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    The Joy of Cocksucking Part 14    
          by Bill Beaumonte hoo)  

This work contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
As an aging cocksucker I”ve reflected upon the many wonderful experiences and gallons of cum I”ve swallowed. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.

    O ne of the most amazing things I have experienced has been the Glory Hole! Sadly, they are fading from existence, but I sometimes find one and relish in the experience of a cock coming through the hole for me to suck. I just can”t describe what is so wonderfully compelling about it. Perhaps it�s the fact that I could be sucking almost anyone � a high-ranking government official, someone I know, my father, or my son � who knows?

Perhaps that the guy just needs a place to cum, and I”m providing that � to them I may be just a cum dump, but that”s fine with me. To me, they are a wonderful way to get a hot load, so we are both getting what we want.

Maybe its because a Glory Hole is all about an impersonal blowjob exchange � there is no relationship of any kind � just the offer of a cock and the reward of a hot load in return for a job well done. That sure worked for me! What was even better was that on a good day I might get nearly a dozen in an hour!

I first read about Glory Holes in porn, so I knew how they worked, but not where to find them. I began to explore the video arcades of Adult Book Stores but found most had no Glory Holes. tuzla escort Eventually I found some that did, and I was ready and very willing!

When I entered the booth, I immediately knelt by the hole and watched a guy who had been stroking his cock. I tapped on the wall to get his attention, and to my delight he turned to me and pushed his cock through the hole. This was a dream-come-true and I took it into my mouth and sucked. It seemed strange at first to be sucking and only seeing a wall in front of me, but the guy began pumping in and out and soon rewarded my efforts with a hot load. It all happened so fast � maybe a few minutes. The guy was ready to cum when I arrived, so my timing was perfect. He left the booth and now I waited. It didn”t take long, and soon I was sucking another. The small ones were difficult because my face was nearly against the wall, but I did my best to suck well. Large cocks were great, and in the Glory Hole setting I could completely control how deep I took it. Normally big guys would often enjoy gagging their cocksucker, but I could simply suck from a comfortable distance.

In most booths they expect you to keep the video running, which costs you money � either in the form of coins, purchased tokens or a pre-paid card. Fortunately most of the managers don”t make much of a fuss, as long as the movie is running most of the time. If I am in the middle of a blowjob when the movie stops, I just keep sucking � that�s much more important.

I found a few Glory Hole locations along routes I frequented and would plan time for them in my travels. Because I enjoyed being naked, I would take a plastic grocery bag with me and undress when I was in the booth, keeping tuzla escort bayan my clothes in the bag. I could stroke my cock as I sucked, careful not to cum � I liked to remain aroused.

When I first began sucking at Glory Holes, I liked the anonymity. I could suck anyone and they didn”t know who I was. But after a while I found that I missed the guy watching me suck him. I tried something a bit different. I would suck a guy for a few minutes and then invite him to join me in my booth to finish him off. Some declined, and I just sucked them to completion through the hole, but a few would come to my booth.

Of course I never knew who they would be, but there I was, kneeling there naked while a total stranger opened the door and came in, soon feeding me his cock. There was something especially exciting about that! When I suck, I like to look up and make eye contact. It is kind of like my acknowledging that, “yes I am your cocksucker.” That”s the one drawback of a Glory Hole, but the benefits certainly out-weigh that simple drawback. Some guys would take the opportunity to hold my head and face-fuck me. That was a mixed blessing. It sometimes was a bit brutal, especially if they were big and thrust deep, but it was fairly easy for me � they did all the work and all I had to do is keep my tongue moving back and forth. Best of all, it was like an oral rape, which I always enjoyed.

I think the thing I like least about Glory Holes is that there seem to be more cocksuckers than guys wanting to be sucked. In some locations over half the guys entering booths were suckers, and quickly left. I would let some suck me and the asked to suck them. Some let me and some did not. escort tuzla

There used to be some Glory Holes in my city, and I frequented them. My favorite was a place where instead of putting money on a card (for $5-$10), you could pay $10 to stay as long as you wanted. I would plan a visit when I could stay a few hours. Finding my favorite booth, I would strip down and begin to suck. On my last visit I got a surprise. After sucking a guy initially, I invited him into my booth where I continued to suck him. When he came, he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my chest. I was initially disappointed � it seemed like a waste of cum � I really loved swallowing it!

But after he left, and I felt his cum running down my chest I actually I liked it. I didn”t wipe it up and just let it stay there and dry. I continued to suck, departing after things slowed down. I could feel the dry cum on me all the way home. I slept with it on me and didn”t wash it off until I showered in the morning.

I still prefer to take it in my mouth, but if I guy wants it somewhere else, I accommodate him � it�s his load � he can put it where he wants.

I stated that my visit to the nearby Glory Hole was my last one because they got busted by police. When I returned there were no booths � just video displays out in the open. There were some guys watching porn, but none had their cocks out � what a tragedy!

Before I close, I wanted to share a great resource with you: irt. You can enter a state and city and it will tell you of all Adult Book Stores, cruising locations and pick-up spots. I focused on the Adult Book Stores. They would provide the address, hours of operation and a description, including if there were glory holes. Check it out and see for yourself!

  To be continued . . .

Feel free to contact me with your comments or requests.
    �Bill Beaumonte hoo)

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