The Twins Weave Book 02 Ch. 06

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DISCLAIMER: All characters engaging in sexual conduct are 18 years or older, and legally permitted to engage in such activities, irrespective of pet names used for each other. *And thousands of years in the future.


Queen Amice– Capital Morroco — Home – Cegramond

Queen Hollis — Capital Djamena – Velho southern island-

Queen Isabella — Capital Tripoli

Queen Gilfa — Capital Cairo

The Twins Weave

The light is dimmer in here for dancing and the dress Denae was wearing almost glowed with its pearl white with sky blue trim, she is practically glowing. “My goodness Denae.” Sitting in the middle of a very long table near the dancefloor that had the regular round tables and decorations around the room.

“Psssh, don’t look at me like that here,” She whispers back, everyone in her family, friends, other leaders and he looked smitten, dashing, but he’ll have everyone talking about them and not her daughter.

“I doubt anyone can even see me,” I whisper back, “I forgot there were other people here for a moment.”

“James, stop, we have to sit here for hours.” Denae’s face flushes and she turns away and towards Cassandra.

“You do look yummy.” Cassandra whispers and we both chuckle as Denae hushes her also.

“Honey, go dance with Serena, you and Denae have been staring at each other for a while.” Cassandra whispers, though it didn’t seem all that long to me. “We talked about this,” Cassandra whispers to Denae, “Your face is just as bad as his, you’re not hiding anything.”

“Ugh, really? I think a few decades should help.” Denae whispers back, “We should change seats, he’s going to pick on me all night.”

Serena takes my hand and we walk onto a huge dancefloor, the song is a follow along, everyone moving around the edges, not a fan of this with the conversation I want to have, reaching out to the music box and moving it to the next one and then the next until a slower song comes on.

“Cassandra said you were going to change the song to a slow one for me.” Serena says as the new song started.

“Easier to talk this way.” taking her hand and hip, keeping the normal respectable distance.

“You are a free spirit.” Serena leads us next to Catalina and Harold.

“Have some wasted past, I’d rather be doing this.”

“Me too,” Harold says as he is right next to us, he smiles at Serena, we dance for a moment and then head back towards the edge of the floor.

“I’m sure Denae has filled you in on everything, do you have any questions?” I figure we might as well get this out of the way, I’m positive she knows and has seemed pleased with the entire evening so far.

“Yeah, one impossible story followed up with another even more impossible story, yet here we are.”

“Your daughter was brilliant with the restructure of Velho and the kingdoms.”

“It is good to see her and Cat get out and do real things.” She looks over at Catalina, “she has grown quite a bit in so little time.”

“She has a lot on her plate, going to need to get her some help so we can visit for dinners.”

“The dinners sound wonderful, I’ll talk to her about what’s needed, I can only imagine.”

The music changed. “Leave it alone James.” I hear Amice say from the table, looking up she is looking at me and a few people laugh.

“Well, Catalina volunteered to..,” I run Serena through Mazarine opening up clinics, Bella and Catalina volunteering, but there are two other Kingdoms and I don’t want her to handle all three.

“You should be a bard, the stories you tell.” she laughs, “That is such a nice idea, I can help her figure it out.”

“Any question I want?” She asks after a moment.


“Are you sleeping with both of them?”

“Yes, it’s part of the process to get them to their full potential.”

“Well, I’ve never seen those two so happy, so I’ll reserve judgement.”

“Thanks, I’m pretty happy everything worked out as it has.”

“I bet! Good grief, how do you find all the time, does it hurt anyone’s feeling when they get left out?”

“They make the vast majority of the decisions both for the realms and with me. I wasn’t kidding when I said I just follow them around and carry stuff, heat water, make food.”

“I doubt that, but it’s good they decide amongst themselves, I noticed they seem to group together whenever possible, they seem to get along well?”

“Catalina was worried about not fitting in, I didn’t want her to do too much, I’m kinda greedy when it comes to them.”

“What if Denae or Catalina want to leave?”

“I’m sure over the next few hundred years, we are going to have issues, being able to read minds helps in catching things early and not letting them fester, they are free to do as they wish.”

“Oh, that’s right, it sounds terrifying and good at the same time.”

“Ehh, Abi has known my every thought since we were born, I don’t do it myself, on them, when Abi does it like without thought like breathing, there is no need. They have their own group chat that I’m not allowed in, kocaeli escort it’s where all my work comes from.”

“I’m from the old days when the amount of power meant everything, what you are doing is so far above and beyond it isn’t even measurable. I love that my daughter and granddaughters are going to be secure in their future, you have no idea how much hope that gives me.”

“These days aren’t all that different considering what we had to put down recently. All of this has happened so fast,” I leave off and stop talking for a moment.

“What is it really like, no humble answers like earlier.” She looks up at me and I laugh.

“It saved my life, freed me from being under a tyrants thumb, allowed me to experience what I’ve never been allowed, do things that protect those that I love, give them the same gifts, and, meet people like you when that would never have happened. We are hiding in Tahareesa’s home, but it’s a home of wonders, smells, food and surrounded by lovely ladies that spoil me rotten, better answer?”

“Much better,” She kisses my cheek.

The music stops and we head back to the table.

“Can I sit with Denae?” Serena asks on the way along the table.

“I’ll go find something to drink.” Pulling out and sliding her up to the table, the guard that normally does it doesn’t seem put out.

“Thank you for the dancing, it was wonderful, now we have to gossip about you.” Serena smiles and waves me away.

Walking the other way down the table to Amice, “Hey, the guards and staff, can you give them a song to dance?”

Amice looked up surprised and then nods and stands up turning around, “Sai, would you let everyone not too busy know the next two dances are for them?”

“Your Highness what about..”

“Seriously Sai? We have Lady Abigale and James with us, what could anyone possibly do? Go, and tell your wife it’s an order, when was the last time she had a dance?”

“Yes, of course.” He talks to the guard at the end of the table and they head off in different directions.

“Can you stop the music at the end of this song?” She leans in whispering, “Is this part of the deal we had before?”

“Most of the work is done, they’ve been dressed up and busting their butts all day making all of this happen.” I reply,” Her eyebrow raises just a little and her mouth twitches, “Maybe.” I answer and get a kiss on the cheek just like her grandmothers.

“Excuse me,” Everyone is talking so I amplify her voice a bit, “Excuse me, she says and it reaches the entire hall and she glances at me briefly. “As a thank you to everyone that helped make all of this happen today, the next two dances are for the guards, cooks, and design staff, please take your seats, thank you.” Everyone obeyed of course but I’m sure the conversations changed considering most present are elite and would never have thought to do something like this.

“You know him and his wife?” I ask as we watch together.

“Of course, Catalina and I made amends for previous slights as you asked, and to be honest, their experiences and stories are so much more interesting than our lives and they make the time go by much faster than sitting in our rooms.”

“What is this about?” Harold asks from her side.

“We ugh, got called out by James for poor choices,” she glances at me, “During our first dinner with Father when everything went wrong and we left in shame.” Harold nods remembering the scene but not the reasoning.

“Ah, I remember some of that.”

“I think most of that was more for me,” Catalina answers walking up to us, knowing the conversation going on sitting a few feet away.

“And this is part of that?” He looks between us and the dance floor as the people started to fill it in, faces smiling and the awkwardness of some that were trying to match up for a medium fast dance. The laughter of some of the guards as they had only seen others dance. “This will definitely spread through the city.”

“And it cost nothing.” I reply, “they have a good time after busting butt all day.”

“Ahh, this has to do with your time, ugh, spent with the servants in the keep?” Harold looks over at father, “He was surprised you let him live you know, he, well, don’t want to spoil the evening. So how do you do this?”

“Start a conversation and listen, it was quite a bit easier than you’d think.” Catalina replies, “Once word gets out the rest are less wary that you have alternative motives. The first few were difficult due to my reputation that I didn’t know I’d had.”

“What?” Harold asks.

“Oh, that I was a bitch that bothered them for even the slightest thing that I could have done myself.” Catalina

smiled at the end shaking her head, “I was a demandingly lazy child.”

“They told you that!?” Harold asks surprised at Catalina candor.

“Not outright, but once I got to know them, I realized when I didn’t want to ask them to do every little thing as they had families to get back to, and that before I’d kept them running around to fill the boredom in my own life.”

“Good kocaeli escort bayan for you Cat,” Serena hugs her from behind, and whispers in her ear.

“James, can you give Nana a faster way home? She is done.” Catalina asks.

“Of course.”

Serena turns towards me, the others get to talking about what they can do to the room for the next event.

“Focus on a place in your house that has enough space.” focusing on her thinking of a dozen different rooms and various other things that pop into her mind, picking out the front hallway and opening a portal and walking through.

She walks in a few moments later. “Whoa, that doesn’t even feel like I went anywhere. Thank you James, that was nice, don’t be a stranger now that you’ve been here.”

“Is breakfast too soon?” I asks walking into a dining room the size of the common room of the three houses we combined at home, she had a dozen or so other rooms than this? “Wow, a palace.”

“Breakfast sounds great, I only use two or three of the rooms, the rest is too much to keep up.”

‘Catalina, your Nana lives in a giant empty house, what if we cancel the house here and just stay with her, is that okay with you and Denae? I pull them both into the conversation and then expand it out to everyone, ‘adding in Serena also.’

‘Hey Nana!’ Catalina says and a few others announce themselves to a very surprised Serena.

‘James was wondering if we could just stay with you when we were in town?’ Denae asks.

‘Yes, I’ll make some changes, get the babies room ready.’ She looks over at me and I hear quite a bit of laughter.

“Just teasing,” she whispers to me and I smile knowing everyone heard it.

‘Going back to Tahareesa’s is going to make for a short night before breakfast here.’Mazarine says, ‘We can stay at your house James and meet you two there in the morning?’

‘See how they treat me.’I reply and they all laugh again.

“They tease you like this often?” Serena asks and I nod back to her and shrug.

“I was not meaning to be pushy, it’s just that no matter how many rooms you have, if they are empty, it’s just not the same.”

‘I don’t mind having this place full of life James, I think the more rooms you have the worse it feels.’ Serena walks over and I get a hug. “Babies.” She whispers in my ear and a few of the women agree with her.

‘Hmm, twenty sound good for you?’ Nora asks and Serena’s eyes widen.


‘ think with us there will be restrictions, no different than what the elves have to deal with due to their longer lives.’ I reply. ‘It could take a while to get to twenty.’

‘Oh, well, that makes sense.’ Serena is listening to the women talk about who gets to go first, or if they should try and get them together and have them close to the same age. Denae and Cassandra agree they are done for a while with the two they’ve already had.

“So, anyway, breakfast, we will bring everything needed.” I nod to Serena and walk into the hallway downstairs at the house.

“That was nice of you,” Denae is sitting on a bed in the common room. I guess that makes sense as we’ve added a few people since Nora moved downstairs. “She had the time of her life tonight.”

“I had a great night also, missed out on one thing though,” The replica of the music box appeared on the table and started playing a song, most of the women made their way into the room and sat on the various seats.

“Really James?” Denae glanced over at the music and back to me. “I’m dressed for, fine.” Smiling she gets up and takes my hand, pulling her against me we dance for the length of the song. She is wrapped around me and it feels a perfect end to the night.

Twenty or so kisses later we break apart. “Whew, we definitely could not have done that at the coronation.”

“Agree, we’d have ended up right here about half way through.”

“How are we going to do the sleeping arrangements?” Catalina asks looking around.

Abi makes another bed near Denae, “James is going to take my room with Neivia and Mazarine, he owes them both some cuddle time, and I’m not feeling like sleeping behind doors tonight.” The last part she said for Catalina, but, is feeling the same after Tahareesa’s home. “Hop aboard.”

Catalina looked down to see she was in sleepwear, “Thanks Abi.”

Another bed appeared up against Denae’s on the other side, “I agree, my room downstairs seems a bit gloomy tonight.” Nora changes into their sleeping clothes, looks over at Cassandra and pats the bed. Denae looks to either side and crawls under her sheets.

“Sounds good to me,” walking over and giving each a kiss, crawling along the beds as there is no room to get in between.

“No funny business,” Mazarine says to Neivia on the way to the room.

“No promises, but I’ll try.” Neivia replies. The room with the bath and the memories, though not that old are some of my best, this house will be mine for as long as I can keep it.

Mazarine gets in on the side, “Nope, your in the middle, it’s the entire izmit escort point of this.” I nudge her over and we cover up. “I’m big spoon, your medium spoon.” I chuckle and we get situated.

The next morning all baths were being used, hair and clothing before the trip to Serena’s for breakfast.

“Mazarine? Can we practice after breakfast?” Catalina asks as we meet in the common room, the beds are gone and furniture back where it was.

“Of course, we can look for a clinic location and practice along the way.”

“Talk to Serena about that, she wants to help.” Abi says as the portal opens up. “James, let us make the breakfast, we’ll add in your sweets.”

Cassandra hugs me from behind. “Good morning, let me fix your hair.” I feel that she did something.

“They were going to let you go over there like that.” She kisses and nudges me forward through.

“Traitors,” I mumble feeling my hair as I walk through.

“Morning Nana.” Cataline walks over and hugs Serena, “Mazarine and I are going to look at a few places for the clinic, would you like to come with? Show us the stalls that might work best.”

“That sounds good, we need to stop by a friend, she might have the best location.” She glances at my plate, “I think James is going to love it. I know I’m guilty of going there a little too often.”

After a quick breakfast, walking out of Serena’s, two guards show up and look at us suspiciously even though they know most of us. “They are trying to figure out how we got here.” Abi whispers.

“That’s Albert and Geron, they live across from me, follow me around during the day.” Serena waves them over.

“Hey you two, I assume you know everyone here?”

“Yes Ma’am.” The taller one answers.

“This is Albert and this one is Geron, they are dears, so you two, They are going to be staying with me when they come to the city.

“You portal in and out?” Albert asked.

“Yes.” Catalina answered him, looks at Albert and asks in a normal tone, “is that a problem?”

“No Princess, you get in and out without being followed, can take care of anything that happens and if you need to flee you portal out, the more you are here the better.”

“I agree,” Serena walks arm in arm with both guards, the rest of us flanking around. “Just make sure there is no rumors around the guardhouse about any of this.”

“Understood Ma’am, we don’t live in the barracks.” Albert is doing all of the talking.

“Thought we agreed to Serena?”

“You said when there were no other people around.” Albert answers.

“They aren’t people,” she laughs, “What I mean is, they are family, and none of them do titles.”

“Serena might be moving about the city and other kingdoms a bit more often.” Denae adds as the conversation was getting sidetracked. “There will be Inquisitors following them around also.”

“No disrespect Ma’am, but they clean up messes, our job is to prevent them.” Albert says and Geron grunts in agreement. I like them already.

“Yes, worst case scenario is you hold them at bay until the rest of us arrive, you both will be able to talk to any of us from anywhere at anytime, same with the team leaders of the three Inquistor groups.”

“You ready to run around the world after sitting around for so long Geron?” Serena nudges him.

“Yes, Ma’am, Alberts been putting on a few with all the sitten.” Geron answered and most smiled or laughed. I wasn’t even sure he could speak until that moment.

“There are others that are better suited for travel details, Ma’am.” Albert says.

“Let us know if or when you’ll need help, I’ll need to to review anyone new.” Abi says back to them as we get to the market square. “You two I trust, no strangers, I don’t care if Amice herself picks them, you reach out to me and I’ll be there within moments to set it straight.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Both say at the same time. They have the same face every person has meeting her for the first time. Power beats station, knowing she read the both of them and complimented them set them to both look awed and proud for a moment.

“Okay, it’s time for us to work Ma’am.” Geron says to Serena and move off to the sides and spread out further.

Reviewing the various stalls, Serena and Denae discuss who would use the stalls, Catalina asked questions on how often new people would show up and start selling. We found out a few were permanent and the rest came and went depending on the merchandise longevity and season. The ladies made quite a few purchases, for the new home with Serena.

Serena led us to an actual store at the end of the square, a bakery that smelled wonderful. Inside Serena calls out to Anna with her coming from behind the counter.

“Serena!? You brought your family?” She curtsies, “Queen Denae, Princess Cataline,”

“Mazarine? Look around and see if this would work for you? I thought the children could get a treat?” Serena asks and turns to Anna. “One moment Anna, we’ll explain everything.”

“A treat, and all the tables will work, I love it.” Mazarine replies with a big smile. Serena turns back to Anna.

“They want to open a clinic, but might only be here one day a week, no need to have a place empty most of the time and this should fill your shop up a bit more if you are willing to take this on?”

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