Sweet and Strong Ch. 02

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Liam led Kaeo to the ‘Hallowed Ground’, a coffee shop two blocks from the pool. It was a cozy café tucked down a city lane, one allowing only foot traffic. ‘I found this place online, it looked nice on their webpage.’

Liam ordered a black coffee. Kaeo, a lemongrass tea. They found a secluded table at the back of the café. Liam had been holding Kaeo’s hand all the way, he took it again at the café, interlacing his fingers with hers and rubbing his thumb across her palm. God! Her hands are great to the touch.

‘So, what do you do for a living?’ Kaeo asked.

Liam gave an abridged response; ‘I used to roughneck on oil rigs. I did that for a few years and then took that money and studied petroleum engineering, which gives me a more flexibility where I work.’

‘Oh wow!’ Kaeo said.

‘So what do you do for a crust?’ He asked.

‘I’m a sports nutritionist.’ Said Kaeo. I work for a small firm that provides dietary consultation to professional sports clubs and their athletes.’

‘You look like you know how to prepare a healthy meal.’ Liam said. Kaeo giggled sweetly. Liam continued. ‘I have to ask, how did you get in such amazing shape? Tell me your story.’

‘Well,’ Kaeo began. ‘Basically, I love muscles! I’d always been enamoured with them, even as a little girl. I think it started when I was very young, seven or eight. I was at the beach and there was a group of people playing beach volleyball. There were several really fit guys showing off their bodies, but then I saw this woman in a red bikini, she was just as muscular as the men and yest still had an amazing feminine. I sat by the game and just watched her play. She was laughing and happy and her body was so capable. She could run and jump and dive. Then she I saw her leap and spike the ball. The power she displayed was incredible. I decided right then, I wanted what she had.’ She sipped her tea, her forearm made the cup look tiny.

‘Dad had some weights in the garage, some dumbells and a bench press setup, I started sneaking in to use the dumbells when I thought no-one was around. I didn’t know what I was doing, and they were sooo heavy but I was determined. My Dad caught me before too long, I thought I was in trouble, but he just laughed and said to let him coach me.’

‘I think it’s great that your folks were supportive’ Liam said.

Kaeo giggled. ‘My Dad was supportive, my Mum not so much. She didn’t think it wasn’t an appropriate activity for a lady. It created a lot of arguments between my parents. Ultimately, my Dad knew this was something I wanted to do and would provide all the help I wanted. Mum tried to discourage me, but I ignored her. I still love her dearly but this was for me, not her.’

‘Anyway Dad insisted I learn some bodyweight exercises first, which was the right thing to do. I mean, I was eight, barely big enough to lift the bar. But I desperately wanted to start with weights. I mean, how else does an eight-year old think muscles are built, you pick up weights!’ Kaeo imitated a bicep curl for emphasis.

‘Can’t argue with that logic.’ Liam said.

‘Well, my dad was very patient and made me learn correct technique on many exercises well before he let me even touch the free weights. He taught me dozens on bodyweight exercises and I performed all of them regularly. Soon, I could see the progress and I was making and this made me want to train more.’

‘Puberty hit not long after that…’ Kaeo deliberately looked down at her chest ‘…and hit hard!’ the two of them laughed together. ‘But after my growth spurt started I was big enough to really get into using the free weights, especially the barbells. Dad had prepared me well and I have him to thank for çankaya escort that.’

‘Once I hit puberty my body really started filling out as I grew taller, and I was eating so much food! My mum had given up trying to convince me otherwise, so she decided if nothing else, she at least wasn’t going to let me go hungry, and risk me pigging-out on junk food, so there was always lots of fruit and veg and meat in the house. I have to thank Mum for that.’

‘Do people stare?’ Liam enquired.

‘Sometimes people gawk, sometimes people tell me I’m too big, but the truth is I know how much I worked to achieve this body and I love it. I love being big, I love seeing my muscles grow, I love being strong, I love how it feels to be strong.’

How’s dating, does your physique impact your options? Liam followed.

‘Yes, but I doubt it’s the biggest issue. I’ve dated a bit. Most don’t make it past the first date. I guess they’re not prepared to be with a muscular woman, and that’s fine. Some try to rush me into bed but I’ve been building this body since I was little, so very I’m protective of it. I’ve only been intimate with a handful of men. Sometimes I get lonely, but then I lift. Nothing can get me down after a session of heavy lifting.’ She took a sip of her tea, then grunted softly. ‘That reminds me, what happened between you and Michael’

Liam’s eyebrows scrunched as for a moment. ‘Oh! The guy in the change room?’ When he realised who she was referring to. Liam reiterated the encounter.

Kaeo groaned. ‘There is a gym at the pool, we both use it. We went out once. It was a really bad date. He asked me how much I lift and got really defensive when I told him, he asked me what steroids I used and wouldn’t accept it when I said I’m clean. What’s more, he still assumed I was going home with him and got salty when I finished the date. I’ve blocked his number, but he still asks me out.’

‘What an asshole!’ Liam replied. ‘Do you compete?’

‘Like bodybuilding, not really. Don’t get me wrong, I love how my body looks, but I’ve always done this for myself. I’ve never felt the need to compete in powerlifting or bodybuilding competition. Plus, getting body fat that low is a pain. I’ve done it, but I like eating and I like having a little fat to take the edge off my look.’

‘Anyway, tell me about yourself, you’re clearly no slouch.’ Kaeo released her hand from Liam’s grasp and placed it on his thigh above his knee, giving it a little squeeze.

Liam started, ‘I used to be pretty fit on the oil rigs, hard manual labour on FIFO rosters will do that to you. But since getting qualified and doing more office work, I’d been getting a bit soft and a bit chonky, especially around the middle. I’d been thinking about getting into some weights training for a while. Then the pandemic hit. Gyms were closed, so I got some kettlebells and started some routines in my apartment. I was surprised how many instructional videos are on the internet. Since then, I bought some programmes online and have been working through them regularly. I’m got back into shape pretty fast, now I’m trying to go beyond that. It’s gradual, but it’s so damn rewarding seeing your gains reflected in the mirror.’

‘Ooooh my god! So true. Hey?’ her voice lowered to a whisper ‘Can I ask you a personal question?’

‘Sure.’ He said.

Kaeo continued; ‘Do you find yourself flexing in bed just to feel the size and shape of your body as it grows?’ She finished with a cheeky grin, softly biting her bottom lip.

Liam responded, ‘Guilty as charged!’ with a cheeky grin. The two burst into laughter. Liam wrapped his arm around Kaeo’s back, his hand finding purchase cebeci escort around her enormous lat. Every part of this girl’s body was built. he pulled her into his body. She lifted her shoulder and pressed her cheek against it. She rubbed her hand slowly up and down Liam’s thigh, her hands venturing dangerously close to Liams’s erection. Fortunately he had dressed to the right and thus far, it had escaped detection.

‘I’m having fun tonight.’ Kaeo whispered. ‘But I am really hungry. I need to get some food, I know a place, would you like to come?’

‘I’m intrigued, show me the way.’ Liam settled the bill and the two of them left the establishment. A short walk later, the couple find themselves in front of a Thai noodle bar called ‘Bussaba’s’ around the corner of some night club. Kaeo explained the scene to Liam as they joined the queue. ‘This is a noodle kitchen run by a lady called Bussaba, she must be 100 years old, but is the sweetest lady and makes an absolute killing every weekend selling noodles to drunk patrons as they leave the club next door. Her cooking is really good, though. Especially the Bussaba special. She claims it’s a secret family recipe.’

The coupled reach the front of the line. A tiny wizened old lady turns at the till shouts something in Thai to the chefs behind her, they were cooking up a storm from multiple giant woks crammed onto a stove that doesn’t look large enough to accommodate them. A flurry of hands, ingredients and utensils danced across the cooktops as a mix of exotic aromas waft out into the street. The lady shouts in heavily accented English ‘Next please!’ as she turns to the couple. A big, toothy grin spread across her face. ‘Big Kaeo! My favorite customer! You want usual?’

Kaeo grined. ‘Yes please Bussaba. Two Bussaba special noodles.’

‘Two Bussaba special!’ Bussaba cried emphatically. ‘You try grow even bigger!

Kaeo laughed. ‘No, Bussaba.’ Kaeo slaps Liam on the shoulder ‘One for me and one for my friend, Liam.’ Bussaba’s eyes narrow as she inspected Liam.

‘This your boyfriend? He handsome, but not as big as you!’ Liam laughed, the comment was a direct shot against his masculinity, but it was just so funny that he couldn’t be offended. Kaeo’s jaw dropped.

‘Bussaba! Be nice! Don’t tease my friend like that, he’s very sweet!’

‘He fine, he big boy, he not worried by little Bussaba. Hey, you want extra?’

‘Extra meat, yes, please’ Kaeo replied.

‘Well, you know rules if you want extra’

‘Must I, Bussaba? This is embarrassing.’

‘I no make rules, I just follow.’

Kaeo pouted, ‘You’re such a liar, Bussaba. OK, then.’ Kaeo leaned across the counter with her bare arm and flexed her bicep. A gasp emanated from some of the crowd behind them. Bussaba reached out with a tiny, leathery hand and grasped the rock-hard muscle.

‘Very nice. Big is beautiful, eh!?’ She slapped her bicep for good measure. She turned to Liam. ‘You want extra, too? Liam nodded. ‘Well? Bussaba beckoned, ‘You know the rule.’ Kaeo tried to withdraw but Bussaba grabbed her arm. ‘A-ah, you want extra, you both flex for me!’ Liam rolled up his sleeve and flexed his arm next to Kaeo’s, he was in good shape, but was dwarfed by Kaeo enormously peaked bicep. Bussaba grabbed both arms, squeezing both with glee. ‘You strong, boy. Not strong as girlfriend. Bussaba special noodle make Kaeo grow big and strong. You want big muscle like hers, you eat Bussaba special noodle! I give you both extra now!’ She released her captive’s arms and laughed. She turned to her cooks and shouted the order, and she ran up the order on the till.

‘My shout.’ Kaeo said, producing a credit card from çubuk escort her purse.

They received their orders shortly afterward and found a bench nearby on the edge of a city garden block. They sat down to eat on, both realising how hungry they were. The noodles were hot with an exotic blend of flavours, a little tang of spice, stir-fried vegies and tender, succulent beef. Lots of beef. Bussaba didn’t lie when she said she’d offer extra. It was a great feed and a fun night.

‘Bussaba likes you.’ Liam remarked.

Kaeo replied ‘She’s like an embarrassing aunty that you can’t help but like. Though it is nice to have my body complimented in a way that is totally honest and completely unabashed. Sometimes people try to ignore my physique completely, buyt they’re too obvious about it. So, my physique feels like the elephant in the room. Other times I get compliments from strangers, which can be pleasant or creepy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the attention a little, But Bussaba does it in such an honest, joyful way that it feels nice. Plus, her Noodles are great. I hope she didn’t embarrass you too much.’

‘Of course not, she was the highlight of the evening! What’s more, now I know the secret to your power, Bussaba Special!.’ Liam replied. They shared in laughter. Liam drew Kaeo in close, he grew silent and stared at her face, she had a delicate nose, her stunning big, green eyes, and were all framed by the cutest round face. Her lips were slightly parted and she was breathing deeply. Liam hesitated, but looking into those deep green eyes, he felt emboldened to go for a kiss, and he went for it…

Kaeo gently interrupted his approach by gently pressing a finger to his lips. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t kiss on the first date.’ She whispered. The mood immediately cooled. Liam sank back, dejected. She sucked in her upper lip and dropped her gaze. They sat quietly for a moment. Kaeo broke the silence after what felt like an eternity. ‘I asked you to show me a good time, and you did, but I don’t want to get carried away.’

Liam got to his feet and offered his hand. ‘Would you like to see me again?’

Kaeo placed her hand in his and smiled. ‘I do, I really do.’

Liam unconsciously returned her smile. ‘Can I walk you home?’

‘Oh, you’re such a gentleman.’ She said. ‘No, I’ll be fine. The bus stop is just up the street. Take my number and get in touch with me later this week.’

The two of them exchanged numbers and bade their farewells.

A walk home was just what Liam needed to depressurise. The current dating game had been akin to marching across a barren wasteland with few prospects (all of them unappealing) and was honestly about to delete the dating app on his phone for good. He had been ready to accept disappointment, right up to the point he met Kaeo. The moment he saw her climb out of the pool, he’d been assailed by a whirlpool of emotion that he’d barely had time to process.

Obviously, her incredible physique was the first thing that took him by surprise. Despite that, her overall shape was remarkably feminine, with a perfect hourglass figure, ample breasts, a cute face with beautiful eyes. Those eyes, deep green and impossible not to stare into.

She was easily more muscular than he was. Was that intimidating? It should be, shouldn’t it? Liam admitted that was his initial reaction, but Kaeo had disarmed him immediately with that sweet, playful demeanour.

Did he over step the mark when he tried to kiss her? Was I coming on to strong? Liam eventually reasoned, no. She slowed him down, this is textbook male chasing female behaviour, at least it was, once upon a time.

Alone on the bus, Kaeo agonised over whether she had done the right thing. She had honestly enjoyed Liam’s company and it would have been so easy to give in to pleasure of his embrace, but her mother had always taught her to be strong and hold a traditional approach to dating. At the very least, Kaeo knew about being strong.

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