The Deal Ch. 07

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A Night Out With the Hughes

“Woo Hoo! It’s a girl. Time to pay the piper, buddy.” Diana pranced around waving her fists.

Matt pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto the couch. He started to unbuckle his belt as he watched his dancing mother.

“You’re not too excited about this are you?”

“Hey, at the rate we were going I was expecting fights between delivery boys over who would get to knock on the door.”

“Oh, please; three times – that’s it.”

“Sure but the last time I ended up totally nude!”

“You’re the one who told me about the towel incident!”

Matt finished pulling the second pant leg off and stood before his mother in just his boxers.

Diana looked down at his boxers, her lower lip coming out in a pout.

“Where’s my little friend?”

“Oh, like calling it ‘little’ helps.”

“Here, let me help.”

Diana turned around, flipped the back of the white dress shirt over her ass and backed into her son grinding her ass into him.

“Wiggle, wiggle.”

“Augh. You are so cruel!”

“Cruel, but effective.” Diana turned and reached out to pat the tent that was now in front of Matt’s boxers.

She reached up to put her hands on his shoulders and spun him around pushing him toward the door as the bell rang.

“Go make the poor girl’s day.”

Matt opened the door.

“Ah, hi.”

“Well hello there.”

Diana pressed her back into the back of the door out of sight, fighting to stifle her laughter as she looked over at the side view of her son.

“Ah how much do I own you?”

“You’re not the first boxer greeter so don’t think you’re getting this for free mister.”

“Oh no, no. I plan to pay. How much.”

“Twenty-three dollars and fifty-eight cents.”

A grinning Diana reached over to Matt’s discarded jeans and pulled out his wallet and counted out twenty-eight dollars.

Matt stepped back holding the bag in one hand and held out his hand as Diana reached from behind the door to put the money in his hand. Diana waited until Matt stretched his hand out to give the girl the money then Diana quickly reached out and pulled his boxers down to his knees.

She heard the giggle of the girl and Matt’s “Shit!” at the same time.

Matt hobbled back dropping the bag, grabbing his boxers and shutting the door mumbling a “sorry” to the laughing girl.

He lost his balance and fell, boxers still only around his thighs.

“You are so dead!” He roared.

Diana squealed and took off down the hall toward the kitchen.

By the time Matt got to the kitchen Diana had the table between them.

“Now if you kill me, nobody goes to Jamaica.”

Matt looked at both sides of the table figuring his best attack.

“Justifiable homicide!”

As Matt went one way Diana started for the other. They glared at each other from opposite ends of the table both resting on the balls of their feet bobbing and weaving looking for a fast jump on the other.

“Come on. It would be just like with the coyote and the road runner. You wouldn’t know what to do with me if you caught me.”

“The coyote had plans, mom. And believe me, so do I”

“I see my little friend is waving hello”

As Matt looked down to see his penis sticking out from the opening in his boxers Diana yelled “Yes!” and took off toward her bedroom. She had the door locked before Matt got to it.

“Just how long do you plan to stay in there?” Matt yelled at the closed door before him.

“Until the negotiations are complete.”

“What negotiations?”

“The ones that are going to get me out of trouble.”

“Oh, good luck with that!”

“Hey I’ve bared just as much three times now. It’s only fair.”

“You looked hot; I looked like a stupid ass.”

“I bet that girl would beg to differ.”

“Why don’t you come out and go ask her?”

“Not while there’s a deranged killer on the other side of this door buster.”

“As well as the food.”

“That’s fine; I’m still trying to lose weight for Jamaica. Come on, admit it. You were pretty excited. My little friend told me so.”

“Now who is not scoring any points here? You got yourself in a pretty deep hole this time lady.

“Come on why can’t you admit it; that was so hot. I bet you’re still hard”

“So what? That was a dirty trick you pulled.”

There was a long pause on both sides of the door.

“I promise to make it up to you.”


“Trust me.”

“Hah! No way!”

“Seriously, I offer truce.” Diana opened the door slightly and waved the white shirt like a flag through the opening.

“This had better be good.”

She opened the door completely and looked at Matt.

“See; you are still hard.”

“Don’t change the subject; illegal bahis how are you getting out of this one?”

“Come in and sit on my bed.”

Matt came in and sat down while he suspiciously watched his mom go to her dresser.

“Now remember the rules.” She said as she reached in a drawer and pulled out a pair of pale green panties and slipped them on.

“I like how the ‘no touching’ rule doesn’t seem to apply to you with regards to my boxers.”

He stared at her baffled as she walked over to him. She smirked at him, turned and sat in his lap grinding her ass into his groin. She rolled her pelvis forward and back as she reached behind, took his hands and placed them on her hips.

“The hips are a safe spot for touching,” she said grinding. She pushed into him as hard as she could.

“Oh my God,” Matt breathed.

She could feel his hard member through his and her underwear. She placed her hands on her knees and continued to grind. “Wiggle, wiggle,” she purred.

When she heard his breath getting ragged she pushed up and with her hands slipped her panties off and sat back to grind her naked ass into Matt.


She felt the quakes as his body jerked and jerked his penis throbbing and pulsing between them. When he had finished she leaned back into his body and looked up at him.

“Now that was strictly because it was a dirty trick I pulled. Don’t expect this again buster.”

Matt could only nod and enjoy the feel of his mother’s body pressed into his.

She could feel the area of his cloth boxers getting wetter as she sat on his lap.

She jumped up “Alright, hopefully Mr. Stumble Bunny didn’t ruin dinner when you dropped it because I’m hungry.”

“Hey, don’t blame me; I was kind of distracted.”

Soon the two stood over the dripping, smushed bag on the living room floor.

“Crap, I’m not eating that” Matt said.

“Tell you what; go shower and change while I clean this up, and then you can take me out to the dinner; you still owe me for the button less delivery boy flash.”

An hour later and the two were seated at a table waiting for their waitress.

“Well, hello, boxer boy; and you must be the wandering hands” spoke the familiar voice from the waitress as she looked at Matt and Diana.

Matt spluttered while Diana laughed. “Waitressing and delivery; you are a busy girl.”

“Apparently, not as busy as you guys. What did you do? Work up such an appetite the take out wasn’t enough?

“No, twinkle toes here crushed the bag.” Diana responded.

Matt was turning redder and redder.

“So what would you like for drinks?”

“I’d like a red wine and speechless here will have iced tea, right?”

Matt just nodded his head.

After the girl left to get their drinks, Diana looked at Matt, “Okay, whatever you do, don’t call me ‘mom.’ Tonight, I’m Diana or Di to you; got it?”

“Why on Earth did we ever come to the same place we ordered from?” Matt wondered.

“Oh, I don’t know, this could prove a lot of fun. Here, I’m going to use the powder room; I’ll be right back.” Diana got up and passed the girl as she was bringing the drinks. Matt turned redder and redder as he felt the girl’s appraising eyes going up and down him.

A minute after she left Diana walked back to the table dropping a cloth on the table next to Matt as she walked by and sat down.

Matt choked on his drink as he recognized the pale green panties.

“I dare you to leave them there until she notices them,” came her increasingly familiar sultry voice.

“Mom, what the Hell are you doing?”

“Having fun, my boy, and it’s Diana to you tonight. Nice memory, Sherlock”

Matt’s fingers twitched near the panties as he contemplated stuffing them in his pocket. The knowing smirk on his mother’s face stilled the fingers.

“You are insane, do you know that?”

“I prefer to call it ‘glowing.'”

They both became silent as the waitress came back.

“So are you two love birds rea… er.. ah… are you ready to order?” asked the flustered waitress her eyes staring at the panties.

Matt grabbed the panties and stuffed them in his pocket.

“Sure, I would like the lasagna and the glowing one would like chicken parmesan, right, Di?”

Diana laughed “sounds good to me.”

“Ah salads, … dressing?” continued the flustered girl. Again Matt spoke up “ranch for me and house for the lady.”

“Thanks,” said the girl as she walked away still staring at Matt.

After she was out of earshot Diana leaned forward “She is remembering what you look like naked and is imagining how well you use it in order to hook up with someone my age.”

Matt again spluttered into his drink.

“You really are insane. How did dad ever keep up with illegal bahis siteleri you?”

“Oh, he could give it every bit as well as he could take it. We were a dangerous pair, my boy.”

“So I’m learning.”

“Your dad and I loved each other completely. We would do anything for the other and often would, but we were absolutely dedicated to each other. Honestly, we did stuff with others that would make me blush to tell you about but we never, ever changed partners nor were we ever even remotely interested in the idea. That’s why the threesome was strictly fantasy. I would never cheat on Dave, and even if he was there involved it would be the same as cheating. That was our rule so to speak. I truly hope you find such a relationship. It was the most incredible thing.”

The conversation stopped as the waitress brought the salads to their table. Again she couldn’t stop staring until she left.

“So the ‘Diana’ I am seeing now is close to what you were like with dad, right?”

“Yeah, I guess I was so committed to him that a huge chunk of me died when he did. I imagine I’ve been kind of in shock all these years until I just woke up recently.”

“Well, thank God I was such a lousy student.”

Now it was Diana’s turn to laugh into her drink as the waitress came with their food.

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business but how old are you two?” the girl asked.

“Eighteen” mumbled Matt.

“I can safely say that I am old enough to be this boy’s mother,” Diana responded with a grin.

The waitress shook her head, “You guys are amazing; you look so happy.” She was still shaking her head as she left them alone.

“I never knew you were such a risk taker.”

“Your dad and I lived for the thrill. It can be such a rush. I missed it sooooo much – the constant buzz. Can’t you feel it now?”

“That plus being scared shitless.”

“Ha, part of the buzz, my boy. Remember – as long as no one gets hurt and commitments are respected, it is all good.”

The wonderful aroma and taste of the food quelled any desire to continue the conversation.

Soon the meal was finished and they prepared to leave. Diana leaned over and hugged the stunned waitress. “Thank you for adding to the fun, my dear.”

And with that the grinning couple left hand in hand out into the night.

Matt felt the lump in his pocket and remembered the panties within. He looked around the deserted parking lot before he leaned over the top of the car and looked at his mother.

“I dare you to toss me your skirt and drive home bottomless.”

Diana’s head snapped up. She stared at her son and then looked around the parking lot before looking back at Matt with a grin. She left the keys in the door lock and used both hands to peel the skirt down and off her body before tossing it across the roof to her son.

The cold air instantly brought goose bumps to her flesh.

Diana finished unlocking the door and sat down. She pressed a button that lowered Matt’s window a bit.

“I am not opening the door until I get the pants mister. I am not the only who is going to freeze an ass off here!”

Matt smirked and started to unbuckle his pants.

Soon a skirt, a pair of shoes and a pair of pants lay on the back seat.

“So what will get me the boxers?” Diana grinned at Matt.

“I realized the other day that I don’t have a video of you using your little rubber friend on yourself normally. How’s that for a trade.”

He was already pulling the boxers off as she laughed “deal.”

Fortunately, no policemen were around to stop them for speeding, so they got home without complications.

They both sat in the car staring at the closed garage door lit by the headlights.

Diana looked at her son, “I dare you.”

“If you finish the video with sucking on the dildo.”

Diana laughed “Ha, such a pervert I’ve created.”

“I’m learning from the best,” Matt said as he jumped out of the car and rushed to the door.

Diana laughed as he resembled a startled deer when she hit the horn, his naked ass starkly visible in the headlights. He ducked into the garage glaring at her as she drove in.

“Now, you are such a little shit! You keep forgetting; you’re the exhibitionist: not me,” Matt yelled as she turned off the car.

Diana laughed as she got out of the car, “So says the man with no pants on.”

“Which means it’s show time babe. I want that ass on your bed dildo pumping!”

“My, a tad worked up are we?” Diana tossed her son her coat and started to unbutton her blouse as she walked into the house.

“Hey mom, instead of nude do you have any cool Victoria’s Secret type stuff.”

“Wow, I have to dust off some cobwebs, but I might be able to please my horny young audience. I assume canlı bahis siteleri you want to use the better camera, so I have some time to prep?”

“Prep away oh glowing one,” Matt grinned and rubbed his hands together.

After grabbing a pile of silky things from her dresser Diana headed into her bathroom as Matt set up the tripod.

Matt sat on the edge of the bed perking up as he heard the door open.

“God, mom; you are gorgeous.” Matt’s penis noticeably stirred.

“Thanks. If you lose the shirt, you wouldn’t look half bad yourself. The shirt-on bottomless look is a little dorky,” Diana walked into the room. Back on were the red heels and lipstick with an added stockings and garter belt highlighting her long legs in between. She had on a piece of black material around her midriff just below her breasts that pushed them up into sharp points.

Diana pointed at the lingerie, “This is called an open cup basque, just for your fyi.”

In between the garter belt and stockings was a dark blue thong. She spun around, “Well, you like?”

Matt couldn’t even see the strip of material between her ass. “Me like.”

She walked past her son and reached into her top drawer to pull out her vibrator. As she walked past Matt again she reached down and tapped Matt’s penis with the dildo. She grinned, “Fake friend meet little friend.”

Rubbing his swaying cock Matt looked at her, “Okay, ‘little friend’ has to go, or I might develop a complex.”

Diana just laughed as she crawled onto her bed flipping over onto her back. She kicked her legs up, “Thong on or off, Mr. Director?”

“Off, I guess”

“Well come here and take it off.”

Matt was stunned. He moved forward and put out his hands as Diana squirmed into his reach. They both felt an electric charge when his hands touched her sides as he grasped the strings. He pulled them down her long legs and past her heels to drop them on the bed.


Diana slid back to the center of the bed and brought the vibrator to the already moist area between her legs. Grinning, she looked at Matt and waited.

Matt shook his head and chuckled, “Oh yeah… camera, duh.”

He went around and started to film as his mother pushed the vibrator into herself. She brought her other hand down to rub the top of the opening.

Matt grinned as he heard her start to purr softly.

The sound of purrs and squishes filled the room until Diana’s raspy breath became louder. Her legs started to tremble.

She gasped, “Oh fuck, here we go.” And with that her legs started the spasms that traveled up to her belly rocking her whole body.

Finally she lay there panting.

“God, that always feels soooooo good.”

She brought the vibrator out of her folds with a squelch sound and brought it up to her face where she held it staring at the glistening rubber.

She looked at Matt, smirked and held up the penis, “I dare you to lick it,” she said waving it.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You don’t have to suck it; just lick it. Think about where it’s been, not what it looks like.”

Matt hesitantly reached out and took the vibrator from his mother’s hand. Looking back and forth between the dildo and her grinning face he slowly brought it to his face sniffing.

“Your father used to love the taste of me,” Diana said quietly.

Tentatively, he closed his eyes and stretched out his tongue and poked at the wet dildo with his tongue. He gulped and gave it a good swipe with his tongue tasting the tangy juices of his own mother.

He could feel the throb in his very real penis as it pulsed and swayed on its own.

“Oh crap,” Matt turned and sat on the bed, hand reaching down to grasp and pull his stiff flesh, dropping the dildo onto the bed.

Diana grinned and sat Indian style next to her son her head resting on his shoulder, “I knew that would get your rocks off.”

Her eyes gleamed as she watched her son bring himself to a quivering orgasm. When he finished he collapsed back on the bed. Diana still sitting, leaned over and ran her hand over his stomach spreading the cum that was splattered there. Grinning, she brought her sticky fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

“Nope, not quite the same as your father.”

They both looked at the video camera still running.

Diana smirked “So you think our waitress would like a copy?”

She laughed as she heard Matt choke and splutter.

She swung her stockinged legs off the bed and got up to walk toward the bathroom, “Nah, some things are best left to the imagination.”

Matt just lay on the bed grinning. What an imagination.

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