Sweet Surrender

14 Ocak 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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It’s a lazy Saturday morning and J and V are relaxing on the couch at his place watching movies. She changes positions often, frequently bringing her head down to lay upon his lap. Each time she does, not more than a few minutes passes before she begins to feel her pussy start to tingle from the sheer nearness of him and feels compelled to draw down the band of his pants to play with his cock. Running her tongue from the base to the tip she then sucks him to hardness, covering his perfect cock with her small mouth. When she’s done he teases her back, deliciously pinching and biting her nipples or reaching down to bang her moist pussy. Their teasing moves back and forth like this for a couple of hours until her pussy begins to throb from frustration and desire. As he starts to move four fingers deep into her vagina he leans over and says the words she is growing to love: “I want to fuck you in the ass.”

At first she pretends as though she may not let him but then he begins to finger her asshole. First just one finger, but then slowly he works his way up. This is the game they like to play with their lovemaking sometimes. How much will he hurt her? How much will she take? Or ask for? His dark eyes are lit with a sensual curiosity and he watches her reaction as each additional finger moves into place. At three fingers she begins to feel erotik film izle uncomfortable, but as he begins to expertly move them around inside her anus she experiences another feeling as well – pleasure. She leans over and sticks her ass in the air then starts to suck his cock while his fingers pulse in and out of her tight asshole. She is overcome with desire for this man and wants him to fuck her in every possible way. She wants him to own her.

“Make me your dirty ass fucking whore.” It’s more of a command than a statement that she utters as she stands to remove her clothes. He does the same and then sits back down on the couch. Her nipples turn hard as she takes in his sexy slender body and she can’t resist getting down on her knees to suck on his nipples until she feels them turn hard in her mouth. A hard bite pulls a soft cry from him and then a deep moan as she works her way down to tease and suck his cock once more. He picks up a bottle of lube. “Are you my dirty little cocksucking, ass fucking whore?” he asks her. He puts lube onto his finger and begins to play with her ass again. She takes his cock all the way into the back of her throat as she gazes up at him with eyes she hopes say yes. Her pussy is dripping wet and throbbing with anticipation and when she can no longer stand it she takes the lube and begins to film izle rub some up and down his erect penis. It is hot and hard in her little hands. Ready to fuck.

J kneels on the couch as V stands behind her and then leans down in such a way that she can still reach her hands back to spread her ass cheeks wide. Her ass and pussy are shaved clean so he can see her tight little asshole waiting for him.

“Make me your bitch,” she says.

As she spreads her asshole wide he begins to move the tip of his cock into her anus. “You can come in,” she tells him. And he does. Gently at first and then he moves his cock in with more force. She feels her ass begin to open for him and she willingly takes him all the way in. She grabs a vibrator and begins to play with her pussy as he slides his cock in and out of her ass. The vibration excites them both and his pace begins to quicken; his thrusts growing in intensity.

“I want to ride your cock with my ass. Will you please let me?” she asks. V is only too happy to oblige this request and skillfully pulls her on top of him as he lays himself upon the couch. Carefully she begins to ease herself back down on to his hard cock. There is no pain – only immense pleasure is felt as she takes him into her and begins to move. Gently gyrating her hips at first but as the enjoyment begins to seks filmi izle overtake her she cries she begins to vigorously ride him up and down – his cock sliding in and out her ass for him to see. He reaches his hands out grasp her hips bringing her a whole new level of bliss as her pulls her deeper down on to him. It pleasures her the most to look back behind her and see his face as his cock moves in and out of her ass. Her ass is getting looser and hotter now and suddenly she feels a intense desire for him to fuck her harder than ever before.

They move so that J is down on her hands and knees as V kneels behind her on the couch. His penis is still hard and thick and he quickly thrusts it so deep into her she feels as though she might split open. She reaches back to grab his balls. “I am your dirty little whore,” she cries out. “I’m your ass fucking bitch. You own me.”

V rewards her words by dealing a strong spank to her naked ass. She gives him permission to hit her again. To pull her hair. To do anything he wants to her. And he does it all. By now she is so wet and turned on that she feels dizzy. She is crazy for more. Harder. Faster. And he gives it all to her as her head spins away and she comes – her pussy tingling and pulsing, her breath lost in her throat and every cell in her body exploding with bliss. And still he is fucking her – groaning as each thrust goes deeper and deeper into me until with a load moan he comes and her ass is filled with his hot sticky cum.

They both fall exhausted on to the couch. He owns her. And she loves it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32