Santa Claus and the Peterson Girls

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It was a snowy and quiet Christmas Eve night. It was around 3:00 am and big jolly Saint Nick was making his rounds around the world. Everyone knows that Santa Claus is used to giving out presents and surprises to everyone who has been good. Now it’s time for Santa Claus to receive a special present from a secret admirer. Ms. Peterson on 75th Street in New York City was about to give Santa Claus a present of a lifetime and we’re not talking about milk and cookies either.

Santa Claus had just dropped down the Peterson’s chimney. Once inside he saw a beautiful rainbow colored lighted tree, with a shiny and bright angel on top. The house looked to be very nice and cozy. It reminded him of his home back at the North Pole.

As Santa was putting the presents underneath the large tree, he heard some footsteps and quickly turned around and his eyes immediately bugged out of their sockets. The first thing he saw was a pair of gigantic breasts, the size of watermelons, sticking through out of a woman’s chest, encased in a see-through white gown.

“Hello Santa,” the woman said in a lovely voice.

Santa moved his eyes up and down her top-heavy body. Her feet were bare with beautiful blue toenail polish on. Her legs were pretty thin put got thicker around the thighs. Her hips and stomach were a little bit meaty but Santa loved women with some meat on their bones. For example, Mrs. Santa’s fat ass.

Santa however, was still flabbergasted by the sheer size of this woman’s chest. Mrs. Santa didn’t have big tits. He tried to talk Mrs. Santa into getting implants but he would have never truly been happy with fake breasts. Finally his large, baby blue eyes landed on an all-natural set of breasts.

“Ho…Ho…Ho…” Santa said, still in shock.

The woman saw the first of Santa’s suit starting to fill up with his cock, pressing hard against it.

“Is that a stack of quarters or are you just happy to see me?” the woman joked.

“It’s not nice sneaking up on Santa like that ma’am,” Santa said with his face turning red and sweat dripping down his forehead.

The woman could tell Santa Claus was a little bit frightened of her. She slowly walked over to Santa and he held still. Santa took a big swallow of air and gave the woman a small smirk.

“I’m Ms. Peterson. But you can call me Patti,” the voluptuous woman said.

“Okay Patti. I’m of course, Santa Claus. I was just about to leave when I heard you behind me,” Santa explained. “Guess I’ll be going now. Have a Merry…”

Before Santa could finish his sentence, Patti had her tongue down his dry throat. Santa didn’t bother to try and fight Ms. Peterson so he probed her mouth with his tongue. The feel of her massive jugs squished against his chest and big belly, made him even hornier.

Santa tossed off his gloves and cupped Patti’s firm, round ass in his hands, giving them a tight squeeze. His thick beard was tickling Patti as the two continued swapping tongues.

Patti pushed Santa Claus down onto a couch and started to quickly unbutton his suit. Once the top part of his outfit was off, she moved down and untied his boots. She tossed his boots and quickly commented on Santa’s big feet.

“Wow Santa. You know what they say about guys with big feet. They wear big socks and have enormous cocks,” Patti quoted.

“You know what they say about women with big breasts. They’re built for fucking,” Santa said smiling at Patti.

“OH Santa! I’ve never heard such foul language out of any Santa Claus’ mouth. I love it,” Patti said as she finished undressing Santa except for his large boxers with Christmas ankara escort gifts on them.

Patti started kissing and sucking on Santa’s huge belly – probing his navel with her juicy tongue. She could feel Santa’s hard cock pressed up between her big tits.

“Let’s take these off Santa,” Patti suggested.

Santa lifted up his pudgy legs so that Patti could slide his boxers off. His enormous cock sprang up and aimed at Patti like a cannon ready to fire on command.

“Whoa Santa! You’re fucking huge! I bet Mrs. Santa loves fucking this cock,” Patti said amazed while running her hands all over his dick. “This deadly weapon of yours must cripple her.”

“We fucked once and never again. She says a 12-inch cock is too big for her,” Santa said. “That’s why I don’t have any kids and just those fucking elves.”

“Jesus! Who would have thought that Old Saint Nick would have a fucking giant penis,” Patti gasped.

Patti could barely grip Santa’s entire cock with her fingers.

“Let’s get you more excited. It’s Christmas. It only comes once a year,” said Patti.

She lifted her tiny gown up and over her body. Her huge whopping breasts flopped out to Santa’s delight. Patti could see the results on how Santa likes her breasts. His chubby face light up with a huge smile and his cheeks turned bright red. His cock began to throb with thick veins all up and down his shaft.

“Do tell? How big are those bazookas?” Santa asked Patti, who cupped her giant jugs and shook them at Santa.

“36GG — it’s hard finding bras my size Santa. Perhaps your big hands can hold them later on,” Patti teased.

Santa continued his jolly smile as Patti got down to her knees and began sucking and licking at Santa’s meaty dick. Her full lips enclosed around his shaft, sliding further down his cock until her face was buried in Santa’s white, thick pubic hairs. Patti could smell Santa’s sweet aroma.

“Oh good lord! I’ve never had a women go down on me before. Ms. Santa was always a scared little bitch,” Santa said, closing his eyes and enjoying Patti bobbing her head rapidly up and down his cock. Her face brushed against Santa’s pubic hairs every time she when down.

The sounds of Patti sucking and slurping could be heard throughout her small and cozy house. Santa’s cock was covered in thick saliva from Patti’s mouth. Pre-cum had started oozing from Santa’s dick, leaking down onto Patti’s wet tongue. She tasted his sweet cum and was delighted to the taste.

“Mmmmm Santa. You’re cum taste like a peppermint candy cane.”

Patti continued bobbing on Santa’s huge cock while he reached down and took some massive handfuls of Patti’s massive breasts. Caressing them with his fat fingers and rubbing her rock-hard rubbery nipples. That caused Patti to moan and groan around Santa’s thick shaft.

“Ready for your milk and pussy Santa?” Patti asked in between taking licks at his cock.

“Ooooohhhh yeeesss!” moaned Santa as he released Patti’s huge tits from his greedy hands.

Patti stood up and pulled her pink thong down and off her legs. She climbed up on the couch and lowered her wet pussy onto Santa’s dick. She gripped Santa’s pale shoulders and forcefully impaled herself onto his thick rod. Her mammoth tits lightly brushed up against his hairy chest.

Patti began to pounce up and down Santa’s big dick thrashing her long, light brown hair everywhere. Santa ran his hands up and down her back as he watched her giant titties flop violently at him.

Patti lifted one of her monstrous melons and pressed it against Santa’s face, making sure her hard nipple was escort ankara lodged between his thick lips. Santa took a good amount of her breast flesh between his lips while sucking on the nipple. He could smell the sweet fragrance of her expensive perfume while his nose pressed tightly into her tit fat.

Patti squeezed her enormous breast while riding his cock. Santa could suddenly taste a hot steam of delicious milk, flowing down his throat. Patti let her big tit go and watched it being hanged by Santa’s lips. She gripped Santa’s shoulders and continued to bounce harder and faster on his rod.

Santa grabbed hold of both big bouncing titties and alternated between sucking on them drinking their sweet, luscious milk like a newborn baby from her thick, hard nipples. Patti’s pussy completely swallowed Santa’s thrusting 12-inch dick. Her round ass jiggled while bouncing off his thighs and her feet were hooked under Santa’s calves.

Santa buried his face between Patti’s breasts kissing, sucking, and licking at her cleavage. Her warm breast milk was leaking all over the both of them as his dick continued to drill harder and deeper in Patti’s moist womb.

“Oh God Santa! I’ve never been fucked this hard since my husband died,” sighed Patti as Santa picked up the pace, sucking as much of her giant tits between his lips as possible and pumping his cock between her pussy walls.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me Santa. Fuck me harder. All I want for Christmas is your great…BIG…DICK!” moaned Patti.

Santa lifted Patti off his lap and positioned her doggie-style on the floor. He got behind Patti and with one thrust, stuffed her cunt to full of his cock.

“AHHHHHH SANTA!” Patti moaned as his huge belly rested on top of her back and his thighs pounded against her firm, ass cheeks.

Santa gripped Patti’s hips and started ramming her pussy harder and faster. Her enormous sweaty titties were swinging like cow udders beneath her. The nipples were still leaking tiny drips of milk onto the floor.

“That’s it Santa! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder Santa! Harder,” urged Patti.

Santa didn’t disappoint as he started plowing her wet snatch harder and faster. He leaned over Patti and cupping her whopping breasts and squeezing them. This caused milk to flow onto his hands and to the floor. Patti started rubbing her clitoris as her cunt was stuffed by Santa Claus’s huge dick.

“Mother?” What’s going on?” said a voice in front of Santa and Patti.

“Ginger!” Patti said in a shocked voice.

Ginger was Patti’s 18-year-old daughter. Just like her mother, brown haired and all, she was extremely busty. She wore a 38FF cup bra. To Santa’s delight, Ginger only had on a large white tee and her mountainous breasts sloped down underneath but stuck out from her body. Her nipples became hard, poking against her shirt from the cold air and Santa loved the slight. It made his cock throb even more inside Patti’s pussy.

“Look Ginger. I can explain,” blurred Patti, who felt kind of embarrassed.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Santa Claus was here mother? It’s not nice fucking Santa Claus without me,” Ginger said, giving Santa and her mother a small smirk.

“The more, the merrier,” said Santa. “This is also a time for giving. If you give, then you shall receive.”

Ginger lifted her shirt over her head, revealing to Santa and her mother her huge tits, narrow waist, and glistening shaved pussy. Santa could smell her sweet aroma from feet away. Ginger walked over to Santa and began kissing him. She smashed her massive hooters against his hairy chest.

Santa resumed pumping ankara escort bayan Ginger’s mother with his thick cock. Ginger reached up and felt up Santa’s huge, swinging balls that bounced against Patti’s ass.

“Be a nice little girl and lay on top of your mother so Santa Claus can have a taste of your nice pussy.”

Ginger let out a giggle and said “Okay Santa. I’ll be a nice little girl.”

Ginger climbed up onto her mother’s back and pressed her own back against her mother’s. She parted her legs so Santa could get a good look at her juicy cunt and swollen lips. Santa brought his face to her creamy cunt and started sucking on it like a mad man possessed. Ginger wrapped her legs around Santa’s neck, pushing his face further into her cunt. Santa could smell her sweet juices while licking between her pussy walls. His veiny cock continued plunging in and out of Patti’s soak pussy.

“Oh god Santa, fuck my mom while you eat my pussy!” moaned Ginger as she buckle her pelvic against Santa’s face.

Santa’s thick tongue began to roll around Ginger’s clitoris licking at it furiously. His thick beard also tickled Ginger’s pussy and thighs. Ginger couldn’t take it anymore and started cumming in Santa’s mouth. Her cum also leaked down her thighs and onto her mother’s lower back and ass. Santa drunk up as much of Ginger’s pussy juice as possible before pulling out of her mother and easing his cock into Ginger’s pussy.

He tightly held Ginger by her thighs and thrusted harder and faster between her legs. Patti could hear her daughter moaning like crazy. Santa’s belly was bouncing to his thrusting.

“AHHHH SANTA! Oh yes! Oh god! Stuff my stocking!” moaned Ginger.

She wrapped her legs around Santa as good as she could, bring him balls deep into her cunt. Santa couldn’t take his eyes of her big wobbling titties and cupped them in his hands. Giving them a hard squeeze and letting his fingers caress them before bending down and sucking on each of her nipples in turns. That sends Ginger through the roof with orgasms and moaning loudly.

After a few minutes of fucking Ginger, he pulled out and stuffed Patti’s cunt back up with his glistening cock. Every 3 minutes, Santa alternated between Patti and her daughter Ginger until he was ready to blow his load.

“Let’s make this the best Christmas ever for your daughter Patti. Let’s give her some milk and cum,” Santa suggested.

Ginger was kneeling on her knees as Santa and her mother hovered over her face. Patti started spraying her sweet milk upon her daughter’s face as Santa jerked off his cock. Patti even spurted some milk over Santa’s all ready pussy juice shinning cock.

Santa finally blew his load after watching Patti spray her warm milk on her daughter. Thick layers of cum oozed all over Ginger’s face, mixing in with the milk from her mother and the sweat she produced.

Ginger opened her mouth to a mixture of breast milk and cock cum from her mother and Santa as they continued hosing her face.

“How is that for a Christmas present honey?” Patti asked Ginger.

“Great mom. This has been the best Christmas ever. Thank you Santa,” Ginger said pleased.

Santa beat his glistening cock against Ginger’s face, smearing the milk and cum in.

“You’re so welcome Ginger. And by next year perhaps, you’ll reach your mother’s cup size and we’ll have even more fun,” Santa said.

Patti and Ginger gave Santa a double blowjob before sending on his way. Patti got to get Santa’s next load on her face. Santa left both girls, smiling and pleased with cum dripping down their faces.

The mother and daughter duo were all ready counting down the days until next years Christmas but Santa promised the girls that he might drop by on holidays that don’t even belong to him. Just so the 3 of them can continue their new holiday tradition.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32