Strange Feelings

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Alaina sighed as she leaned back on the green couch. It had been a long day of hard work and she was ready for a nice hot bath. And a little something more, she thought, thinking of her breasts and private place. Having had these thoughts for over a month now, they still surprised her. She was new to masturbation, having sworn to completely save herself for marriage, but one night she woke up tossing and turning from a pleasurable feeling throughout her entire body that seemed to emanate from her breasts and the place between her legs. Not being able to take it any longer, she touched her breasts for the first time ever and enjoyed it too much to speak. Next, was her private place. Alicia smiled as she remembered the pleasure of her first time masturbating. She never thought it could be so much fun, but after the first two seconds of touching her breast, she couldn’t stop. She just kept grasping them over and over until a strange liquid seemed to flow steadily onto her other hand. The liquid only served to add pleasure to the place between her legs as she rubbed and rubbed, trying to rid herself of a feeling that only grew the more she touched herself. She remembered the first time a wave of pleasure flowed through her, making her shutter and scream, and even after that, the craving for more didn’t end. The feeling to masturbate kept coming and coming. Every time that wave of pleasure struck her and she had a few moment to breath, another feeling would hit her and she’d have to do it all over again. That first night left her nearly suffocating, but she wouldn’t take it back for anything. After that, the feelings only came once or twice. She guessed whoever gave it to her, for she knew it couldn’t be her. She wasn’t hot for anyone or even interested in anyone, nor did she have any sexual thoughts worth noting, no, it couldn’t be her, but she guessed whoever it was, found out she was new to this and couldn’t escort izmit handle such an extreme as what happened that night.

Since then, the strange feeling had come once or twice a week between a night and three nights apart. It had already been five days since the last one, and Alaina was getting worried that the feelings had stopped. But right before she got it, she would have thoughts like these. She smiled, maybe tonight would be the night. In the meanwhile, she decided, I would really like that hot bath.

In the bathtub, the feeling to masturbate grew stronger. She almost couldn’t take scrubbing her breasts and touching her mound with a rag. She shook her head no, and heard, why not, doing it in the tub could be fun. Alaina surprised herself by smiling at the aspect of doing it in a tub….leaning back, letting the hot water flow over her cold body and cover up to the nipple of her breasts. She found herself doing exactly what she was thinking and slowly lifted her hand out of the water and onto her breasts. Circling her breasts with her entire hand only added to the immense pressure she was feeling between her legs. It turned into a pounding feeling with Alaina loved and then got deeper and deeper toward her clit as she rubbed her breast. Finally, Alaina covered her nipple and squeezed her breast making sure to pinch her nipple. She did this over and over as the pounding increased till it felt like a dick was pounding into her. Quickly she reached her other hand over the other breasts and repeated the action. The two feelings were immense and Alaina could barely contain herself and the feelings within her. It was becoming too much for her to hold in her body. Her back arched and she let out a soft and quiet scream that wouldn’t stop till the feeling stopped. But the feeling wouldn’t stop and Alaina had to take a few breaths and then scream again till finally the feeling slowly dissipated. izmit escort So slowly, Alaina was caught up in another wave of pleasure that made her scream quietly again.

Then, everything stopped and Alaina could breath peacefully. She had noticed a week ago that if she took deep breaths, a little bit of pleasure would pop up, so she did, and then heard, ‘that was fun, wasn’t it?” Alaina could only nodd and hopped the voice understood that she had nodded. She heard a little chuckle and heard, ‘Don’t worry about me having to hear it. I saw it and it’s about time you knew I could see what you do’

Shocked, Alaina chocked. Whoever it was…could see her. But how was that possible? She was in a bathroom with the door closed. Had someone placed cameras inside the bathroom? Who but her parents, and she knew it was not her parents, could? She heard, ‘no cameras, just something I’m able to do…don’t worry, I haven’t been looking too hard at your naked body, though I do love to see it.”

She blushed and thought, someone actually likes seeing me naked. It made her feel so happy yet so violated at the same time. She let her sensible side do the talking. “And how exactly are you watching me, uh?”

He smiled and said, ‘that’s for me to know and you to always wonder, honey”

She blushed again. This voice reminded her of Alan, who still made her blush with each name he managed to find as a synonym to the term, ‘sweetheart’.

She thought about it for a second and then punched the air thinking, “ha! As if I’d let that guy anywhere near me.”

She heard a large heartfelt laugh and then a snickering voice say, “Then how come I felt a blush after hearing you say his name. Face it, you like him. So much, you get wet every time he says one of those sweet names to you. If you want I can call you all of them too…”

Alaina blushed at the thought of izmit kendi evi olan escort him actually doing this and then answered, “No, that’s, it’s…”

“His thing, uh?” She nodded, ashamed. It wasn’t like he was her boyfriend and it belonged to him as a way to make her insides shiver in pleasure, but still…the reality of wanting Alan as anything more than the nusciance he was made her sensible side sneer “You’ve got to be kidding me. Just cause the guy makes me wet doesn’t mean I like him. Just cause I blush doesn’t mean I want him and just cause he makes me feel so…so weird…doesn’t mean he’s gonna be anything more to be than a…a…a pest!”

That heartfelt laughter filled her head again. “That’s what they all say before they say, ‘oh man, I must have him.’ I have no doubt you’ll be saying that too soon.”

Alaina scoffed at that, “yeah, when the starts implode.”

She heard a deep snicker, but not the thought that came afterwards, “perhaps when you figure out it’s me, you’ll have something different to say.”

Alaina couldn’t stop herself from saying, “So you’re a someone?” A semi annoyed “yes, I’m a someone” was her replay. She blushed and said, ‘Just making sure.” “you should also know I’ve been talking this entire time, you just couldn’t hear me till today. I guess your ears finally noticed.” Already blushing, Alaina dropped her head and said, ‘yeah, that’s me, earless up to a certain point.” He laughed and Alaina smiled.

“Goodnight, honey, I believe I’m done with you.”

“Done with me? What am I, your slave?”

She heard a snicker, ‘well you did do as you were told when you couldn’t hear me before, so I suppose, in a way you are”

“Hey! Wait”


From then on, she couldn’t feel or hear anything.

Sigh, she thought. Someone whose identity I don’t know is in this head making me feel and do things I’ve never felt before. Can this really end up well for me? Her irresponsible side led her to lean back against the bathtub’s edge and say, ‘I don’t know, but isn’t it fun?” Alaina sighed, thought happily, and said, ‘yes, it really is, but so dangerous as well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32