Sexy Housemaid Anjali – Part 1

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Sexy Housemaid Anjali – Part 1

“Sir, my son.. they have my son..” said Anjali one day when she came to work for Raju, sobbing hysterically. He had heard what happened. Her son was arrested on d**g possession charges and was now remanded in the local police station.

Anjali had been working as a housemaid for nearly 12 years, ever since the untimely death of her husband Ramesh. She had a son, Appu, a boy of thirteen and she lived with her husband’s parents. Her financial situation was tough and she struggled to make a living.

Raju was her current employer. He was a respected police constable and lived with his wife and two daughters. Anjali had been working for him the past two years and she always held him in high regard. He was a kind man and used to help her out whenever she was in a tough spot.

“Yes, I know Anjali. Calm down. We’ll figure something out”, said Raju.

“Figure what out? Her son is a criminal. He deserves to be punished”, said Priya, Raju’s wife. She always hated the maid. Even more, she hated how Raju looked at her.

“Stop it, Priya. If you have nothing helpful to say, then shut up”, he said raising his voice. Priya glared at Anjali for a second and then walked away to the kitchen.

“Sir, please sir. You have to help him”, said Anjali, still crying her eyes out.

“I can give no promises, Anjali. This is a serious offense,” Raju said. “I’ll talk to the sub-inspector today”, he promised.

“Thank you sir..thank you.”

Raju left for work soon after that, his wife a few hours later. Anjali was now home alone. She thought about how disappointed her late husband would have been if he were alive. She felt like she had let him down.

Hours passed slowly, worsening her fears and polluting her mind. Her father-in-law went to the police station a couple of times last night but to no avail. It seemed like there was no way out of this situation.

She was asleep when the doorbell rang at about 6 pm. It was one of the constable’s daughters who opened the door. Anjali woke up with a start. She ran to the living room as fast as she could. ‘I hope he has some good news’, she thought to herself.

“Sir, what did the sub-ins..” she stopped mid-sentence when she saw that Raju wasn’t alone. There was someone else with him. A tall, well-built man, probably in his late twenties.

“Anjali, I want you to meet someone. This is the sub-inspector in charge, Mr. Suresh Krishna.” said the constable walking up to her nervously.

She stared at him with a blank expression on her face for quite some time. “Hel.. Hello sir. It’s nice to meet you”, she stammered nervously.

“Hello, Anjali. This is not what I expected you to look like”, said the big man. He meant that in a positive way because he liked what he saw.

Anjali was dressed like the Malayalam actresses from the films of the 70’s and the 80’s. Her jet black hair reached her waist. Her dark skin shone brilliantly in the light of the room.

She was wearing a worn-out red blouse along with a black veshti that covered her lower half. Her navel was bare and her body was covered in sweat.

Suresh’s eyes were captivated by the shapely bulge of her heavy breasts. They appeared to be squished inside the small blouse uncomfortably, revealing a lot of cleavage. His thick manhood sprang up to life almost immediately. He adjusted his dhothi and covered his erection discreetly.

Anjali was a bit chubby around her waist from which her voluptuous lower curves branched out. The sweat had made her blouse almost see-through and the black bra she wore underneath was clearly visible.

“Sir, about my son..” she said, knocking Ravi out of the trance that he was in.

“I know that he is innocent sir. He wouldn’t do anything like this”, she continued.

Ravi scratched his thick beard before answering. “I don’t think he is innocent Anjali. The evidence appears to be pretty conclusive”, he said.

“But he is a good k**. This will ruin his life. I need you to help me, sir.”

For a split second, Ravi thought she said, ‘I need you to fuck me, sir.’ He imagined her on all fours as she said it. He exhaled deeply. “What you’re asking for is not possible. d**g abuse is no joking matter.”

Raju eyed her from beside him. “Why don’t you take a seat, sir. Anjali will make some chai for you”, said he.

She looked at the constable with hopeful eyes and walked back to the kitchen. Suresh watched her go. Her hips swayed from left to right and her dhoti was stuck in her ass crack by güvenilir bahis which Suresh could quite vividly picture her naked ass. This made his cock hurt so bad.

Raju sat next to his superior officer and the two men started talking as soon as the maid left.

After about five minutes, Raju rushed to the kitchen to find Anjali by the stove, preparing the tea. He pulled her aside and said. “Listen, I’ve done all I can. I’ve told him all your problems. He is your only hope now. Just do whatever he says and he’ll let your k** go”, said Raju.

Anjali looked confused. “What does he want me to do?”

“Don’t ask too many questions, Anjali. This is the only way”, he said gravely. “I’ll inform your in-laws that you’re working overnight.”

Naive as she was, Anjali didn’t know what to expect. She nodded and walked to the living room with a cup of tea. Suresh sat uncomfortably on the couch undressing her with his lustful eyes.

“Here you go sir”, she said, giving him the tea.

He took a sip and smiled. When he finished it, he placed the empty cup on the table in front of him and looked up to her face.

“Anjali, I believe that I can help your son. But I need you to do something for me”, he said at last.

“Thank you, sir. What do you want me to do?” she said gleefully.

“I need you to come with me to my house. I need a maid just for today.”

Anjali didn’t quite understand. “But sir, it’s already late. Why would you..”

Just then Raju cleared his throat and gave her a look. ‘Don’t ask too many questions’, she remembered him saying.

“Alright, sir. I can do that for you”, she said after a pause.

”Great, I’ll wait for you in my car. You can come when you’re ready”, said Suresh, getting up to leave. He shook the constable’s hand, thanked him and walked out the door. When he left, Raju advised her again. “Remember, do all he asks. Don’t say no to anything.” She nodded.

As she walked up to the white ambassador that was parked in the front yard, she felt her heart thumping like never before. Suresh opened the door for her like a gentleman and started the car. He put the car into gear and drove off with a wicked grin etched on his face.

They talked the entire way to Suresh’s house. He kept asking questions about her family, her job, how Raju treated her, etc making sure that she felt comfortable.

From the side, he could clearly see the shape of her tits through her blouse. He wanted to fuck her right there but he waited. They finally reached his house after about thirty minutes. It wasn’t anything grand but his yard looked really green.

She was quite impressed by how well kept his garden was. His house was just a one-story building with two rooms, a kitchen, and a quite spacious living room. He asked her to wait on the couch and he went inside his bedroom to change.

She looked at the clock. It was well past eight o clock now. Suresh came outside after a while, wearing a purple lungi and a banyan. His wide chest and muscular arms were all out in the open. Veins decorated his arms and hair covered his chest. He wore a golden chain around his neck.

“What do you want me to do sir?”, asked Anjali with a gulp.

“Relax, Anjali. You don’t have to work right away. Now would you like something to drink?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“A glass of water would be nice.”

“A glass of water..” Suresh chuckled. “I have some whiskey. Would you like a taste?”

“No, sir. I shouldn’t. I have to work soon.”

“Nonsense. You are drinking”, Suresh said firmly. Anjali didn’t want to say no. She had no choice in the matter.

Suresh strolled to the kitchen and was soon back with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. He laid them out on the table in front of the couch and sat next to Anjali facing sideways. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back, her eyes fixed on the chain resting on his hairy chest. Suresh glanced down.

“What? You like the chain?” he asked.

“It’s very nice sir”, she said. Suresh opened the bottle and poured some into a glass and handed it over to her. He then fixed one for himself and they both clinked the two glasses.

“CHEERS!”, he said and gulped it all down in an instant. Anjali didn’t like the taste of the brown liquid. She took a sip anyway and screwed up her face disapprovingly.

“You must drink it completely my dear”, said he and grabbing her wrist he held the glass up to her lips. Anjali blushed instantly. “Drink, Anjali. For me.”

Closing her eyes, she emptied the glass in tipobet a single gulp and screwed up her face again.

Suresh laughed. “Good.. really good. Well done, Anjali.” She didn’t like the foul taste of the liquid. It seemed to be taking over her senses. She composed herself again. “Thank you, sir.”

“Haven’t your late husband ever brought you a chain or a necklace?”, he asked filling up the glasses again.

“I did have some ornaments, sir. But after he died, I ended up selling them all. My financial situation is really bad.”

Suresh held the glass up to her lips again and she emptied it like before. It tasted better this time around.

“Hmm. That’s sad. You can have mine if you want. I have no need of it”, he spoke genuinely.

“Oh. No need sir. I can’t take that. It’s not right”, she said.

“What do you mean it is not right. It’s my chain. I’ll decide what I want to do with it and I want you to have it”, he said. “You must not say no”, he added sternly.

Anjali sighed. “Ok, sir. If you say so.”

“Good!” he said and took off the chain from his neck. He then lovingly looked into Anjali’s eyes as she looked into his and slowly put it around her neck, under her long hair.

“There. Now, don’t you dare sell it. It’s my gift to you. I want you to have it forever”, he said and confidently placed his hand on her thigh. Anjali blushed more brightly but she didn’t say anything.

“I won’t si..sir.” she managed to put out some words.

“Aren’t you unhappy Anjali?”, he asked, leaning in closer. Anjali could smell the whiskey on his breath now intoxicating her with lust. Blood rushed to every part of her body making her feel hotter. She started to sweat profusely.

“Sir.. I’m fine”, she said.

“I don’t believe that. Your husband left you all alone in this world. It has been so long hasn’t it? Have you ever been with another man”, he whispered in her ear as his right arm wrapped around her waist.

“No..No I haven’t. He is still my husband sir”, she said breathing more heavily now.

“But he left you and he can no longer satisfy you. Don’t you long for a man to hug you tightly, to feel your breasts squished against his.”

He pinched her bare belly and licked her ear, slowly nibbling it.

“A woman as tasty as you need to be tasted every now and men like me. Also, call me Suresh my dear. You’ll be my slut for today” his hands massaged her belly while he nibbled her earlobes.

“Sir, we shouldn’t do this”, she pleaded out of her loyalty to her dead husband. But it was evident that she was enjoying it. Her chest puffed up and down as she breathed hard.

“But we should, Anjali. I’m want to make love to you right now.”

He kissed her neck passionately. Anjali let out a soft moan and her legs kicked the whiskey bottle right off the table. Suresh didn’t seem to mind that.

He continued kissing her neck and under her chin while his hands moved up, pressing against her chest and squeezing out more of her cleavage.

She moaned again and Suresh could feel her tits getting erect to his touch. He stopped what he was doing and looked her in her eyes. Her chest was heaving up and down, their hot breaths mingled in the air.

Then without warning, he forced his lips on hers. She didn’t fight back. She just closed her eyes and accepted it. His tongue pressed at her lips trying to force its way in. He squeezed her right breast tightly, making her moan. That was all he needed.

His tongue was immediately inside her mouth interlocking with hers and exchanging saliva while she moaned in his mouth. He made slurping noises as he sucked hard, his thick beard tickling her beautiful face.

Anjali felt her thighs warming up. She bit Suresh’s lower lip and pushed him back. She took off her blouse and sat on his crotch right above the enormous bulge. The sub-inspector gasped letting out an inaudible moan as the naughty maid started rubbing her wet crotch against his.

She grinded her crotch hard, moving them back and forth over his lungi. It turned him on even more to see her turned on. He grabbed hold of both her melons through her bra and rubbed his face in between them.

“Aah..hmmm. Take it off Suresh. It’s easier that way”, she muttered.

Suresh was more than happy to oblige. His hands went behind her and unhooked her bra. He took it off of her shoulders and behold.. the most beautiful pair of globes he had ever seen in his life. They were of a golden brown colour and there was no space in between them.

The tipobet giriş moment he took off her bra, her breasts sprang out sloping downwards, her huge black nipples hard as a rock, ready to be sucked. The chain he gave her only added to her appeal.

Suresh’s cock twitched in his underwear shooting out droplets of precum. He took the underside of her left tit in his mouth and kissed and sucked on them ardently while he pinched her right nipple.

Anjali moaned louder and the pace of her dry fuck increased. She pushed him back on the couch and rested both her hands on the back pillows. Suresh spatt out on her tits. “AAAH!!! Slow down Anjali. I’m gonna cum”, he yelled out.

This was an inspiration for the horny maid who grinded against him even faster moaning like a slut. “AAAHH.. FUCK!!” yelled Suresh as he shot a huge load of cum in his underwear, spasming uncontrollably as he did, grunting like a pig.

Anjali got off from his lap and sat on the couch, catching her breath. “You are such a slut”, said Suresh. She looked at him and gave him a naughty smile. “That’s what my husband used to say.”

“What are you taking a break for? Get on all fours. We’re not done”, said Suresh.

Anjali smiled and removing her veshti, which covered her lower half, she got on all fours on the cold marble floor. She didn’t wear a pantie underneath. Suresh almost drooled looking at her fat naked ass, juices leaking out of her love hole as he watched. His cock became semi-erect again.

“With an ass like that, you’re begging me to fuck you slut.”

Anjali liked that he was getting rough with her. He walked to her and gave her a light tap on the ass. “Do you need a good fuck slut?” he asked.

“Yes. Please, Suresh. That’s the only thing I want right now”, she said.

Suresh laughed maniacally. “I would have fucked you even if you didn’t let me, whore. After we’re done you’ll beg for my cock every day.”

He quickly took off his lungi and his ruined underwear and knelt on the floor behind Anjali, still wearing his banyan. She felt something heavy fall on her ass. It was the sub-inspector’s semi-erect penis. He slapped both of her ass cheeks with his hands a couple of times. “Ooof!!! Look at them jiggle.”

Spreading her ass cheeks wide apart, he sandwiched his thick horse cock in between them. Then he moved his cock to and fro between her crack while he inserted one of his fingers in her pussy. “OOOOH!! Suresh..” Anjali moaned.

“You like that slut? How about two?” said he, smirking as he did. He pushed another finger in her and kissed her sweaty backside. Anjali moaned even louder. “AAAH!!! Please, Suresh. Give me the real thing. Give it to me!”

Her demands made his cock rock hard again. “Oh, you’re going to get it slut.”

Anjali felt a chill run up her spine when Suresh started rubbing her slit with the tip of his cock. She doubted whether he’ll actually be able to enter her. Then in the next instant, he pushed the entire length of his monster, deep inside her, hitting her cervix and making her scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. “OOH FUCK!!” yelled Suresh.

Tears ran down Anjali’s cheeks as he pulled it out halfway and pushed it back in again, this time with more force. “Be gentle this time.. OOOH RAMA!!!!” she screamed.

Suresh bent down and pulling her face close to his, he gave her a lingering kiss as he thrust again.. “HMMM!!” she moaned in his mouth, and again.. “HMMMM!!”.. and again and again until the sound of his humping drowned out her moans and whimpers.

Suresh broke the kiss and started thrusting faster pulling her hair and choking her with her chain. Anjali continued panting and whimpering, her beautiful big breasts dangling in the air. She felt her pussy beginning to heat up. “I..I think..I’m gonna cum,” she said amidst the moaning.

“Then cum slut.” was his reply. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. She squirted all of her juices over the big man’s cock and banyan. “AAAAAAAHH!!!” But he didn’t stop. Suresh kept on going and her fluids kept on flowing.

After a couple of minutes, Anjali felt his cock twitching deep inside her. She knew what it meant. “Please don’t cum in there Suresh. I… I’ll get pregnant.”

“I’ll cum where I want to cum. Now shut up and take it.”

The big man bent down, squeezing her tits and smelling her hair as he approached the verge of climax.

When he was about to shoot, he choked her neck tightly with both hands and emptied all he had inside her in five consecutive spasms, filling up her womb with his seed. She gasped as the warm fluid entered her.

Suresh fell on top of her exhausted after she herself lost balance and dropped to the floor. “I think I am gonna keep you, slut”, he whispered.

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