The Woman from the Lake

28 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Next to the town I life in, there is a huge lake. Most of the town spends their summer over there: Having BBQs, swimming, chilling in the sun. It is an awesome place. And everyone knows everyone over there. Well, at least the people that hang out at the same spot year for year do. New people rarely ever show.

But one hot summer day, she showed up. A very hot woman in her 40ies. Wearing one of the tiniest bikinis out there. No one had seen her before. Only one thing was sure: She gave 32 year old me a raging boner when she showed up. I tried to hide him as good as I could. I tried to get rid of him as fast as anyhow possible. No, jerking off is no option on a public beach, on a public bathing spot.

Unfortunately, as soon as my boner was gone, she always managed to walk by me again. Every damn fucking time. Naturally I was looking after her. I undressed her with my eyes. Not tat there was that much to undress on her, but I think you get the deal. I fantasized about fucking her. I even jerked off to her at home. Yes, she really caught my eye.

My friends, my surrounding realized what was going on. They were dropping jokes all the time she walked by. They encouraged me to go over and talk to her. But I struggled with doing stuff like that. And there was my boner problem. Showing up next to her with my rock hard dick pointing my way towards her, might not be the wisest thing to do. It might get you laid in porn, but reality, güvenilir bahis reality is a different kind of thing.

But I wanted her. I wanted to fuck her. So I came up with the great plan to jerk off like a maniac before I went to the lake the next day. To get rid of horny for some time. To win the fight against him. I nutted out as many loads as possible in the morning. Until I couldn’t get hard anymore. Part one of my plan was finished.

But back at the lake, she gave me a damn fucking boner again. Fuck it. This time when she walked by me, she smiled at me. She even shook her hot ass for me. My horny level was through the roof within a few seconds. My dick was rock hard. I had to cover myself up again. She clearly knew what she was doing. She clearly wanted my attention. She clearly enjoyed the attention I gave her. And my friends, they had a blast.

I had enough. I decided to go for a swim. For a long swim. To cure my boner. Hoping that the relatively cold water would solve the problem for me. And it helped, my boner was gone. But a few minutes after I went for a swim, she jumped in the lake too. She went for a swim too. She swam into my direction.

She clearly had something on my mind. But I kept on swimming. She closed the distance between the two of us. She was a pretty fast swimmer. When she caught up to me, she just said “Hi.”

I said “Hi” too. We swam next to each other for some time. Not talking that güvenilir bahis siteleri much. Then we made a break in a relatively remote, isolated corner of the lake. She just looked me in the eyes, and beneath the surface of the water, her hand was on my dick. I was rock hard withing a few seconds: “You really like me, don’t you?”

No need to deny anything at that point. No need to deny anything with her hand on my rock hard dick: “Yes, I do.”

We looked each other in the eyes. Beneath the surface our hands explored each other’s bodies. Passionate kissing set in. We nearly drowned that way. So we decided to swim to the shore. To get out of the water. To fuck.

At the shore, a very secluded place surrounded by rocks and trees, we kept on going. Passionate kissing. Our hands on each other’s bodies. Her bikini, my trunks on the ground next to us.

I slowly worked my way downwards: Kissing first, then I sucked each of her nipples for some time. Then I kissed my way down her belly, then I opened up her legs, exposed her already wet pussy.

Her moaning got more intense in the moment my tongue landed on her clit. At first I teased her a little, then I went all in. I stuck my tongue as deep inside as I could. Her moaning got more intense. Her taste was nothing but addictive. My cock was rock hard, more than just ready to fuck.

I worked my way back up. Kissing her belly, sucking on her hard nipples. Then passionate iddaa siteleri kissing set in again. While our tongues were onto each other, my dick went inside her dripping wet pussy.

A shiver went through my, went through her body the moment I slid my rock had dick inside her dripping wet pussy. Her pussy wrapped herself around my rock hard dick. I fucked her gentle, slow. I enjoyed every second of it.

She begged me to go harder, faster, but I was the one in control. And I was in no hurry. I took my time. I fucked her slow, gentle, but balls deep. I worked myself towards an orgasm. One thrust after the other. Her hands grabbed my back. Her nails scratched the skin on my back. She was getting closer too.

A few more thrusts. A few hard and end deep thrusts. My balls began to ache. I felt and orgasm building up inside me. One more hard thrust. My balls emptied themselves inside her pussy. She let out one last big moan. She came with me. Her body was trembling. So was mine.

Two sweaty, naked bodies collapsed onto the ground next to each other. What a hot fuck. We laid next to each other for some time. Enjoying the nice summer weather, enjoying the hormone cocktail in our bloodstreams. After some time we put on our bathing suits again and swam back to the other shore. Over there we both went our way. Everyone at the lake knew what we had done, but no one had seen us doing it. Some talked behind ours backs, some made some jokes, but the fuck was worth everything.

The woman and I you might ask yourself, we ran into each other again at the lake in that summer. We swam out again a few times, to our secret spot, to fuck. But that was all that came out of it.

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