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Misty stretched and looked up from her book as John got home from work. She was so looking forward to surprising him! She walked over to help him take off his jacket and shoes, and kissed him hello. “How was your day, sweetheart? I’ve missed you.”

“You know, not the best, but much better now that I’m with you. What have you been up to today?”

Her heart was beating fast, and she was starting to feel flushed. It was taking effect; she’d timed it perfectly. “Well, I got a package today, something I think you’re going to like.” She felt the fabric of her shirt shifting over her chest.

“Oh really? A present, for me? It’s not even my birthday. I can’t wait to see what it is.”

“You’ll see really soon. Now sweetie, I know you tell me all the time how much you love me, but I also know you’re into, well, bodies that aren’t like mine.”

“Misty, hun, we’ve talked about this, and you know I don’t…”

“Yeah, yeah, but we both like big boobs, and we both like the idea of me having them. So, I did some research, and I found these…pills.” She could feel it happening now, her breasts were swelling up already. She’d expected this to be fast, but hadn’t been prepared for how good it felt.

“I mean, if you want to try it, I won’t complain. Just don’t get disappointed if it takes a long time for not much effect.”

She grinned at him, and grabbed the hem of her shirt. “Oh, John, I don’t think either of us will be disappointed. I already took some, and they’re the real deal. Do you want to…okay, this is ridiculous. Boss, just stop.”

John looked confused for a moment, then froze into immobility before he could ask the question forming on his lips. The scene faded, and Misty was in a rather sparsely furnished apartment, standing next to a holosystem that was the only thing in the whole place that had been updated recently.

Thomas was looking at her with an exasperated expression. He was tall and thin, with a mop of blonde hair that needed a trim and blue eyes that looked perpetually tired. He’d fallen on hard times when the holo studio he worked for in Daitoshi collapsed, and was trying to rebuild in one of the most promising arenas for independent holo artists: mature content. Misty had to admit, he was darn good at what he did; his coding skills were top notch, his eye for animating human figures was excellent, and he was dedicated. Even after losing his job, trying to make a living on art without an employer to back him, he volunteered hours of his time and skill each week towards a massive, collaborative holo-project for the expansion and transformation community. That project paid off for him, too, getting him name recognition with some of the biggest players in size kink, as well as plenty of practice modeling exceptional anatomy.

That was enough to keep him afloat. He knew what the next step was, though, if he wanted to turn smutty expansion holos into a career instead of a hobby; he needed interactive stories. Unfortunately, that’s where Tom’s talent ran thin; it was a rare person who could easily handle both sides of the creative endeavor, serving as both writer and artist, and he just didn’t have much skill yet at crafting a narrative. He’d done some successful collaboration pieces, but nothing that had led to a long-term partnership. Several months back, frustrated at his lack of inspiration and slow progress, he’d wished he had a muse to help him along. No mystical figure or supportive partner seemed forthcoming, so he’d decided to put his coding skills to use, and made one. The result of his efforts, after dozens of sleepless nights and countless hours of research, was Misty.

Creating a simple AI that could follow a script and do some mild improvisation was relatively straightforward, a routine task for any holo artist. Taking it a step further to craft a truly independent intelligence wasn’t an entirely different endeavor, since Cyberdream was, in a sense, one big holoprogram anyway. Still, Tom had been nervous activating Misty for the first time, concerned that she’d be unable to move beyond programmed responses, or just collapse in a tangle of improperly routed logic.

He’d done it, though, and she was perfect. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of every expansion, transformation, and size kink story ever made, a powerful desire to help him both create and improve his skills, and control over her image sufficient to be any character they could conceive of together. What he hadn’t expected was how her personality matrix would end up so…worldly. She was never mean to him, never cruel in her criticism, but she had a mind designed for writing expansion smut, and she spoke her mind freely. Which meant he was in for an earful.

“Alright, Misty, what’s the problem? It looked like it was coming along nicely to me.”

“Come on, boss, pills? Nobody’s taken pills in fifty years, probably longer. Half the people who watch it won’t understand what you’re talking about!”

“It’s a classic! Unreasonably effective medicines have been in expansion stories forever. It’s the main alternative to magic, and way more believable.”

“It was the alternative. Life is different now. bursa escort It’s not a classic plot, it’s just old. You want a believable story, you can’t use a plot device that wouldn’t do anything in the world we live in.”

“Well, maybe it’s set in the physical world…like a hundred years ago…but one where this would work. Okay, yeah, you have a point. So what do you suggest?”

“Pick a setting where you can do the expansion you want. Maybe fantasy?” Misty’s image blurred, and she resolved into a green-skinned, pointy-eared woman who was eye-level with his belt and dressed in dark leather. “Everyone loves a goblin girl. Especially when you make them curvy and lusty.” Her breasts pumped out into huge, round orbs that hid her tiny torso, while her butt swelled to match, hips and thighs flaring until she was as wide as she was tall.

“True, but not everyone can put themselves into that scenario. I want to be relatable.”

“Okay, maybe we take it the other way. Make it the human future.” Another blurring, and she was a tall, willowy woman with dark hair, serious eyes, and a red-and-black uniform. “Commander, the readings from this planet are quite unusual. I’m detecting strange anomalies that, oh. Oh my. C-commander, don’t beam me back, I oh!” The seams of her futuristic jumpsuit stretched and strained as her breasts and belly filled out, impossibly firm and round. She fell forward onto her billowing globes, and they burst free of their confinement, steadily lifting her on their ballooning sphericity.

“Better, but too speculative. I want something that will resonate with people, you know? Not let them live out a dream, but let them pretend the dream is real.”

“Then set it here and now.” She flickered to her most usual appearance, a full-figured redhead he found particularly attractive, which was why he’d picked it. “There are countless ways to make an expansion story happen in Cyberdream. Explore some aspect of it that interests you. Maybe some malicious code escapes from a holo like the one you’re trying to make, and starts oh no, oh wow, what’s happening to me?” She was growing taller and bustier, her clothes slowly tearing as her head approached the ceiling and her tits approached her navel.

“Misty, that literally happened last month! It happened because of a project I’m helping create!”

“Yeah, boss, that’s what makes it believable.”

“Okay, that specifically would be too on the nose, but I like the general idea. Use it to explore something about the ‘Dream, huh?” He looked her up and down, taking in the sight of the muse he’d created. He’d spent months on her, she was his masterpiece, more effective than he’d thought he could manage. Hmm. “I might have some ideas. Why don’t we call it a night? I’ll put together a new draft, and we’ll come at this again tomorrow?”

“Whatever you say, boss. You want company tonight?” She hefted her prodigious breasts and smirked down at him.

“Tempting, very tempting, but I need some time to work, not play. You’re free for the evening.”

“Fair enough. I have some new stories I need to integrate anyway. ‘Night, boss.”


It was late afternoon when Misty decided she should check on Thomas. She hadn’t seen him all day, and when he got into his creative groove, he sometimes forgot to eat. She wasn’t designed to be his caretaker or anything, merely an assistant for his script writing, but she felt a loyalty to him that had nothing to do with her primary function. For her to have emotional responses at all was somewhat curious; many minds like her own were created as analytical machines, any emotion in their demeanor a facsimile rather than a genuine expression. Maybe it was the kind of data she’d been programmed with, or some extra care on Tom’s part, but she genuinely cared about his well-being, and even liked him. No mass-produced fuckdoll would have felt disappointed about not being invited to their owner’s bed, but she had experienced a distinct pang the previous night. It was understandable that he’d want to be alone, especially if he were diving into his work so thoroughly as to lose most of a day to it, but still, she wanted to be with him.

She found Tom reclining in his usual workspace, a few scattered notes and sketches on the desk, registered to the holo he was obviously working on. She’d have to go in to get him; shutting his work down would be rude. Transferring her code to the holosystem, her senses spilled through into the miniature world her boss was creating. An unfamiliar tug preceded her full transfer, as though she’d somehow gotten caught on a metaphorical protrusion of some sort as she entered, but nothing seemed amiss when she was fully through. She was in a richly appointed bedroom, the huge bed done up in red satin, lights turned down low. Tom was seated on the edge of the bed, chin in his hand, eyes closed, deep in thought. He didn’t even notice her until he sat up in surprise when she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey boss, you alright? It’s past lunchtime, and I’m just checking on you.”

“Misty, hey. Yeah, I’m fine, just working out the kinks in this holo. I think I’m really bursa escort bayan close, although I hope it’s not too experimental. Seriously, thank you so much. I couldn’t do this without you. You’re such a big part of my creative process.” He leaned in and kissed her. He was never this effusive with praise; maybe he really was having a breakthrough. “A bigger part of it than you know. I have to check on something, could you hang out here for a moment? I’d like to run the basics of the scene past you, once I get it stable.”

“Of course, boss. You sound excited, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great. I’ll be right back.” He stood and walked out of the room, leaving Misty to wait.

She was used to waiting; without the simulated limitations placed on individuals with an organic basis, artificial entities like herself typically ended up with plenty of free time. She took a few moments to run a self-diagnostic, that odd sensation nagging at her, but the results came back clean. “Might as well get comfortable. The bed is quite nice; I wish we had something like this at home.” She lay back on the pillows, feeling their softness give under her weight. Funny, her breasts seemed a bit too…wobbly. She looked down her body, and sure enough, she was carrying noticeably more up top than was her default. Misty sat back up, glanced around the room, and found what she expected: a fancy, full-length mirror. As she stood to walk over to it, she felt significantly more resistance to the movement, which was quite concerning. A perusal of herself in the mirror confirmed her suspicions; it wasn’t just her breasts that were larger and softer, it was her entire frame.

Aha, the spoiled rich girl gambit. Now the room made sense. A classic plot, where she’d play a bored, wealthy young woman with nothing better to do with her money than indulge in fine meals. The participant would be a servant or friend or suitor, and the story would be a series of snapshots of her steadily growing from a pleasantly plump heiress into a gloriously round and fat monument to excess. Not exactly fresh and new, but Tom might be taking it in a unique direction, especially if the character had chosen easily-afforded mods to make gluttony an easier task. Commentary on wealth and the abundant resources of Cyberdream, wrapped up in a weight gain story, not bad.

Which left only one question: why was she visibly packing on several pounds a second right now? Maybe Tom was working on the script or the visuals, but that wouldn’t affect her; she wasn’t written as a holo character, she controlled her own image and fit it to the script. Why wasn’t she in control now? Her breasts were round and heavy, larger than her head, while her belly had gone from its usual slim softness to plush rolls. She turned to better see her ass, and raised her eyebrows; she’d expected an hourglass figure, but not jiggling, rapidly swelling cheeks and broad hips that already measured further around than she was tall.

The look was certainly appealing, and Tom knew his audience, especially when it came to the visuals, but she wasn’t actually running the scenario, and however these routines had triggered, he’d want her following the script when it came time to try it out. She issued a halt…to no effect. It felt like reaching out to grasp an object that should be solid, only for her hand to pass through it. Her image continued to plump, thighs and calves thickening, arms growing large and soft, even her face looking adorably round.

The artistry was truly impressive; even with a few hundred extra virtual pounds, her figure was maintaining a balance between the sense of weight that showed in every curve, and the slightly unrealistic smoothly rounded shape common to the genre. Her tummy was getting huge, the swell of her breasts resting atop it with visible heft, and her ass was absolutely massive in both a literal and figurative sense, but she retained an obvious curvaceous femininity and probably would even thousands of pounds further on.

While she could appreciate the look, her lack of control was very concerning. Could she at least make her own changes on top, maybe some more muscle to make moving less of a hassle? A quick attempt, and no. Her image modification routines had apparently been entirely routed into the holo. What had Tom said? “Once I get it stable,” was that it? She felt a shiver that few constructed beings ever experienced: fear.

Misty made her way ponderously back to the bed, the bulk of her ass and thighs necessitating a swaying gait that set her steadily fattening tits to jiggling enough that her balance was threatened. An internal image scan informed her that she was stronger, but not nearly enough to make the weight easy to carry, merely bearable. Hopefully she just needed to wait it out; Tom had said he’d return soon, and he could fix this.

She sat on the edge of the bed, and immediately regretted it; the mattress was far too soft, and her weight sank deep into it while her knees stayed better supported by the frame. Her thick thighs pushed her belly upward, which in turn shoved her breasts into her chin. She stared downwards escort bursa at the rising mounds of flesh that had betrayed her, then looked up at the door in exasperation. It remained shut. She raised her voice, hoping he’d hear her annoyance. “Boss, if you’re not back in five, I’m going to smother you, and I promise you’ll only like it a little.”

She flopped backwards, relieving the discomfort of being folded into her own fat, and stared at the ceiling. At least the soft mattress served well here; her titanic ass pushed so far down she could lay comfortably. Of course, she could also hear the springs creaking as her growth continued unabated. Idly, she wondered how much weight he’d coded it to hold; snapping the bed frame was, of course, a stock plot element, usually a climactic one.

She attempted to squeeze her breasts up onto her chest, just to see how full they’d look when not spilling over her arms. Her success was limited, considering how soft and enormous they were, but it was enough to fill the entire lower half of her visual field with gloriously wobbling cleavage. Her belly rumbled even as it continued to rise and widen, a classic touch that made her bite her lip, a real hunger growing in her where the simulated one could not. Maybe she’d forgive Tom after all.

Misty’s hands roamed over the expanse of her body, her skin smooth and pliant, tingling under her touch. She was programmed to be sensitive, no holo required to change that, but there was so much of her. She squeezed and groped her exceedingly lush tits, fingers reaching for thick nipples that were almost out of reach; her fingers roamed down her sides and over the soft hills of her belly, finding that the deep well of her navel felt shockingly intense to touch; by the time she reached her hips and thighs, the enormity of her ass was rhythmically rocking against the sheets, turning her on simply by virtue of the effort it took to shift it. Ripples ran along her body, mirrored by waves of pleasure shooting through her.

Her fingers found their way, not without some difficulty, between her thighs, and even here she was fat and round and plush, not to mention extremely wet. She knew she was getting loud, whimpering and moaning as she played with her continually fattening body, but she couldn’t stop herself, even if there had been a reason to. As she got further into it, bouncing instinctively as she plunged her fingers deep into herself, the creaking of the bed grew louder, exactly as she expected. It’s how she would have written it, her weight climbing higher and higher right alongside her pleasure, her body and the bed reaching their limits simultaneously. It was too perfect not to happen that way. The sharp snap and sudden drop sent a visible wave through her flesh, and she crested into an orgasm that wrung desperate cries from her throat.

When the rush of pleasure subsided, and after a long moment recovering her senses, Misty began to consider her options. As fun as that had been, she was definitely not comfortable on a bed that was collapsing on itself, she was probably too heavy to get out of the sunken part of the mattress she was in, and Tom was still entirely absent. If the holo had taken control of her image routines, and the one person who could set the misbehaving code straight had somehow gotten distracted, the only reasonable action was to take her code out of the system. She could wait for Tom just as well outside his creation. She hefted as much of her titanic tits toward her face as she could, kissed them goodbye, and sent her code towards the exit of the holosystem.

When her senses resumed functioning, she froze, and felt a terrified chill run through her that she didn’t know her emotional processing was capable of. She wasn’t in the familiar rundown apartment, she was back in the expensively decorated, comfortably sensual bedroom of the holo. Thomas wasn’t there, but otherwise it looked exactly as it had when she’d first seen it. She was trapped.

At least Misty’s image had also reset to her most default form. Full, round breasts that begged to be played with, a bouncing butt that felt wonderful when groped or slapped, a slim but soft tummy that she could run her hands across on their way to her achingly empty pussy, plump lips that needed to wrap around a thick cock…okay, there was definitely a new alteration happening. The holo was triggering her arousal subroutines with reckless abandon, simulating a libido pushed to entirely unrealistic levels.

She dropped onto the bed, feeling the satin rub against her skin as she relaxed into the cradling softness, and couldn’t stop her hands from squeezing her breasts. She whimpered as the sensation flooded into her mind; her processing capacity was so taxed by artificial desire that she could think of little else. One hand slid inexorably downward, her body demanding that she find release and knowing that the most pleasure was to be found between her thighs. She careened over the edge seconds after her fingers found the sensitive nub that begged for attention, but it wasn’t enough, she needed more. Again her fingers slipped inside of her, reaching for the sensitive clusters of nerves that drove the pitch of her cries still higher. She could tell that more was happening than a climax so strong it threatened to disable her consciousness temporarily, but she was so focused on how fantastic it felt that she didn’t know precisely what.

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