The Boys Club Pt. 07

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Angela, Mark, Mary, and Billy.

As soon as Angela walked out of Christine’s she was on her phone texting Mary, “Are the boys still at your place?”

“Yes,” came Mary’s reply.

“On the way,” replied Angela.

Angela walked into Mary’s kitchen without knocking. “Well?” asked Mary.

“You were right, the four of them are screwing like rabbits! There was no answer to my knock on the kitchen door, so I just went in. They were in the basement. Christine was hanging from the basement ceiling with her knees and ankles strapped to the floor, getting triple-teamed when I got to the top of the stairs,” said Angela.

“Ken was doing Christine from the front, Tommy was in her ass, and Alice was in her mouth with a strap-on dildo,”

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Mary. “What was Christine doing?”

“She was going nuts! She was moaning and yelling and begging. She was not begging them to stop! She was loving it,” explained Angela. “I was so turned on, I kind of lost control and sat right down on the stairs and started playing with myself. That’s only time I’ve done anything remotely that wicked.”

“Did they see you?” asked Mary.

“Oh yes, they saw me. I completely lost track of time. The next thing I knew, the boys had finished with Christine, had untied her, and had started on Alice. What brought me back to reality was Christine jamming her face into my crotch and finishing me off.”

“Wow,” breathed Mary. “What are we supposed to do now?”

“What happens next, is you, Mark, Billy, and I join the Boys Club. Tonight,” replied Angela.

“You can’t be serious, Angela, I can’t sleep with Billy!” cried Mary.

“You’re not going to sleep with Billy, you’re going to fuck him!” said Angela. “And we’re doing it right now before either one of us can back out,” said Angela.

“Angie! I don’t know what to do! I’ve never used my mouth, let alone my backside!” cried Mary, “I’ll do this, but I need some idea of where to start?”

“Look, sweety, he’s just your typical 19-year-old boy. I’m sure you’re going to be the first woman he’s ever been with. It doesn’t matter what you do, he’s going to love it,” said Angela.

“He’s an inexperienced young man, so his first orgasm will be quick. I would not be surprised if he goes off the first time you touch him. The good news is he’s a 19-year-old boy, his recovery time is going to be awesome.”

Angela continued, “I plan to go down on Mark first. He’ll love it, and it won’t matter if he goes off quickly. Just play it by ear. No more holding back, let’s go,” said Angela, taking Mary by the hand and leading her upstairs.

The boys were watching a baseball game in Billy’s room when the mothers walked in. Angela did not hesitate, grabbing the hem of her dress and pulling it over her head, tossing it aside. Without missing a beat, she reached behind her back, unsnapped, and discarded her bra.

Angela was Hispanic. She had long black hair, a full rounded figure, and all the curves any boy could want. Mark was beyond stunned, not just at her stripping in front of him and Billy, but that she wasn’t wearing panties. It was also clear that Angela was very wet. Mark was instantly harder than a rock, as was Bill.

Angela looked at Mary, and said, “Your turn!”

Hesitantly, Mary pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders, letting it pool at her feet. Red-faced she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pushed it off her hips and to the floor. Her bra was a sexy grey affair that matched the panties and unhooked between her huge breasts.

Bill was just as stunned as Mark. Especially by his mom’s lingerie. He was familiar with his mom’s underwear drawers and had never seen that set of unmentionables! That made him suspect his mother was hiding things from him.

Butter could not have melted in Angela’s mouth when she asked Billy, “Can and I borrow your room to fuck Mark, while you fuck Mary in the master suite?”

Mary reached for Bill’s hand, silently leading him out of the room. Angela turned off the TV, cleared some magazines off Billy’s bed, and turned down the covers. Mark just stared open-mouthed at his beautiful and naked mom.

Mark and Angela:

Angela turned to him and said, “Why are you so surprised, I recently read a set of rules about a boys club. Rules I’m told you helped write. As I remember the rules included turning me into a sex slave. Isn’t this what you want?”

Mark was speechless. Angela took Mark by the hand and led him to the foot of the bed. She pulled his jersey over his head, tossing it away. She kneeled, untied and removed his shoes and socks, and slid her thumbs inside the waistband of his shorts, and pulled them and his underwear down so he could step out of them.

When she looked up her son’s cock bounced on her nose. Without hesitation she took her son’s cock fully into her mouth, nestling her nose into his public hair, and gently but firmly tonguing the underside of his dick while looking up into her son’s eyes.

Mark was frozen by shock and pleasure. The sight of his mother’s keçiören escort big brown eyes looking him directly in the eyes, with his dick buried in her pretty face, coupled with the incredible pleasure of her warm wet mouth was beyond his ability to comprehend.

Mark’s hands went to his mom’s head, and with a grunt, he forced her mouth down on his cock as he immediately pumped his first load of cum down his mother’s throat.

Angela had expected Mark to be quick but was surprised at the violence of his orgasm, choking, and coughing on Mark’s dick to the point that she had Mark’s cum running out of her nose and tears out of her eyes.

Mark said, “Oh my god, I’m sorry mom,” as he ran into Mark’s bathroom and grabbed a towel for his mom.

“Don’t worry about it son,” said Angela, grabbing the towel and wiping her face.

Billy and Mary:

Billy meekly followed his mom into her bedroom, a room she no longer shared with his dad, who lived in the mother-in-law suite downstairs.

Once in the room Mary turned to Billy and said, “I’ve never done anything like this, Billy. Your dad’s the only man I’ve ever been with, and he hasn’t touched me in years.”

“That’s because dad’s an idiot, mom. I’m not,” said Billy, taking his mom in his arms and kissing her.

Mary could not miss the feel of her son’s cock pressing into her stomach. Nor could she ignore his hands on her ass, pulling her into him, while kneading and massaging her ass cheeks.

Billy murmured into his mom’s ear. “I can’t believe I’m about to fuck my mom! Lie down and spread your legs mother.”

Without a word, Mary laid down on the bed, spread her legs, and reached for her son with one hand, while she spread the lips of pussy with the other. Billy let his mom pull him down onto her. Mary took her son in her hand and slipped the head of his cock into her wet pussy.

Billy easily slid completely into his mom, feeling his balls nestle into the crack of her ass. He used his arms to hold himself off his mom so he could look down onto his mom’s amazing tits. Tits that he and his friends had fantasized over.

Billy tried to just rest inside his mom, but she just felt so good. She was hot, wet, tight, and better than any dream he’d ever had about her. Almost against his will, he began to pump his cock back and forth into his mom’s body. Mary instantly began pushing up to meet his thrusts.

The feel of his cock inside his mom was just too incredible, and Billy lost the battle for control, emptying himself with a 30 second long series of jerks into his mother’s body.

Mary hadn’t had many orgasms with her husband during their married life and didn’t think she was close. While she was incredibly aroused, and thoroughly enjoying her son’s obscene thrusts into her body, she did not think she would orgasm.

She was wrong. Her arousal, the feel of her son’s cock pumping into and out of her, the incredibly delicious forbidden nature of her act, coupled with the feel of her son’s sperm flooding her womb set off a mind-numbing orgasm, causing her to howl at the top her lungs, before pulling her son and lover into an embrace, stroking his hair, telling him, “That was amazing. As soon as you’re ready, we’re doing that again.”

A faint feminine shout was heard from down the hallway, “Keep it down slut! Next time stick a sock in her face, Billy!”

Mark and Angela:

Mark and Angela were cuddling each other when they heard Mary howling in the master bedroom.

Angela looked at her son and said, “I always knew she was the real wild woman of the bunch. I always knew she’d eventually realize how much life she was missing as the church lady, and when she did…”

Angela laughed and turned to the open door to the hall and yelled, “Keep it down slut! Next time stick a sock in her face, Billy!”

“Mom,” chided Mark.

“Shush,” said Angela with a finger on her son’s lips, followed by a passionate kiss.

Angela reach between their bodies and found Mark’s already hardening cock. “Are you ready to go again lover,” she said with a smile.

“Oh yes,” murmured Mark in his mom’s ear.

Angela told Mark to sit upright with his back against the headboard. She then gripped the headboard and climbed onto her son’s lap. She looked down between them and saw her son’s now hard, cock pointing up at her. “Put it in me, son,” breathed Angela. Mark followed her instruction and Angela settled herself down onto her new master’s dick.

She leaned down and kissed her son and told him, “I like my lover to look into my eyes while he uses me. I like my tits played with while he’s fucking me. And I like having my ass played with while being fucked. This position allows all those things.

Angela used her thigh muscles to lift herself almost off her son’s cock before sliding herself back down his fuck stick. He started with his hands on his mom’s hips, but moved them to her firm ass, and began to squeeze and knead her ass cheeks.

“Too bad Billy’s busy, This position would be keçiören escort bayan perfect for him to fuck your ass,” whispered Mark.

“Don’t worry,” said Angela, “we’ll get around to that. Don’t forget my tits.”

Mark leaned down and captured his mom’s left nipple in his mouth, chewing on it lightly. Tugging it with his teeth before trying to suck the entire breast into his mouth. After a few seconds, Mark switched his attention to the other breast, while bringing his hand up to cup and squeeze the one his mouth had just left.

Angela loved the feel of Mark’s cock filling her. She loved how she could control the pace in this position. She loved how good the nastiness of servicing her son made her feel. Her cunt was quickly on fire. Normally Angela was fairly slow to come to a boil during sex but was soon completely out of control with her son.

Within a short time, Angela was bouncing on Mark’s cock like a madwoman, moaning loudly and obscenely about how good her son’s cock was. About how dirty it was for a mother to fuck her son and love it. About how she was willingly giving herself to her son, to be his sex slave.

Mark could only hang on and enjoy the ride. Angela had one orgasm, then a second, before having a third in time with her son. When Mark felt his orgasm approaching, he thrust himself up into his mother, while pulling her down onto his cock, yelling, “You’re mine mommy. I own you. You’re my slave, my slut, my cumdump!”

A faint feminine voice was heard from down the hallway, “Next time stuff a sock in his mouth slut!” causing the lovers to collapse in a fit of giggling.

“What happens when Dad gets home, mom?” asked Mark.

“Since you’re now my master, you’ll be living with me in the master bedroom,” said Angela. “Your dad will be in your old room.”

“You think he’ll stand for that?” asked Mark.

“He won’t have a choice,” said Angela. “He’s a serial cheater, and I have an iron-clad prenup regarding his cheating. He cheated on me when we were engaged, and I demanded it. He can’t help himself, he cheated on me during his first trip to China after we married. The instant he did, he lost all right to tell me what I will and will not do.

I never cheated on him. You’re the only other man who’s had me since I married,” she finished.

“Why did you stay with him?” asked Mark.

“I still love him, and until tonight he was all I ever needed. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a fantastic lover, although I think you’re going to be better. You’re more giving. He’s mostly about his own pleasure.

I’ve given myself to you as your slave. If you want to share me with your dad, I’ll do it willingly, preferably as a threesome. If you don’t want him to touch me, he won’t.

I belong to you, Mark. I do what my master tells me to do, and I don’t do anything he doesn’t tell me to do.”

Billy and Mary:

After their first orgasm together Billy and Mary had cuddled and talked. Billy wanted to know how his mom could go from a frigid church lady to a wild woman willing to fuck her son and his friends almost overnight.

Mary told him that the change was not overnight. She’s developed early as a girl and had been pestered by boys since she turned 18. Her father hated the way the boys were drawn to her, and made the family join a very rigid church.

Mary’s mom and dad spent a lot of time behind closed doors, and they weren’t playing chess.

Once in the church, Mary had been taught her body was a curse, not a blessing. The first time she’d had sex was on her wedding night. She’d been terrorized by the other women in the church about how awful it would be. It was not.

Billy’s dad, George, was a member of the same church. He was gentle, took his time, and tried very hard to make her enjoy it. The fears and hang-ups instilled in her by the church kept her from fully enjoying it, but it wasn’t as bad as she’d been led to believe.

George never seemed to have a real active sex drive, so sex wasn’t frequent, but it did become enjoyable, and she eventually learned to orgasm with George.

It was only after a time together that Mary understood the church had screwed George up as much as it had her. Mary suspected that George was submissive, while the church expected men to be in charge and women to obey. Mary also suspected that George was bi, if not gay.

Mary also suspected that George’s church-inspired guilt had a lot to do with his losing interest in her and climbing into a bottle.

Mary’s salvation had come when they’d moved onto the cul-de-sac, and she’d become joined at the hip with Christine, Alice, and Angela. Angela had a very active sex life with Mark’s dad when he was home, and Christine and Alice made no secret of their activities, although they’d slowed down with the death of Christine’s husband, and the departure of Alice’s.

Over time Mary had realized that all the hang-ups she had been saddled with by the church were bullshit, and she’d been slowly working towards breaking her chains when escort keçiören Christine had shown her the Boys Club rules.

Mary looked at Billy and asked, “If your dad wanted to take me to bed again, would you allow it? I don’t think he would, but if he did, would you allow it?”

Billy answered back, “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? He’s your husband, if anyone were to go looking for permission, don’t you think I would be the one, although I think we’re past that.”

“No, Billy,” Mary said, “he gave up that right when he moved out of our bedroom. You’re my master now, and you are the only one who can decide to share me. You’re moving into the master suite.”

“We are, however, going to team up and help your dad find his happiness. Whether it be with us, or someone else, he deserves to be released from the prison those so-called Christians put him in,” explained Mary.

“Absolutely mom,” said Billy.

“Enough serious stuff,” laughed Mary, “I’ve never had my pussy eaten. Would you like to be my first, young man?”

“I’ve never had my cock sucked or cum down a woman’s throat. Would you like to be my first, young lady?” asked Billy.

“I’ve heard of this thing called a 69….” said Mary, “lay on your back, lover,” she said as she got onto her hands and knees.

A little while later Mary was wiping the remnants of her son’s cum from her lips while looking at her son’s face, covered with her copious juices. She realized a few things.

She loved sucking cock! It gave her a huge thrill at the obvious pleasure it gave her son. It gave her a huge thrill at how much control she had over her son while she had him in her mouth. And she flat liked the taste and the wantonness of having to swallow her son’s cum. And she felt no guilt at all for the pleasure she’d given and received.

About that time Mary heard Mark calling his mom a slut, among other things, at the top of his lungs, from down the hall. She couldn’t resist the urge, and yelled, “Next time stuff a sock in his mouth slut!”

Mary looked at her son, who was smiling up at her from the bed, and said, with an evil grin, “There’s some lotion in the bathroom, go get it, I’ll be right back.”

With that, Mary walked down the hallway to Billy’s old room. She walked in the door, surprising Mark and Angela. “Have you two sex fiends done anal yet?” she asked.

They both shook their heads no. “Neither have we, but it’s next. Let’s do it together. Come on,” said Mary, and led them into the master bedroom.

Angela, Mark, Mary, and Billy.

“There are two things left that Mary and I have to do to become full-fledged Boys Club sex slaves. We have to agree, of our own free will, to become club property to be used at will by all the club males. I agree, I can’t wait to become a fucktoy to four horny 19-year-old boys!” said Mary, “Angela?”

“Yes, I agree, willingly, if that’s what my owner wants,” said Angela, looking at her son, who was grinning and nodding his head enthusiastically.”

“Great,” continued Mary, “that just leaves one thing, Mark has to ass fuck Angela and Billy must ass fuck me!”

Mary took the bottle of lotion her son was holding and told Angela, “Bend over and grab your ankles, slut.”

When Angela complied, Mary poured lotion between the crack of her ass and massaged it all around Angela’s anus. Mary gathered some excess lotion on her index finger, and pressed it against Angela’s pucker, gently pressing until her finger popped into Angela’s ass, causing Angela to gasp.

Mary gently worked her finger knuckle deep in Angela, then worked it in and out for several seconds, before adding a second finger and a dollop of lotion and repeating her actions.

By then Angela was moaning softly and crying, “How can this possibly feel so good?”

Judging her ready, Mary told Angela to stand, handed her the lotion, and bent over and grabbed her ankles, saying, “My turn,” making it clear that Mary had hidden depths, and the church lady had “left the building.”

Once prepped, Mary walked to her dresser and reached into the back of one of the lower drawers, pulling out a mid-sized double-ended, anatomically correct, flesh-colored dildo.

“What kind of church lady has a tool like that on hand?” cried Angela.

Mary discreetly looked at her son and said, “Believe it or not, I found it. It was left behind by a former resident is my best guess. I’ve never used it, but now seems like a good time.”

Billy instantly knew who’d left the dildo behind, and why his mother suspected his dad was bi or gay.

Mary kneeled on the carpet at the end of the bed, motioning Angela to join her, and saying, “We need a little more stability for what I have in mind than the bed affords.”

Mary pulled Angela close to her, kissed her, and placed the toy between them, easing one end into her pussy, and pulling Angela forward so the other end slid into Angela’s cunt. Once she and Angela were comfortable and had gotten the dildo settled inside their bodies, she looked at the boys and asked, “Do I have to draw you studs a picture?”

She didn’t. Each boy walked up to his mom’s face and offered her his cock. Get us good and wet sluts,” ordered Mark. Once they were sufficiently wet, the boys kneeled behind their mom. Without prompting each mom reached around her friend’s body and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart to give the boys access.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32