The Wedding Photographer – Carol

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I’ve known Carol since we were kids, like about six years old. Our parents were friends, and used to go on holiday together and nights out to the pub, etc. We once had a kiss when we were about 13, but that was it. I always fancied Carol, even then. She was always beautiful.

Fast forward a few years, and we’d lost touch after my parents split up, so didn’t see Carol for ages, until she popped up on my facebook, and I eagerly accepted her request.

About 2 years later, Carol started posting photos of her and a new guy, who she’d met on some dating website, and within about 2 months was flashing a very tiny diamond engagement ring.

So obviously I offered to photograph the wedding, just for costs, and arranged to go & see them with sample albums and so that Carol & her fiancé could view my previous work.

When I arrived, it seemed like he’d drunk a number of cans of lager, judging by the stack of empty cans next to him, and although he was reasonably friendly, there seemed to be an edge about him all night — like he was just trying to pick a fight, and Carol spent the night keeping the peace.

Fast forward to the wedding day, and I arrived at their house to do the pre-wedding shots — firstly him in the garden with his best man, on his own, best man straightening his tie, that sort of thing. All the while I was taking the shots, he was downing cans of lager and I had to ask him to put them down whilst I was taking the photos he’d asked for.

Then I went up to see Carol, and knocked on the door of their bedroom — “Hi Carol, its Paul. Are you decent? Can I come in?”

Carol laughed and replied that I could come in, she was just doing her makeup.

I stepped into the bedroom and Carol was in her wedding gown, at her dressing table and was just starting her makeup — not that she needed any, because she was still as beautiful as she’d always been to me.

So we started taking the photos she wanted, and I got her laughing and relaxed. Then she said “God, I wish life was this easy with Adam” which surprised me, normally brides are totally in love on their wedding day so to hear my childhood crush starting to have doubts was a bit…off.

“Are you ok Carol?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m sure its just nerves or something” she replied.

Just at that point a loud laugh came from outside, from Adam and his best man. Carol looked out of the window at the pair of now drunken idiots staggering over the back lawn. “Or maybe its just the wrong man” she murmured.

I jollied her up, saying that maybe he was as nervous as she was, and it’d all be fine, and it really would be a waste of such an amazing dress if she backed out now! We laughed and I asked if we could go in the garden to do some more shots.

When we got into the garden, the groom and his best man had disappeared, so I managed to get Carol to pose for some great shots. Carol at this point was 28 years old, around 5′ 6″ and was thin with a fabulous bubble butt, and pert maybe 36″ breasts. Brown should length hair with blonde streaks, and understated makeup. Suffice to say it was all in proportion, and in her cream wedding dress with just a hint of cleavage she looked amazing.

We head off to the Church, and the groom is in the car in front of mine. I lost count of the number of empty cans and cigarette butts that flew out of the window and I’m starting to see that this wedding has the word DISASTER written all over it. I’m now only 50% confident that the bride will turn up, and if she does then I’m only 50% confident that she’ll say “I do”.

But she did.

Church escort london photos completed, off we go to the reception, and I’m now struggling to get the groom to be anywhere other than the bar. This guy is absolutely trollied, and I can see that he is turning into Angry Drunk.

I ask Carol if I can take her into the hotel gardens to take some shots of her, and she mentions that there is no way that Adam will be able to come because he can hardly stand up. So I lead Carol out into the garden and down to the waterfall, taking lots of great photos of her. I’ve brought her a drink along because it’s a warm day, and I pass it to her as I notice a tear rolling down her beautiful cheek. “Hey, what’s the matter?” I ask, and she looks up at me and says mournfully “I’ve made a massive mistake haven’t I? This drunk idiot offers me the world, and he can’t even stay sober until the first dance. I’m a fucking failure, the first guy in many years to tell me he loved me and I fall for it hook, line & sinker.”

I give Carol a hug, and lie to her that it’ll be fine. As I hold her I tell her that he’s probably nervous as well, and some people drink more in that situation. Carol is full on crying now, and its all I can do to stop myself from putting her in my car and removing her from this shitty situation.

After a couple of minutes, Carol calms down and nervously laughed that her makeup is spoiled, and they haven’t even cut the cake yet! I ask her if she has her room key, and she does. I know this hotel has a back set of stairs that can be used to access the rooms, so I tell her that she’s going to go to her room, fix her makeup, and then come back down like nothing has happened.

She looks up at me with sparkling but puffy eyes and says “Ok, lets do that”

We get to the bottom of the stairs and I tell her that we’ll see her in a few minutes, and she immediately turns and says “But you are coming with me aren’t you? I need you to see me through this” So I follow her up the stairs and into the bridal suite.

As Carol enters the room, she plucks another tissue from a box on the side, starts wiping her eyes and says “You know, after all these years, I thought that I would have sorted things out. Got myself into a great marriage — I even thought it might be with you! And have settled down. But here I am, a failure.”

I put the cameras down, walk over to her, and place my hands on her bare shoulders and look her straight in the eye “Carol, you have always been one of the most beautiful women in the world to me. You are funny, you are intelligent, you are caring. Any man that is lucky enough to have your love has won the lottery. He’s the envy of his friends, he’s hit the absolute jackpot. So stop beating yourself up here, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Carol looked back into my eyes, and I wasn’t even aware that we were moving towards each other until our lips met. We parted enough to see each other, and then back into another, longer more passionate kiss. Tongues starting to entwine, my hands reaching around Carol’s back and up to softly touch the beautiful soft nape of her neck. Carol’s hands reaching around my back to pull me closer as I started to kiss just under her ear and down her neck, a soft moan escaping her lips as I did.

“I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that since we were kids, and a whole lot more as I grew older…” she murmurs as I continue to kiss her bare collarbone.

I move back up to her lips and we continue to kiss more passionately, her hand moving lower onto my buttocks, pulling me towards her. My hard cock dubai escorts just lining up with the top of her thighs, she can feel just how hard this kissing is making me.

I also move my hand lower, feeling Carol’s buttocks that fit right into my hand, and pull her closer to me as she gently starts to move her hips against my cock.

I start to lift Carol’s dress in the hand that is caressing her bottom, pulling it higher up her legs until I feel the lace hem in my fingers. I reach lower and for the first time I feel Carol’s bare buttock. Its cool to the touch, but soft. I swear that added an extra inch to my erection.

Carol can feel me, and reaches down with her hand, and flicks the fastening on my trousers and lowers my flies, places her hand flat against my lower stomach, reaching down between my boxers and my skin.

She groans as she finds what she was looking for — I’m already harder than I think I’ve ever been, and whilst my cock isn’t huge, its quite thick — a good 6-7 inches, and Carol struggles to wrap her hand around it.

I reach up, and hook my fingers under the thin straps of Carol’s wedding gown, and ease them over her shoulders, the dress dropping lower until her beautiful breasts appear. She’s magnificent, and I can see her nipples hard against the satin bra that she is wearing.

The dress drops to the floor, and I’m quickly removed of my jacket and shirt, my boxers puddled around my feet with my trousers, as we continue to kiss, taste and touch each other.

Carol is slowly pulling my cock against her, and looks up at me as I gently unclip her bra, freeing her breasts for me to taste. I move my lips down Carol’s neck until I can go lower, her erect nipples surrounded by her pink areola that I kiss around before taking her nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling against it, swirling it with my tongue. Carol groans again, her hand on my cock pumping faster now.

As I run my hands down Carol’s sides, I again hook my fingers inside her silk knickers, and slowly slide them over her thighs, her legs opening slightly to allow it..

As Carol’s knickers reach the floor to rest with all the other items of clothing, she lifts my head back to her lips, kissing me as my hand reaches between her legs, feeling just how wet she is, her juices coating my fingers and as I touch her clit she pulls away with a sharp gasp.

“Taste me” she rasps, as she starts to pull my shoulder downwards. I don’t need any encouragement, and drop to my knees. Carol lifts her leg, and hooks it over my shoulder putting my face only inches from the source of her desire. I place my hand on her buttocks, and pull her towards me, my tongue touches her outer lips, easing between them to taste her nectar. Her legs start to shake as my tongue traces a line up and down her lips, and then she places a hand on the back of my head, pushing her pelvis forward and my tongue deep inside her lips. Carole starts to grind against my face, her smooth skin against me as I can feel her juices double, her pussy opening up to my probing tongue. I trace my tongue upwards, taking her clit into my mouth, sucking on it, rolling it with my tongue.

My hand moves underneath her, and I slide a finger inside her pussy, slowly at first but soon adding an extra finger, sliding inside her and feeling her G-spot on the outer wall.

Carol’s shaking is getting more intense, and I increase the speed of both my tongue and my fingers. Her hips are now starting to thrash and grind against my face.

“Oh God, Oh Yes, Oh Jesus, this is fantastic, I’m right on Escort Dubai the edge. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop”

Carole’s moans are now short, urgent. She didn’t need to tell me she was close, I could tell.

Then, the hand on the back of my head pulls me harder against her pussy, her legs are spasming, her moan becomes a long “aaaaaaaaah’ as I piston my fingers and tongue into her. I know she’s coming because her juices are flowing down my hand, my chin and down her legs. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back.

“Oh God, I need you inside me right now. Don’t play with me, just be inside me, now”

Carol moves back and sits on the bed, leaning back so she can move herself backwards. Her legs are open, and I can see the glistening of her pussy, probably the most beautiful pussy I’ve seen. Its completely shaved, and only when Carol pulls apart the outer lips can I see inside. Pink, and wet. Inviting me in.

I move onto the bed, and as I do Carol tells me to lie on my back. This is getting better, I love it like that.

Carol straddles me, and as I look down I can see her lining up my cock, and then gently, slowly easing an inch of me into her. It feels like my cock is burning, it feels so good, and then Carol lifts and lowers herself again, this time taking more of me inside her. Her eyes meet mine, and she smiles “I’ve wanked about this moment for years” and then lowers herself again, this time moving her upper body to meet mine.

We start a slow rhythm as her breathing becomes shorter, kissing as much as we can, until I reach down and grab her hips, raising myself up deep inside her, increasing the speed

“oh, that’s so deep” she moans as we push against each other “Keep going, its just where it needs to be”

We increase the speed, as Carol sits up, and is now bouncing on my cock, her breathing now panting and moans as she closes her eyes “Oh God I’m so close.. Fuck me, please keep going”

Whilst I would love this to be a long slow lovemaking session, I’m also aware that she has guests downstairs, and so I increase the speed again, my balls slapping against her beautiful arse. I can feel the walls of her pussy tightening against me, her legs starting to spasm and shake..

“Oh Fuck, oh Fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna…Oh God I’m cumming again” Carol’s cries muffle my own as her orgasm has matched mine, and I feel my cum shooting up my cock and deep inside her.

Carol rides me to the end of her orgasmic wave, a gradual slowing down, mixing our fluids until she flops down against my body. My cock, gently sliding out of her.

We lay joined until we both got back to our regular breathing, and then Carol says “You better go downstairs whilst I sort myself out, but I want you to know that you today is something I’ve always wanted. I wish it had been before today, but this has given me the strength to finish this marriage soon. Thank you”

Carol kisses me on the lips and then moves off the bed, gathers her clothing and disappears into the bathroom. I get dressed very quickly, and slip out of the room and back downstairs.

Back in the reception, the groom is angrily arguing with his parents, and one of the bridesmaids asks me if I’ve seen Carol. I tell her that we’ve been doing some bridal shots in the garden, and that Carol has gone up to her room to freshen up. Carol appears about 20 minutes later, looking radiant, and serene. Almost like she’d just orgasmed…

Carol’s marriage lasted less than 3 months, and in that time we slept together over a dozen fantastic times, however it was the groom being charged with a number of drunken assault charges and drink driving that was given as the reason for the split. His detention at Her Majesty’s pleasure for 18 months absolutely served him right. Carol was way too good for him..

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