Unforgettable Night

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This is a true story. It recounts my very first tentative foray into the world of pleasure. Looking back, I believe I was fortunate to have been ushered into this delectable realm by the gentle persuasion of a very caring, very sensual woman.


Sam was a year older than I was, about my height, with long, wavy blond hair – attractive, but more of an athletic type than the dainty female kind. She had a boyfriend she’d been seeing for a couple of years, so I never really saw any indication that she’d be interested in another woman. And I certainly wasn’t. I was a virgin, in every sense of the word, had not yet known an orgasm. She was not.

She wasn’t my original college roommate, with whom I soon found myself to be at odds, though we put up a cordial front. So when I met Sam through a classmate of mine, and we hit it off right away, we decided to room together, my original roommate also having made a more suitable alliance. Sam and I settled in seamlessly – we became good friends, went to parties together, double dated, enjoyed hanging out with mutual friends – in other words, life was easy with her. But there was never anything more than friendship between us – not a look, not a touch, nothing whatsoever.

One day in early spring, I came down with a mild flu – nothing bad, just a low-grade fever and utter exhaustion. I was stuck in bed for a couple of days, during which time she fussed over me like a mother hen, always making sure I had anything I needed, bringing me soup and medicine – you name it, she did it. One night, when my fever was making me uncomfortable, she wet a washcloth with cool water and laid it on my forehead. It felt so good, cooling me off enough that I could finally fall asleep.

I woke up sometime later in the night – the room was dark, with only a small nightlight behind one of the desks, giving off just enough light that if we had to get up in the middle of the night, we wouldn’t kill ourselves – and I saw her sitting on the edge of my bed, lightly rubbing the cool washcloth over my neck and chest, above the top of my nightshirt. I told her she didn’t need to do that, I was fine, but she said I’d been moaning in my sleep and figured it was because of the fever – told me not to worry about it, just go back to sleep. Her ministrations were cooling, comforting, and I was so tired … I eventually drifted back off to sleep.

When I awoke a while later, she was again sitting on the edge of the bed, wiping me with the wet washcloth, telling me that I’d been moaning again. But this time I discovered she’d unbuttoned the top buttons on my shirt so that the washcloth was now not only going over my neck and chest, but down between my breasts as well. I felt uncomfortable with this and took the washcloth from her – told her she should get some sleep, that I would be ok. She retrieved the washcloth from me, freshened it with more cool water, and laying it back on my forehead, left my side to climb into her bed, telling me to wake her should I have need of anything.

The hour was late now, and I had fallen into a deep, if troubled, sleep; if there was any further contact between us before I next awoke, I wouldn’t remember it. I only recall waking up a third time to find her sitting on the bed, leaning over me, whispering that I’d had a bad dream, that everything was ok. She was comforting me, caressing, pushing back my hair, running her hands down my arms, then across my stomach, under the blanket. Slowly, she moved her hands up over my rib cage, on up to my breasts, lightly stroking them over my shirt. I froze, didn’t know what to do, what to think. I started to ask her what she was doing, but she cut me off, shushing me, telling me to “just relax.” I was so confused; I just lay there while she moved her thumbs back and forth over my nipples that had started to harden under my shirt. I liked the feel of it, and it started to arouse me, but when she began to unbutton more of my shirt, I impulsively grabbed the front of it to keep it closed, not sure I wanted her to go any further with this … whatever ‘this’ was. She took my hands from my shirt and laid them on the bed at my sides, telling me that she was merely exploring something, wanted to see if I’d enjoy it. I just couldn’t seem to comprehend what was happening – so naive – I simply couldn’t grasp the idea of a woman touching me so intimately. Dumbly, I let escort her unbutton my shirt, tried to relax, see what would happen. She pulled it open then, exposing my breasts, and I panicked, quickly covering them with my hands. I needed to know why she was doing this, what she wanted from me. She leaned over me until we were face to face and asked if I’d ever been with a woman before. I just stared at her, couldn’t think of what to say, wondering why I would ever want to be with a woman. But all I said was no.

She said nothing more, moved down, taking my hand off my breast and putting her mouth there, began to suckle me. A feeling like a bolt of lightning seared through me, the effect was so instant, so intense. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. While she continued her suckling, she pushed my hand off my other breast and started kneading it, pinching my nipple. I can’t put into words how I felt – I was so suddenly, so highly aroused. I’d never been touched there before, much less felt anything like this, and I’d often wondered if my reaction to her would have been different had I already been with a man. I was beyond myself now, overtaken by this new sensation, and my instincts took over. I put one hand on her head, holding her to my breast, my other hand over hers, pressing it harder into my soft flesh. Moans emanated from both of us. She lightly bit my nipple and I felt another jolt shoot through me. She switched then, began suckling at my other breast, and my hips came up, pressing into her, unaware until that moment that her body was on top of mine.

Climbing down off the bed then, she began pulling the covers down. I started to sit up – I couldn’t say what was going through my head – I only remember feeling overwhelmed, over-excited, uncertain. As she uncovered me, I was suddenly filled with the same trepidation that I imagined I would feel as a lover was about to claim me, to take my virginity. I felt afraid, unready for this. I was shaking. But before I could get up, she pushed me gently back down on the bed, leaned over me, began to kiss me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Quickly aroused once more, I opened my mouth, kissed her back.

While she distracted me with her kisses, she lay down on top of me again, started kneading a breast. I couldn’t help myself – I started to squirm beneath her. She lifted her head, started kissing my neck, my throat, slowly moving down, kissing me all the way down to my breast and started suckling there again, pinching my other nipple. She licked the underside of my breast, kept kissing and licking down my stomach.

When she got to the top of my panties, she started to pull them down, kissing me where they’d been. I lifted my hips and she pulled them all the way down, took them off me, then gently pushed my legs apart, settling herself between them. I started shaking again, uncontrollably. She tried to calm me with a “Shhhhh,” caressing my stomach and thighs, then licking and kissing down the inside of one thigh and up the other, until she finally reached my sex, nuzzling me there. It startled me to be touched there like that, and instinctively, I tried to close my legs, but with her lying between them, I couldn’t.

She ran her finger through my slit, groaning, telling me how wet I was, then pushed her finger inside me. I felt another shock rip through me. She pulled her finger out, pushed my thighs apart again, and spread my pussy wide open, started licking me. She told me I tasted sweet, held out her finger for me to taste, and I lifted my head to suck on her finger, tasting my essence. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced … anything … as hot … as that … single … moment.

And the more she licked me, pushing her tongue into me, the more frenzied I became. I reached down and grabbed her head, pushing my cunt into her face. She started groaning, and I saw her reach down with one hand and put it inside her panties, saw her start to touch herself. And then I felt her finger inside me again, twisting, pushing in and pulling out again, fucking me with it. I let go of her head then … I was beside myself. My hips came up off the bed, trying to meet her thrusts, but she told me to lie still. And when I did, she put her mouth over my clit and started slowly sucking it into her mouth. That was my very first orgasm. It was indescribable. Wave after wave of raw, pure, unbelievable pleasure coursed izmit escort bayan through me.

Shortly after that, I heard her climax herself, laying her head on my thigh and moaning. She came up beside me then and kissed me. I could smell and taste myself on her. Without saying a word, she lay down beside me and pulled me into her arms … with my head on her shoulder, we drifted off to sleep.

After our first sexual encounter, I felt a little shy around Sam – facing her in the daylight as a friend was a far cry from allowing her sexual license with my body in the dark. We never talked about what happened that night. And as undeniable as the pleasure was, so it was equally disturbing. She seemed to sense my disquiet, recognize the multitude of conflicting emotions warring in my head … and in my body. There was no doubt the desire was there – how could I ever forget such ecstasy? Or not wish to experience it again? But then there were the dark doubts that nagged me – she was a woman, after all, and I wanted a relationship with a man. Didn’t I? And what does it say about me that I actually enjoyed – no, loved – a sexual connection with someone of the same sex? What would happen if we had sex again, then again, until we became lovers? And how would I be viewed by my family, my friends, classmates on campus, society in general if I had a woman lover? It was all just so confusing, unnerving.

But she never pushed, never questioned. And we carried on as we always had … except there were more hugs, more innocent touches, more kisses on the cheek. Eventually, the hugs lasted a little longer, the touches became more intimate, and the kisses were on the lips, lightly, fleetingly, but there. I still hadn’t managed to reconcile all my emotions to my satisfaction, but then, I didn’t think I ever would. So I just accepted each day as it came, waiting to see where time would take me. Although, had I been brave enough to be honest with myself, I would have had to admit that it wasn’t really time that was leading me, it was her.

One day, after the last of our classes, we met up at the campus library, checked out some books – some we needed for classes, others just for fun. It was a beautiful day out, sunny, warm, breezy – the kind of day that just automatically puts you in a good mood. Since it was so nice, we weren’t in any hurry to get back to the dorm, even though it was getting late in the afternoon, so we decided instead to walk over to the little cafe just off campus, maybe sip some coffee at one of the outdoor tables, grab a bite to eat. But when we got there, a group of our friends were already seated at a table inside, and they called over for us to join them. We must have been there for over an hour, laughing about someone’s hippie professor, discussing plans for the upcoming weekend, exchanging the latest campus gossip.

By the time we’d gotten back to the dorm, it was early evening and we were tired – we’d had a fairly long day of classes, done a lot of walking, enjoyed time with friends. We decided just to climb into our comfy university sweats and settle in for some good reading.

We had one big, cushy chair in our room between the desks, a nice reading light by it, some oversize pillows tossed on the floor nearby. When we realized each of us was eyeing the comfy chair, we both made a sudden dash for it, but I was just a bit slower, and settled down on one of the floor pillows, leaning back against the front of the chair, next to her legs … the seat cushion made a convenient pillow for my head. We sat like that for a time, each of us swept up in our separate stories.

After a while, I felt her shift a little in the chair above me, felt her fingers playing with my hair while she continued to read. I was content to let her play, liked the sensation of my hair being toyed with. Finally, I heard the book close in her lap, land on the floor beside the chair. She swung the leg closest to me over my head, lowered it to the floor on the other side of me, coaxing me over towards the middle of the chair with her foot, centering me between her legs. Reaching down then, she gently pulled my hair back, combing it with her fingers, still playing with it while we talked about nothing. I felt her lean down then, place a kiss on the top of my head. I laid my book aside, getting up on my knees in front of the chair, izmit sınırsız escort turning to face her. She smiled at me. And suddenly, looking into her eyes, by the grace of divine providence, I understood, the war between my body and my mind finally at peace.

I smiled back, released my sensuality. Reaching up, I took her face in my hands, pulled her down to me, kissed her softly, thoroughly. She parted her lips for me, letting my tongue into her warm mouth, exploring there. I stood up then, straddled her in the chair, pushed her back, kissing her again, more passionately this time. Letting her head fall back, I gently kissed along her jaw line, moving slowly down the side of her neck, licked her throbbing pulse. I heard her sigh, and I lightly bit her neck, delivering a quick, sharp stab of pain, a chill. She let out a small cry, and I softly kissed the spot.

Pulling back, I reached under her t-shirt, pinched the nipples straining against her bra. She groaned, lifting her head to look at me. I pulled her forward, raising her arms over her head, grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, pulling it up, tossing it on the floor. Leaning down, I kissed her again as I reached around behind her, unclasped her bra. I pulled back then, bringing the straps with me, let it join the t-shirt. Her breasts were beautiful, nearly perfect, the erect nipples giving away her arousal. I reached down, caressed the softness there, pinched her nipples hard for just a moment, releasing them, replacing my fingers with my tongue. It was the first time I’d ever touched another woman’s breasts, ever tasted a nipple. I cupped her breast in my hands as I suckled there, kneading the soft mound, gripping the nipple with my teeth at times, bearing down until I heard her breath catch. Releasing her breast with a kiss there, I tended the other, reveling in the quiet moans I caused.

Raising my head finally, I lightly lay a kiss on her mouth, moved mine lower, placing hot, wet kisses along her neck, eliciting a shiver. I stood up and bent over her, delivering tiny kisses to her shoulder as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her sweats. Leaning back, allowing her to lift her hips for me, I pulled the soft sweats down over her hips, her legs, added them to the pile beside the chair. Raising her hips once more, I pulled down her panties, tossed them in the pile. Kneeling in front of the chair again, I leaned over, kissed her stomach, tasted her navel. Reaching around her, I grabbed her hips, sliding them toward me. She drew her legs up, her heels on the edge of the cushion, letting her thighs fall to each side, to rest against the arms of the chair. Her sex was open to me then, exposed, vulnerable. I could see the wetness there, smell her arousal. Leaning forward, I inhaled her scent, placed tentative kisses on the lips of her wet cunt, working my way outward, licking at the creases where her thighs met her body. I felt her shiver again, and I smiled at this surprising ability I had discovered to give her the pleasure she’d so longed for from me.

She squeezed her breasts, watched me as I licked the length of her slit, lapping up the sweet wetness there. I asked her if she’d like a taste. She nodded her head, grabbed the finger I proffered, covered in her own juice, sucked it, licked it clean. Spreading her pussy lips wider, I began to lick her cunt in earnest, savoring the flavor of her, the warm, wet softness of her sex, plunging my tongue into her hole, exploring. She closed her eyes, let her head fall back against the chair, moans growing louder, hips beginning to move, directing my tongue. Withdrawing my mouth, I began to finger her, stroke her, those strokes becoming more and more bold. I lightly rubbed my thumb against her clit, seeing it, feeling it begin to swell beneath my hand.

Watching her reaction to my touch was breathtaking, her face registering first delight, then rapture. I could feel, see, her body begin to tense, her breathing begin to quicken. I knew what she needed, knew she was balancing on the edge … knew that I had to push her over. Continuing to fuck her hard with my finger, faster now, I lowered my mouth to her swollen clit, slowly sucked it into my mouth. I heard a loud gasp, then a louder, all-consuming, primitive cry, felt shudder after shudder course through her body. I leaned back, looked up at her face – the rapture I’d seen there now an image of raw ecstasy. So beautiful. It was exhilarating, freeing. A slow smile spread across her face and she opened her eyes, looked down at me, held her arms out to me. Standing up again, I leaned down … and enfolded myself in her warm embrace.

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