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Note: As usual, lots of anal. The story is set in a Free Use world and involves taking advantage of a naive girl who gets her first taste of the Free Use Act. This is another story that isn’t set inside the Sim but an alternative world. Not sure if I’ll stick with that or go back to setting everything inside the Sim.


So there was this new Pokemon game that just got released. It was an augmented reality game where you could ‘catch’ Pokemon that spawned in real life locations. I didn’t think much of it at first but once I gave it a go, it actually turned out to be pretty addicting. I’d been spending the last few weeks trying to catch them all. I’d gotten a lot of commons, but today, I was hitting the jackpot. I’d found a spawn location at the park that was just pumping out incredibly rare Pokemon one after another. I spent the whole afternoon just capturing as many as I could. Eventually my luck ran out as the rare types stopping spawning right as some girl found the spot and joined me in capturing them. Unfortunately for her, I was faster on the uptake and I managed to capture the last rare before she could. A frustrated little scream soon followed when she realized all the good ones had been taken.

I was about to walk off when she came running up to me. “Hey wait mister, can we trade?”

She looked pretty young and couldn’t have been older than 18. She was kinda scrawny but incredibly cute in a nerdy sort of way. She had short blonde hair under a Pokemon cap and was wearing a short sleeved tee and shorts with circle rimmed glasses. She didn’t seem to be wearing any makeup, or at least very little of it, which only heightened her innocent look. I humored her and said sure. But taking a quick look at the Pokemon she had, I didn’t see anything valuable and told her as much. “Sorry kid, you’ve got nothing worth trading for.”

I began to walk off but she ran up after me. “Wait, fine, maybe I don’t have any Pokemon to trade, but maybe there’s something else you might want?”

That piqued my interest. “Like what?” I asked curiously.

The girl paused for a second, looking like she was thinking furiously. “A kiss?” she eventually ventured. “I’ll kiss you on the cheek?”

Chuckling, I humored her again. “Alright, for a kiss, I’ll give you a jigglypuff.”

She scrunched up her face. “But that’s just a uncommon type.”

“And all I’m getting’s a peck on the cheek, it’s a fair trade,” I said laughing.

She rolled her eyes. “Fine, what… If I kiss you on the lips?”

“Well, in that case, I can give you a Magmar.”

The girls eyes widened at that, and she excitedly nodded her head in agreement.

I bent down and waited for her to move her lips to mine. When they brushed together, I let my tongue slip out, past her lips into her mouth. She momentarily pulled back but quickly checked herself. She must’ve really wanted that Magmar because she then leaned into the kiss and slid her tongue over mine.

When we pulled away from each other, she wiped her mouth with her forearm. “I didn’t say you could use tongue mister.”

I shrugged. “A French kiss is still a kiss. And a deal’s a deal, here’s the Magmar.”

She looked grossed out when she pulled back but that was quickly wiped away when she saw the shiny new Pokemon she had. I think she wanted more because she looked back up at me nervously. “Mister… What would you give me if I let you touch my boobs?”

I hummed. “How about all 4 starters?”

The girl’s eyes widened again at the offer and eagerly nodded her head. She stuck out her chest expectantly. I raised a brow and gave her a look. “What are you doing?”

“Letting you touch my boobies, duh.”

“Leaving the shirt on?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“OK, in that case, you can pick the starter you want but you’re not getting all four.”

She gave me a scandalous look and huffed. “What?! That’s not fair, the deal was you get to touch my boobies for all four.”

“Well I’m sorry but I didn’t realize you meant through the shirt.”

She stamped her feet dramatically. “Fine! Here,” she said before angrily pulling her shirt over her head, showing off the plain pink bra she had on. A moment later she reached back and unclasped it, revealing her cute little tits, B cups I’d guess. She stuck out her chest again and waited for me. I didn’t need much encouraging. Her milky white tits looked so soft they practically made me drool. I slowly wrapped a hand around one of her tits and fondled it. It was small enough to easily fit in the palm of my hand and every bit as soft as it looked. Living in a world with Free Use, she’d probably seen far more than this, but she strangely blushed feverishly quickly. Maybe she only recently became old enough for the Free Use Act to apply to her I thought. I wondered if I could be lucky enough to have found one of those famous ‘New Girls’. Wrapping my hand around her other breast, I slowly squeezed and played with them, twisting and pinching the nipples too for good measure, which escorts in london only maked her blush harder and look down and away. She looked cute when she’s embarrassed.

After satisfying myself for a minute or two, I finally relent. “Alright just like I promised, Bulbasaur, Charmanader, Squirtle and Pikachu, you’ve earned them.”

The girls wearing a strange expression towards the end but when I tell her the starters are hers, it quickly disappears and is replaced by excitement. She grabs her phone and coos over her new Pokemon.

“What’s your name?” I asked while she’s looking at her phone.

“Oh, I’m Kate, hi.”

“Well it was nice meeting you Kate, this was really fun.”

I turned to leave again, and Kate stops me again. “Wait, mister. What if I did some more stuff? Could you give me even more Pokemon?”

I just loved it when things went the way I wanted. “What kind of stuff?”

Kate looks side to side and shrugs. “Iunno, stuff. Like… If I let you put your penis in my mouth? Or… Even other places?”

“Kate, I like the attitude, but have you ever even done anything like that before?”

Kate looks down to the side. “Well no but I’ve seen my mom and sister do that stuff all the time. I could do it too. It doesn’t look so hard.”

Jackpot. She really was one of the ‘New Girls’. I wondered how she managed to escape everyone else’s attention. I tried to suppress my excteiemtn and gave her an unimpressed look, hoping she’ll take it as a challenge. “Alright then, if you say so. How about this, if you manage to let me put my whole penis into your mouth, I’ll give you a Dragonite.” The offer was genuine but I just didn’t think the skinny little thing could. Having no experience, I doubted she could manage to fit my eight inch cock in her mouth, but I’d have fun watching her try.

The now familiar wide eyed expression crossed Kate’s face again and she jumped at the offer. I unbuckled my pants and took out my already stiff cock. As soon she saw it though, it quickly killed her enthusiasm.

Kate complained. “What? How am I supposed to put that in my mouth?”

“By trying hard Kate, I’m sure you’ll manage it.”

Kate looked unconvinced but nevertheless tried her nrdy. She got down onto her knees on the grass and bent forward. Hesitantly she wrapped her lips around my head first before moving forward trying to take in more. She only manages to take half my cock before it hits the back of her throat, making her gag.

“That’s the tough part all women go through at the start, but eventually you’ll get better at it,” I tell her. “You’ve just gotta learn to let it go past and into your throat honey.”

Kate tries again and again to take my cock deeper but barely manages to make any progress. She pulls back and sucks in air, trying to catch her breath. “Mister I can’t, I really can’t take it any deeper, it’s too big.”

I was disappointed but unsurprised. “That’s alright Kate, but since you only managed half, how about I just give you a Dragonair instead?”

Kate nods dejectedly, but after a moment of gathering herself, a look of determination crosses her face and she tries to swallow my cock one more time. She desperately wants the Dragonite and on this attempt, grabs the back of my thighs with her hands and heaves her face down onto my cock. Kate chokes and gags like before but soldiers on and ignores it. She pulls herself into me and incredibly manages to force my cock into her throat. Color me impressed. I didn’t think she could actually do it but I was happy to be proven wrong. Kate’s eyes were closed and streaks of tears were running down from them, but my cock was firmly down her throat, balls pressed against her chin. She kept herself there for a few seconds before pulling off and sucking in desperate gasps of air, what a girl.

“Chirst Kate, that was amazing. I didn’t think you could actually do it.”

Kate wipes the tears off her cheeks with her forearm and looks pleased at the compliment for a moment before she frowns. “Hey, wait a minute… That means you didn’t plan on giving me the Dragonite at all! That’s why you said you wanted to put the whole thing in, because you didn’t think I could! Well that serves you right mister, I did it so the Dragonites mine.”

“Hey, I planned on giving you a Dragonair, just thought the Dragonite could be some motivation and look at how it worked,” I said with playfully fake outrage.

Kate narrowed her eyes at me. I raise my hands in surrender. “It’s yours, it’s yours alright?” I transfer over the Dragonite and watch her beam as she checks it out.

I give Kate another offer. “You still looking for more Pokemon?”

She nods straight away. “Alright then, if you give me a blowjob, let me cum on your face then let me take photos and videos of it, I’ll give you a Clefairy, Lapras and Porygon.”

The moment I mentioned cumming on her face, she scrunched up her face again and gave me a grossed out look. But upon hearing the rare Pokemon I was escorts in london offering, she began considering it.

“What are you gonna do with the photos and videos if you take them?” Kate asked me suspiciously. “I don’t want the guys at uni making fun of me when I start.”

“Probably watch them again later on.”

“That’s all?” She said, still suspicious.

“Yeah. I mean, I might show them to a few friends as well,” I said innocently.

Kate frowned. “That’s not fair. You can’t show other people.”

“Well if you don’t want me to, you can always just say no Kate.”

Kates desire for the Pokemon and aversion to a video of her getting a facial being passed around warred with each other for long silent moments. I was afraid she’d actually say no but right then she finally relented. “Fine. OK then,” she said petulantly.

Kate gets back onto her knees and takes the tip of my cock into her mouth. She amateurishly begins to bob her head on my cock. As blowjobs go, I’ve had better but what excites me most about it isn’t the blowjob itself, it’s the fact some teenager is doing it. I just love watching the young teen swallow cock for so little. “Kate, how old are you by the way?” I asked her

“I’m 18 mister,” she slurred out with my cock still in her mouth, confirming my suspicion.

“You’re smart for your age Kate. Most girls don’t realize they can do this until a lot later.”

Kate makes a sound but doesn’t stop blowing me. She doesn’t deep throat me again but I’m happy with just this. I still instruct her on how to give a better blowjob though. I tell her to lick up and down the shaft while staring up at me, to pop the cock out of her mouth by pulling it against her cheeks and keeping her tongue stuck out when blowing me. She didn’t seem to like it at first since this was probably her first time giving a blowjob but she quickly got into it, slowly enjoying herself more and more. When she was slobbering over my cock and acting like enough of a whore, I finally got out my phone and started recording the whole affair.

The camera seemed to dampen her enthusiasm and make her more self-conscious, slowing down the blowjob but not stopping it entirely. Kate began to blush hard again every time she licked my cock like a lollypop while staring into the lens.

I recorded myself taking my cock out of her mouth and slapping it against her face a few times, holding it there. The sight of her sweet, innocent appearance and having a cock laying on her face was such an obscene contrast.

I got an idea and hoped she’d play along. “What’s your name sweetheart?” I asked.

She looked confused but answered. “I told you, it’s Kate.”


“Uh, Kate Marshall.”

“OK Kate Marshall, what’s a 18 year old girl doing sucking a strangers penis?”

Kate seemed to get where I was going and narrowed her eyes at me, refusing to answer. But as the moments ticked by, her desire for the Pokemon won out and she finally answered. “I’m doing this because you said you’d give me a Clefairy, Lapras and Porygon OK?”

“That’s not all is it Kate? What else did you say you’d do?”

She glared at me but still replied. “That I’d let you cum on my face you perv.”

“That’s right Kate, and you’re doing such a good job.”

The minutes quickly and happily went by for me as Kate continued to blow me, slowly learning a thing or two while going at it, even occasionally trying to deep throat me again without any prompting on my part. It’s so hot watching the little teen suck me off that I quickly climax. I pull out and grab the back of her hair, tilting her head back so I can cover as much of her face as possible. I explode all over her face, splattering it with thick ropes of cum. Kate’s eyes are scrunched closed and her lips are sealed in a thin line but she doesn’t pull back. She stays put and just takes my load. 18 or no, she looks like such a hot little slut with her face covered in cum. Her sweet, innocent looks only make it hotter and more obscene.

Kate eventually slowly opens her eyes when she stops feeling more cum land on her face. She moves to wipe it off herself before I stop her. “Wait. Actually I’ve got another offer for you Kate. If you can wipe all of that into your mouth and swallow it, I’ll give you Lugia.”

Kate does a double take when I mention the legendary. She momentarily forgets the cum covering her face and the disgusted look on her face is replaced by sheer excitement. “A legendary? Just for eating your cum? OK, yeah, I can do that, I want to do that.”

The excitement over getting a legendary overwhelms any hesitation or second thoughts she might have. A moment ago she looked like she hated every second of having to be covered in cum but now she was shoveling it into her mouth like she was starving. Kate quickly wiped all the semen covering her face into her open mouth, this time not even looking grossed out or even embarrassed by the camera at all. When her mouth was full, she gave escort service me one last look, opening her mouth wide and showing off to the camera the load she was going to swallow. After giving her a nod, she obediently gulps down the white fluid, even managing to give the camera a smile. It was so hot that just a short while ago, Kate was a normal teenage girl, but was now whoring herself out. I loved that I was teaching her how to be a whore so early.

After finally letting her clean up, I transferred over the legendary and watched Kate go over the moon.

When she calmed down, I told her, “You know Kate, I’ve got more legendaries I could give you, but I’d want more in return too.”

Kate got a look in her eye. “I can do more, I know I can. Just tell me what you want mister.”

“Well I’m a bit tapped out today, but if you find me tomorrow, I think I can come up with something.”

Kate greedily agreed and we exchanged numbers, planning to meet again the next day.


The next day, Kate and I arranged to meet at the mall. I got straight to the point and texted her telling her to wear a skirt with no underwear this time around. She didn’t put up any sort of argument. She was still so keen on getting the legendaries that she just obeyed.

I saw Kate in the square just outside the mall. And just like I’d asked, she was wearing a skirt, but while I imagined something frumpy like what she wore the first time I saw her, she was instead wearing a microskirt, something that looked completely inappropriate on her. Despite how small she was, her ass still stuck out from underneath the hem, that’s how little it covered. It was completely at odds with the plain shirt she was wearing. It made her look like such a little slut and attracted no small bit of attention.

Kate walked up to me nervously. She looked uncomfortable in her own skin, probably because of the skirt and the looks being thrown her way by men twice her age. “Hi Kate. When I said I wanted you in a skirt I pictured something different, but I have to admit, this is a lot better.”

“It’s my sisters, I told her what happened and she said I should wear this. It’s been weird. People are looking at me weird today.”

“Don’t worry about that Kate, it’s normal for a young girl like yourself in that skirt. Now about that offer of mine.” I paused for a moment thinking about how to phrase it but ultimately decided not to mince words. “Like before, I’ll film and if you let me put my penis into your butt and fuck it, I’ll give you Articuno. Zapdos too if you manage to fit all of it in. And if you let me put it in your mouth after it’s been in your butt, I’ll add in Moltres.”

Kate looked completely shocked at the offer and seemed to desperately want to agree, but hesitant at the same time, remembering the trouble she had fitting it into just her mouth. She probably doubted she could fit it all the way into her butt.

“And if you can’t manage to fit it all in today, you can try any other day until you can to get Zapdos, there’s no rush,” I said soothingly. That seemed to relax Kate a bit but she still didn’t agree just yet.

“It’s just, why are we at the mall?”

“Well I thought it’d be fun to give people a show.”

Realizing I wanted to publically fuck her made Kate blush all the harder. But the offer ended up being too good to turn down so Kate steeled herself and said yes. I sat down on a bench and told Kate she should sit down on my cock and take it at her own pace.

Kate took out a bottle of lube from her t-shirt pocket, probably courtesy of her sister and reached back to apply it liberally to her asshole. Seeing the 18 year old carrying around a tube of lube sent a shiver of excitement through me. The act made a few people turn their heads and begin to watch. When Kate had lubed up enough, she climbed up onto the bench and placed her ass above my cock. Taking hold of my prick she aimed it at the entrance of her tight little hole and began to press down on it. By now, dozens of people were watching the little teenager assfuck herself in public, making Kate glow beet red. She soldiered on though and continued trying to fit my cock into her ass, but it was so small and tight I kept sliding off.

It was several minutes before she finally managed to force my cock into her tiny asshole, slipping it past her ring. It was tighter than anything I’d been in, period. Her ass hugged every inch of me, constricting me perfectly. Kate had pulled up her skirt to her waist so everyone knew which hole the girl was fucking herself in, causing a murmur to pass through the crowd which only made more people gather to watch. 18 year olds taking it up the ass in public like this were a rare treat for everyone to watch.

Kate gave me teasing little bounces; only manage to stroke the tip of my cock with them. I wanted to grab her hips and bury myself in her but knew I couldn’t so I grit my teeth and tried to let her take it slowly. Over time, Kate eventually got up the courage to sink lower and take more up the ass. Inch by inch she swallowed me until she had more than half of it in her asshole. She desperately wanted Zapdos because she kept trying to sit down further and take more inside but just couldn’t manage to get past the 5″ mark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32