Shrinking Fun with Friends Pt. 04

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As I gazed at Claudette’s pussy, which was spread wide for me as she sat in my hand, I remarked, “You guys should give me a female anatomy lesson!”

Melodie chimed in first and said “Ooh, I really want to do that! Please please PLEASE let me do it!!”

So I set Claudette down and put my hand out for Melodie. She hopped into my hand and sat down. I gave her a moment to get comfortable and then I lifted her up in front of me. I said “You are such a horny little vixen!”

She said “Don’t I know it!”

She gave me a devilish grin and started her ‘lesson’ on female anatomy. I brushed the hair from her face as she spoke.

“Eyes” as she fluttered her eye lashes.

“Yes they’re very sexy.”

She smiled at me before continuing, “Ears … Nose …. Mouth.”

I brushed her lips with the tip of my finger. “Yes, a very naughty mouth.” She grinned.

When she got to her chest, she announced “and this is my BREAST” as she lifted one up. “THIS is my areola and THIS is my nipple.”

I touched her chest, enjoying the feel of her nipple against the pad of my thumb. I took my time stroking her chest.

She said “Okay, whenever you’re done fondling me … “

“Oh I could do this for a while, but okay, continue” as I lowered my thumb slowly, brushing other parts of her before I pulled away.

“Well that was my abdomen … and here is my belly button” which I proceeded to tickle with the tip of my tongue.

“and here is my pubic mound …”

I touched it and ran my finger through her tiny, neatly trimmed tuft of hair.

“And I believe you’re already well acquainted with this …” as she spread her legs for me.

I licked her pussy with the tip of my tongue, sending a shiver through her whole body. She purred for a minute before regaining her composure and leaning forward with both hands, struggled to push my tongue away, saying “I’m … not … (grunt) … finished yet!”

I withdrew my tongue. She said “Hold on big guy, I’m nowhere near done yet! You can lick me wherever you want, but let me finish, okay?”

“Well … okay” I said as I took one more lick.

“Okay then. Now THIS …” as she held her legs spread wide, “is my labium.” She held one of the folds and pulled it out a little to draw attention to it. I brought her up just inches in front of my face, so I could see every detail.

“THIS is where I pee from.”

“Speaking of which, how is it you haven’t had to go yet?”

“Well, I peed while you were washing me in the sink.”

“Oh really? So you peed in the water and then I washed Claudette in that same water?”

“Uh, well, yeah” She said sheepishly. “But I think she had more fun when she peed.”

Claudette piped up from her spot where she was relaxing and watching us, “Yes I definitely had more fun. You should try it sometime. But geez Melodie, you could have warned him so he could give me fresh bath water!”

I said “Okay you two. Let’s get back to the lesson.” I smiled and turned my attention back to Melodie.

She looked up to see if I was watching her, then pulled her labia folds back and said “THIS is my clitoris. Through HERE …” as she used her fingers to open her tiny hole, “is my vagina. Which I know you are QUITE familiar with.”

I said “yes, I certainly am” as I touched her clitoris and worked my finger inside just a little bit.

She began to squirm and said “Stop a second, I can’t concentrate when you do that!”

I stopped but left my finger in place. She continued, drawing with her fingers on her abdomen, “Here is where my cervix is. That’s the opening into my uterus. I think you might have touched it.”

At that I worked my finger further in, saying “I want to see if I can feel it.” She squirmed, I could tell she was trying not to react, but soon it was too much for her and she moaned and purred for me as I worked my finger further up her vagina.

She was wet enough for me to keep going until I could feel a change, like a little threshold for me to cross. I said “I think this is it, I might be touching your cervix now. Pretty cool, eh?”

Knowing what I was touching, I tried rubbing it with the tip of my finger. I felt her hands gripping the sides of my palm tightly as she grunted and groaned.

She yelled “I’m cumming and I’m not even done yet!!” and I felt her shake in my hand, her pelvic muscles squeezing against my little finger, as she came hard for me. I stopped and just watched her for a minute, her face flushed, her chest sweaty, her breathing rapid, I enjoyed the sight. When I slowly slid my finger out, her juices poured out. I rushed to catch it with keçiören escort my tongue.

I remarked “you taste good” as she caught her breath.

She said “Umm, do you want me to finish?”


“Ok, now can you help me turn over on my stomach?”

I held her by the waist and gently turned her over in my hand, with her breasts pressed against my fingers and her face hanging over.

She continued, “This is my back.” I licked it. “These are my thighs” as she patted her sides with her hands “and these are my butt cheeks” which I promptly rubbed.

She reached in with her hands, grabbed ahold of her cheeks and pulled them apart, saying “and this is my rectum.” I held my finger to it, then tried parting her further with my finger and thumb and was rewarded with seeing it gap open for me. Too bad I couldn’t see the look on her face when I did that.

She waited patiently for me to stop playing with her rectum. Then she swung her legs and declared “and here are my legs, my feet and my toes!”

I caught one of her swinging feet between my lips and held it there, tickling her toes with the tip of my tongue. She giggled. “Stop, that tickles!”

I said “Okay, but I want to check out these sexy legs.”

I flipped her over in my hand, so that she was on her back and facing me. As I was running my finger up and down her legs, I said “I know you work out a lot. I have an idea. How about you try to push off against my tongue? I want to see if are strong enough to push my tongue back.”

I took her feet and held them up to my tongue. She started pushing back against it. I could see her face, she was straining a little bit, determined to push my tongue back. As she did, I enjoyed feeling her calf muscle all tensed up, between my finger and thumb. She had some success against my mighty tongue, so I decided I would let her win.

At that point her lower legs were inside my mouth, almost up to her knees. I closed my lips to hold her in place. Knowing I had a pretty weak gag reflex, I wanted to see how far I could go with this. So I nudged her further in, until her feet were touching the back of my throat. She was wide eyed at this realization, but I kept holding her in place. I couldn’t tell her what to do, as I had a mouthful (of Melodie), so she wasn’t sure what I had planned. At least she trusted me enough not to totally panic. With my tongue I forced her knees apart, enough to push her inside another inch. It was all “legs” in my mouth, I couldn’t get her in as far as I hoped, but she was close enough that I thought I could still reach my goal using my tongue. She was held in place, her legs trapped, while I extended my tongue and was able to find her pussy and ass with the tip. I worked on her tiny hole until she began to moan and squirm. At that point I knew I could make her cum if I just put some effort into it. I kept it going with my tongue, while I fondled her breasts with my thumb.

“Joe .. what .. are .. you .. aaaahhhhh … doing?”

I kept at it a little longer and was rewarded with another taste of her warm juices on my tongue.

“Wow. Just wow. I … I can’t believe you did that.”

I slowly slid her out of my mouth, licking her legs and feet one more time as I did. I held her in my hand and just looked at her, with her chest glistening with sweat and her legs damp from my saliva. I gently stroked her chest with my thumb as I held her.

As soon as I lay her down next to Claudette, she turned to her and started talking.

“I can’t believe … I think my feet actually were in the back of his throat!”

“That is so cool!”

“I was a little scared, for a moment I thought he was going to swallow me!”

“Oh he wouldn’t do that. He likes us. Don’t you Joe?”

I just looked down and gave her a wide grin. I touched Melodie on the chin and tilted her head up. I said “Honey, you had nothing to worry about. I was NOT going to swallow you! How on earth would I explain that at work on Monday? Besides, you’re too sexy for that.”

“Really, you still think I’m sexy, even covered in your saliva? I feel kinda icky.”

“Of course you’re sexy.” I stroked her breast.

“Geez, I kinda forgot all about the office. That’s gonna be SO weird for me after today.”

Claudette chimed in, “Not for me. It’s actually getting me a little hot thinking about it. I might have to pay extra visits to your office. Good thing there’s no window, huh?”

“But for now, are YOU ready for YOUR part in this anatomy lesson? I’m still waiting to hear the Spanish translation!”

She said “You’re ready for me?” kızılay escort and stood up, lifted her arms and said “Take me big guy!”

I wrapped my hand around her and lifted her up, then let her wiggle herself into position. She smiled at me and said “Okay, here goes!”

She said “el pelo” and fluffed her hair. I brushed it with my finger.

“Ojos” as she pointed to her eyes.

“Oidos” as she pointed to her ears. “Nariz” her nose. “Boca” her mouth. “Labios” her lips.

I stopped her for a moment and brushed her lips with the tip of my finger. I bent down and tried to “kiss” her with the tip of my tongue on her lips. She got a little flustered.

“Hey babe, I’m just getting started here.” Her hand drifted down to her neck “el cuello” and her chest “pecho” and finally her breast “seno”

I lifted one up with my finger. She pointed to the center “areola” and “PEZON.”

I said “I like it when your PEZONs get hard for me!”

“I’m sure you DO!” She shook her chest and her breasts bounced for me.

She held up her arm and starting from her shoulder, said “hombre … brazo … codo ,,, antebrazo … mano … palma … y dedos” as she wiggled her fingers.

I said “your tiny dedos are sooo cute” as I licked her whole arm and sucked on her hand for a moment.

“Alrighty then. Moving on! This is my abdomen and this is my OMBIGO” as she pointed to her belly button. I kissed her stomach.

She waited for me to finish, and then said “and now I imagine this is your favorite part” as she spread her legs wide and I held her where I could get the best view.

“These are my LABIOS” as she lifted her folds for me, “and of course my clitoris, which you’re already well acquainted with.”

“Yes I am.”

“and my URETRA.”

“Yes I definitely remember that.” I touched it with the tip of my finger, and then lowered it to her clit and rubbed it gently.

“and my vagina.”

“Hello, vagina!” I said as I slid my finger inside just a little bit. She was getting a little wet from my playing with her down there.

She traced on her abdomen, “around here is my CUELLO UTERINO and past that is my UTERO.”

“I think I reached it earlier, didn’t I? I’d like to try that again soon.”

“Yeah, you were SO DEEP in me, I’m sure you were there!”

She tried to lift her legs back even further. “Hey can you help me a little?”

“Okay” I said as I gently held both of her feet between my finger and thumb and pulled them back over her head. “Let me know if I go too far, okay?”

“I think that’s as far as I can go — I can handle that long enough to do this …” as she reached with both hands and parted her cheeks and proclaimed “RECTO”

“Yep, been there too!” Since I didn’t have a free hand, I lifted her to my mouth and drove the tip of my tongue between her cheeks, seeking out her tiny rectum. I spent a minute exploring her there.

Once I was finished, she said “okay, let go of my legs now so I can finish!” I did and she sat up a little, then put one hand on her leg and worked her way down, pointing out “plerna .. rodilla … anteplerna .. tabillo … pie … y dedos”

I caught one foot in my mouth and tickled her DEDOS.

She reached up and put her hands on either side of my nose. She said “Hey, this is going to sound crazy, but watching you stuff Melodie in your mouth actually got me wet. So yeah, I’m kinda wondering …”

“You want me to stuff YOU in my mouth?”

“Well, uh, yeah. Just promise you’re not going to swallow me, okay? I’ll try not to freak out.”

“Okay, we’ll try it. We’ll go slow. If you feel like you’re going to freak, say so. I can tell you know, don’t go kicking when you get to the back of my throat. I can control my gag reflex pretty well but I don’t think you want to chance it. That and you’ll need to bend your knees to the side, I’ll let you know with my tongue when I need you to do that.”

Melodie got all wide-eyed and exclaimed “C! I can’t believe you WANT to try that? You are so brave!”

“Girl, I know Joe wouldn’t do anything to hurt us. He loves us. Don’t you Joe? I know you do!”

“I sure do. Are you ready?”

“Okay, just take me slow and DON’T EAT ME!” she feigned terror on her face and then laughed.

“I just want to eat THIS” as I licked her between the legs.

“Well you can eat THAT all you want!”

I smiled and then said “Well here goes” and holding her like a hoagie, I slid her feet into my mouth. I sucked on her feet and then pulled her further in, sucking on her legs. I ran my tongue up and down her legs, caressing her tiny muscles. kolej escort She was in up to her knees. I pushed her in a little bit further, until I could feel her little feet brushing the back of my throat.

She gasped. I licked her thighs and nudged my tongue between her knees. She understood the message and parted her legs until her knees bumped against my cheeks. It was enough to nudge her in further. I figured she wasn’t quite as tall as Melodie, so maybe this would work. I pushed just a little bit more. Virtually all of her legs were inside my mouth and her pussy was barely half an inch from my lips.

Close enough. I stretched my lips a little bit, trying to encompass as much as I could. I figured this is as far as I was going to get. My tongue could easily reach her pussy and ass. I held her firm with my lips, as I began to caress her there.

“Wow. Mel, you were right. I can’t believe this! Oooohhhh!” and she let out a moan as my tongue attacked her pussy.

I could feel her tremble and her hands grabbing tightly to the sides of my palm. With my free hand I caressed her breasts and pinched her tiny nipples. She moaned and cooed and her hips shook, or at least they tried to as they were pinned between my lips.

Then I had another idea. I saw Melodie sitting there, wide eyed, watching the whole spectacle. She was getting turned on, I saw her hand slipping down between her legs. I reached down and stroked her back. She looked up at me but didn’t stop pleasuring herself.

I wrapped my fingers around her and lifted her up. Damn those big brown eyes are sexy. She said “Joe, what are you doing?”

I thought to myself, having a lot of fun. But with a mouth full of Claudette I couldn’t say it out loud. I held her up over Claudette and then slowly lowered her until their faces met. It took me a moment but I managed to position her so that her lips touched Claudette’s lips. They both got the message and began to kiss. I held Melodie there for a couple minutes, enjoying watching them kiss, while I caressed Claudette’s pussy enough to produce a few moans.

Then, remembering how Melodie was getting off watching this from the sidelines, I decided to try something else. I repositioned her in my hand, which was a challenge with only one hand free. I turned her facing away from me. Then with my finger I nudged her legs apart. Finally, I slowly lowered her until her legs were straddling Claudette’s neck. Her wet pussy was right there in front of Claudette’s lips. I couldn’t see whether Claudette took the cue to start licking, but I could see Melodie’s hand travel back between her legs and supposed she might be fingering herself again.

I decided this wasn’t doing too much for me, so I lifted her up again. She yelped. I turned her around — something that took a while again as I was one-handed and trying to be careful — and finally I brought her forward, straddling Claudia’s hips. Her legs hung down past my chin and her breasts were pleasantly hovering right about eye level, but most importantly her pussy was within range of my tongue, just a fraction of an inch above Claudette’s. I could reach both pussies with my tongue.

I held them both in place and let my tongue go to work. I focused on Melodie first, she was already wet from rubbing herself before I picked her up. I rubbed with my tongue along her clit and she gasped and moaned and bucked her hips, at least as much as she could while I held her in place. I brought her to the verge of cumming and then stopped and switched to Claudette. I did the same thing with her, working my tongue against her tiny hole mercilessly until she writhed (from the chest up) and panted and moaned.

In the meantime Melodie had reached her hand down to try to finish herself off. I pushed her hand away with my tongue.

She begged me “Please let me cum!!” so I decided to just finish her off myself, attacking her pussy with my tongue until I got some screams of joy and could taste the juices flowing from her, some on my tongue and some onto Claudette.

I kept going as Claudette finally spoke up, saying “please don’t forget about me!!”

At that I started going back and forth between the two of them with my tongue. I was rewarded with a chorus of moans and shuddering hips and both of their juices intermingling on my tongue.

I let them come down from their highs before I lifted Melodie up and gently lay her back down onto the towel.

She just kept saying “Wow … wow … wow”

It took me a minute to slide Claudette’s soaked body out of my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her as I slid her legs out, licking them like a popsicle. Then I kissed her stomach and gently lay her down on the towel, using a corner to dry her off a little.

She looked up at me and said “That was … wow … yeah Mel, I … think you summed it up … wow.”

I smiled and let them rest.

To be continued …

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