The Beginning Ch. 01

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Sitting back, I wonder what I would change in my life. I was always a shy boy growing up; always had grown up fantasies but was too afraid to admit it, or even to consider acting on them. In high school, I was the outsider who was a friend to everyone. I knew jocks, I knew stoners, I knew grease monkeys, I knew the artsy, but I never fit in. In college, it was even worse. I was forced into marching band, hated every second of it despite being surrounded by drugs, sex, and alcohol.

It took me 20 years to get a girlfriend, and 20 years to get laid. Funny enough it all happened on the same night…kind of…

I had met her a during my freshman year in college at the very end of the second semester. I had finally come into myself as an independent college student. My best friend was my RA, and my other best friend was preparing to be an RA the following year. So of course, who do I end up with? A partier. I found her on facebook oddly enough. I couldn’t even remember how if I tried. But basically, I started talking to her on facebook, then on instant messenger.

Coached by my friend Bill, the wanna-be RA, I talked her into meeting us in the college commons. She was hanging out with a friend on campus, and it was nighttime so we figured we wouldn’t make her walk all the way across campus. We’d meet her halfway and see where things went from there. Well, we showed up, ten minutes early. Sitting around, Bill joked and teased me.

“She’s not coming man, she saw your picture on facebook and is probably in the next state by now.” His laughter echoed amongst the orange-lit college campus, the artificial pond tinkling in the background. Suddenly, we heard some voices. As we looked up we saw a couple of girls coming towards us.

“Told you she’d come,” I smiled.

“I get the cute one,” Bill said shoving me with his shoulder. I should point out, Bill HAD a girlfriend; a lovely young lady who he’s currently married to.

Natalie was her name, and her friend was Kelly. Natalie informed me Kelly came to kick my ass if I was a weirdo-stalker. It was a silent, awkward meeting. But the silence was soon shattered, as Kelly bent over to throw pebbles at the small water bugs, I picked up a huge rock about the size of my head, and hurled it into the water right before her. The next thing I knew, we were all erupting in laughter, Kelly soaked to the bone. I felt horrible, but couldn’t stop laughing. After that, we decided to call it a night. It was a decent beginning.

Over the next two weeks, Natalie and I would continuously chat online, and as our chats became more and more sexually ankara escort charged we began to see something in each other, or maybe we really just wanted a good fuck. I became the “best friend” type to Natalie over the next couple weeks, as she moved out of her second semester place that she shared with an older college girl, the semester ended and pretty much everyone went home for the summer.

We continued to talk online, but nothing much happened. Natalie came from a pretty rich family in a small town in Minnesota, her father the CEO of a local bank.

After a grueling summer, I found myself alone in the dorms. Yeah, Brian was still my RA, my best friend, but he was off doing other things and college started being more of a bother to me than an interest. So of course, I started hanging out with Natalie more and more. She had moved into an apartment downtown with her sister; a very nice place, very expensive.

So one night, I decided to gather up the courage and ask her out on a date. She was ecstatic and quickly said yes. Actually, that’s not exactly how that went…

I had been writing sex stories for her, and she loved feeling special like she was the girl in the stories. In so many of my stories I mentioned my one biggest kinky turn-on; the female orgasm. She couldn’t believe that’s what I loved the most. Not blow jobs, not anal sex, not threesomes… beautiful women cumming, that’s what I liked. So, she quickly found out I was a virgin, and deciding to rid me of THAT distinction she set up a little fun time for us.

We were to go to a romantic comedy, Prime. It was supposed to get her juices flowing, and get her into the mood. Well, she showed up…drunk. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. She was a partier. But also to my surprise, her twin sister was joining us on this date…with her boyfriend.

The movie, was ok…I guess. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the movie; I was more occupied by the hand in my crotch massaging my throbbing cock. After the movie, I wanted to rush her back to her place and have my way with her. But her sister had other plans, demanding to be taken to Perkins for a midnight snack. So an hour later, we pull into her apartment. Her sister left us alone the second we walked in, I’m sure she knew about the plans.

So I sat down at the dinner table, staring at her Siamese fighting fish as though it was going to give me the wisdom of the world. As if it was going to teach me everything I needed to know about the art of cunnilingus. Nothing happened, but Natalie…sitting in the doorway to her bedroom, roaring and ready to go. I simply ankara escort bayan wanted her to take control, to demand I eat her out, or something, come over and kiss me for fucks sake! I had never been kissed, as horribly cliché and innocent as it seems it WAS true. But no, I was left in the silent darkness of her apartment.

Finally dredging up the courage to take control, I followed her into her room. Where she closed the door behind me. Sitting on her bed, I’m sure I must have looked like the little white mouse that was so gently dropped into the cage of a boa constrictor, unsure of what was going to happen next…but knowing it’s something! She came over and sat beside me on the bed.

“Isn’t there something you wanted to do?” She smiled seductively at me.

“Umm, just like that? Right now?” I asked sheepishly.

“Well, you could kiss me.” Hesitating I leaned in, afraid I was going to lose the chicken fingers I had recently eaten. I pulled away, afraid I wasn’t going to be great. I was afraid I was going to suck and she was going to laugh at me.

She laid back in bed, “Well how are you going to fuck me if you can’t even kiss me?” She laughed.

“Like this,” I leaned forward, giving it all I had. My tongue reached out, lapping at her tongue, finding her tonsils. She took it gracefully, knowing I was new, but that I had promise. She HAD felt my rock hard cock during the movie after all. She knew I wasn’t lying about the 9 inches part. Which to me, was rather small…a fact I still struggle with to this day.

Afterwards, we sat on the bed watching each other anxiously.

“So now what?” I asked.

“Stay here,” she stood up, walking to her closet in complete darkness, closing the door behind her. The light turned on in the closet, casting long shadows across the room. I looked around, excited for what was going to happen next, though I had never been so unsure of anything in my life. The light turned out, I flopped down in the bed, acting like I hadn’t moved an inch.

I heard the door open, then felt her light touch as she crawled across the king sized bed. “Well, come her,” she giggled, grabbing my hand. She led it to the Holy Grail for all teenage boys, though I was a few years late…it was still a wonderful trophy for me. As I felt her hard nipple in my fingers, I twisted it gently, feeling her body rise and fall against my warm sweaty palm.

Her breasts were small, but I liked them just the way they were. I leaned down, placing my face to her breast; I sat feeling her body warmth before gently licking her erect nipple. I sucked it into escort ankara my mouth, wrapping my tongue around it as she moaned softly. Her hand caressing my back softly, until I sucked hard; I felt her nails dig into the flesh of my back as she cried out in ecstasy.

I caressed and kissed my way between her breasts, spending time on both nipples, kissing and nudging the under-part of each breast. Slowly kissing down her belly, I felt her back arch in anticipation. I moved my hand down to feel where I was going, finding her warm, wet pussy waiting for me. As my hand rubbed through her 20 year old wetness, I heard her gasp ever so softly.

Suddenly, it was all instinct. Like I was born with the knowledge of what to do, I slid down between her legs, kissing both thighs. My lips traced lines softly and slowly down to her toes and back until finally coming to a resting point just below her labia. I could feel her warmth radiating between her legs, I could smell her horniness in the air. My tongue begged to taste her, my fingers itched to touch her, to rub her. After a half hour of teasing her and denying us both, I gave in. Taking one giant lick straight up her slit, she screamed in pleasure as my tongue came to a rest on her hard soaked clit. I felt her nails dig into my back as I sucked and licked all over.

Her slit was glistening in the darkness as I sucked in one labia at a time, taking the time to enjoy her body. I found her clit, exposing it with my hand and licking it softly with the tip of my warm wet tongue. With every lick she would convulse in orgasmic pleasure. My tongue followed her slit down, until I found her opening. Wide open, it begged to be entered. I could feel my cock throbbing against the bed, how badly my penis wanted in her.

My tongue slowly pushed inside her dripping pussy. I reached back, feeling the ridges on the top. I know now I was feeling an indication of her G-Spot, then…I just though to lick it harder and faster. Suddenly, my tongue was racing in and out of her dripping snatch, her back was fully arched, hands grabbing and pulling at my hair, my shirt, and my back. I felt her orgasm coming. It excited me beyond all belief. As my tongue plunged in and out of her, a sudden flood of juices came flowing from her hot pussy. She rocked in orgasm as she screamed and shouted my name.

It was 8:30am when we finished, the day before Thanksgiving Break. I was supposed to be in class taking a test and then on my way home so we could vacation with family. I remember being dropped off at the music building on campus, a huge smile on both of our faces.

“Shall we do this again?” I asked, peeking my head in the truck.

“Please,” she smiled leaning in for a kiss.

As I walked into class, I knew I had started something new. Something that was going to change my life.

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