The AirBnB Ch. 07

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~~~~~~Continued from Ch. 06~~~~~~~

The rest of my Monday was fairly uneventful. I finally did some laundry, cleaned up the house, and even went grocery and wine shopping.

The problem before this weekend was that I was legitimately fine with being alone if not every day and night. I could come home, read, watch TV, go to the gym, play on my phone, and just relax and find no issues in this.

However, after spending a weekend where there wasn’t a moment I was alone, I was now finding myself incredibly bored. Not to mention, incredibly horny.

My pussy seemed to stay wet all day. No matter what I did, or how many times I played with myself, my thoughts would inevitably return to the nights before and boom, I was back up and ready to roll again. Unfortunately, though, B.O.B. and my glass dildo just weren’t doing it for me anymore. My body seemingly craved the touch and taste of another woman.

I thought about calling my pet, Lindsey, and having her come over more than a handful of times, however, I knew her young pussy was going to be raw after what Bailey and I did to it last night. And I decided to give her the night off.

I still wasn’t quite sure about being a Mistress. For all of my marriage, I was the one being controlled, so flipping the script and becoming the Mistress was new. How often should I call my pet? Would it be too much to call her every day? Hell, did it make sense to have her stay with me most weekends? Do I try to get more pets?

Fuck, the more I overthought everything, the more I felt like a sexual deviant. But then again, I could care less.

I hadn’t heard from Trish in almost 24 hours, but that was somewhat typical. We sometimes would go all week before talking. I just figured that after what happened this weekend, there’d be some conversation or two about what happened and what life may be like moving forward.

Then again, when she first fucked around with Trina she marinated in it for almost 2 days before meeting up with her to talk about it.

That being said, this somehow felt different in my opinion. She had already had her first experience with Trina and was almost the instigator in what transpired between Bailey, her, and me.

She seemed jealous when she found out Trina had her way with me in H&M. And was as open and free Saturday night at Trina’s, not to mention the morning after.

But maybe she was just giving me the space that she may think I need so that I may process everything. After all, she still had no idea what happened yesterday. That not only did me and Bailey have a night to remember before her farewells, but we had seduced the cute blonde from the mall, and I, not Bailey, had made Lindsey our little pussy pleasing sex pet.

It will be fun to see their reactions when I eventually do show Lindsey off. It will also be a nice little present the next time we all meet up again.

It was about 4:00 pm and I had no idea what to do with myself for the rest of the evening. The problem I had with sleeping on and off all morning was that I was the furthest thing from sleepy, thus this usually meant a late bedtime.

I guess it’s been almost a week since I went to the gym so maybe I’ll just go burn some calories, work on my legs, hit a fish place on the way home, and find a movie or book to read. “Finally!” I yelled out loud, “a plan not involving me masturbating for the un-teenth time.”

I went to my room, threw on the sports bra, booty shorts, and running shoes I often wore to the gym, put my hair in a tight ponytail, and made my way to the gym. I went to a decently sized gym about 20 minutes from my home.

There were closer options, but they were the cheap $10/month gyms that had crappy machines or never had enough of them and had some real creeps that went there for the sole purpose of trying to hit on women.

My gym was EōS Fitness. A bit pricey, but that was a good thing as it had better quality machines and weights, more amenities like an Olympic-sized pool, saunas, water-massage chairs, SUPER clean dressing rooms, fitness classes, a yoga studio, a rock climbing wall, indoor and outdoor turf, and members who truly cared about their fitness goals.

That last point was a big one for me. When you have quality members they tend to respect you, your space, the equipment, and the environment as they are there to work out and expect the same from you. The simple act of wiping down a machine after you are done using it is just something that is WAY TOO MUCH to ask at somewhere like Planet Fitness.

I got here at around 4:30 pm. I stopped at the front desk and bought myself a blue raspberry pre-workout drink. Not only is this drink incredibly tasty, but after about 15 minutes, it’s like a shot of adrenaline and it kicks your ass into high gear. I only ever drank it when I felt lazy and or just low on energy. It’s supposed to also give your muscles additional aminos and proteins to help them work harder for longer thus increasing your gains.

I rarely used the locker rooms here bursa escort as I typically would just come, work out and leave, so I headed straight for the elliptical to get my blood flowing.

This was a great warm-up machine to really get the body loosened up but to also give you time to allow the pre-workout to kick in. Not to mention it was right in front of the TVs they had on the wall so I got to watch some Real Housewives while I rode the bike.

Even for a Monday, it was pretty dead tonight. Usually, there are maybe 30 to 45 people here, but tonight there were at most 20 people.

I was really enjoying that as it meant (A.) there were a lot of open machines (B.) I wasn’t going to be rushed to finish my sets on the machines (C.) there were fewer eyes meaning I felt less self-conscious about my workouts.

I never felt like people were staring at my body or anything, but I definitely felt inadequate compared to some of the full-timers and felt like I was potentially being judged on my technique. Though I’m sure this was all in my head, as again, the people that came here were SUPER focused on their goals and rarely paid anyone any attention.

Putting in my AirPods and hopping onto the bike, I began my warm-up ride, and before I knew it, my 20 minutes came and gone.

I headed for the squat racks on the other side of the gym. The pre-workout drink now coursing through my veins, I was ready to feel the pump (the blood pumping and swelling the muscles if you aren’t a gym rat).

As expected, all of the machines were empty thus giving me the selection of my choice. I know it probably sounds weird, but for each type of workout station, I had my ‘favorite’ machine.

For the squats, it was the one closest to the water fountain. The reason being, there was a hallway that led to the employee lounge, but this hallway was a nice little trot after a heavy set. It allowed me to shake off the cramping or tired muscles before the next set, allowing them to recover faster.

All of the leg workout machines were located in the same part of the gym, and other than a guy trying to max out the leg press, there was only one other woman on the side of the gym who was on the leg extension machine.

It should be mentioned that in front of the squat racks, and a lot of the other stations where heavy lifting tends to happen, there were mirrors that allowed you to pay attention to your form and prevented you from hurting or tweaking anything.

I normally would use these mirrors as one should, but often would check guys out that were in my area or watch for guys who may be staring. Not that I would do anything if I caught them, but if they were cute, I’d show them as much as I could. If they weren’t, I’d try to make eye contact and let them know I see them and hopefully sway their unwanted glances.

As I got to my squat rack, I loaded it up to an easy warm-up of about 240 lbs and did my first set of 12 reps. I was feeling good. Normally I can tell how my sesh was going to go. Either I was going to rock it and max out each set until muscle failure or I was going to get tired quickly and barely complete my mandatory 3 sets. Tonight, I felt strong and like I could get 4 or 5 sets in each workout.

I added on a couple of 25 lb plates and started my first real set of 12 reps and was able to make it through with no real problem. After a 30-second breather and adding 2 more 25 lb plates, I moved on to the next one. I struggled a bit more with this set, as about 6 reps in, each squat became harder and harder to get back up. However, with a few deep breaths and a handful of deep grunts, I completed the set, officially breaking a sweat.

I decided to go for failure (when you complete as many reps as you can until your muscles just can’t anymore) with my last set of squats. Adding 2 more plates at 10 lbs each, I was now at 360 lbs and psyching myself up as I began to get ready to take on my final set.

I noticed in the mirror that the woman that was on the leg extension machine had made her way over to me and was about to tap me on my shoulder. Taking an AirPod out of my ear, I turned to see what was up.

“Excuse me, not to bother you but I saw you were killing it on that last set but that you were slightly struggling. Did you want me to spot you on this one?” The brunette asked.

“Actually, that’s probably a good idea, thanks!” I answered back smiling. “I’m a coward and never ask for a spotter, so I do appreciate it.”

“No worries, I pulled 3 different muscles about 6 months ago maxing out on Squats, so when I saw you struggling and working out alone, I knew I should come and ask,” she said stepping behind me as I stepped forward under the bar.

Putting the AirPod back in, Guns N Roses blaring in my ears, I gripped the bar, pushed it up, stepped back, got my balance, and began my last set.

10 lb plates do not seem like a lot, but the extra 20 lbs made a massive difference. The first rep was so hard that the kind brunette had to help bursa escort bayan me push the bar back up. I immediately stepped forward and re-racked the bar.

“Fuck that’s heavy!” I said out loud. I could see her lips moving in the mirror as she stood behind me.

Taking the AirPod out I replied, “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t hear a thing you said.”

“Oh, no shit you have AirPods in, duh, I was like…is she ignoring me” the brunette laughed. “Are you finishing your workout, starting it, or in the middle?” She asked.

Taking deep breaths, I turned to face her, “This is my first workout, outside of the warm-up I did a minute ago”.

“Ah, well what are you going for here? Are you maxing out, just pushing yourself, going for fai..” she stated as I interrupted her.

“Going for failure,” I chimed in almost in unison with her.

“Ah, makes sense. Well not to give unsolicited advice, but maybe don’t go for failure with the first machine on leg day” she advised.

“Pushing yourself is great, but if you have extensions, press, lunges, rows, or any other workout following this, maybe just feel the burn and not go so heavy” she continued.

“Damn, you’re totally right. Thanks for the heads up. Pre-workout has me feeling and thinking like I’m Arnold” I laughed.

“Well, his number one rule is Safety First, so maybe act like him too,” she giggled.

Placing my AirPod back in, turning, and walking over to the bar, I took off 2 the last 25 lb plates I had added on previously and kept the 2 10lb plates. I got myself in position once more as she came up behind me and I started my set.

This felt tremendously lighter but still difficult as I went down with each squat. The reps came and went, but the last one was difficult enough that my spotter had to help me get it back up and onto the rack.

“Thanks again for your help, my name is Lucy,” I thanked her as I reached out to shake her hand.

“Jaime,” she replied, shaking my hand.

“It was nice to meet you,” letting go of her hand.

“You as well! Don’t be afraid to come and ask me to spot you in the future. I know it’s awkward asking for help at the gym.” She smiled as she took her hand back.

“Yeah! I’m not super shy, I just don’t want to bother anyone” I laughed.

“Understandable. Well, I’ll see you around!” She said waving and heading over to the other side of the gym.

I admired Jaime’s body as she walked away. I couldn’t put a finger on her age but she was older than me for sure. She was a very toned brunette with shoulder-length hair, deep brown eyes, a tan that may have been fake, and a tight body.

“Delicious,” I thought to myself as I put my AirPods back in and headed over to the reverse hyperextension machine in the opposite direction of where Jaime was headed.

I worked out for another 45 minutes before feeling the pre-workout fade away and my body going limp. Typically, I go straight home when I am done with my workout, mainly because I don’t bring a change of clothes, shower amenities, or a blow dryer, but I felt like I should hit the sauna today.

I only really went to the sauna when I was trying to lose some water weight, usually when I was feeling bloated, or just felt a bit heavier than I like. Today, although, it was because I spent the whole weekend drinking and felt gross. So I wanted to sweat out the toxins if I could, and then I’d head home to shower.

This gym was nice as there were 3 saunas. One in the area near the pool, and one in each changing room. This made it nice as I didn’t have to share it with men who would just eye fuck you the entire time as I normally would strip down and only wear a towel. But it also would most likely mean I would have it to myself on a day as slow as it was.

I made my way to the ladies changing room, grabbed a couple of towels, stripped down, and put my keys, shoes, and clothes in a locker I could see from the sauna. After checking out my nakedness in the mirror and admiring the pump I could see in my legs and ass, I wrapped myself up in the towel, grabbed my phone, and headed into the sauna. AirPods, still in.

“Perfect! There’s no one here.” I stated out loud as I headed to the furthest corner from the door. I usually sat here just in case someone did come in. Not to hide or anything, but the door to the sauna always let the steam out and it would quickly get chilly the closer you were to the door.

I set my second towel on the bench of the sauna and sat down on the towel. It wasn’t that the bench was too hot normally, but there was one time I swear I burned myself on the wood, so ever since I used a towel as a buffer.

Letting the towel I had wrapped around my body fall as I was alone in the sauna, I pulled out my phone. I listened to a random playlist I had put together a while ago, and started to text Trish.

“Hey bitch, what are you up to? How was your Sunday?”

She instantly opened the text, as we both have iPhones and it tells you when the other person has read escort bursa the message.

Radio silence.

Sitting there patiently, I decided that the grass wasn’t going to grow faster by watching it, so I switched apps to my Realtor app to see what new homes had been added to the market.

It didn’t matter what I saw today as in the end, new homes pop up every day. The summer season was by far the busiest all year. Something about people not wanting to move while kids were in school and not wanting to move in the winter.

Either way, I started scrolling and was extremely happy to see that the home Missy and Paul were looking at showed “Sale Pending”. That just got me all sorts of giddy again. I mean, I’ve been in the business for almost 10 years, (ok 8 but who’s counting) but nothing beats the feeling of landing a solid purchase with a big commission.

It was right then that Trish texted back.

“Sry girl, I was with a client and had my gloves on. So to answer your??? I’m working lol…wby?”

I smiled, happy to know nothing was wrong or different between us. “I’m good, just in the sauna at the gym. WYD yesterday?”

“Oh ya know, helped Trina clean and went home and slept like a fatass. Ate some cake. Talked to my asshole brother. Typical stuff…wby?” She replied.

“I’d love to tell you in person, dinner later?” I replied when at that moment the sauna door opened.

“Lucy was it?!” The brunette from earlier walked in.

“Jaime!” I replied with a wide smile on my face.

“How was the rest of your workout?” She asked, sitting parallel to me in the opposite corner.

“It was good! I hadn’t worked out in almost a week so it felt relaxing, if that’s the right word, to be back.” I said putting my phone down.

“I know what you mean! I got back from a 2 week trip from San Fran about a week ago and I felt so weak coming back after not working out during the trip.” Jaime said.

“I never had the confidence to do that,” she remarked pointing at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“You know…going commando in the sauna..” She pointed out with a smile on her face.

Forgetting I was completely naked, I felt the blood drain from my face as I urgently grabbed the towel that had fallen behind me and covered myself. “I’m so sorry! I was so comfortable and in the zone, with my music, I had forgotten I had taken the towel off.”

“PFT! Don’t let me stop you, if my tits looked half as good as yours, I’d flaunt them around Walmart,” she joked, pulling out her phone and showing me a picture of her kid. He had to be 16, maybe? Which is crazy cause she looked like she was maybe 36 or 37.

“He wrecked my perfect tits,” she said with a half sarcastic half depressed look on her face.

“Honestly, if you hadn’t told me you had kids, I’d have never known. You are very attractive” I said trying to cheer her up while being honest.

“Aww, you’re nice, but no need to lie,” she laughed.


My phone went wild on the bench beside me as Trish began calling me.

“Hello?” I answered by picking up the phone and holding up one finger to Jaime to indicate it would just be a second.

“Hey, Bitch! Why’d you stop replying to my texts?” Trish asked.

“Oh my bed, I got talking to someone and just didn’t see that they came in,” I replied looking back at Jaime.

“Well, dinner? I’m down if you still are?” She asked.

“Sure, you up for some pasta from Romanos?” I suggested.

“Fuck you buying? That place is pricey, it’s like $8 a breadstick or something.” Trish whined yet laughed.

“I can pay that’s fine, let’s say 7?” I smiled as I looked down.

“It’s a date!” Trish said before abruptly hanging up.

“Sorry about that” I apologized as I re-engaged with Jaime.

“No worries, dinner plans are important!” She said as she stood up and stretched. “Well, I can never last too long in here before I gotta get out. It was nice to see you, and well…all of you for that matter,” Jaime said with a smirk. “See ya around Lucy!” She waved as she headed out of the sauna.

“Was she flirting with me?” I asked myself out loud. Whatever, it made no difference, it was practically 6 already so I needed to head home, shower, get changed, and get to Romanos.

Leaving the sauna, I used the towel I had been sitting on to dry myself of the additional sweat I collected while in there. I opened my locker and began to get changed when Jaime appeared once more.

“Hey, I’m glad I caught you. I’m here every Monday evening if you’re ever looking for a workout buddy. I’m always looking around for someone to help me if you’re up for it” She offered.

“Ya know, that’d be nice. I haven’t worked out with anyone since my husband and I split, so it’d be nice to do that. Same time next week?” I asked putting on my shorts.

“Same time! See ya then!” Jaime smiled and walked away.

Standing there topless for a half second, I caught myself checking out Jaime as she turned the corner. Clearing my head of my perverted thoughts, I put on my shirt and shoes and headed out of the locker room.

I didn’t see Jaime anywhere in sight both in the gym or in the parking lot but quickly forgot about it as I jumped into my Jeep and headed home.

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