The Shy Exhibitionist

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This story was originally published in 2019 under my old account. I have decided to republish it.

All characters are over 18.


Fuck. Why did I ever agree to this? I paced back and forth in front of the large curtain. On the other side of the curtain, my biggest fear awaited.

“Sarah Fletcher, you’re up in ten minutes,” the production assistant said.

“I know, I know,” I said.

I noticed the assistant was staring at my chest. I looked down and noticed a little cleavage was showing.

“You have nice tits,” he said.

I pulled the bathrobe over a little more.

“Remember, you have to take that off at least two minutes before stepping out on stage,” he said.

I already knew he was lying. I had been told by someone higher up that it didn’t matter when you took the robe off, as long as I stepped out naked on cue. Creeper just wanted a few extra seconds of female nudity. I noticed he never said any such thing to the male contestants.

“That’s the third time you’ve told me,” I said, “and I’ll repeat what I’ve told you the other times: fuck off.”

A lock of my red hair fell into my face. My younger brother David was always jealous of my red hair. He got the brown hair from Dad, rather than Mom’s red locks, and he felt like mine was more exotic. We were born less than a year apart, due to a ripped condom a couple months after I was born.

I flicked the hair off my face. This caused the bathrobe to slip ever so slightly, showing some cleavage again. I barely managed to catch it before a nipple was revealed. He continued to stare at my chest.

“I sure wish I could fuck those,” he said.

I pulled the robe over more, tightened the sash, and walked away. Fucking creep. If only these stupid studio lights weren’t so bright, then at least the creepers wouldn’t see as much. I’d report him…if I hadn’t already tried, and simply been ignored. Gotta love Hollywood.

I looked over at Sasha, a blonde in her twenties who was sitting on one of the production chairs hyperventilating. She had already gone on and lost the challenge. Several production assistants were surrounding her, trying to help her relax.

This is not a comforting sight. Seriously, what the hell am I doing here?

It was all David’s fault, really. If he hadn’t appeared on this stupid reality show last year and won the grand prize…

Then again, no one made me sign up, so I guess it’s my fault in the end. My brother and I are always trying to one-up each other. He wins second place in a school track race one year, I win first place the next year. I graduate high school with a 3.6 GPA, and he graduates the next year with a 3.7…before going on to brag about how he could have easily gotten 4.0, but wanted to beat me by one point. At least I got a full-ride scholarship to college. His is only a partial. This time, however, I really should have known better.

Now, I’m about to parade around naked in front of a huge crowd of people, in broad daylight. I even have to try to have…conversations with people in the crown. While naked. A cold shiver went down my spine. Then, in a few months, millions more will see my naked body when the episode airs. Censored for TV, but that thought didn’t prevent another cold shiver.

Relax. You’re twenty-three years old, you’re in good shape. Nothing wrong with people seeing your naked body.

Oh my…people are going to see my naked body. People are going to see the skin tag on my left arm. They’re going to see that my left tit is slightly larger than the right. They’re all going to want to barf. I clenched my fists and tried to take a deep breath.

Why did this have to be my challenge? I never would have come on this show if I knew. David got lucky. He had to scale a rock wall suspended off a skyscraper. We’ve done avid free climbing for years, so he got off easy. Why couldn’t that have been my challenge? Or maybe a parkour obstacle course? Those are at least things I’m good at, and they don’t scare me. I’d even rather do one of those scary-ass underwater challenges, or eat earthworms. Anything but this.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not as bad, once you get out there.” The guy next to me was wrapped in his own bathrobe. “Besides, a hot, fuckable redhead like you’s got nothing to worry about.”

Another creeper. I’d say all guys are creepers, but I know that’s not really true. It just feels that way because I’m surrounded by them right now. Besides, I know my brother isn’t. He can get on my nerves, especially when he’s in his competitive mode, but he’s actually a gentleman, most of the time. He still did annoying brother things. Like when we were kids, and he used to do that obnoxious “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” thing where he would hold a finger inches away from a ticklish spot. It was almost worse than the actual tickling. Still, he’s always been one of the nicest guys I know.

“Don’t listen to him!” Sasha said. “I couldn’t make it the full five minutes. I barely made one. I seriously wished I was wearing at least a skimpy bikini the entire time.”

Why şişli escort did she have to mention a bikini?

Four years back, I’d had a nasty experience with swimwear. I had just stepped out of the store fitting room, wearing my first two-piece bikini. I was nineteen then, and up until that point, I had always worn full, one-piece bathing suits. My best friend Tiffany and I were trying on new bathing suits, and I was extremely self-conscious. After twisting my arm for days, she had finally talked me into trying on a bikini.

“I like it,” she said.

“I’m not wearing this. Let’s at least find a bikini with a little more coverage,” I said.

“Oh come on. You’ll look great.”

“This shows off way too much. Kinda doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, know what I mean? Besides, with this one on, you can tell one tit is larger than the other. I’m all lopsided and gross.”

“Practically every girl has one tit larger than the other, assuming they don’t have implants.”

“Ok, but I’m pretty sure mine are more lopsided than normal. Besides, I have a nasty-looking skin tag on my left arm.”

“Trust me, you’ll be fine. No one has a perfect body,” she said.

“Well…ok,” I said.

The next day, at the beach, I felt nervous in the changing station. I had put on my new bikini, and I didn’t want to go out. I wanted to put my clothes back on, and just leave.

“Come on out,” she said.

“I…I don’t want to.”

“Come on.”

I stepped out slowly. Tiffany, along with David and several of his friends, was standing there.

“Wow! Hey, look, David, your little sister’s not so little anymore!” One of his friends said.

Not so little? Does he mean, like fat?

“I’ve never seen her like this. I mean, she’s practically naked,” another of his friends said.

Suddenly, I felt like I really was naked. I wished I could go hide.

“What do you mean practically? I can see a nipple!” Yet another friend said.

My heart stopped, and I felt flushed. Exposed in front of my brother, and all his friends. I quickly looked down, only to see that my nipples were completely covered.

“Ha ha! Made you look!” He said.

All of my brother’s friends started laughing. I grabbed my clothes bag and ran back to my car. Tiffany ran over to catch up to me.

“You ok?” She asked.

“I’m going home. I forgot I had a dentist appointment later in the afternoon, and I need to leave pretty soon to get there on time. You can stay,” I said.

“You sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure.”

After she left, I pulled my shirt and pants on over my swimsuit. I got into the driver’s seat, sat down, and cried. I heard a knock on the window and looked to see David. I rolled down the window and tried to compose myself.

“Hey, I’m sorry about back there. I chewed the guys out for teasing you like that,” he said. “You ok?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” I said.

“Sorry Sarah, I know you too well. I think you need to be cheered up. Why don’t we both go home, get a pizza and some ice cream, and binge something stupid?” He asked.

Dave was always trying to protect me. Ever since our parents had died five years prior, it had just been the two of us, and he felt like he needed to take care of me. Despite our good-natured competitiveness and trash talk, he was a really nice guy.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” I said, wiping the tears. “I just want to put some regular clothes on and go do something else. This just isn’t any fun.”

I haven’t worn a bathing suit — even a one-piece — since that day.

“You’re on in five minutes.”

The production assistant’s voice snapped me back to reality.

I paced back and forth.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck,” I said.

I stopped, clenched both fists, and tried to take deep breaths. I didn’t want to end up like Sasha, who’s panic attack had gotten so bad that they’d just taken her away in an ambulance, while I was reliving my disastrous bikini incident.

“And remember, you need to take that off at least –” The production assistant started to say.

“Say it again, and I swear I’ll kick you in the nuts,” I said.

He backed away.

“Two minutes,” he said, then quickly added, “that is all.”

Ok…Ok…I’m good. I’m good.

“One minute. Please step up to the curtain.”

I walked up to the curtain. Holy shit. This is really happening. My heart started to pound. I felt like running away.

“Please remove your robe, and step through the curtain…now,” he said.

Well…here I go.

I dropped the robe to the floor and stepped through the curtain. My eyes took a second to adjust to the bright light. Then I saw the crowd. Strangers. Hundreds of them. All starring at my naked body.

My heart stopped pounding, and my anxiety melted away. I stopped for a second. Why wasn’t I feeling nervous anymore? What happened? I hesitated. Don’t question it, just go. Who cares why you don’t feel nervous, just take advantage of the moment before it passes.

I walked towards the crowd, feeling a strangely growing sense of confidence. mecidiyeköy escort When I reached the edge of the stage, I saw several men staring at me, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Their eyes quickly moved down to my chest. I looked down at my tits, then back up at my admirers.

“You like my titties?” I said.

Did…I seriously just say that?

I bit my lip and cupped my hands underneath my boobs. I rubbed underneath them a little, then bounced them up a couple of times. Then I cupped my hands over my very erect nipples and rubbed my titties in circles.

Where is this coming from? Why am I not embarrassed? Why am I doing this?

I noticed that the men were all holding their hands down near their crotches. I could tell that they were all struggling to keep their hands away from their cocks, which were all clearly hard. There was not a man in sight without a massive bulge. Some of the women – I assume girlfriends – looked jealous, giving me the evil eye. I saw a couple of guys put their hands in their pockets, then saw their cocks twitch slightly from side to side.

Holy fuck, some of these guys are actually jacking themselves off…to me! In public! In broad daylight!

I kept one hand over a boob and slid the other hand down my belly, and down my thigh. As I brought my hand back up, I moved it to the side, curled a finger, and lightly ran it across my vulva. I was very wet, something that surprised me. I felt a small shiver of pleasure as my fingertip brushed my clit. I looked at the men. Most of them were still holding their hands down by their cocks, but they were clearly having a harder time. Most of their hands had drifted closer to their cocks, and they were either fidgeting almost violently or keeping their hand and arms so stiff that their muscles trembled. Some were biting their knuckles. One of the guys with his hand in his pocket nearly contained a small spasm, as a small wet spot appeared on his jeans.

I am loving this! I’ve never felt so alive! I’ve never felt so sexy!

I turned around and bent over, showing off my ass. I hope they have a good view of my pussy from this angle, too. I grabbed my legs to brace myself and turned my head to look back. I saw a few more of the guys with their hands in their pockets, trying almost too hard to look casual. The only things betraying them were their bulges, which were ever so slightly moving like a metronome.

I should lay down on the stage now, and do some kind of sexy pose. Maybe I could touch my wet pussy, then bring my finger to my mouth, and suck on it nice and slow. I bet that would make them cream their pants. Maybe then I could slide a finger into my pussy and…

“Time! You’ve beaten the challenge! Please exit the stage!” A voice said.

Seriously? I’m just getting into this!

I took one last look at the crowd. Men wiping the sweat off their foreheads, struggling not to touch themselves, and a small but not insignificant number with visible evidence of a failed struggle.

“Sorry. Wish I could stay and play longer!” I said.

I turned and walked back towards the curtain, and stepped through. The production assistant was there with and bathrobe, staring at me and with the same shocked, slack-jawed expression I had seen onstage in the crowd.

“I don’t need that,” I said.

“No, you don’t,” he said, smiling.

Well, I was horny…until you had to go creep on me. I simply walked away, found my production seat, and sat down. Now that I wasn’t horny anymore, even if the reason wasn’t exactly sexy, I felt like I could just relax. I leaned back and waited for the rest of the contestants to finish the challenge. I felt so at ease I actually started to fall asleep.

I was broken out of my little nap when I heard the call for the shuttle to the hotel. I got up and started walking towards the door. The creeper was holding out a bathrobe again.

“As I said, I don’t need it,” I said, continuing to walk.

One of the other assistants ran up to me with another bathrobe. I felt confused. Is the robe a gift or something?

“It’s ok, I don’t need the robe,” I said.

“You’re going to need it to get on the bus,” she said.


“Um…you’re naked…?”

I looked down. I was surprised to see that I still wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“Why, yes I am. I actually forgot,” I said. “But why the robe? What about my own clothes?”

“Well, someone stole them from your changing room, so you’ll need this.”

I bet I know who that ‘someone’ was. I started to reach for the bathrobe but pulled my hand back.

“Actually, I’d rather just be naked. Thanks anyway,” I said and started to walk away again.

“You go out like that, you’re liable to get arrested,” she said. “We had to get special permits to allow public nudity at this venue. Those permits stop once you step out those doors.”

I sighed and grabbed the robe. I guess wearing a robe in public is pretty sexy. Not as much fun as being naked, but still.

That night, in my hotel room, I stripped naked and laid down on the bed. I started to picture istanbul escort the looks on all the men’s faces. Their raging hard-ons. Their desperate attempts not to jack off. The bulges sliding back and forth, as they tried to do it on the sly. I imagined them going home, and slipping off their pants. I imagined their cocks being pulled down as the pants caught on the purple heads, before springing back up. I imagined them working their hands up and down along their shafts. I imagined them speeding up, as the pleasure started to build.

I took one hand and slid a finger into my pussy. Using the other hand, I took a couple of fingers and started to rub my clit in circles. Then, I stopped. Something is missing.

I walked over to the curtains and opened them wide. Probably too high up for anyone to see me, but this’ll do.

Standing there against the window, I returned to my finger-fucking and clit rubbing. I felt the pleasure rise. I continued to imagine the men, cocks in hand, pumping away. I imagined them pumping ever faster, their point of no return approaching, and as my own grew nearer. I imagined their faces grimacing as they passed the point of no return, and their pleasure soared. I imagined their bodies tensing as they came, their cocks spasming, as each spurt of cum shot out. My own pleasure exploded and cascaded over me. I laid back down on the bed. I hoped some lucky guy had somehow gotten a glimpse of me in the window. Imaging him jacking off, I started rubbing my clit, and it wasn’t long at all before a second, stronger orgasm shook through my body. I laid there, breathing heavily, and feeling quite happy.

The next day, I was on set again for the next challenge. They brought out a tub of live frogs.

“Ok, everyone, for this challenge, you will need to eat a live–“

“I’m out,” I said.

“I haven’t finished explaining the–“

“I don’t care. I’m done,” I said.

I was escorted off the set.

Wait…what did I just do? Great. Now I can look forward to hearing David gloat.

“So, today’s the day! Your big TV debut!” David said.

“Please don’t rub it in. You already know I chickened out and lost,” I said.

“Well, yeah, but I still want to see it.”

“Why? So you can gloat when they show me chickening out?”

“No, I genuinely want to see it,” he said. “I may trash talk you, but I don’t really mean it. I love you, sis. I want to support you.”

“I love you, too, but I’m not sure you’ll really want to watch it…”

“Why not?”

“Well, I kind of had to…get naked…”

The night before, I had been awake half the night pleasuring myself to the thought of millions of strangers watching my naked, albeit censored body today. Now, I was feeling anything but horny about the whole thing, because this was David. This was my own brother. I was nervous. Although, if I’m completely honest with myself, I’m not nearly as nervous as I should be. I guess my positive experience onstage must have taken the edge off my general fear surrounding my body.

“Did they make you do anything sexual?” He asked.

“No! It wasn’t like that. I basically just had to be naked in front of a huge crowd,” I said.

“And I’m sure they censored the actual nudity, right?”

“Well, yeah. They had to blur out the ‘naughty bits,’ but it’s still embarrassing.”

He grabbed the TV remote and turned it on.

“Wait, I get it. You want to see the other naked girls,” I said.

“What’s there to see? It’s all censored, right?” He said.

“Yeah, but I’m sure your mind can fill in the blanks. You’ll just be fantasizing about what the censored bits look like.”

“Actually, you may have a point there. I often prefer implied nudity over nudity itself.”

“So, what, you don’t look at porn?”

“Well, yeah, but most of it is boring. I prefer the striptease to just going straight to naked. Whenever I’m with a girl, I prefer foreplay, especially when it’s the long game of seduction. It’s fun to see who loses control first.”

When my scene came on, my brother had a confused look on his face the instant he saw me step through the curtain. Afterward, he looked at me quizzically.

“You seemed pretty calm out there. You sure that was you?” He said.

“What? Of course it was me!” I said.

“I don’t know. You sure you didn’t have a Hollywood body double do it for you?” He said, smirking. “I’m just saying, that’s not exactly a situation I would picture you being comfortable in.”

“Hey, I was nervous!”

“Before you went out, yeah. Anyone could see that. But after you stepped out, it was almost like watching a different person.”

If only he’d seen the parts they’d edited out for ‘lewd behavior’ — they couldn’t exactly broadcast me fondling myself, after all — he’d see just how right his assessment was.

“Well, I guess it just wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be…”

“You do remember the bikini incident, don’t you?” He said. “You hated wearing that thing, even when all the guys were ogling you.”

“Ogling me? They were teasing me!” I said.

“No, they were definitely ogling you. I was there. But anyway, my point is, you’ve never been comfortable showing skin around anyone. Yet somehow you were not only comfortable, but you actually seemed to enjoy yourself out there.”

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