This Is Us Pt. 04

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This is Us — Part 4


I decided to be a good little sister today and make breakfast without a fuss. The guys ate like they were starving, which made me feel needed. I still wasn’t convinced that they felt anything towards me other than sibling love. But I promised Ryan I would open my eyes. Smh, Ryan’s was crazy if she thinks my brothers would want me.

After watching a Friends marathon, I decided to clean the house. It wasn’t dirty but it wasn’t super clean either…plus I was bored out of my mind. The guys left with their own errands to do and left me here to relax. I would have rather went with one of them, but they told me to stay home.

I decided to put on a somewhat loose tank dress. Even though it stopped just under my butt, I still consider it a dress. I pulled it down some to ensure it covered my cheeks more. The dress was tight at the top because of my huge breasts, ugh and the top barely rested above my nipples. I should probably change but I always got hot when I cleaned. Which is why I didn’t wear underwear either. Shocker, right?

I started with the upstairs and worked my way down. By the time I made it downstairs, Dean came through the front door. I turned to greet him. “Hey! You’re back earlier than I expected. I was trying to have the house clean before you guys got back.” Dean’s gaze ran over my body and I began to think maybe Ryan was on to something? I don’t know yet.

“Yeah, I didn’t think I would be done this early either. You know…you don’t have to clean the house. We can all split the chores.” I shook my head, “No, it’s fine. I was bored anyway and I like to clean so win-win.”

Dean nodded, “You look like you’re about to go play tennis. Except I wouldn’t let you step foot out of this house with that on.” I looked down at my dress.

“What’s wrong with this. I’m covered.”

“Yeah, barely. That thing is barely covering your nipples Chels. Don’t wear that in public.”

I sighed, “Okay…so its fine to wear stuff like this at home?” Dean put his keys away and flopped down on the living room couch. He nodded, “I told you when you got here. You can wear whatever you want. At. Home.” He reiterated.

“Got it.” Dean turned on the tv and I continued cleaning. I mindlessly wiped down the counters then went over to the coffee table near where Dean sat on the sectional.

“Excuse me,” I said as I bent over to quickly wipe the table. I heard Dean cuss behind me.


“You’re mooning me Chels,” Dean said with a groan. And to my surprise, he smacked me on my butt. I jumped. “Sorry, I’m sure you don’t want to see it.” I try my best to pull down the dress.

Dawson hurried to reply, “Its okay. You just surprised me since you’re not wearing underwear.”

“But you sounded disgusted just now.” I knew Ryan was wrong. There was no way my brothers found me attractive. Dean grabbed my hand and pulled me down on the couch. “Hey. Stop that. You’re not disgusting. I groaned because…because my dick was showing interest in my little sister’s bare ass and vagina.”


“Yeah, ‘Oh.'” Dean mimicked me. “I groaned because I didn’t want to get blue balls from staring at you. Those aren’t fun…at all.”




“You’re not disgusting.” Dean said again.

“Got it.”

Dean inclined his head, signaling to me that I could resume cleaning. Even though he said I wasn’t disgusting, I still pull down my dress more.


Chels obviously didn’t believe my words because she proceeded to pull her dress down as far as it could go before resuming her cleaning. She didn’t realize that the move exposed her massive breasts more. Two pink peaks now sat above the top of the dress. Clear as day. I didn’t want to say anything else; afraid she would take offense again. I instead tried to focus my attention on the flatscreen.

This lasted until I saw her bend over, exposing her breasts even more. Part of her breasts were still covered by the thin fabric, but a lot of it was spilling out. And my sweet sister was oblivious as she focused çankaya escort on her task. She might as well clean naked, but I didn’t want her thinking her big brother was perving on her.

Minutes later, Blake walked through the door whistling. The upbeat toon immediately stopped when he laid eyes on our sister. “Fuck” he said under his breath.

Chelsea looked up and smiled. “Hey. Don’t mind me. I just decided to clean the house a little.” Chelsea giggled nervously. “I do this when I’m bored.”

Blake simply nodded before saying, “Go ahead.” Chelsea resumed by going into the kitchen and pulling out the swifter mop. Blake put his keys on the entrance table and walked towards me, intending to take a seat before stopping.

There our sister was, mopping the floor with earnest. This would typically be a normal task if it were for her massive breasts swaying with her every move. Were they even inside the top anymore? I didn’t think so.

Chelsea half-heartedly pulled the top half up but the that did nothing in combat to the weight of her large breasts.

At the same moment, my eyes drifted towards my brothers ass. I never realized how plump and perky Blake’s ass was. He wore some running shorts that hugged his thighs a little.


My dick really begin to take interest now.

Blake turned to sit by me, tenting in his shorts. He looked down at my crotch. “You too huh?” he grinned.

“Uh, yeah…” I said half-heartedly. Yes, I got a slight boner looking at my sister but most of this hardness was because of my little brother.

I wasn’t going to tell him that though.

“You have anything else planned for today,” Blake asked. I thought for a second and shook my head. “No.”

“Good because some of the guys were coming over later.”

“Cool. Around what time though?”

“8 probably,” Blake answered without looking at me. He was subtly rubbing his dick…well trying to anyway but was failing.

“Good. That gives me time to take a nap.” And get rid of this boner. Blake nodded before his gaze snagged on my crotch. The guy seemed to be staring at my dick more and more lately. What was up with that?

“Hey.” I said and he seemed to snap out of it. “Stop staring at my dick man.”

Blake looked away. “I wasn’t,” he muttered.

“You were.” Blake peered up at me with…shame? Longing? I didn’t know but I had to be seeing things. Was he interesting in….No. Nope. I shook the thought off and went upstairs.


I’m lusting after my siblings, and I don’t know how to stop it. There was my tempting sister, cleaning with her tits out. Then there was my older brother who had a big ass dick that made my mouth salivate.

Fuck. What should I do? I’d never had any interest in guys before now so where was this coming from. I wared with myself for a while until I heard a shriek from the kitchen.

It was Chelsea.

I ran towards her voice to see she’d wet her dress when she dropped a large pot of water in the sink.

“You okay? What are you trying to do?”

She’d pull her dress up some so now her nipples were covered, but she still had massive cleavage.

“I was going to clean this pot out so I could cook some pasta. It slipped out of my hand before I could get it out of the sink,” Chelsea said as she wiped her chest off. “Do you have a shirt I can put on really quick?”

I nodded. “Yeah, hold on.” I went into the laundry room that was down the hall and grabbed the first t shirt I found. Once and the kitchen, I tossed it to Chelsea. I expected her to just strip in front of me but surprisingly, she went in the mud room and quickly changed. When she came back out, my jaw dropped.

I realized I handed her one of my work out t shirts that had a very large arm hole on each side of the shirt. The garment barely covered her ass. My eyes roamed upward and saw a cute pink nipple saying hey to me.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile.


She might as well be naked because my shirt barely covered her large breasts. With escort çankaya every move, a melon was revealed, playing peek-a-boo with me. I couldn’t help but watch.

And when she bent over to get another pot…my dick was on the verge of poking a hole in my shorts at the sight of Chelsea’s bare ass and pussy. So creamy and pink. I just wanted to stick my tongue inside and feast on her juices.

I took one step towards her, then I heard the front doorbell ring. Glancing at the time, I cursed under my breath. Someone was here already?

“Stay here,” I said before going to the door. It was Jack and two other guys. “You’re early.”

Jack chuckled, “Yeah well one of my stops didn’t take as long as I thought.”

“Oh, well stay here for a sec.” I said then turned around again. “Don’t. move.”

Jack lifted his arms up, “Alright man.”

I ran to the kitchen to find Chelsea stirring the noodles. “Hey you have to go change.”

Chelsea’s shoulders slumped. “You think I’m disgusting too?”

Huh? “What? No. My friends are here and I don’t want them to see you.”

Chelsea folded her arms. “If I’m not disgusting to you, then why can’t they see me like this?”

I didn’t have time for this. I reached out and grabbed an exposed nipple, pulling Chelsea’s body to me so I could whisper in her ear. She bit her lip and stumbled to me. “Go upstairs and change now please. I don’t want anyone else looking at how attractive my sister is.”

“Attractive?” she said.

Was that all she heard? I squeezed her nipple harder, and she let out a moan before covering her mouth. “Go,” I said.

She nodded and ran upstairs. Thankfully, the guys wouldn’t see since they were still in the foyer.

Thirty minutes later, more guys and some girls arrived with drinks and games. It was only supposed to be a chill night but whatever.

I sat at a table consisting of three other people, playing a card game. We played two rounds, my partner and I winning both before Chelsea came downstairs. She wore a graphic tee and a pleated skirt. I could tell by first glance that she wasn’t wearing a bra.


Well at least they were covered completely. When she spotted me, she beamed and walked over.

“What are you guys playing?”

“Card game,” one of my friends said.

“Can I play?”

“Do you know how?” the same guy asked.

“No but–“

“I’ll teach you.”

Chelsea beamed again. She was so cute.

She looked around for another chair but didn’t spot one.

“You can sit here,” I said. But before I could get up, Chelsea’s plump ass planted right on my dick. I guess she thought I meant literally.

The guys looked at us, one getting ready to ask the question, but I beat him to it.

“She’s my little sister. We’re close.” Chelsea nodded her head. The guys nodded before proceeding with the game.

I showed Chelsea the ropes and she caught on fairly quick. Eventually, I just sat back and let her play. My hand was resting on her bare thought when a thought popped in my head.

Not thinking much of it, I let my hand roam under her skirt, towards her pelvis until my fingers were touching the soft folds of Chelsea’s bare lips. I let my index finger rub up and down her sex before I whispered in her ear. “Where’s your panties Chels?”

“I don’t like wearing them,” she whispered back and returned to the game as if her big brother touching her pussy was normal. I pulled my hand back some but kept it at the top of her ass.

Every time Chelsea won, she bounced in a joyful glee, putting me in a bad predicament. I had to tell her to stop twice before she listened.

My sister beat the other team so much that they quitted and stomped from the table.

We hung out some more. I mostly kept Chelsea with me because I didn’t want anyone to talk to my sister. One instance, I lost track of her but she made her way back to me eventually. Dean seemed tipsy which meant he drunk a lot since he wasn’t a light weight.

Before we called it a night though, one of the guys decided çankaya escort bayan we should take a group photo. Chelsea stood hugged up on my side so I swung my arm over her shoulder. At some point during the pictures, I found myself playing with Chelsea’s right nipple. Once I realized it, I started to move my arm away but Chelsea grabbed my wrist.

She peered up at me, “I…I like it when you do that.”

Well okay then.

My hand rested near her breast again as I tried to secretly play with Chelsea’s nipple. We had people standing in front of us so they wouldn’t see me pulling and squeezing on my sister’s nip.

Eventually, everyone left and we decided to clean the following morning. After showers, I headed to my shared bed with Dean. He was already under the covers watching tv.

“Had fun tonight?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Yeah it was good seeing some of the old friends and catching up. I was ready for them to leave though.” I shook my head. Dean was such a loner. I’m surprised he didn’t make me cancel the whole thing.

I dropped my towel and turned to get lotion out the nightstand.

I hated dry skin.

I rubbed the cream over every inch of skin I could reach. Normally I didn’t bother with my back but I really wanted to feel Dean’s touch for some reason.

“Hey can you rub some lotion on my back?” Dean’s head turned to me and I knew he was going to say no. But to my surprise, he held his hand out for the lotion.

I eagerly walked over to his side, handed over the lotion and turned around. Dean sat up, poured some lotion in his palms and warm it up. With a soft but strong touch, Dean rubbed the cream into my skin.

A zing of pleasure went through my body as he got to my lower back. Fuck, his touch felt good. I decided to push my luck a little.

“Can you rub some on my butt?” I asked as if it was normal. Again, I expected Dean to say no but I only heard a huff and soon, strong hands were on my ass. My brother was rubbing lotion on my ass and all I wanted to do was bend over for him in that moment.

He wasn’t shy either. Working the cream over the outer part of my cheeks, he then worked his way inward. I tried not to clench from reflex, but he got all in there while avoiding my hole. And fuck, I still got hard.

Before I knew it, it was over.

“There. Done.” Dean tossed the lotion back on my side of the bed before settling under the sheets again. I didn’t miss his hand going under as well.

Did I turn him on?

No. That was impossible.

I shook off the thought and went back to my side. Just when I got under the covers, in walks my tempting sister. And I promise the girl should just walk around naked. She wore a cute nightie that had breast cups for someone who was maybe a C. Her melons spilled out of the small cups.

“Can I sleep with you guys?”

I sat up. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just don’t want to sleep alone.”

“Sure come on in.” She walked over and I noticed a nipple was peeking out. I reached up and squeezed it. “Looks like these want to be free. Why don’t you just sleep naked?”

Chelsea shrugged, “I really don’t like being naked that much. I have to be in the mood.”

Well that was a shocker. But it wasn’t a shocker that Chelsea didn’t even try to cover her nipple. Damn I wanted to suck on them.

Chelsea bent over and took something off.

“I hate thongs,” she said, answering my unspoken question. She got in bed and saw my lack of clothes.

“I love sleeping naked.” She shrugged and turned her back on me.

“Um…Blake can you cuddle me.”

“Sure Chels.” I moved behind her not even hiding the fact that my semi hard dick was nudging against her ass.

“Can you….you know.”

For a second I didn’t know. Then I remembered.

I slowly reached over and freed one breasts out of its confines and started squeezing and pulling on her nipple until they were hard peaks. That seemed to soothe her. I alternated between nipples until she fell asleep…

Eventually I too fell asleep and thought of how easy it would be to push my dick inside her.

At some point during the night, I woke up to turn the tv off. One thing I immediately noticed was a warm presence on my back.


And no one would miss his thick rod poking my ass. Damn I wish he was naked. I would gladly offer my hole as a cock warmer.

Or my mouth.

Fuck, what’s wrong with me?

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