The Next Playboy Ch. 03

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“What do you mean you can’t book the studio?” I said, exasperated.

“Exactly that. I can’t book the studio for tonight. It’s booked up. Plus, I don’t think that’s the highlight here. You’re having Emily sign a contract? We don’t have the money for that!” Frank responded.

“DW from pre-law is drawing it up right now. There’s no salary involved. It just says that she’ll get 30% of any solo magazine she appears in and she can’t do professional shoots with anyone else,” I said.

“Well, we should read it over before we have her sign it,” Frank sighed, “so what do you wanna do about the studio?”

“I mean, how much can a white sheet cost? Can’t we put one up in our living room and move the tv?”

Aaron chimed in without looking up from his laptop, “They’re only about $30 at Spencer’s.”

“Perfect,” I said, “Emily can shoot here tonight. What about lights, Frank?”

“I have one small one,” he sighed, “with some Photoshop magic, we should be fine.” He turned to me. “Mark, do you have a long term plan for this endeavour? If we’re drawing up contracts and making a make-shift photo studio in our apartment, you must, right?”

“I do,” I grinned, “next we’re gonna get Heather Holson.”

Aaron was stunned. “No way, dude. She’s the hottest girl on campus. She does actual modeling shoots and gets paid for them. How the hell are we gonna get her to go nude?”

“We’re gonna make big bucks on advertising this time. If one frat will advertise with us, they all will. We got over 100,000 hits on the pictures of Katie. Speaking of which, DW is drawing up a contract for her, too. Same as the one for Emily. We get ourselves a roster of models. Then we can have them shoot together, do video content, etc. We blow this website up. We make money off of ads and use the money to set ourselves up, get investors interested, and boom. We’re the Facebook of softcore,” I stated proudly.

Frank looked skeptical. Aaron looked thrilled.

“Alright, let’s set up for tonight,” I said.

Emily arrived at our apartment promptly at 8 PM… with someone else in tow.

“Hey, this is my friend Nathalie! She wanted to tag along and check out how you do things here.” They both beamed at us. Like Emily, Nathalie was a cheerleader with great tits, though they were on a smaller frame and she was blonde, not raven-haired. Together, they looked like your typical sorority girls/cheerleaders. A year or two older than us and Katie (who was also a freshman), they both had light makeup on. They were both wearing super short jean shorts and t-shirts that pronounced their sizable breasts. They were incredibly attractive in that college-slutty-cheerleader way.

The girls entered our small apartment and saw the makeshift photography studio consisting of a white sheet, Frank and his camera, and exactly 1 (one) light. The one light made our apartment overlit, especially for an 8 PM occurrence. Nevertheless, we got ourselves settled. Frank had his camera ready and Emily began making escort izmir her way towards the white sheet haphazardly taped up to the wall. Nathalie walked over to the couch with Aaron and I while Emily moved in front of the camera and light. Us couch bugs got settled, me in the middle with Aaron on my right and Emily on my left while Emily dropped her bag and did some quick practice posing. Frank got up from leaning over his camera and made a small adjustment to the light which seemed to make no difference to me, but I assumed it meant something.

Emily was smiling wide. “Alright, let’s get this started!” she said with intense cheerleader pep before promptly pulling off her shirt and tossing it to Nathalie, who caught it, bunched it up, and put it in a little purse she had with her. She was in a plain white bra, which actually looked quite excellent against her dark hair. Next went her booty shorts, which weren’t leaving much to the imagination to begin with, but what was underneath was even better. She was wearing a tiny white thong that left even less to the imagination. Aaron and I stared, not even trying to hide our lust. Nathalie caught the booty shorts, too and just like that, we were ready to roll.

“Want some music?” I asked as Frank started began snapping pictures.

“Sure!” Emily said with glee. I pulled out my phone, connected it to my bluetooth speaker and turned on some D’Angelo. Perfectly sexy for something like this.

Frank really got in his picture taking groove. When he got focused on taking pictures, he almost got into a trance. He didn’t speak, just moved flowingly to take pictures, occasionally moving so far back from the sheet his ass was practically in my face. Emily struck pose after pose. Though not as rehearsed as Katie, she did pretty damn well. She knew how to look sexy and she had great lips to make pouty faces with. ‘God, what I wouldn’t give to have them around my cock again…’ I thought. Aaron and I were both completely enraptured by Emily’s little performance. At one point, she turned around and bent over to show us the little thong strap slipping into the crack of her ass and ran her finger along it. Aaron and I were both at full mast. Nathalie was also watching with interest, probably mostly at just the novelty of seeing her friend do something so racy.

Soon, it was time for Emily to lose the clothes, which, having volunteered to strip for a frat fundraiser, she did without hesitation. Her bra and thong were gone in a flash. It was nothing I hadn’t seen (or fucked) before, but it was just as inviting. The perkiest of boobs above a flat tummy and a perfectly shaved pussy with a little slit. She did poses where her arms pushed her breasts together to really make them pop. Frank went over and got a stool from the kitchen so Emily could sit down and really flash her pussy to us. She even did some more seductive poses, a few where she had her back turned while sitting on the stool, with her head turned to face us. Aaron and I were izmir escort bayan both covertly attempting to rub our cocks over our pants, constantly making adjustments to be a bit more comfortable. Nathalie clearly noticed, but didn’t care enough to say anything.

“Hey, you guys can jerk off if you want,” Emily said while posing in a bent-over-towards-the-camera position.

“Really?” Aaron asked, his interest piqued.

“Nathalie, you’re ok with that?” I asked.

“Sure!” she said back, flashing another huge smile.

Aaron and I made an effort to not seem too eager and undid the buttons of our jeans kinda slowly. We both shimmied our pants and underwear down so they settled at our lower thighs and we each took our cocks in our hands and began stroking lightly. It was kinda difficult since we didn’t have any lube, so we didn’t really wanna put our backs into it. Emily seemed to be really enjoying it, making several poses with her tongue out to titillate us. If she were a real stripper, she’d make millions. Her teasing skills were out of this world.

Aaron and I were focusing on the naked girl posing for us when I heard Nathalie say, “you need some lube for that?”

“Uhh… what?” I said back, still lightly stroking my shaft.

“Here, I’ll help,” she said with a devilish grin. Then she took the base of my cock in her hand and descended her mouth onto me.

“Ohhhhhh my god,” I moaned, almost involuntarily. Aaron was staring at the event, eyes like saucers, mouth hanging open, still lightly stroking. I leaned my head back and let Nathalie’s administrations wash over me, the hot wetness rising and falling around my shaft. She went at a slow, but deliberate pace and made sure I was enjoying the experience.

“Hey, Frank, are you done?” Emily said all of a sudden, breaking the spell as we all (including Nathalie with her mouth halfway down my cock) looked at her.

“Yeah, I’m done,” Frank said rather matter-of-factly.

“Great!” Emily replied and almost ran over to kneel in front of Aaron and start giving him head. Aaron just about cried out when she started. Emily went at a much more energized pace than Nathalie, who resumed sucking me off once Emily was by the couch. Aaron and I looked at each other with a silent ‘woah, this is really happening’ look. I was enjoying my blowjob, but I still wanted to see Nathalie’s tits.

“Hey, Nathalie,” I said, “why don’t you get naked like Emily?”

“Now we’re talking,” she said as she looked up at me. She stood up from the couch and removed her shirt, showing us a plain black bra, which went just as quickly. Her breasts were a bit bigger than Emily’s and just as beautiful. She took off her panties and shorts with one motion and there she was, naked in front of me. Her slit was also perfectly shaved. ‘Maybe it was cheerleader regulation?’ I surmised to myself. While this was happening, Emily had mounted Aaron and was riding him while they made out furiously. Nathalie quickly paralleled that izmir escortlar and climbed atop me. She positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly dropped down on to my hardness.

Emily and Aaron were fucking furiously at this point, both of them making little grunts whenever Aaron pushed inside her.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” was the simultaneous noise from them. We could hear a little D’Angelo and the sounds of slapping skin on top of that. Nathalie began getting into her rhythm and bouncing atop me. Her pussy was magic. Incredibly tight (I assume from all of the working out cheerleaders do to keep themselves toned) and so, so hot. Now Aaron was saying “Fuck, fuck, fuck” at the rhythm Emily was bouncing on him. Nathalie leaned in and kissed me hard. She wasted no time getting her tongue in my mouth. Like Emily, she was a ferocious kisser. Lots and lots of tongue. I decided to palm her weighty tits and give them some nice squeezes.

Suddenly, I heard Emily moan really loud, “Ohhhhhhhh.” She had had an orgasm. Just a few seconds later, Aaron made a huge thrust into her pussy and unloaded into Emily. Emily collapsed to the left of him on the couch, so now she was right up next to me.

Nathalie was now fucking me as fast as Emily had been fucking Aaron. Her warm pussy was pumping down onto my length like it was a workout. She began to encourage me, “Oh yeah, baby. Give me that load. I want you to fucking cum in me. Oh yeah.”

That dirty talk was enough to get me close. I ramped up my efforts and pistoned into Nathalie as fast as I had ever fucked anyone. All of a sudden, I felt Emily’s hot breath in my ear.

“Oh, yeah, Mark. Fuck her. Fuck her good. Cum in her pussy,” she whispered. Then she licked my ear and began nibbling on it. Between the dirty talk and the ear action, I was ready to blow.

“Oh baby… I’m gonna cum,” I moaned out.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Nathalie said and pulled herself off of me. She began sucking me off with vigor. I stood up so I could cum on her face and jerked myself off at lightning speed.

I felt the cum rise from my balls and I yelled, “Ohhhh,” as I blasted jet after jet on Nathalie’s face. The first shot went over her forehead, the second on her upper lip. The excess settled on her chin. She licked around her mouth and without so much as a word, Emily dropped down to her knees with Nathalie and they began to make out passionately. Emily licked the cum that had spilled into Nathalie’s mouth and then went and licked her forehead, turning to Aaron and I and showing us the white cum in her mouth. The two of us were dumbfounded. The girls continued making out and then paused to look at each other and laughed. Then they resumed the makeout. While the did that, I got up and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I walked back to the couch and handed it to them. The two wiped the cum from each other’s faces.

“Hey, can we crash here tonight?” Nathalie asked.

“Sure!” Aaron and I said in unison, trying to contain our excitement.

“You guys want the pullout couch, or…?” I said.

“No, we’ll sleep in your rooms,” Emily said seductively.

“I call the nerdy one,” Nathalie said and winked at Aaron. Things were looking up for us.

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