The Trade

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The Trade

It was an easy dinner, burgers and a couple pitchers. My wife and I needed that every once in a while. Our schedules always seemed to be opposite: Nights vs. days, weekends vs. weeks. It was definitely putting a crunch on our sex life. We finished the beer and paid the tab. On the walk back to the car, we passed a smoke/adult store. I made a quick suggestion that we should stop in and buy some items. She snapped back with “I gave up smoking that stuff after college”.

“Hah, Hah. I meant some toys, lingerie, handcuffs, something like that.” To my surprise she quickly replied “yea, sure”. That reply was somewhat surprising, but next words out of her mouth caught me off guard.

“Why don’t we go in at separate times and buy each other some “gifts”. Then we can use these to plan the next couple of date nights.”

Wow that was an amazing idea, I decided I would go back to the burger joint and have another beer and she would go in first. She would text me when she was done shopping and was heading to the car. I ordered a beer and started to plan my next purchase. What have I always wanted to do? Then my idea snapped into my head like a bolt of lightening. I could wrap my fetishes of panties, exposing my wife in public, and control all in one move. I couldn’t wait for “my date night”. My phone went off, I knew that was the signal that it was my turn to shop. I chugged the remainder of beer and headed for the adult store.

When I walked in all I could smell was cheap incense, damn that gave me a headache. I browsed the isles for a while and found what I was looking for. It was perfect, remote controlled, vibrating panties. I put them on the counter; the sloppy stoner behind the register rang me up and put them in a bag. I headed to the car with a huge smirk on my face just thinking of what I had planned for her, not even considering what she had in store for me.

I illegal bahis got in the car, put it in gear and drove down the road, without even looking at my wife. The first five miles seemed to be very quiet and uncomfortable. I broke the silence by turning up the radio, because one of our favorite song was on. After some sedan karaoke, we began to laugh and we talked for the remainder of the ride home. When we got home, I cracked a beer while my wife, Melissa, prepared for bed. We climbed into bed, and the thoughts of the plan I had ready for Melissa got me hard as a rock. I rolled over and started to molest my wife with my hands. Sex started off with our normal routine, but changed quickly.

My hands started with her huge, soft tits. Starting at the bottom of the shirt, I would lightly drag my hand upward until I cupped her heavy breast until I felt her huge erect nipples. With one hand playing with her tits, I slid the other down her pajamas, but over her panties. Usually I can feel the heat and her swollen lips, but this time her panties where so wet, it would seem as she pissed them. I almost came just running my hands over her soaked panty gusset. I couldn’t take it any longer; I needed to taste that girl cum. I slid down to the end of the bed and pulled her thin pj pants off, leaving the wet, sticky underwear on her. I dove right in. Shoving my face into her dripping pussy through her panties. It was sweet, salty and I wanted it all over my face. I slid her panties to the side releasing a glob of captured pussy juice. I quickly slid my tongue down to the mattress where the glob landed and slurped every bit up. I sat back and stared at my dessert: a swollen, pink, sloppy wet pussy, with the drenched panties hanging right to the side.

I started off slowly licking the crease of her lips. Then violently latching down on her hard throbbing clit with my lips, sucking on it hard, alternating illegal bahis siteleri with holding it in my mouth and circle the nub with my tongue. I wasn’t only teasing her, but myself. I snapped. I needed to lick every drop of that pussy juice. I re-positioned my self and started lapping at her pussy like a dog licking peanut butter. I could tell Melissa was ready to explode. I latched onto my hair and shoved my face into her wet fuckhole. She held me there so long recovering from the intense orgasm; I almost fainted from lack of oxygen. My cock was hard and was ready to destroy my wife’s deliciously wet honeypot.

Melissa stood up and promised she would return. I watched the wetness glistening from the inside of her thighs, as she disappeared into the attached bathroom. I sat up on the foot of the bed and started to stroke my stiff cock. I heard the door handle turn and Melissa peaked her head out of the bathroom and asked me to shut my eyes. I complied with her request and shut my eyes. I could hear her light footsteps getting closer and then stop right in front of me. “Keep them closed,” she said. She started to lightly stoke my hair and then grabbed a hand full of my locks. “OPEN THEM!” One inch from my open mouth was a 8″ purple cock. It was attached to my wife’s waist with some sort of harness that covered her still sopping wet panties.

“Suck my dick!” She yelled and ripped the hand full of hair towards her forcing my mouth over her rubber cock. She was brutally ripping my hair back and forth making me slobber on and suck her cock.. “That’s a good slut, Yea suck that dick bitch” She released my hair and pulled the dick from my mouth. “ROLL OVER!” Fuck was she serious? I have never even fucked her brown eye. She reached back and slapped me across my face, “ROLL OVER!” I didn’t know what to think. I rolled over.

There I was, bent over the foot of the bed, with canlı bahis siteleri my wife positioned behind me. She softly caresses my ass cheeks, and then follows up with a stinging spank to the right ass cheek. I hear a cap pop open, and she starts just pouring anal lube down the crack of my ass until it is dripping off of my ball sack. She put her cock under my sack and stuck it through my legs, sizing it with my now shriveled cock. She pulled back and stroked the lube onto the strap-on. She stepped forward and positioned the large head at eh entrance to my virgin ass. I turned to look at my wife, the look in her eye was evil, it didn’t look like the sweet country girl I married. She glanced up and locked eyes with me. With a small impish grin, she started to apply pressure to my anus.

I grit my teeth and shut my eyes, surprisingly enough with the amount of lube she used, the large purple head slid past my sphincter. I took a deep breath as she stopped the invading phallus. “Oh that’s it bitch take my cock. OOOH you like this huh?” She starts slowly pumping the strap-on out of my ass and when she pushed it in she would bury it deeper and deeper with every stroke, until it was buried all the way in my ass. I could feel her body mass behind. She began to fuck my ass. Slow at first, then faster with every stroke. She was riding me hard. My ass widened and allowed the dick to slide in and out freely. I started to enjoy this. I reached back and started to stroke my soft dick. It wouldn’t get hard, but I was ready to come. “That’s it bitch stroke your dick, cum for me”. With that dirty talk, my body started to jerk and I came hard. I collapsed on the bed smearing my jiz on my stomach and chest, with Melissa on top of me.

With a slap of the ass, she ripped the cock from my hole, and disappeared into the bathroom again.

Wow, I did not expect this from my quiet wife. I’m going have to rethink my plans for her. My plans are PG compared to the plan that was implemented tonight.

My ass hurts. I move my hand down to check it out. When I pull my hand back I realize she made me bleed. I hope I don’t walk funny for work tomorrow.

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