Sherry Loves Her Cunt…Part II

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Sherry: More Lessons with my Cunt…Part II

It was a few days before I got to meet again with Mr. Emerson after school and I saved up…you can guess how I saved up…I was a good girl!…holding back for our next meeting but by the time it came to pass I was one severely horny young woman…I mean…just the thought of my coming lesson…coming lesson?… made me wet. I could feel my wetness that day waiting for my lesson.

That morning, in anticipation, I brushed my hair until it shined and put on my prettiest dress. Underwear? You’ve got to be kidding. Panties would be in the way of those tantalizing fingers searching and soothing and electrifying me, my cunt, setting my whole body to trembling and explosion.

It was hard to concentrate on anything else that day and it went extra slow. Finally, I was at my locker at the end of the school day. I put my books away, brushed my hair an extra stroke and walked down the hall, opening the door to Mr. Emerson’s class and there he was in his little back office. He looked up as I entered. What a shock! There was another student with him…it was Lou…one of my best friends. I went red. “Sit down out there, Sherry,” he said, “I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

I sat down at my desk. My mind was racing. What was Lou doing in his office? We told each other our secrets but I hadn’t told her anything about Mr. Emerson…I was full of curiosity just looking at the two of them there, opposite each other. Lou had a book open and I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Was it poetry and Whitman or something else? I thought about leaving but was glued to the spot…FINISH DAMN YOU LOU…was my thought. Then I felt ashamed…she was my best friend after all and they were just reading. Then I remembered that is what I had been doing when things got out of izmit escort bayan hand. She stood up, closed her book and walked past me out the door…she winked at me and smiled…a thrill went through me…what did she know? I was really nervous that she might know something but how could she?

“Come in, Sherry,” he said. I got up and walked in, closing and locking the little office door as I did and stood beside him. I knew I was blushing and he took my hand, saying: “You look especially nice, Sherry.” I looked down at him. “I dressed for you today,” I said and he squeezed my hand, pulling me to him, his hand at my waist. “Ready for another lesson?” I nodded and opened my legs. His hand was under my dress, up my thigh, reaching the heart of me. He took in a breath as he found my nakedness. “That’s nice,” he smiled and smoothed my little wet cunt. I shivered and closed my eyes. His hand was so warm on me. “You have a beautiful cunt, Sherry.” I shivered again as he felt me and fingered my wet cunt lips…my eyes still closed…luxuriating in his attentions. I loved him feeling my cunt, fingering my cunt lips, sending my body thrills…I loved my cunt.

Back and forth, milking my folds…back and forth and… “Your spend is on my fingers,” he said, his fingers playing with the lips of my cunt. “I want to show you something nice,” he said, “another lesson.” All I could say…I was wiggling on his hand…was “Oh God,” and again, “Mr. Emerson!” He whispered: “You have a hot cunt, little girl.” I moved myself on his fingers. “Hold still,” I told him. He stopped moving and it was my turn to undulate on his fingers. His other hand was holding my bare bottom and urging me forward, backward…I began trembling and was close…so close…I was so hot and ready all these past few days and now my dream was coming true…coming…coming. izmit eve gelen escort I opened my legs more. My knees were weak. He lifted my dress and I straddled his lap. My arms went around his shoulders and held him.

He was rubbing my tummy with one hand and playing with my cunt with the other…then he stopped…my eyes opened, looking at him. I was shocked and looked at him, then at the door…maybe someone was interrupting us…but then he whispered: “I have a surprise for you Sherry. Do you like surprises?” I nodded and heard his desk drawer open. “Close your eyes for your surprise.” I did and waited. I was close but not “there.” Not yet…I felt a coolness and wanted his fingers to finish me off, to set my body on fire…feel fireworks!

Then I heard a new sound: a buzz, buzz and then something cool on my body. I jumped at the touch. “Keep you eyes closed for your surprise,” he said. It was strange this cool thing on my cunt and buzzing. He moved it up and down on my cunt and then pressed it against me. I adjusted on his legs…I was open and spread and vulnerable…my nakedness…my naked cunt, open, wet, hot and ready for my surprise. This buzzing thing was cool on me and then my body warmed to it. “Mr. Emerson?” I asked…not knowing. “Enjoy your surprise,” he said as the buzzing continued…my hands holding his shoulders, naked at the waist…buzz, buzz.

Then there was something new in feeling as the buzzing was not just a noise but a feeling, I lifted and sat down, pushing myself on the buzzing…my body was feeling something new and my cunt was feeling the buzzing…a brand new feeling…his hand and knuckles were buzzing too…holding this buzzing thing. His vibrating knuckle was massaging my cunt and that very special part of my cunt. My izmit otele gelen escort body jolted when his vibrating knuckle massaged my cunt. “It’s your special place…your clitoris…your button…your clit,” he said. I squeezed his shoulders and held on for my ride. “Your clit is stiff and wet,” he said. I moved on his knuckle again, sighing.

It was intense and I leaned into his neck and gasped…taking a deep breath. I was feeling each vibration as though it reached into my soul. I was coming alive and took another breath, gyrating against his vibrating hand…the thing was stroking me, vibrating me, sending me somewhere. “Oh God!” I exclaimed. “It feels so good…so better than good.” Now I was panting, and shaking and gasping for breath. Tears were wetting his neck as I held on and gripped him and released my body to him…”Ohhhh…unhhh,” I oozed and almost screamed out and pressed my lips on his neck, licking my own tears…coming and coming. Finally: “OK…OK…please…I can’t take any more.” And the buzzing stopped and we were in a suspended animation…totally still and I noticed how quiet it was in the little room.

Now Mr. Emerson was rubbing my back. My breathing slowed. He was feeling my bare bottom and I felt cool on his warm legs. Finally, whispering: “Mr. Emerson…” I couldn’t say any more than that. I was exhausted and spent. “Thank you…thank you…for my surprise.” His hands were holding me tight, smoothing my hair, petting me down. “I…I…” I was still shivering. “Just relax,” he said. “You came good. Did you like your surprise.” I nodded and rested on him. He lifted me off, pushing down my dress and using a tissue on my wet face. “This is your new toy…our toy,” he smiled and I looked at it…shaped kind of like a penis…but I hadn’t seen a real penis except in books and I began to wonder about Mr. Emerson…would he let me see his penis? Hmm…but that was for some other time and another lesson…I hoped I wouldn’t wait long. And what about my friend, Lou? So many things to think about…and to enjoy.

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