The Cleaner

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The Cleaner
The one thing I was struggling with since Lisa went to college was housekeeping, I hated doing it and could never do it as good as Lisa did, typical man. Seeing Lisa running around the house pushing a hoover in a scanty pair of panties was the highlight of my week, what’s not to like?.
I decided I needed a cleaner, nothing heavy just someone to run the hoover round, do some ironing and washing etc. I surfed around some free ads to see who was looking for work and saw a couple of possibilities and shot them through a message. I then decided to place my own advert and just see what responses I get.

I went for a walk up to the park, Sundays are always good as you get the joggers and dog walkers out in force and usually makes for some good people watching, also I knew Doris put cards up for people selling stuff, maybe she would do the same for me and help me get a cleaner.
I got to the park and it was moderate, I went up to Doris for a chat and get a drink, exchanged a bit of banter like we do and I explained my dilemma with my household chores, she was more than happy to stick a card up on the board for me.

“Excuse me sir?” said a soft voice behind me, I turned round to see a woman, mid 30’s hot body dressed in a tee and yoga shorts, she was sweating as she stopped to hydrate.
“I couldn’t help but overhear you, are you looking for a cleaner?” she asked and looking at her she had got the job,
“Yes” I said with a smile,
“Oh good” she said getting her breath back and ordering a water
“My daughter is looking for something like that, are you local?” she asked and I told her where I lived, “Perfect” she said.
I wrote down my address and number for her and she told me she will speak to her and get her to pop round later for a chat as they only lived a couple of streets away.

The lady, Julie her name was, also güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gave me her number in case there was a problem and told me should would get Ashleigh to come round later for a chat. We shook hands and Julie went off to finish her run, I couldn’t help but watch her curvy bubble butt run of into the distance, Doris slapped me round the ear. I told Doris to leave the card up just in case it didn’t work out.

It started to get busy around Doris’s kiosk, “Do me a favour Frank” she asked, “Go mop out the toilets for me” and pointed to the mop and bucket. Oh well, she was doing me a favour after all so I was happy to help.
I walked into the block and turned the corner to the 2 cubicles one of which was occupied, “Cleaner” I called out as I clunked the bucket down.
“OK, wont be long” came the soft female voice from the cubicle, I immediately recognised the voice as Julie. I got the mop and started to mop the floor in the other cubicle getting very close to the hole in the wall hoping to catch a glimpse of ‘Julie’.

I looked through the hole and saw her with her tee shirt up and shorts around her ankles sitting on the toilet, I am not sure if she saw me looking as she was side on facing the door.
I stood by the bowl and drooped my shorts and held my cock as if I was going to pee, I glanced through the hole and could see that her body had turned slightly which told me she was probably looking through the hole, this had an immediate impact and I felt the blood rushing south and before long my cock was semi hard.

It was total silence next door and I could see from the shadow through the hole that she was close to it, I turned slightly and inched towards the hole until I was about 2” away. Suddenly a hand came through the hole and took hold of my half hard cock and gently pulled perabet güvenilir mi me towards her and I soon had my cock and balls through the hole and my arms outstretched holding the top of the dividing wall.

I felt her tongue go to work, sucking on the swelling head and it wasn’t long before I had a full-blown erection, her tongue exploring every millimetre of the shaft, licking and sucking on my balls. Deepthroating without so much as a gag as I felt the tightness of her throat she slurped and spluttered as she worshipped my cock. I held on tight as I felt my cock start to pulsate and fill her mouth with hot cream, I could hear her swallow as I emptied my balls down her throat.
She pulled away and had flushed the chain and gone before I even had a chance to pull myself back through the hole, I certainly knew who she was but did she know who I was? And I am meeting her daughter later, interesting.
I finished off the cleaning knowing full well that Julie hadn’t got home yet so made sure I kept Doris happy by doing a good job, Julie had swallowed the lot as there was no spillage.

I got home and looked around the place, it certainly needed a cleaner so at least Ashleigh’s visit wont be wasted. I had just sat down when ‘ping’ I got a text message,
“Hi, sorry for the delay had longer run today, gave message to Ash and she will be in touch, Julie x”, immediately I thought ‘longer run’ wasn’t quite the truth but at least there was no mention of the BJ so I am guessing she didn’t know, but then the ‘x’ at the end?
“No worries, I am home now anyway so any time, Frank x” I replied thinking I will keep in tune with the x’s.

Within about 10 minutes I got another text, “hi frank mum says u need cleaner? be round soon for chat Ash” and my immediate reaction was ‘teenage text speak’ but at least tipobet she made contact and judging by her message I had no idea what to expect. I decided to be a bit more grammatically correct in my reply.
“Hi Ash, Yes, you’re Mum is correct, I do. Bit of cleaning, dusting, washing although not much of that as I don’t wear much around the house!, we can talk about pay and hours when we meet, looking forward to meeting you, Frank x”, the ‘x’ was more out of habit and I had hit send before I realised, I could see she was replying.

“mum says I good at cleaning as I do as told what do u wear around house” was her reply
“Just boxer shorts usually” I replied back, she was typing…
“Hehe your funny, c u soon x” and I thought ‘Wow’ but at least I was being honest and I got an ‘x’
I sat down in just my boxers and tee shirt, she can’t say I didn’t warn her, and watched a bit of TV while I awaited my guest.

I really didn’t know what to expect, what would she wear? Did she think she was coming for interview or work? So many unanswered questions, I just didn’t know.
I didn’t have to wait long as the doorbell rang, I jumped up and opened the door,
“Hello, I am Ashleigh, I have come for an interview” she said politely holding out her hand, I gracefully shook it and looked her up and down, hair neat, dressed in a flowing floral summer dress which buttoned up the front and hung just above the knee, bare legs and little white ankle socks.

“I am Frank, do come in” I said motioning her into the hallway. She looked down at my plain white boxer shorts which were securely fastened but didn’t mention them as I motioned her into the lounge,
“Please, take a seat Ashleigh” I said motioning her to the sofa as I sat opposite in my chair.
“Thank you” she said as she sat down, knees firmly together and her hands clasped on her lap.
She was so polite and told me that her mum had taught her to do as she is told and she will get on in life, good advice I thought.

We talked for 10-15 minutes and she held her position, a shy posture but I noticed that she did occasionally look down at my boxers, she seemed willing enough and we agre

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