Tap Out

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Cassie Peters had grown from the cute girl next door to a sex object through school, college, university, and finally in work. She had grown accustomed to being objectified and patronized by the men and jealously targeted by the women. The years of bottling up the comments and the casual sexism only found their release when she stepped foot in the fight academy.

The day an ex-boyfriend brought her along to improve her fitness, in reality, to show her off to his friends, Cassie found her reason for being. Finally able to leave behind the pretty girly childhood for blood, sweat, and tears, even the occasional broken nose couldn’t dissuade her. The years of being told how girls should behave, how she shouldn’t play football as it’s not ladylike were well and truly over.

She excelled in the training and the grappling, winning over the other female fighters who initially mocked the little blonde barbie doll.

Here she found kinship and the camaraderie she had always cherished, women who looked after and helped each other. Once you proved yourself there was no backstabbing or spiteful comments, she finally felt a part of womanhood.

With her long blonde hair, flashing blue eyes, and athletic figure, Cassie was used to getting the attention of men, and sometimes she enjoyed it but not in here, not in the fight gym. Here she was all business, she had trained for five years now and had won the praise and admiration of all the fighters. Even the other male fighters looked upon her with respect but there were always the gym boys. The men who came to use the gym or train on the bags but who never actually got down and dirty.

They spent most of their time preening by the mirrors and ogling the female members of the gym. When she did wrestle she knew they would be watching, making their stupid comments. She’d grown tired of the repeated sexist remarks and the constant staring at her ass. She had enough of this at work when she would have to bite down on her words to not be sacked, she did not need this here.

Mike Doyle was one of the worst, over six foot tall, body sculptured by the gym but never stepped foot on the mat. Always leering at her and grinning when caught like a naughty schoolboy, his charm letting him get away with it again. The two things he had zero respect for were women’s MMA and women’s football, the two loves of Cassie’s life. He’d worked his way through a large proportion of the female members, one-night stands mainly. Just something to boast about to his fellow gym boors, never thinking about the damage to the women themselves.

Several had left to a female-only gym, fed up with the comments of their sexual promiscuity. It wound Cassie up to lose her friends in this way, used and humiliated by this jackass. She also knew she was high on his want list, as she had overheard on several occasions.

Grappling with her friend Katy, there he was, leering through the fence at them. Any time they got in an intimate position she could see him and his mates laughing at some stupid remark of his. As she stood she flared up, “you could always join in, show us how it’s done.”

The dumb grin zoomed back on his face, “Oh I wouldn’t want to show you up, little girl.” Mike retreated with his mates gleeful at getting her to react. She absolutely was on the top of his hit list, annoying but hot as hell.

Cassie had a long-term plan for Mike, she had been waiting for the right moment but she was getting tired of waiting and now might be the time to push. She cooled down in the shower, hoping it would wash him from her mind.

As she dressed and packed, she could hear him bragging about some new conquest, she really hoped the girl wasn’t here to hear it. A blow for blow account on his night’s activities, and a rating out of ten. God she hated him, now was the opportunity and she was sure he would take the bait.

As she followed him out of the gym into the fresh air, she tapped his shoulder. “hey I wasn’t joking in there, I’d like to get you in the ring.” she beamed her most innocent smile towards him.

That grin was back, “oh now come on little girl I could really hurt you.” He patted her on the head, “stay playing with the girls ok, more your size.”

Cassie bit on her tongue, “I think you’re just scared to lose to a girl, I mean I’ll go easy on you.” Slight increase of the smile, “I won’t even tell your friends when you lose.”

Mike’s grin dropped slightly, she was starting to annoy him. “why don’t you run along unless you really want to have some fun with me.”

Coquettishly she leaned her head, “well why don’t we make it fun then, winner fucks the loser.” She grinned back at him, hooked.

“What,” Mike spluttered the word out. He’d tried every chat-up line and move on her and now she’s put it sıhhiye escort on a plate for him. “Are you being serious now, I beat you and you’ll let me fuck you.”

She laughed, “and some people say you’re dumb.” Flicking her long blonde hair from her face, “when I beat you your mine, deal?” Cassie reached out her hand to clinch his fate.

Mike plunged his hand into hers, her tiny little hand disappeared in his mitt. “no get outs, no it was only a joke, you lose that ass is mine to play with.”

“We have shaken on it, I don’t back out of a deal.” Her face shone with satisfaction, “why don’t we say tonight, eight.”

Mike very nearly cheered, tonight he would finally get his hands on little blondie’s ass. “deal, where do you want your defeat to take place.”

She passed him a card, ‘Miss Danvers Female Only Gym.’ “the address is on the back, I wouldn’t want to humiliate you in front of your friends, you know getting your ass kicked by a girl,” she beamed back at him.

To wipe that smug grin off her face he would fight her anywhere, he had no worries about the outcome. He towered over her and greatly outweighed her, it would be over in no time and then he would get to fuck that fine ass. Even though he could not stand her personality he would never tire of seeing that behind bounce of his cock.

“Don’t you chicken out bitch,” she laughed as she left and wiggled her ass a little more than usual cause she knew damn well he’d be staring at it. ‘Tonight, it’s on!’ and pressed send on her text.


When he arrived the building looked closed, only a small glimmer of light in the window. As he tentatively knocked on the door he could hear a strong steady noise of a woman’s footsteps, heels clicking on a hard wooden floor. His mouth dropped as the tall figure of a woman appeared in the doorway, she was stunningly beautiful with long flowing red hair. “Ah, so your the boy who wants to lose to a girl,” she smirked as she spoke and beckoned him in with a gloved hand.

The light inside was stronger and he could fully appreciate the vision of the woman, his eyes drifted down her body and fixated on her firm round ass in a tight-fitting skirt. His attention was brought back to reality with the click of her fingers in his face, “Through there boy, she’s waiting for you.”

Mike tried to use his best boyish smile upon her but to no effect and she simply pointed to the end of the corridor and left. As he followed the light coming from the doorway, he felt unease at the way she had called him boy. Pushing open the door he saw the octagon, just like on tv. It was lit from above focusing the ring through the surrounding darkness, and in the middle was Cassie.

“Hey loser, I was worried you wouldn’t show,” she bounced from foot to foot as she shouted. She knew goading him was the easiest way to make him do as she wanted.

Mike grinned back, “Sorry no way I was going to miss this, and don’t try to welsh out on our bet.” As he entered the ring she seemed even smaller, taking candy from a baby.

She moved closer to him, looking up with her big blue eyes. “Ok the rules are simple, the first one to quit, tap or pass out is the loser and after the fight, the winner gets the prize, agreed?”

Mike squeezed her outstretched hand, “Agreed.” His broad grin fixed on his face, “and I’ll agree to go gentle with you, before and after.”

Her smile dropped slightly from his remark, more steely and she walked to collect her bag, “the showers are through there, you better use this too,” and she threw him a douche kit. “Bad enough I’m going to kick your ass, don’t want you shitting yourself too.”

Her cockiness was making him angrier by the second and seeing the kit made him glare back, “Yeah right, I don’t need this.”

“Seriously you do, all the guys do it before a fight, it would be pathetic enough losing to me but if you shit your pants in the process, you’re never living that down.” She stretched her arms above her heads and smirked, “See you in the ring bitch.”

Even as he seethed he could not fail to watch that ass swing its departure, but he knew not long now till he finally gets his hands on it.


He contemplated the use of the kit, was she winding him up, or did all the fighters do this. He hated to say it but she was more experienced when it came to fighting and she was right, she would never let him live that down. What the hell he decided, better to be safe than sorry, and took it into the showers with him.

Drying herself from the cool shower, Cassie felt confident and secure in victory. Pulling her long flowing blonde locks together in a tight ponytail, her cute girl next door look had transformed to the cold-eyed fighter looking back at her.

As sincan escort she peeled on her skin-tight shorts and matching fight top a smile encroached on her face, ‘damn I look fierce’. Squeezing her hands tightly in the gloves, she shadowboxed up a sweat, Mouthguard in, she banged her knuckles together, game time.

As she strutted out to the ring, she saw him preening in the center. No ring attire, he’d just come in shorts and a t-shirt, still showing no respect for her or the sport.

He mockingly waved towards her, “thought you might have changed your mind, still can you know if you don’t want your name added to my list.”

The smile had long gone from Cassie’s face, her glare now was all business and every word from his lips was going to cost him. She closed the gate to the octagon and closed the door on Mike’s easy life.

“Ok bitch, let’s go.” Cassie punched her hands together and bobbed towards him.

Mike pulled a self-satisfied face as she moved towards him and flicked out his hands, fingers teasing her face. He sneered as he ridiculed her, that sexy face getting angrier. The idea this little doll of a girl thinks she can beat him nearly made him giggle out loud.

With each nonchalant slap and push, Cassie grew more determined, plotting his downfall. She scanned his stance and nonexistent footwork for her attack, with one duck she made her move. Grabbing his shirt, she pulled him towards her and slipped in a foot sweep. His gormless face was a treat as he toppled over landing on his back with a loud bang.

His lack of training then led to his downfall, he pushed her body off him and crawled to rise. But he had given her his back and the target she had wanted. Immediately she pounced, wrapping her arm around his neck and securing a rear-naked chokehold. He was done, she tightened her grip, pulled his head, and waited for his tap.

The tap never came, Mike had panicked as she sunk the choke in and never even remembered to tap. He slumped limply in her arms and she dropped the dead weight to the mat.


When he awoke he was staring face down into the mat, his head spun trying to figure out what had happened. As he acclimatized to his surroundings, the sweaty taste of the mat on his lips, finally it dawned on him he had lost. To a girl! and not just any girl, the most annoying girl he’d ever met, the whole gym would know in seconds. She’s probably on the phone boasting of it all now, he must stop that.

He tried to rise but he seemed to be attached to something, his arms were behind him and something was under him. Turning his already spinning head it looked like he was over a boxing bag, his hands had been tied and looped under the bag. He tried to stand but his feet were attached too and he couldn’t lift the weight of the bag in this position. As he attempted to shout for help he looked up to see a foot and raised his eyes up to the grinning victor.

“Let me fucking go, you crazy bitch,” he wriggled with all his strength. “I get it you won but what’s all this,” angrily slamming himself against the ground.

Cassie knelt down and cradled his face, “Surely you remember our bet, Winner fucks the loser.”

“Yes I remember, look if you want to ride my cock that’s fine but you don’t need to tie me up first.” Even in this position, Mike tried his best cheeky charm.

A smile exploded on Cassie’s face, “I’m not riding your cock silly, I’m fucking your arse bitch.” With that, she leaped up and swept behind the prone body.

Mike’s mouth dropped open as his brain attempted to understand his predicament, slowly but surely realizing not only his helplessness but finally his nakedness. He could feel his bare cock against the bag and cool air on his exposed backside. His body shuddered like an electric shock as he felt something cold and wet being poured on his arse crack.

“Noooo, you’ve gone too fucking far, let me go now and I’ll forget about this, you fucking mad bitch,” rocking his body violently against the bag. “Jokes a joke, I get it but cmon let me go now.”

She spanked his arse hard, “mad bitch, you really should learn to talk to women with a bit more respect.” As she dripped some more lube on her thick black strap-on, “especially in your position.”

His yells came to an abrupt halt when he felt the hard tip of the cock press against his virgin hole. “Please don’t do this, I’ll leave the gym and never go back.” His pleading was ended by one hard sleek thrust of her cock and his cry rose to the rafters of the gym as his cherry popped.

She held him deep on her cock, allowing his hole to adjust to its master. Gently stroking his cheeks, “the girls were right about one thing, you do have a nice arse.”

It was at this point that sınırsız escort the pain emanating from his ass was momentarily halted by the murmur of noise he was sure he heard. Turning his face from the mat, he peered into the darkness at ringside and started to perceive figures. Faces started to come closer to the sides and in his horror, Mike recalled them all. The women he had fucked and boasted of, were watching his humiliation.

And he saw no pity or sympathy, just pure enjoyment in his misfortune. Face after face of girls from his past, gleefully mocking him in his helplessness.

Cassie teased her cock in his loosening hole, “What should we do girls?” Her question elicited loud cheers and then a concerted cry from the ladies which reverberated through the building. “Fuck his arse.” It was like a football chant, increasing in loudness and intensity but from an all-female choir. They clapped in unison with each movement of her tight muscular buttocks.”Fuck His arse.”

The words swam around his brain, the braying women stamping their feet in rhythm with the movement of the thick plastic cock stretching his hole. “Fuck his arse.” The high-pitched squeals of delight mixed in with the increasing volume of the mantra, “Fuck his arse.”

With each shout Cassie plunged her cock deep in his tight arse, the noise drowning out his whimpers. As the ladies sang she roughly took his manhood away, enjoying every second of ripping away at his cockiness.

“Fuck his arse.” She raised one hand mockingly like a cowgirl riding a rodeo bronco and with each powerful thrust she broke in her stallion.

“Fuck his arse.” Cassie felt like she was playing up to the audience and she was delivering a five-star performance. She very nearly got lost in the adoration till she noticed he was moaning.

She leaned forward, her body against him, still grinding that cock deep into him and yes he was most definitely moaning from his fucking. Raising a finger to her lips, the chanting gradually subdued and they leaned in to listen, and slowly they came to realize why she had quietened them. Each thrust of her groin elicited a groan of pleasure from his lips, the macho ladies man was enjoying being a ladies bitch.

Mike buried his face in the mat, the humiliation and shame washed over him, the cheers and chants seared in his mind. But each push of her cock pressed deeply on his prostrate and against his will, the orgasmic noises fell from his mouth. Even being denigrated in front of all these women couldn’t stop the rising feeling inside him, his head spun more now than from being choked out.

The realization that she was making a man whore out of him made Cassie put on a real show for the ladies, any tiredness ebbed away as his moaning and their cheers rose. And boy did they cheer, they came to get revenge but now they were seeing the cocksure lothario being made to love it, want it. The chant also changed, “fuck the bitch.” Louder it grew, more enthusiastically than before. “Fuck the bitch.”

As she pounded him roughly, his cock leaked helplessly against the bag, splashing on the mat. Any time he tried to raise his eyes towards the women all he saw was a sea of clapping smiling familiar faces and phones. The comprehension hit him like a brick, his humiliation was being filmed and they would all have proof of him being owned by a girl but worse wanting it, groaning for more.

The sheer athleticism of Cassie was all that was keeping her going, the sweat poured from her body as she owned the broken husk of a man under her. When she finally stopped to thunderous applause, his cock had been drained and she left him pathetic in his puddle. “Don’t worry about the phones, that’s our insurance about you doing anything about this and for your future behavior, understand bitch.” With a spank on his beaten arse, she exited the ring to the rousing approval of the ladies and an echoing chant of ‘Cassie Cassie Cassie.’

Mike sunk lifeless the canvas, the laughter and chanting of the women ebbing away into the distance. His body ached, hands and legs sore and stiff and his hole throbbed wildly. He was sweat cold but his face was still burning red with embarrassment, he didn’t want to contemplate how he would ever show his face anywhere, never mind step foot in the gym. It was then he heard footsteps behind him and the long-needed release of the ropes, he slumped naked and exhausted on the ground.

The tall red-haired woman who had welcomed him into this nightmare loomed above his defeated body. Her perfect white alabaster face was broken only by a ferocious red-lipsticked smirk. “Lose did we,” she mocked smugly at him. “I think you should dress before you go,” as she tossed him his clothes. “Oh and there’s a mop there to clean up your little mess.” She pointed to the puddle of cum he had deposited on the canvas, “Don’t miss a drop, or she won’t be the only woman to teach you a lesson tonight.” With a sharp turn, he watched her red ponytail swish into the darkness leaving just the sound of her heels clicking in the hall.

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