondered what others in the police department would think. She was certain that men would get a real kick out of this new appearance. Gone was the straight-forward female detective who told dirty jokes and guzzled beer with the guys at the bar. Gone was the tough exterior.

Gazing in the mirror, she almost looked like a porn star. The small size of the lingerie highlighted her toned legs and arms, courtesy of a regular weight lifting routine at the department gym. The makeup made her look more feminine.

Wanting to scale things back a little, she put on a blouse and buttoned it, right over the lingerie. Even though it didn’t match, it still got the job done, she thought.

She went barefoot towards her son’s room and knocked on the door. As expected, Warren laughed as she struck a pose. In all honesty, they hadn’t had this kind of fun in years. It brought back memories of when she used to dress up with her son on Halloween and they’d try on different outfits.

“Well?” she asked with a playful seduction. “What do you think?”

“Perfect 10. If that’s not a 10, I don’t know what is.”

“Good answer.”

“Except for that blouse,” Warren replied, eyeing her body. “It doesn’t match what you have under.”

“What I have under isn’t appropriate. Just like when you told Dr. Varma that you wanted to fuck me. Not appropriate.”

He gave a wry smile and a shrug. “That was for the questionnaire. What else was I supposed to say? The psychologist clearly wanted a certain set of answers.”

“Fair point.”

“Rules are rules, though. I’ve already signed a government document saying I’d give my honest opinion.”

“Illegal contracts are inadmissible,” she replied.

He shrugged again. “Either way, I have to give my honest opinion on what you do around here. That’s how it goes.”

“You and Dr. Varma are both sneaky little cunts.”

As a woman of her word, Carolyn had also signed a symbolic agreement with Dr. Varma to participate to the best of her ability. And she knew her son was a terrible liar, which the doctor would spot immediately on a phone conversation.

So while her son looked on, she unbuttoned her blouse like it wasn’t a big deal. Her mindset was that the sooner this was over, the sooner she’d be back on the job, and it was a job she lived for.

The blouse was open and the front of her lingerie was showing. She held the blouse wide open so that her son could have a good look. The cups covered her breasts, but her stomach and chest were showing through the sheer material.

Carolyn turned around and lifted the blouse from behind so that her legs and butt would show. The lingerie covered the crack of her ass, but her cheeks were exposed. She could only imagine the look on her son’s face and she wondered what he must have been thinking seeing this for the very first time.

When she turned to face her son, she could tell that Warren enjoyed the show.

“I expect full 10 scores for that,” she said, buttoning her clothes.

“That’s more like a 7.5 average to be honest. You’re being held to the highest standard.”


“Because you’re a police detective. The public demands high standards from government agents like you.”

Spur the moment, Carolyn reached inside her left cup and pulled a breast out, showing Warren a pink nipple that was long and erect.

“This is for extra points,” she said, before tucking her breast away. “And don’t forget it.”

With a smile on her lips, she adjusted her breast cups and left the room.

Not a word was spoken about it when they had dinner later. But the mood between them changed. She knew this was something her son would always remember, but she kept reminding herself that it was harmless. A small price to pay for getting the suspension lifted.

Later that night, she expected that Dr. Varma would call her son, she just didn’t know when exactly. She kept the door to her bedroom open to listen for a phone conversation.

At approximately 8:23 p.m., she heard talking, then she tiptoed down the hall towards her son’s closed bedroom door.

“That’s right… yeah… yeah… so for the updated ratings, I’m giving her a 9, 7, 7, 9, 6 and a 5… yeah, that’s too bad… she’s trying really hard though… I could see that happening… yeah… okay, thanks…. talk to you next time.”

When the call ended, Carolyn was mad as hell. Forget secrecy, she was becoming more furious by the second and she needed to let her son know.

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