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by Pink Panther

No more disclaimers, we”ve done that quite often enough already. If you”ve got this far, you know the score. So here we are again with the latest chapter, where everyone”s on holiday with time on their hands, the perfect recipe for getting up to, well, whatever it is you fancy getting up to!

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July 1960

For Alex, the summer holiday had begun well. Over the first few days, he”d entertained Stainham on Thursday and Sunday, and Whitney on the intervening Friday. But on Saturday, Whitney had gone on a two-week family holiday, while on the following Monday, Stainham had accompanied his parents on a trip to Hollywood.

It seemed that some of Mr Stainham”s clients were attracting interest from Tinsel Town, which he would follow up during their visit, with the hope of converting interest into firm offers. But as they would be there for nearly three weeks, there would still be plenty of time for the family to enjoy a holiday together. The boy had been hugely excited by the prospect of visiting the place.

And so it was that Tuesday morning found Alex at a loose end. As his finances did not permit him to undertake any trips of his own, he”d planned to stay at the flat for the first week of the summer break, tidying up loose ends, before spending the following week with his parents. As he and Whitney would return at much the same time, things could then continue as normal.

That, however, did not solve his immediate problem. Although there were several tasks he could have been getting on with, he could not settle to any of them. While solitary masturbation would have to suffice while he was staying with his parents, at that precise moment it was not what he required. He needed a boy.

He decided that in the afternoon, he would go into the town centre to see if any boys were hanging around the bus station. If he had no success, he”d return in the early evening. Maybe he”d meet Bobby again. It was three months since he”d met the lad, and although he”d been unwilling to be fucked on that occasion, it was possible that in the interim, his horizons � and his boy-hole � had been suitably expanded. Even if they hadn”t, Alex could certainly afford three pounds for Bobby to suck him off while he fondled the kid”s cute little boy-parts.

With his plan made, Alex set about cleaning the flat. Just before midday, the doorbell rang. Alex went to answer it, wondering who it could be. Opening the door, he was surprised to find Jez Taylor standing there.

“I wasn”t expecting to see you,” Alex said, raising an eyebrow. “How did you get here?”

“On the bus,” Jez told him. “I thought you might be able to help me out.”

“But how did you know where it was?” Alex persisted.

“I”ve been here three times,” Jez replied nonchalantly.

“Yes, but I didn”t bring you by the obvious route. I”m surprised you found it.”

“I memorised the street name,” Jez told him. “And you”re not far off the main road. One time we came here, I saw the 54 bus. I knew I could get that in the town centre.”

“Well done,” Alex congratulated. “I knew you weren”t stupid. You”d better come in.”

They strolled into the lounge.

“Excuse this place,” Alex said, “I”m just having a clean-up. So what did you mean about helping you out.”

“I need new games kit for next term,” Jez told him. “Mum”s bought me new football boots, but she says they”ve no money to buy me anything else at the moment. My socks are okay, but I need shorts and a football top. The ones I”ve got are too small and really tatty. If I turn up in them, the other kids will call me a gippo. I don”t get it. Dad”s been working all the hours he can. Mum works too. But every time I ask for something, it”s the same. They can”t afford it at the moment. I hate it!”

“So how much money are we talking about?” Alex enquired.

“A football top is two pounds ten shillings,” Jez said. “Shorts are nineteen and six.” [1]

[1-This story predates decimal currency. Two pounds ten shillings is equivalent to �2.50, nineteen and six to �0.95. At the time, �1 = US $2.80.]

“So four pounds would more than cover it?” Alex suggested.

“Yes,” Jez confirmed.

“And what do I get out of it?”

“Whatever you want, except for one thing; I don”t want to be on my front. You”re too heavy. You squashed me flat the last time. I could hardly breathe.”

“Fair enough,” Alex conceded.

“Mike said something about you fucking him in a pair of gym shorts.”

“You mean Whitney,” Alex corrected, never comfortable with referring to boys by their first names. “And if you want me to help you out, you call me `sir”. Actually, you”ve reminded me. Whitney and I haven”t done that for ages. D”you want me to do you like that?”

“Yes sir! Well, I”d like to try it.”

“I understand Whitney”s fucked you a few times. What about your brother? Didn”t he want to fuck you?”

“Yes sir. After I let Whitney fuck me, I asked Glen if he still wanted to do it. He said yes, so I asked him if he”d let me fuck him, but he said no, because my cock”s too big. So I told him to forget it.”

“Quite right too!” Alex said approvingly.

“Only that wasn”t the end of it. A couple of weeks ago, he told me he would.”

“So he”s fucked you and you”ve fucked him?”

“Yes sir.”

“And how big is he?”

“About the same length as Whitney, but thicker.”

“I see. And when was the last time you took it?”

“Yesterday morning, after Mum and Dad went to work. This morning it was my turn.”

“What time was that?”

“Early. About quarter to eight.”

“That sounds good. And you reckon you”ll be okay with mine now?”

“Yes sir.”

“Let”s do it then.”

Alex led the way into the bedroom.

“Shoes and socks off, top off, then come and stand here,” Alex instructed, seating himself on the bed.

The young teenager complied readily. With Taylor standing in front of him, Alex reached up, undoing the button at the top of the lad”s jeans and the metal fly-buttons below. As soon as they were off his hips, the jeans fell to the floor. Bending down, the boy pulled them right off before standing up again.

Alex licked his lips, running his hands up the thirteen-year old”s long, scrawny thighs, beautifully firm but as smooth as silk. His right hand continued its journey up the leg of Taylor”s underpants, He wrapped his fingers around the youngster”s thick six-inch cock, steel-hard and throbbing with the lad”s heartbeat.

“That really is a magnificent specimen for a boy your age,” Alex said, smiling. “When will you be fourteen?”

“2nd October.”

“Very good! That makes you eleven months older than Whitney. His birthday”s at the beginning of September.”

Removing his hand, Alex skinned Taylor”s underpants down the lad”s long, coltish legs. For a second or two, he took in the sight, a few straggly pubic hairs making an appearance above the boy”s penis, a pair of large, well-formed balls hanging below. He leaned forwards, his lips closing over the lad”s stiff cock. He sucked it expertly, slowly working his way down until he was taking the whole thing.

“Ohhh!” Jez groaned, his hand on the man”s head. “You give even better blow-jobs than Whitney does!”

Anxious not to make the boy cum, Alex let him go.

“Why don”t you remind yourself what I”ve got for you?” he asked, standing up.

Jez quickly undid the man”s fly-buttons. Reaching inside, he extricated the man”s penis. Without waiting to be asked, he knelt on the floor, taking it into his mouth.

“You”re a very sexy boy, Taylor,” Alex cooed, basking in the exquisite sensations. “Your brother obviously taught you well.” He began to get close. “Okay,” he added. “You can stop now.”

Having allowed the man”s cock to slide from between his lips, Jez got to his feet.

“Okay,” Alex instructed, indicating the chair near his desk. “Bend over there for me.”

“I thought I was going to have shorts on,” Jez queried.

“You are,” Alex told him, “but that comes later. Just bend over the chair. There”s something I need to do first.”

As the lad got into position, Alex knelt down behind him. Parting the boy”s bum-cheeks, Alex leaned in, his tongue lapping at the thirteen-year old”s anus. After a few seconds, he pushed it inside.

“Ohh!” Jaz gasped. “Oh fuck!”

Encouraged by the boy”s moans and gurgles, Alex continued his ministrations, but finally, his tongue began to ache. He pulled away.

“You liked that, didn”t you?” he said insistently.

“Yes sir!” the boy acknowledged.

Turning to his chest of drawers, Alex took out the shorts that Whitney had used, freshly washed since the twelve-year old had last worn them.

“Okay, put these on,” he ordered, handing them over.

Jez did as he was asked. Alex allowed himself a smile. They looked perfect! With the boy”s pencil-slim legs, access to his anus would be easy.

“Right, back as you were!”

Once again, Jez bent over the chair. Having coated his fingers in K-Y, Alex slid his index finger up the leg of the shorts and into the lad”s bum-hole. It went in easily, he noted, quite different from the day when he and Whitney had popped the lad”s cherry. He pushed in his middle finger too, finger-fucking him with a corkscrew action. It was time to do it.

“Stand up and turn round,” he said, climbing to his feet. “You know what this is for,” he added, proffering the tube of K-Y as the lad turned to face him.

Jez grinned and nodded. Squeezing some onto his fingers, he smeared it liberally over the man”s rock-hard penis.

“Are you ready?” Alex demanded.

“Sir,” Jez acknowledged, returning to his previous position.

Alex moved in close, guiding his cock up the leg of the shorts and onto the boy”s anus. With one determined thrust he was in.

“Ohhh! Jez exhaled. “Oh yeah!”

“Still lovely and tight, aren”t you, Taylor?” Alex said evenly. “Now relax! You”re going to enjoy this!”

Holding the lad around the thighs, he pushed in deeper, driving his cock over the horny boy”s prostate, Taylor”s penis twitching in response. Moments later Alex was all the way in, his pubic hair pressed tight against the teenager”s small, firm bottom. After a brief pause, he began to fuck the lad with long, powerful thrusts. Gradually, he increased the pace, the boy”s moans and gasps spurring him on to ever greater efforts.

Jez was so turned-on, he scarcely knew where he was. The combination of the man”s cock thrusting repeatedly over his sex-gland while his penis rubbed against the rough cotton shorts was taking him to levels he had never previously experienced. His pre-cum began to leak into the shorts, a small wet circle steadily growing at the front. Almost without warning, his breathing became harsh and ragged.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned, his muscles going into spasm.

As his anus clamped tight around the man”s cock, the lad”s penis jerked wildly, prodigious amounts of teen spunk soaking the shorts.

“Oh yes!” Alex declared triumphantly. “You sexy boy, Taylor! You”ve cum just like Whitney does! Now I”m going to fill your bottom!”

Tightening his grip on the lad”s thighs, Alex thrust right in. Spunk surged through his cock, spurting over and over into the skinny lad”s rectum. After several seconds, he withdrew.

“Make a mess!” he urged.

Jez farted obediently, the man”s spunk creating a large wet patch on the back of the shorts.

“Okay, Alex said quietly. “You can take them off now.”

Jez pulled them off and handed them over. Alex grinned. Front and back, they were far messier than they”d been when he”d fucked Whitney like that. Though not unexpected, it was very satisfying.

“Thanks!” he said quietly. “With Whitney away on holiday, that was just what I needed. Would you like a bath?”

“Please!” Jez responded, smiling.

“Okay,” Alex said. “I”ll show you where everything is.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Fifteen minutes later, Jez returned to the lounge, already fully dressed.

“There you are,” Alex said, handing him four one-pound notes. “Please don”t think you can make a habit of this. This is the one and only occasion that I”ll pay you for sex. Apart from anything else, I don”t have the money.”

“That”s okay sir, I understand,” Jez answered, smiling. “I”m not a rent boy.”

“Fair enough,” Alex responded, smiling. “Will you be seeing Whitney when he”s back from holiday?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well enjoy yourselves. If you feel like coming back here, let him know so that we can arrange it. But remember, I won”t be paying.”

“Yes sir.”

“Actually, there”s another boy he may introduce you to. His name”s Stainham.”

“Yes sir, Whitney told me about him. He said he”s a really good fuck.”

“Indeed he is. Unfortunately, he”s in America at the moment. He”ll be back in just over two weeks. If you”re interested, we could arrange a foursome.”

“Yes sir! Thanks!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Friday lunchtime. Having not cum since he fucked Taylor, Alex was even hornier than he”d been three days earlier. He checked how much money he had. Given that he”d be spending the following week at his parents” house, he could just afford to pay a boy for sex. The challenge would be to find one who was worth paying.

After eating lunch, he drove to the town centre. Having parked the car, he headed to the bus station. It was half past two. He looked around. There was no sign of any boys. He decided not to stay there. Not only would it be very boring, someone might notice him. That was the last thing he wanted.

He made his way along the main shopping street, indulging in some casual window shopping. There were lots of things he”d have liked to buy, but he didn”t have the money. If he”d joined the stockbroking firm where his Granddad had been a partner, money wouldn”t have been a problem, but he wasn”t complaining. Boys had been his priority, and over his first year of teaching, he”d fucked far more of them than he”d expected.

Just under an hour later, he returned to the bus station. Still not seeing what he was looking for, he turned to leave. Just at that moment, he spotted a lad heading towards him. He stopped immediately, eyeing the boy up as he went past. A little over five feet tall, and slim, with medium blond hair � not as blond as Holdsworth”s but lighter than Whitney”s � the lad was very cute.

He watched as the boy sauntered across to where Bobby had been. It certainly looked as though he was available, Alex considered. After checking that no one was watching, he strolled towards him. As he did so, the boy leant back against the wall, lifting his right knee to rest his foot on the wall behind him. As he did so, his khaki shorts rode up, exposing most of his thigh. It was the classic rent boy pose.

“Are you looking for business?” the lad asked as Alex got close.

“Sure,” Alex said, smiling. “The car”s just round the corner.”

“Okay,” the boy said. “I”ll follow you.”

Alex led the way. Reaching the car, he unlocked the driver”s door and got in. Moments later, the lad approached the front passenger door. Alex leant across and opened it. With his passenger safely onboard, he started the car and drove away.

“Where are we going?” the boy asked.

“My flat,” Alex told him. “It”s not far. What”s your name?”

“Noel. What”s yours?”

“I”m John.”

“Hmm! That”s what they all say.”

“You can call me Mr White if you prefer. Aren”t you Bobby”s cousin?”

“Yeah. You”ve met Bobby then?”

“Yeah, I met him during the Easter holidays. I thought I might meet him again.”

“He”s not renting it at the moment,” Noel said. “A couple of weeks back, he picked up the wrong punter. The guy fucked his arse. He”d never taken it before. The guy hurt him really bad.”

“I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah! I”d warned him about it, but he wouldn”t listen.”

“I could easily have fucked him when I had him,” Alex escort kocaeli said, “but he said he didn”t want it. Well, I could tell he hadn”t taken it before, so I thought I”d better not.”

“So is that what you want then?”

“Sure, if you”ll let me.”

“You”ve got to give me five quid.”

“Yeah, that”s fine. I”ll happily pay a fiver to fuck a boy as nice looking as you.”


“Bobby told me you”re fourteen.”

“Yeah, I am. I”ll be fifteen on Christmas Eve.”

“Really? You look younger than that.”

“Yeah, I”ve always looked younger than I am. I don”t care. It means I get more punters.”

“And you were born at Christmas. I guess that”s where the name Noel comes from.”


“So how did you get into doing this?”

“When I was eleven, my mum got a new boyfriend, Tony. After a couple of weeks, he moved in with us. It changed our lives. For the first time ever we had plenty to eat, the flat was warm, I got some nice new clothes, he even bought me a bike. But it wasn”t just that. I liked him. He was good fun to be with. He treated Mum nice too, not like most of the arseholes she brought home. I thought he was wonderful.

Then one night while I was asleep, he came into my room. When I woke up, he”d got his hand in my pyjamas, playing with my cock. I was a bit scared, but he told me it was alright, and he wasn”t hurting me. Actually, it felt nice, so I didn”t try to stop him. Then he got his dick out. It was rock hard. He asked me to rub it for him. Well, I was a bit nervous, but I didn”t want to say no. So I did it. He spunked all over me. After he”d wiped it up, he told me what a good boy I was, and that this was our secret. Then he went back to Mum”s room.

A couple of nights later, it happened again. I didn”t really mind. I liked him. If that”s what he wanted, that”s what I was going to do. And I was worried that If I didn”t, he”d fuck off and we”d go back to how things were before. So that was it. What would you have done?”

“The same as you, probably.”

“Well, as things went on, he showed me other things he liked to do. First, he sucked my dick. I loved that! It felt really good. But then he asked me to suck his. I was nervous as fuck, but I couldn”t say no. He spunked in my mouth. At first, I hated it, but it was what he wanted, so I knew I had to do it. But once I got used to it, it was okay. And I loved seeing how excited it got him.

A few weeks later, he fucked my arse. It hurt like hell when he stuck it in. I screamed. I just couldn”t help it. He had to stuff my underpants in my mouth to keep me quiet. But pretty soon I”d got used to that too. The funny thing was that after a bit, I started to like it. And I was having the time of my life, wasn”t I? So fuck it. When he got into my bed, I just did whatever he wanted.”

“Did he share you with any of his friends?”

“Nah! He wanted me all to himself.”

“I take it he”s not living with you now?” Alex queried.

“Nah! He moved out nearly two years ago. He just disappeared. One day he was there. The next day he wasn”t.”

“Do you know why?”

“Not really. I asked Mum, but she wouldn”t talk to me about it.”

“D”you think she knew what he”d been doing?”

“Dunno,” Noel replied. “Probably.”

“So how did you find out about the rent scene?”

“After Tony left, Mum got sick. She had to go into hospital. They put me in a boys” home. That place was stupid! I”d only been there a few hours when the bloke who ran it told me to come to the flat. That”s where he stayed when he was on night duty. When I got there, he pulled my pants down and fucked me over the kitchen table. After that, I got fucked all the time, by him, one of the care workers and a few of the older boys. I didn”t really mind. I liked having it up my bum. It was just that apart from one kid, Gary, they couldn”t have cared less whether I liked it or not.

Anyway, one Saturday Gary asked me to come out with him, told me we were going to make some money. I really liked him, so I said yes. We met this man he knew who took us back to his place. We all got naked and they took turns fucking me. The man gave me five quid. On the way back, Gary told me all about doing rent, where to go, how to stand, what to say.

After I”d been there about a month, Mum was better and I went back home. It was just like it”d been before Tony moved in. There wasn”t enough to eat, the electric kept going off because we”d got no money for the meter; it was shit. Well, I remembered what Gary told me. I thought I might as well try it.”

“That”s quite a story,” Alex said, impressed both by the lad”s openness and by his apparent resilience. “Does your mum know what you get up to?”

“She”s never said, but I”m sure she does,” Noel answered. “I mean, I give her money so she can go shopping, and I put money in the electric meter. She never asks how I got it.”

“Then I reckon she knows exactly what”s going on,” Alex said, steering into the small car park outside his block of flats. “Okay, we”re here.”

After locking the car, he led the way into the building and up the stairs. Opening the door to the flat, he ushered Noel inside. Alex wondered how many such places the boy had visited. He guessed it would be quite a few, from the run-down and seedy, to the large and expensively furnished.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked, shepherding the boy into the lounge.


“Good! You know your manners! Tea or orange squash?”

“Orange squash please. It”s hot, init?”

Alex headed into the kitchen, quickly returning with two glasses of orange squash.

“Here you are,” he said, handing one of them to his guest.

“Thanks!” Noel replied, smiling.

Alex licked his lips. The lad was really beautiful when he smiled. They finished their drinks.

“Are you ready then?” Alex enquired.

Noel grinned and nodded, getting up off the sofa to follow Alex to the bedroom.

“Shoes and socks off,” Alex instructed.

Noel quickly complied.

“Okay,” Alex said, gently lifting the hem of the boy”s teeshirt. “Let”s get this off.”

Noel raised his arms, allowing Alex to pull it over his head.

“You”ve got a gorgeous little body,” Alex cooed, admiring the lad”s boyish physique and creamy white skin.

Sitting down on the side of the bed, Alex reached up, unhooking the clip at the top of the boy”s shorts and undoing the fly-buttons. As the shorts fell to the floor, Noel kicked them off, leaving him wearing only his underpants.

Alex ran his hand up the lad”s thigh. It felt perfect; firm, yet soft to the touch and wonderfully smooth. Advancing into Noel”s underpants, his fingers closed around the boy”s fully erect penis.

“Hard already!” Alex breathed. “That”s excellent!”

Hooking his thumbs into the waistband, he quickly skinned the underpants down Noel”s legs, exposing the youngster”s slim, uncut, four-inch cock, a pair of firm round balls hanging below. There was not a trace of pubic hair to be seen. Alex inhaled sharply. Noel looked no more than twelve. For him, the lad was boy-perfection.

“You are gorgeous!” he whispered. “Can you cum?”

“Yeah,” Noel responded, giving Alex a slightly embarrassed smile. “Only a bit, but I do cum.”

It clearly wasn”t the first time he”d been told how beautiful he was, Alex concluded. Leaning forwards, he took the boy”s penis into his mouth. He sucked it lovingly, carefully running his tongue over the smooth shiny head. Above him, Noel was breathing deeply, an unequivocal sign that he was enjoying the experience.

Sensing that the lad was close to orgasm, Alex let him go. He stood up. After pulling off his polo shirt, he placed the boy”s hand on his hard cock.

“Take it out,” he ordered.

Noel obeyed without hesitation.

“You”ve got a nice one!” he said, grinning as he exposed the man”s penis. “And we know where it”s going, don”t we?”

“Definitely,” Alex agreed. “But before we get to that, why don”t you show me what else you can do with it?”

Noel knelt on the carpet. Holding Alex”s cock between thumb and index finger, he guided it between his lips, working his way down until he”d got around two-thirds of it. After steadying himself, he began to suck. Alex was impressed. Maybe not as talented in that department as Whitney, the lad was still an accomplished performer.

“Okay,” Alex said. “You”d better stop now. That”s not where I want to cum.”

Noel allowed Alex”s glistening cock to slide from between his lips, sitting back on his heels to await the man”s next instruction. After discarding his trousers and underpants, Alex took the boy by the hand, drawing him onto the bed. He wrapped his arm around Noel”s back, bringing him closer.

“May I kiss you?” Alex asked.

Noel shrugged and nodded, as if to say, “You”re paying; if you want to kiss, we”ll kiss.”

Placing his lips over the boy”s, Alex pushed his tongue into the teenager”s mouth. Not expecting much response, he was delighted when Noel reciprocated. There was little, it seemed that the lad could not or would not do.

“You do that really well,” Alex whispered, nuzzling the boy”s ear. “Do you like kissing?”

“It”s okay,” Noel conceded, indicating that there might be other things he”d rather be doing.

“So what d”you like best?” Alex enquired.

“Taking it up the bum,” Noel responded.

“Well, we”d better get you ready then.”

“Aren”t you just going to stick it in? That”s what most guys do.”

“But I”m not most guys,” Alex said, looking the lad straight in the eye. “I want you to enjoy this as much as I do. Now get on all fours with your feet right at the foot of the bed.”

As Noel moved into position, Alex knelt on the floor behind him.

“Push your bottom further back,” he instructed.

Once again, Noel obeyed without question.

“Okay, hold it there,” Alex said, the lad”s bum coming close to his face.

He parted the boy”s cheeks. The evidence was unmistakeable. Noel had been taking it up the bum several times a week for quite a while, just as he”d said. Alex leaned in, his tongue homing in on the lad”s anus.

“Oh fuck!” Noel gasped. “You”re licking my arse! Fuck! That”s incredible!”

Pushing a little harder, Alex worked the tip of his tongue right inside.

“Oh, Jesus!” Noel exploded. “I never felt anything like that!”

Alex pulled away, grinning broadly. Things were going even better than he”d hoped. Moments later, he inserted his well-lubed index finger into the boy”s rosebud entrance. There was little resistance. This, it appeared, was familiar territory. He thrust it in deeper, quickly locating the lad”s prostate.

“Oh yeah!” Noel groaned, his cock twitching, “That”s super!”

Alex pushed in his middle finger too. He twisted his fingers around. There wasn”t much resistance to that either. The lad was ready. He allowed his fingers to slide out.

“Okay, turn round,” he ordered.

Noel turned to face him.

“You know what to do with this?” he asked, presenting the boy with the tube of K-Y.

Noel grinned, expertly coating Alex”s cock.

“While you”re fucking me,” he asked, “Is it okay if I talk dirty?”

“Sure!” Alex agreed. “I might even join in. You like talking dirty then?”

“Yeah! Tony got me doing it. He told me to call him Daddy.”

“Yeah, that doesn”t surprise me.”

“Can I call you Daddy?”

“You can if you want,” Alex responded, both amused and excited by this unexpected turn of events. It would be a new experience for him. The boys he”d been at school with never talked dirty. It simply wasn”t done.

“So how d”you want me?” Noel enquired.

“On your tummy.”

“Nice! That”s how Tony used to do it.”

Alex pulled a pillow into the middle of the bed, covering it with an old towel.

“Okay!” he ordered. “Down you go!”

Noel settled himself into position, his legs spread well apart. Alex carefully got down on top of him, guiding his penis onto its target.

“Go on, Daddy!” Noel urged. “Stick your big wee-wee into my boy-cunt!”

Alex was rather taken aback by the use of the word `wee-wee”. That was little boys” talk. It must have been what Tony called the lad”s penis, he reasoned, probably his own too. But if Noel enjoyed talking that way, he wasn”t going to complain.

“Here it comes, baby-boy!” he responded, getting into the role-play.

He quickly thrust his cock into the young teen”s anus, pinning him to the bed.

“You like this, don”t you?” he demanded, “having daddy”s wee-wee in your boy-hole.”

“Oh yes, daddy! Please fuck my boy-pussy!”

Alex set to work, fucking the boy remorselessly, his cock driving repeatedly over the lad”s prostate.

“You”re a little slut, aren”t you?” he growled. “Lots of daddies have stuck their wee-wees into your boy-cunt, haven”t they?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“How many?”

“I don”t know, Daddy.”

“Is it more than ten? I bet it is! Fucking you. Shooting their spunk into your pussy-hole!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“And a few boys too?!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“If I caught a boy fucking you, I”d give you both a good spanking. Then I”d fuck the pair of you, fill your boy-cunts! You”d like that, wouldn”t you?”

“Oh yes, Daddy!”

“Can”t get enough of it, can you, having your boy-pussy full of spunk?!”

“Daddy! Daddy!” Noel gasped, shuddering from head to toe. “Oh! I”m going to squirt!”

In an instant, his penis sprang into life, pumping little jets of watery boy-cum onto the towel.

“You dirty little whore!” Alex growled. “Now I”m going to fill your slutty boy-hole!”

Feeling the lad”s sphincter spasm around his invading dick, he thrust in as deep as he could. His hands gripped the lad”s shoulders. A moment later, his cock jerked violently, three days” worth of thick creamy semen spurting powerfully into the youngster”s rectum.

For around twenty seconds, Alex lay on top of the boy, too exhausted to move. Finally, he recovered his composure and gently pulled out.

“Get on all fours,” he said firmly.

As always, Noel did as he was asked. He was leaking prodigiously, Alex”s spunk running down his legs.

“Oh Daddy!” Noel enthused. “You”ve filled my boy-cunt right up!”

“That”s what happens when I haven”t cum for three days,” Alex told him, expertly massaging his spunk into the lad”s thighs and buttocks. “Okay, come with me.”

He led the boy into the bathroom.

“Squat over the toilet,” he instructed. “I want to see how much you”ve still got in there.”

He watched intently as a long stream of spunk ran out of the lad”s anus and into the toilet bowl.

“Most impressive,” he said. “Balls in full working order. Right, I”ll leave you to get cleaned up.”

“Can I have a bath, please?” Noel asked.

“Sure!” Alex said, smiling.

He turned on the hot tap and added some bubble bath.

“When it”s about half-full,” he said, “turn off the hot tap and put in some cold. And try not to get water all over the place.” He took a large towel from the airing cupboard. “Use this,” he added, putting it on top of the laundry basket. “Okay, I”ll leave you to it. I”ll be in the lounge.”

After getting dressed, Alex strolled through to the lounge and flopped down on the sofa. Noel had been quite a find, he reflected, his only regret that his finances would not allow him to see the lad on a regular basis. But it didn”t really matter. When he got back from his parents” house, Whitney would be back, and Stainham would be home a week after that. He”d be having plenty of sex. He wouldn”t need to pay for it.

Around fifteen minutes later, Noel appeared, still as naked as a jaybird. He looked as clean as a new pin. He sat down next to Alex.

“I hope I didn”t overdo the dirty talk,” Alex said, nuzzling the boy”s ear.

“No, it was hot!” Noel said, talking like a teenager again. “You being posh, I didn”t think you”d do it.”

“Well, I haven”t done it before,” Alex explained, “and to be honest, I can”t say I really enjoyed it, but it was obviously turning you on, and the more turned-on you are, the better I like it. So I just followed your lead.”

“Thanks! I”ve never had a punter as young as you. Most of them are over forty. I wish you really were my daddy.”

“I”d like that too,” Alex said, smiling, “You”ve kocaeli anal yapan escort really surprised me. After everything you”ve been through, you could have been bitter and aggressive, but you”re not. You”re polite and cheerful. I”d love to help you get a decent start in life, but it just isn”t possible. I can”t even invite you to come back. I haven”t got the money.”

“Do you do this with any other boys?” Noel asked.

“There are a couple of boys I know,” Alex said guardedly, “but they”re on holiday at the moment.”

“Yeah,” Noel endorsed. “It”s been like that with the punters. I thought I”d do really well this week, but I haven”t. So you don”t pay these boys then?”

Alex shook his head.

“Lucky you!” Noel said, grinning. “Can I ask you a favour?”

“You can ask,” Alex said.

“Could you pick me up about eleven o”clock tonight? Bring me back so I can spend the night? You won”t have to pay me. I told my mum I”d be staying with friends. Well, you”re a friend.”

“So what”s your mum doing?”

“She”s going out on the pull. I don”t like being there if she”s bringing somebody back. And seeing a kid my age puts most guys off.”

“Oh, fair enough,” Alex agreed, slightly worried about what he might be getting himself into. “But I won”t be able to give you any more money. I”ll pay you for just now, but that”s it.”

“Yeah, that”s fine,” Noel said. “It”ll save me having to wander round the streets all night.”

“Right,” Alex said. “Go and get dressed. I”ll take you back.”

Noel trotted off into the bedroom. After a couple of minutes, he was back in the lounge, ready to go.

“Here you are,” Alex said, handing the boy a five-pound note. He opened his wallet, taking out another pound. “And here”s a bit extra. You”ve earned it.”

“Thanks!” Noel responded, stashing the money in his shorts. “Tonight, don”t pick me up at the bus station. I”ll show you where.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex returned to the flat feeling like he was floating on air. He”d had the most remarkable afternoon. Noel had been an absolute delight. It wasn”t just that the lad was so sexy; he was such a nice kid, quite extraordinary for someone in his situation.

As he speculated on the possibilities, Alex took out the shorts that Whitney and Taylor had worn. They were still covered in spunk, Taylor”s at the front, his at the back. Although Taylor was much taller, he was very slim. Noel was much better proportioned. The shorts would definitely fit him.

Taking them to the kitchen, Alex gave them a quick wash. After wringing them out, he hung them up to dry. They wouldn”t be ready when he brought the lad back later then evening, but they”d probably be okay by the next morning. That would do.

The one thing bothering him was that he wouldn”t be able to give the lad any money for spending the night. He just didn”t have it. Then an idea occurred to him. He picked up the telephone and dialled Martin Ford”s number.

“Well,” Martin said, as Alex identified himself. “This is a pleasant surprise! I wasn”t expecting to hear from you for another couple of weeks.”

“That”s because I wasn”t expecting to call you,” Alex answered, “but this afternoon, I had a very interesting encounter.”

He went on to describe the afternoon”s events.

“He asked me to pick him up again late this evening so he could spend the night here,” Alex concluded. “It seems his mother”s `entertaining” and it”s better if he”s not there. I”m not sure how you feel about paying for it, but I wondered if you might be interested in meeting him.”

“Oh, I don”t mind paying for it,” Martin said. “Actually, I was hoping to go to Portugal this summer, but the flights are so expensive, I just couldn”t afford it. But I”m quite happy to pay the lad five pounds, especially if he”s as nice as you say. What time are you picking him up?”

“Eleven o”clock. Could you get here for half past eleven or just a bit later?”

“I”m usually in bed by then, but I guess I could make an exception. After all we are on holiday. Are you sure he”ll turn up?”

“Obviously there are no guarantees,” Alex cautioned. “But he sounded genuine to me. I”m pretty sure he”ll be there. It”s up to you.”

“I”ll be there! I could really do with meeting a boy like him. I”ll take the chance.”

“Excellent! I”ll look forward to seeing you. Just one thing; he likes to talk dirty while he”s being fucked. Are you happy for him to do that?”

“Oh, not really,” Martin responded. “I know some men like that sort of thing, but to be honest, it puts me off.”

“Okay, I”ll tell him not to. And he”ll call you Mr Brown, just like the other boys do.”

“Excellent! And I assume you”re Mr White?”

“Either Mr White or John. I”ve told him he can call me either.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex drove into the town centre. It was two minutes to eleven. He headed along Market Street towards their meeting place. There was no sign of Noel. That was worrying. The last thing Alex wanted was for the boy to keep him waiting.

Just as he reached the appointed spot, Noel appeared as if from nowhere. Alex stopped the car, allowing him to get in. A moment later, they were on their way.

“Good to see you again!” Alex said warmly. “Had a good evening?”

“Not really,” Noel answered. “It”s been dead. I did get one punter, but all he wanted was to suck my dick. He gave me two quid. That was it.”

“Well, not to worry,” Alex said soothingly. “Earlier this evening I was speaking to a friend of mine. He wants to meet you. He”s going to drive over to mine. He should be there around half past. He will pay you of course.”

“What”s he like?” Noel asked, eyeing Alex suspiciously. “He won”t hurt me, will he?”

“Absolutely not!” Alex assured him. “I wouldn”t invite someone who was going to hurt you. I didn”t hurt you, did I?”

“No,” Noel conceded.

“If I wasn”t bothered about boys getting hurt,” Alex continued, “I”d have fucked Bobby when I had the chance. And Mr Brown won”t hurt you either. Actually, he”s a couple of years older than me, but you wouldn”t think so. He”s around five feet seven, slim, blond wavy hair and looks about eighteen.”

“Really?” Noel queried, brightening up. “He sounds hot! Sorry, sometimes I get worried.”

“Of course you do,” Alex said, smiling. “You have to be careful. There are people out there who would hurt you. Sad, but there it is.”

“You know you asked me about how I got into this?” Noel queried. “What about you? How did you start?”

“Oh, I started when I was at boarding school,” Alex told him. “I went there as a chorister when I was eight.”

“You mean to sing in the choir?”

“Yes, the school was attached to a cathedral. The boy choristers sang at all the important services. Well, after I”d been there a couple of years, the music master began taking much more interest in me. I guess he was a bit like your mum”s boyfriend; he was an excellent teacher and really good fun. We all liked him. He picked me because he sort of sensed I”d like it. Of course, I loved it! First of all, I loved the attention. It made me feel special. And I loved the feelings I got when he played with my cock, even more so when he sucked it.”

“Did you play with his?!”

“Oh yes, I liked that too. Well, after a couple of weeks, he introduced me to an older boy who”d show me what to do. Well, I loved that even more! He was so sexy! About a month later, he took my cherry. He wasn”t that big, so it didn”t hurt too much. But it was still a shock, knowing that he”d got his dick inside me and what was going to happen next. But just like you said, once we”d done it a few times, I loved that too.”

“Did your music teacher fuck you too?”

“Yes, but not straight away. He had a monster. It was months before I was ready to take it.”

“And when did you start fucking other boys.”

“When I was twelve, well, nearly thirteen actually, the music master introduced me to a younger boy, asked me to show him what we did.”

“Just like the other kid showed you?”


“So once you”d got this younger kid ready, you took his cherry.”

“Correct. That was my last year at the cathedral school. The following year I moved onto senior school. That”s how it works in those places. You change schools at thirteen rather than eleven.”

“Oh, right. So what about Mr Brown? Was he the same?”

“We weren”t at the same school, but he was a chorister too,” Alex explained. “I believe he began much the same way as I did. But there is one difference. When he moved on to his senior school, he was small for his age, blond and very pretty, much like you, I”d say. Lots of the older boys wanted to have sex with him. I believe he had a pretty rough time for a while.”

“Yeah, well I know what that”s like,” Noel said, frowning.

“So he loves having sex with boys like you,” Alex went on. “But he”s even more careful not to hurt them than I am.”

“Yeah, I guess he would be.”

“And there is one other thing. He doesn”t like talking dirty. I asked him. He said it puts him off, so please don”t do that.”

“Okay, that”s fine,” Noel acknowledged.

A few minutes later they were back at the flat.

“Tea or orange squash?” Alex enquired.

“Tea please,” Noel answered, smiling again.

“Excellent!” Alex said approvingly. “Two teas coming right up!”

He hurried into the kitchen, reappearing a few minutes later carrying two mugs of steaming hot tea. He handed one to Noel before sitting on the armchair. They sat, drinking quietly, Alex admiring the stunningly sexy boy sitting on his sofa. This was a first. Several boys had visited the flat, but none of them had spent the night in his bed, sleeping right next to him.”

“Are you sure Mr Brown”s coming?” Noel queried.

“Oh, he”ll be here,” Alex assured him. “It”s only just gone half past.” Just as he finished speaking, the doorbell rang. “Told you!” Alex said, smiling.

He strode into the hallway, leaving Noel waiting nervously. A few seconds later he was back.

“Mr Brown,” he said, indicating the boy on the sofa, “this is Noel. Noel, this is my friend Mr Brown.”

Noel”s eyes lit up. Mr Brown was everything John, or Mr White, had said he was.

“Don”t get up,” Mr Brown said, smiling as he sat down next to the boy. “Delighted to meet you.”

“Tea?” Alex enquired.

“Please!” Mr Brown responded. “White, two sugars.”

“I understand you met Mr White this afternoon,” Mr Brown said, admiring the boy”s creamy thighs.

“Yeah,” Noel acknowledged.

“I”m very pleased you did,” Mr Brown continued, noting that the lad already had an erection. “You really are very beautiful.”

“Thanks. What do you want to do?”

“I”d like to go all the way, if you”re happy with that. I understand the going rate is five pounds.”

“Sure!” Noel said, grinning.

Alex returned with tea for his latest guest. They sat around drinking, the two men talking quietly about nothing in particular.

“Okay,” Alex said, finishing his tea. “You know where the bedroom is. I”ll leave you two to get to know each other.”

Mr Brown stood up, extending a hand to help Noel to his feet. He licked his lips. After a week with only his right hand for company, he was going to enjoy this.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Noel followed Mr Brown to the bedroom. For the first time, he was going to have sex with a punter he actually fancied. He liked John, or Mr White, or whatever his name was, but he was very much the daddy he”d always craved, just as Tony had been. He liked a couple of his other regulars too.

This was different. The eleven-year age difference didn”t seem to matter, nor the fact that the man was even posher than Mr White. Mr Brown still had the physical attributes of a teenager. He was no bigger than Gary had been, and almost as smooth. Noel wouldn”t have dreamed of calling him `daddy” or talking dirty to him.

“So what d”you want me to do?” he asked, as Mr Brown sat down on the bed.

“Come and sit here,” Mr Brown said, patting the bed next to him.

Noel sat down. Reaching across, Mr Brown began to stroke the youngster”s thighs.

“Hmmm!” he cooed. “You”re beautiful. Are you really fourteen?”

“That”s what everyone asks,” Noel responded, smiling. “Yeah, I”ll be fifteen at Christmas.”

“That”s extraordinary,” the young choirmaster breathed. “Will you take your shoes and socks off for me?”

After removing his shoes and socks, Noel sat up again.

“Now let”s help you off with this,” Mr Brown whispered, lifting up the boy”s teeshirt.

As he had earlier in the day, Noel allowed the man to pull it over his head.

“Oh yes!” Mr Brown gushed. “Very nice! Stand up please!”

Noel got to his feet, turning to stand in front of his latest punter. Mr Brown reached up, undoing the lad”s shorts. As they fell around his ankles, Noel kicked them off. Within a second, Mr Brown”s hands were on his thighs again. They gradually worked their way upwards, making him harder by the second. The man”s right hand slid up the leg of his underpants, strong, slender fingers taking hold of his fully erect cock. It felt wonderful, and this was only the start.

After a few seconds, the hand slid back out. Noel”s underpants were carefully lowered. He quickly stepped out of them.

Mr Brown”s eyes widened. Although Noel was two years older, the boy”s four-inch penis was the same length as Arrowsmith”s, but slimmer, and still completely hairless. He was perfect! Leaning forwards, Mr Brown took it fully into his mouth. He sucked it sensuously, his tongue roaming all over the young teenager”s steel-hard prong. Instinctively, Noel ran his fingers through the man”s wavy blond hair. It reminded him of what he and Gary used to do when they were in the boys” home. And it felt every bit as good.

After a few minutes, Mr Brown released the lad”s cock and stood up. Without waiting to be asked, Noel helped him undress. Within a minute, the man was naked. Noel was even more enraptured. Mr Brown was gorgeous, his smaller than average dick perfectly in proportion. He didn”t look nearly old enough to be a punter, the lad reflected. But he didn”t care. He was going to have wonderful, thrilling sex and get paid for it. What could be better than that?

Immediately, he got onto his knees, his lips closing over the man”s uncut penis, five inches long and medium thick. Pushing down until his lips were buried in the young choirmaster”s pubes, he began to suck, trying to mimic what Mr Brown had done to him. It seemed to be working, the sound of deep breathing and the fingers gently stroking his hair clear indications of how excited the man was becoming.

“Let”s get on the bed,” Mr Brown urged.

In barely a couple of seconds they were snuggled up on the bed, their cocks grinding together. To Noel”s surprise, the man made no attempt to kiss him. He wasn”t bothered. Kissing was something he did if he was asked, and only then if the punter didn”t smoke. But there was plenty he did want to do.

“Would you like to do a sixty-nine?” he asked.

“Certainly!” Mr Brown responded.

Swinging his legs around to face the other way, Noel plunged down on his punter”s rampant cock. A moment later, his throbbing boy-dick was engulfed in the young man”s mouth. He was in ecstasy. Back when he was in the boys” home, he”d enjoyed several sixty-nines with Gary. This one was even better.

After a while, he felt the man”s hand slip between his legs. Fingers began to stroke his perineum, taking him to an even higher level. Steadily, the fingers worked their way back. One touched his bum-hole, gently massaging it. Was the man going to lick him out, the way Mr White had earlier? It seemed that he wasn”t.

“You know Mr White fucked me this afternoon?” he enquired.

“Yes,” Mr Brown confirmed, releasing the lad”s penis.

“Then just let me put some K-Y on your dick and we”ll be ready.”

Mr Brown passed him the tube. Squeezing some onto his fingers, Noel carefully smeared it over the man”s cock.

“How d”you want me?” he asked.

“First let me get onto my back,” Mr Brown answered, moving into his favoured position. “Right, now face me and kneel across my chest.”

Noel did as he was asked, smiling down izmit yabancı escort at the beautiful young man lying beneath him. He knew what he had to do. This was another first, he reflected. He”d never taken it like this before. But he wasn”t complaining. For the first time, he”d be the one in control. That was exciting.

He sat back, adjusting his position until the head of the man”s cock was probing his anus. After taking a deep breath, he pushed down on it, deeper and deeper, taking the whole thing in a single unbroken movement, the man”s pubic hair squished up against his bottom.

“Good boy!” Mr Brown cooed.

As soon as he had settled himself, Noel set to work, up, down, up, down, setting exactly the pace he wanted, the man”s hard cock thrusting repeatedly over his sex-button.

“Oh yes!” Mr Brown gasped. “That”s wonderful!”

He moved his hand into the boy”s lap. Holding the lad”s penis with fingers on top and thumb beneath, he began to wank him. In response, Noel began to pump his hips more forcefully. In just a few seconds, he was gasping for air.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned, his muscles overtaken by crazy spasms. “I”m gonna cum!”

His dick swelling and pulsing between Mr Brown”s fingers, Noel”s boy juice squirted over the man”s stomach and the lower part of his chest.

“Keep going!” Mr Brown ordered, a note of urgency in his voice.

Summoning all the energy he could muster, Noel worked his hips harder than ever.

“Oh yes!” Mr Brown expostulated, pressing down on the lad”s thighs. “Here it comes!”

His cock jerked into action, copious amounts of creamy semen flooding into the boy”s rectum. He lay back, totally satisfied. What a find this boy was! Why would he spend money going to Portugal when there was a lad as beautiful and sexy as Noel little more than half an hour”s drive away?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So how was it?” Alex asked as his friend re-entered the lounge.

“Wonderful!” Mr Brown replied, smiling beatifically. “He was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for inviting me.”

“Have you paid him?”

“Oh yes! Worth every penny! Not the tightest, of course, but still quite delightful. Before I fucked him, we had the most marvellous sixty-nine. I”ve arranged to meet him next Tuesday afternoon.”

“I wish I could,” Alex said, a wry grin on his face. “Of course, you don”t have a mortgage to pay.”

“That”s true. Having free accommodation saves me a fortune.”

“If I hadn”t been spending next week at my parents” house, I wouldn”t have been able to afford him today. Er . . . where is he?”

“In the bathroom. I hadn”t cum since Wednesday night. I did rather fill his bottom.”

“Your usual position?”

“Yes, he told me he”d never done it like that before. He loved it! When I started wanking him, he came all over me.”

“Excellent! Well, look after him. He”s something special.”

“I will,” Mr Brown said. He looked at his watch. “It”s twenty to one. I must be going. I”ve things to do tomorrow.”

“That”s fine. Thanks for coming over. I”ll call you when I get back from my parents” place. You can give me an update.”

Having shown the man out, Alex returned to the lounge, parking himself on the sofa. A couple of minutes later Noel appeared, still completely naked. It was the first time Alex has seen him without an erection. Somehow, it made him look even more stunning. The boy flopped down beside him.

“I understand you and Mr Brown got on rather well,” Alex ventured, putting his arm around the lad”s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Noel confirmed, grinning. “Easiest five quid I ever made. I”m seeing him again next week.”

“Yes, he told me. You won”t forget, will you?”

“Of course not,” Noel retorted. “I”m not stupid!”

“No, you”re not,” Alex said gently. “Right, time for bed! It”s been a long day.”

He steered the lad into the bedroom.

“Right,” he said, “I”m just going for a piss. I”ll be back in a minute.”

When he returned, Noel was lying on the bed, fondling his now erect cock.

“You can”t get enough of it, can you?” Alex said, taking off his clothes.

He joined the lad on the bed. Instantly, they were all over each other, kissing passionately, their bodies writhing together in an erotic dance.

“Mr Brown tells me you”re an expert at sixty-nines,” Alex whispered.

“Sure! I”ll show you.”

As Alex moved down the bed, Noel swung himself around, just as he had earlier, his lips closing over his host”s rampant cock. Alex responded immediately, taking the youngster”s boy-dick fully into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly. He found himself transported to that magical world where only boys could take him, especially ones as cute and horny as Noel. The boy was very good, Alex considered, revelling in the exquisite sensations the lad was giving him. Finally, it was time to move on.

“Okay,” Alex said, allowing the lad”s penis to slip out of his mouth.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Noel asked.

“Of course!”

“Are we going to talk dirty again?”

“Not exactly. Just respond to what I say, okay? But you can still call me `Daddy”.”

Alex picked up the tube of K-Y, handing it over.

“So how d”you want me, Daddy?” the boy asked, expertly slicking up Alex”s cock.

“On your back. Pull your legs up so your knees are by your shoulders.”

With the lad in position, Alex got onto his knees.

“Okay, baby boy,” he said, shuffling in close. “It”s time you had daddy”s wee-wee in your boy-hole.”

“Oh, yes please, Daddy!”

Guiding his cock onto Noel”s anus, Alex thrust it in, noting the look of sheer joy on the youngster”s face. Placing his hands around the boy”s thighs, Alex pushed in deeper until the lad was fully impaled.

“You like that, don”t you?” he demanded.

“Oh, yes Daddy!”

“And what d”you want now?”

“I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I want to feel your spunk shooting into my boy-pussy.”

“And that”s exactly what you”re going to get!”

Alex set to his task, fucking the lad unmercifully, spurred on by the boy”s little squeaks and grimaces, and the looks of agony and ecstasy on his cute, boyish face. Having filled the lad”s bottom just a few hours earlier, this one was going to last. He pressed on, pounding the youngster”s arse relentlessly. Three minutes became five, and five became ten. At last, his orgasm began to build.

“Here it comes, baby boy,” he growled, breathing raggedly. “Not long now!”

Calling on all his reserves, he made one final effort. Suddenly, he was there.

“Oh yes!” he gasped, slamming right in. “Now take my spunk, baby boy! Take it all!”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Please fill me up!”

Alex”s cock swelled and jerked, sending another load of semen into the boy”s wonderfully receptive bottom. Then it was over, ending as abruptly as it began. With a supreme effort of will, Alex carefully withdrew. He collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted. Noel snuggled up next to him.

“Thank you, Daddy,” he whispered, running his hand over his host”s chest. “I can feel your spunk in my boy-hole.”

Alex looked across. “You haven”t cum, have you?”

“No, it doesn”t matter.”

“Yes it does,” Alex countered. He knelt down beside the bed. “Now come here and put your wee-wee in daddy”s mouth.”

Kneeling on the bed, Noel crawled forwards, the man”s lips closing over his throbbing cock. As Alex held him around the thighs, he began to fuck. It didn”t take long. After barely thirty seconds, little jets of boy-cum squirted onto the man”s tongue. Having swallowed every drop, Alex eased away.

“You”d better go to the toilet,” he said.

Having completed his ablutions, Noel strolled back to the bedroom to find Alex already under the covers. He got in next to him. Alex drew the lad in.

“Go to sleep now,” he said softly, the boy”s head on his chest.

Within seconds, Noel was sound asleep. A couple of minutes later, Alex was sleeping too, the lad still wrapped in his arms.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When Alex awoke, he found that they were still exactly where they”d fallen asleep, his arms still around Noel”s back, the sleeping boy”s blond head resting on his chest. It was as though he”d slept the sleep of angels. He felt wonderful, exhilarated. What could possibly be better than to wake up wrapped around a beautiful, sexy, naked boy?

It wasn”t a totally new experience. During his final year at school, Colbourne, much the same age as Noel was now, had slept in his bed numerous times. But on those occasions, he”d had to give the boy a quick fuck and shoo him back to his dormitory before anyone `officially” noticed he was missing. This was far better. He and Noel would be able to take their time and finish their encounter in whatever way they chose. Alex knew what he wanted. He just hoped the lad would be happy to go along with it.

Very carefully, he unwrapped his arms from around Noel”s back. Getting out of bed, he headed to the bathroom for a piss, a wash and a shave. Moving on to the kitchen he picked up the freshly-washed shorts. They were almost dry. After quickly running the iron over them, he took them to the bedroom. Noel was still fast asleep. After putting the shorts into a drawer, Alex got back into bed.

“Time to wake up, sleepy-head,” he cooed, running his fingers through the lad”s hair.

“What time is it?” Noel asked, opening an eye.

“Twenty past nine; time we were thinking about getting up.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Did you enjoy last night?” Alex enquired.

“Yeah,” Noel answered. “It was good, calling you `Daddy” but not really talking dirty.”

“Excellent. I liked it too.”

“Are we going to do it again?”

“Yes, if that”s okay.”

“You mean now?”

“When you”re ready. Have you ever had your bottom spanked?”

“Yeah, loads of times!”

“Would you let me spank you? Not hard. Just a few smacks. It”d just sting a bit, that”s all.”

“Okay, if that”s what you want. And I”ll still be able to call you `Daddy”?”

“Oh yes, I want you to. That”s part of it.”

“Okay then.”

“Right,” Alex said brightly. “You”d better have a pee first. Off you go!”

Noel crawled out of bed and trotted off towards the bathroom. Two minutes later he was back, his semi-erect penis leading the way. Alex threw back the covers, allowing the boy to jump in next to him. Once again, Alex lovingly wrapped his arms around him. Within seconds, they were kissing passionately, their hands roaming everywhere.

“I thought you weren”t that keen on kissing,” Alex teased, rubbing his nose against Noel”s.

“I like doing it with you,” the lad answered, his eyes sparkling.

They went right back to it, Alex revelling in the youngster”s attention.

“D”you want to sixty-nine again?” Noel asked, breaking the kiss.

“Definitely,” Alex agreed.

Within seconds, they were back where they”d been just a few hours earlier. With Alex having slept so perfectly, it felt even better than it had the night before, the boy”s ministrations driving him almost delirious.

“Easy!” he cautioned, allowing the youngster”s cock to slip from his mouth. “Much more of that and you”ll make me cum!”

Noel looked at him, grinning expectantly.

“Ready?” Alex enquired.

Noel nodded.

“Right,” Alex instructed. “Stand up and bend over the chair.”

Noel obediently got into position. Alex stood behind him and to his left. “Okay,” he said lowering his voice. “Keep it quiet. There”ll be people around. You”ve been a naughty boy, haven”t you?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“You let another man suck your wee-wee, didn”t you?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“And that was very naughty, wasn”t it?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“And what happens to naughty boys?”

“They got their bottoms spanked.”

Taking a deep breath, Alex delivered four sharp smacks to the lad”s buttocks, each one causing the boy to emit a delightful squeak. He stood back to admire the results of his handiwork, the teenager”s bum-cheeks now nicely pink.

“And what happens after I”ve spanked you?” he demanded.

“You put your wee-wee into my boy-hole,” Noel responded.

“Right! Then you”d better stand up and get me ready.”

Noel stood up and turned to face him, his boy-dick pointing to the ceiling. Alex handed him the K-Y, basking in the touch of the lad”s fingers as he spread the slimy jelly over his cock. Noel made to return to his previous position.

“Just a moment,” Alex said, stopping him in his tracks. He retrieved the shorts. “Put these on.”

Looking puzzled, Noel did as he was asked. The shorts fitted him perfectly.

“Okay,” Alex said, “Back as you were, and remember, not too loud.”

With the boy in position, Alex moved in close, guiding his cock up inside the shorts and onto the lad”s anus. With one thrust he was in. He held the boy around the thighs. A second thrust and his penis was buried in the youngster”s rectum, his firm, flat tummy pressed tight against the boy”s bottom.

For Alex, this was his home range. Shortly after his eleventh birthday, he”d been where Noel was the first time he took Dorrington”s penis. Over the course of the next year, he”d been in that same position more times than he could count, being fucked by one or another of Gordon”s friend”s, or the boy the man had brought with him.

Two years later, with the roles reversed, it was the position that Wainwright had occupied when he”d popped the ten-year old”s cherry. Then, during his first year at public school, hockey captain Lees and his roommate Cooper had both had him in that position, Lees being the first to fuck him while he was wearing rugby shorts.

Most recently of all, it was the position in which he”d taken Stainham”s cherry. It had much to recommend it. Not only did it put the one doing the fucking in complete control, it allowed for the longest possible thrusts, the penis being drawn back until only the head remained inside before being driven back in.

But this was no time for reminiscences, he scolded himself. He quickly got down to the task in hand, fucking the young teenager with long, powerful thrusts.

“You like having daddy”s wee-wee in your boy-hole, don”t you?” he asked in a low growl.

“Oh, yes daddy!” Noel gurgled, clearly enjoying it immensely.

In truth, the boy scarcely knew where he was, his penis rubbing against the coarse cotton fabric and the man”s cock thrusting over his sex-gland combining to take him to a wonderful, alien planet whose existence he”d never even imagined.

After a couple of minutes, he became aware of a small wet spot developing at the front of the shorts. Then, with almost no warning, he shuddered from head to toe. He held on tightly as his penis sprang into action, little jets of boy-juice spurting into the shorts.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” Alex panted. “Now take what I”ve got for you!”

“Oh, yes please daddy!” Noel gasped. “Give me your spunk!”

Alex slammed in one last time, depositing another healthy load of cum deep in the lad”s bottom. After recovering his composure, he withdrew. If there was a better way for them to have finished things, he couldn”t think of it.

“Push it out!” he urged.

Noel readily complied, ejecting some of the man”s semen into the back of the shorts. Standing upright, he pulled them off.

“I guess you”ll keep these as wanking fuel,” he said, handing them over.

“Something like that,” Alex conceded.

“Have you fucked any other boys wearing them?” Noel demanded.

“One or two. My regular boy loves it.”

“I bet he does!” Noel said, grinning.

He pulled on his underpants.

“Aren”t you going to the toilet?” Alex queried, raising an eyebrow.

“Nah! I like having your spunk inside me. Yesterday afternoon, I couldn”t `cause there was too much. But this is fine.”

“Won”t you make a mess?”

“I don”t think so. I don”t usually. It doesn”t matter anyway. I can change them when I get home.”

Alex smiled to himself. Noel really was astonishing. For all that, he was glad it wouldn”t be going any further. As a one-off, it could not have been better. But it had to end there. Given his involvement with Whitney and the other boys, trying to continue it would have been most unwise.

He wondered about Martin”s decision to see the boy again. It seemed to him like the thin end of the wedge. In all probability, Martin (aka Mr Brown) would allow Noel to keep him entertained until the end of the holidays. But what would happen when school restarted? Alex inhaled deeply, pleased that it was not a problem he would have to deal with.

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