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By TotallyNakedTom


Part One First Day of Class Show Off



“What the hell!?” Devlin cried.

“It”s okay,” Conner tried to reassure him. “If someone comes out Jason can just jump out and grab our swim trunks.”

“I could,” said Jason. “But I”m not going to.”

Jason was grinning broadly. He felt his penis growing hard in his skimpy rainbow swimsuit and knew that with his boner erect it would not cover his scrotum. If he got out of the hot tub now his balls would be showing. Still, he had more coverage than Devlin or Conner, naked now since he”d thrown their trunks twenty feet away.

“I”m just trying to reassure him,” said Conner.

“Yeah. Me too. If either of you put your swim trunks back on before we reach the room that”s game over. Understand?”

Conner shut his mouth and nodded. Devlin looked at Jason horrified. “Fuck, I”m not horny enough for this.”

Jason smiled, thinking of Devlin laying up against the wall, exhausted, his cum floating through the pool and his dick hanging out of his swim trunks underwater. “Turn around,” he commanded Devlin. Devlin took one last look at his swim trunks and then turned to face the side of the hot tub. “Lift your butt out of the water.” Devlin did as he was told. His hair cheeks broke the surface while both his hands were clapped firmly over his cock. Conner and Jason stared at Devlin”s ass. Jason slid his finger between Devlin”s butt cheeks and started teasing Devlin”s hole.

At first, Devlin was really nervous at his exposure but slowly Jason”s exploration of his butt hole took precedence over his being uncomfortable with his nudity. Jason fingered Devlin”s butt. Devlin lost his inhibitions. He threw his arms out, desperately grasping the side of the hot tub, thereby exposing his cock. For the first few minutes of this, Conner just sat back in the bubbling hot tub, watching. But slowly he reached up a hand and started stroking Devlin”s penis. Devlin was in ecstasy. He rocked back and forth as Jason fingered his ass and Conner stroked his cock. Jason locked eyes with Conner and they spoke with out words. When they both agreed, they both stopped their stimulation of Devlin. Jason removed his finger from Devlin”s butt and Conner pulled his hand away from Devlin”s cock.

Devlin”s breathing slowly returned to normal. He came back down to Earth and realized that he had been being stimulated by his friends in the hot tub here. He was naked in public but that didn”t matter so much now. He rose to his full height, and turned, giving both Conner and Jason an unimpeded view of his penis and Conner a nice view of his ass. He stood like that a moment looking at them both and then he said, “thank you, I am nice and horny again. I hope that your show is incredible.” Then Devlin sat back down in the hot tub and the three of them burst out laughing.

“That”s one way to say thanks for fingering and stroking me.”

“Yep,” said Devlin.

The bubbles on the hot tub fizzled out and stopped. It was silent for a moment, or as silent as LA gets.

“Well,” said Jason, climbing out of the hot tub, grabbing their swim trunks, throwing them in Conner”s bag and sitting down on one of the patio chairs. “You”re both going to have to get out of the hot tub at some point, might as well do it now and give me a good view.” He took out three towels from Conner”s bag, rubbing himself with one and looked at them expectantly. Neither Conner or Devlin rushed to obey him. “I mean, right now you”re only giving me a show. It”s a nice night, anyone could come out to use the pool…”

Devlin and Conner rose. Devlin didn”t bother to cover up but stood with his hands at his sides. Both Jason and Conner had handled his penis earlier, so he figured why bother covering it. His penis was fully erect. Devlin saw Conner and Jason both checking him out and he stuck his tongue out, gave his dick a few strokes and climbed out of the hot tub. He walked over by Jason and turned back to Conner.

Conner stood, clutching his penis, hiding it from view, practically doubled over. From this side they couldn”t even see his butt. But he was totally naked and that was awesome, Jason thought. He handed a towel to Devlin, who quickly wrapped it around his middle, but held onto Conner”s.

“Are you coming out?” Jason asked.

Conner tentatively climbed out of the hot tub and approached the other two, his hands still clasped in front of his privates. He approached Jason and held out his hand for the towel. Jason did not hold out the towel.

“Put your hands on your head and give us a slow spin.” Jason grinned.

Conner put his hands on his head. He was very skinny and barely taller than Jason so Jason wasn”t expecting Conner”s dick to be anywhere near as big as it was. Conner”s penis was about 8 or 8.5 inches long when he was fully hard, which he was right now. And it was pretty thick. Jason knew he”d have a bit of trouble getting that thing in his ass. Conner spun and showed off his butt, not very hairy but nice and plump considering Conner was so skinny. All in all, Jason was really appreciative of Conner”s private parts. He immediately wanted to play with Conner”s penis and butt. Jason was mesmerized so Conner just did another spin, and then a third while Jason watched. Considering all the things he”d seen Jason do today, Conner figured he deserved at least this long a look. As Conner circled the third time he caught Devlin”s eye, who was also seeing him for the first time. Devlin smiled, practically drooling. His dick twitched under his towel.

The door to the roof started to open and Jason threw Conner his towel. Conner wrapped it quickly around his waist mezitli escort and then went to grab his back pack. Jason threw it on, grinning at him. A flamboyant middle-aged man stepped out onto the roof. He kept throwing glances at the three of them. It wasn”t hard to see why. Conner and Devlin”s erections were visible through their towels and Jason was sporting a semi through his skimpy rainbow suit. Smiling, Jason walked up to the man. He leaned in and whispered, “hey, sir,” so only he and the man could hear.


“I don”t mean to pry but I was wondering if you were attracted to men.”

“Let”s say I am, why do you ask?”

“Well,” said Jason. “My friends have to do as I say for right now and I thought if they had an appreciative audience well, they might just have to expose themselves to you.”

The man smiled. “Well, as it turns out, they do have an appreciative audience.”

“Great. Conner, Devlin,” Jason called his friends over. Dressed in only towels the two walked over to stand on either side of Jason. They had an inkling of what was about to happen. “Hands on your heads,” Jason commanded, and Conner and Devlin obeyed. Grinning delightedly, Jason wrenched the towels from them, leaving them wearing only flip flops, naked with boners before their middle-aged gay neighbor. “Turn.”

Conner and Devlin turned and showed off their early 20″s asses. The man waved Jason over and whispered a request. Jason nodded and rushed to make it happen. “Okay, guys. Bend over and spread your cheeks and show our guest your buttholes.”

The two naked boys were not exactly thrilled by this prospect but bend over they did and spread their butt cheeks. Jason leaned over to get a look at his friend”s assholes as well. The man clapped. “Bravo, bravo. Thank you, boys. That was really something.”

“I”m going to give these back to you but you are going to put them on your shoulders unless someone is coming. I”ll go a bit ahead and tell you if someone is coming.”

Devlin and Conner took the towels and put them around their necks as Jason led them from the roof. Jason went down the stairs first. He encountered no one so he checked the hallway. No one. He beckoned Conner and Devlin down to the third floor. Their apartment was on the first floor above the garage. Jason guided them to the stairwell and slipped in front of them. No one was on the stairs so Jason led them down two flights of stairs. Devlin and Conner were still naked with their towels wrapped around their necks. Jason held their clothes in Conner”s backpack. He gave it a little squeeze, enjoying being the person exposing others. Conner and Devlin were both hard as a rock. Their flip flops clacked on the stairs. Jason glanced back at Conner”s swaying cock. “Having fun?” he asked.

“Yeah, it is pretty invigorating actually,” Conner blushed.

“You got me to the point where I want to cum again,” said Devlin. “So walking around naked is just getting me more worked up.”

“Not too much further now.” Jason opened the door to the stairs and looked both ways down the corridor. He slipped out into the hallway and beckoned the others to follow. He looked round the corner. Someone! One of their neighbors, a 30 something woman. Jason swung back to Conner and Devlin. “Put them on!” he mouthed at them. They pulled the towels from around their necks and tied them around their waists. Then, trying to look as casual as possible they started walking down the hall towards the apartment. The woman looked at Jason”s skimpy rainbow suit that was showing a bit of his ball sack because of his semi-erection but she didn”t seem to notice that seconds ago Conner and Devlin had been completely naked in the hallway.

They reached the apartment and Conner closed the door. “Goddamn, that was close,” he said. “Fuck.”

Jason grinned. “It was a rush though, right?”

“I”ll say,” said Devlin.

“Great. So,” said Jason kicking off his flip flops. “Leave your shoes and towels by the door, gentlemen and sit down on the couch and I will give you that show I promised.”

Devlin shrugged, threw off his towel and sat down on the couch, his erection bouncing to and fro as he walked. Conner also took off his towel and sat down on the couch, smiling playfully at Jason. “Now,” said Jason. “Do you happen to have any costumes or interesting clothes I could model?”

“Well,” began Conner. “The previous tenants actually left a closet full of costumes. You have a lot to choose from. It”s in my room there. Over on the right.”

Jason went into Conner”s room and to the closet he mentioned. He entered and a Wonderland of costumes met his eyes. There was a clown costume and a pirate complete with hat and sword. There was a mascot costume in the shape of a cockroach for some reason. A dozen other costumes along the walls. There was a 1920″s Flapper costume, complete with boa and a long prop cigarette filter. Jason took down the boa and threw it around his shoulders and took the cigarette filter and clasped it between his teeth. He was definitely using these. Then he saw it. It was still in the box. He took up the box and carried it with him into the next room.

“Bring up Young Americans by David Bowie,” said Jason as he opened the box and quickly set up the stripper pole he”d found in Conner”s closet.

Devlin and Conner grinned. “We”ve been joking about using the stripper pole since we moved in.”

“Well, since you have it, I”m gonna use it.”

“Fuck yeah, Jason.”

“Should we smoke a little before we start?” Devlin asked, pulled out a bong from beside the sofa.

Jason laughed. “You”ve been dipping into that Cali kush?”

Devlin shrugged. pozcu escort “Guests first,” he said, setting the bong on the coffee table and handing Jason a lighter. Jason lit up the already packed bong tip and sucked in air until he made the water bubble. He removed the tip and sucked in the last bit of air. He returned the tip and handed the lighter to Devlin while he held his breath and felt himself getting instantly high. He let out a big bright white cloud. It reminded Jason of his all-white bedroom. “Yes, this is gonna be great. Especially if he does lap dances.”

“What?” Conner asked, spitting out his intake of bong smoke.

“Haven”t you ever touched yourself after you get high. It”s great. You know that feeling where your fingers and toes get all tingly?”


“Well, just touch yourself while high and all the tingles move to your penis. It”s great.”

Conner and Jason laughed.

“Come on, I can”t be the only one to touch myself while high. Don”t make me feel weird about it, Mr. I”ll get naked anywhere for a free meal and Mr. I”m focusing on school until a cute Asian boy gets naked for a free meal.”

Conner and Jason laughed again. “Fair,” said Conner. He looked at them both and then lowered his hand to his crotch. Conner started playing with his cock and balls, lightly caressing then rubbing it then stroking his cock his full length. “Oh,” he moaned. “That does feel good.”

Jason had started touching himself through his swimsuit watching Conner touch himself. It did feel amazing. He slid his hand under his suit and started playing with his dick for real and oh my God, it was amazing.

“Okay, touch yourself later, guys. Jason was going to give us a stripper show and a lap dance.”

Jason pulled his hand from his pants. Conner sat back on the couch, his penis forgotten. “Start the music,” Jason told them.

Conner had previously brought the song up on YouTube. Conner hit play on the remote and David Bowie started singing to them. Jason danced, waving the boa about his shoulders and gesturing with the cigarette filter. Around the room he strode, confident and sexy, in nothing but his rainbow suit and the boa. He put his foot up on the coffee table and bent so that they could admire it. He bent and pressed the little bits of fat at his breasts together like he was a female stripper. They laughed and he teased his nipples, waving his hips back and forth.

He tossed the cigarette filter and the boa away and swung around the stripper pole. The pole gave way and fell and Jason laughed as it hit the floor. He jumped back up and started twerking in front of Conner. Conner watched closely. He picked up a dollar from the side table and slid it into the strap of Jason”s suit. Jason smiled and went over to Devlin, twerking for him. Devlin lifted the strap of Jason”s swimsuit, removed the dollar bill Conner had put there, unfolded it, showed it to Jason, refolded it and put it back where he”d taken it from. They giggled at that.

“Well, since you”ve both paid,” said Jason. “I suppose I should lose these.” And Jason slid the swim suit to the floor and moved backwards, twerking into Devlin”s lap.

His butt cheeks contracted around Devlin”s dick and Devlin moaned. “Fuck, that feels good.” Jason grinded on Devlin for a minute and then he moved to Conner. Conner lay back, shifting his lap forward so that Jason had ample access to his penis.

Jason jumped onto the couch and dry humped the air before Conner. Conner watched Jason”s hard penis getting closer and closer to him. Then they made contact. Jason dry humped Conner, their penises rubbing together. It felt amazing. Jason leaned in and kissed Conner. Conner kissed back. Jason stuck his tongue in Conner”s mouth, just a little and Conner stuck his tongue in Jason”s mouth hard, exploring everything there. Jason kept thrusting into Conner, their penises rubbing together. Conner grabbed Jason”s butt cheeks and pulled him closer, squeezing them like his life depended on it.

They felt something beside them and opened their eyes. Devlin leaned in and they started kissing, all three of them. The three naked boys started touching and feeling each other. Fuck. It was so hot. Jason was in heaven. Jason started going down on Conner. His lips wrapped around Conner”s cock, blowing him, licking his cock up and down and across the side, making Conner moan. Devlin spread Jason”s legs. He pulled a box of condoms and lube from the side table. He slid a condom on his dick and lubed it up. Then he lubed Jason”s butthole and slid his finger into Jason, fingering his butthole. That got Jason even hotter and he deepthroated Conner, who let out a long low moan and clutched the arm of the sofa behind him, lost in pleasure. Devlin removed his finger and slowly slid his dick into Jason. Jason sucked Conner at the same rate as Devlin slid into him.

“Ready for me to start going?” Devlin asked Jason.

Jason gave him the thumbs up and went back to slurping on Conner”s cock. Devlin started slow but quickly ramped up his pounding of Jason”s ass. The three of them barely fit on the couch. Bare legs trailed from the sofa to the floor.

None of them really noticed but Young Americans had changed to another David Bowie song. It changed many times without them noticing.

Within a few minutes they moved to the bedroom. Jason put on a condom, lubed up his dick and Devlin”s butthole and fucked him while Devlin swallowed Conner”s dick. They switched and Devlin buttfucked Conner while Conner sucked Jason”s dick. Conner made eye contact with Jason as he slobbered on Jason”s dick. He really got Jason going. Jason reached the brink of orgasm and pulled back. escort bayan He pulled out of Conner”s mouth and they switched again. Jason butt fucked Conner and Conner sucked Devlin”s dick.

“Listen, roomie,” said Devlin. “Do you remember what you said?”

Conner nodded.

“That”s good, but I”m going to say it so that Jason knows what I”m talking about and to make you anticipate it.” He thrust his boner deeper into Conner”s mouth. “I asked if you wanted to have sex and you said, `no,” you wanted to focus on your studies this semester. So I just went to my room and jerked off thinking about what it would be like to have sex with you. And do you know what else he said?” Devlin asked Jason. “I asked him if he was sure and he said if he ended up having sex with me that I could treat him like a little cock whore and shoot my jizz down on his throat and cum all over his face. So, here goes Conner. Get ready to be my cock whore for the whole semester, Mr. Vale-DICK-torian.”

Devlin started his orgasm in Conner”s mouth and ended it all over Conner”s face and hair. Seeing Devlin cum, and in such a porno way sent Jason over the edge. He started orgasming into the condom up Conner”s butt. Conner felt the hot splashes of cum on his face and he felt Jason”s dick exploding in his butt and he reached out and took hold of his own penis. Conner jerked his own dick like there”s no tomorrow. Jason and Devlin knocked his hand aside. Conner opened his eyes, confused. Then Jason and Devlin leaned in and started taking turns sucking Conner”s dick all the way to the root, back up, and then the next one started taking it from the top all the way down to the root. Conner lost his mind as he came. He gripped Jason”s head, thrusting his penis as deep into Jason”s mouth as it would go. He shot his load of hot white cum down Jason”s throat and Jason swallowed it, even the dribble that came out of his cheek.

Once all three boys had cum they lay back in bed, feeling the euphoria that comes with orgasm. They were naked still and their limbs intertwined. “Well,” said Conner. “Even when I dared you to show your underwear to strangers and then Devlin got you to pull your pants down in the restaurant. Even then I didn”t think we were going to end up in bed together.”

Jason shrugged. “I didn”t think about it too hard. I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too,” said Devlin.

“Are you really going to cum on my face every time?”

“Every time I have an orgasm this semester it will be on your face.”

“Fuck,” said Conner, squeezing his cock a little.

“It turns you on, having someone cum on your face, doesn”t it?”

“I feel so dirty after, like such a whore. I love it!”

“Who knew the boy you showed me the naked video of this morning was going to end up in bed with both of us by evening?”

“I may have thought of it while I was touching myself this morning,” said Conner and he laughed.

“I was in that fantasy?”

“Yeah,” admitted Conner.

“Fuck yeah. I”m honestly happy about all of it, but especially that I get to walk around naked now.”

“Can I come over and be naked with you guys?”

“Of course, Jason. We”d love to see your cute little naked body every day of this semester. And we”ll get you to show it off in public to get you all worked up before we bring you home.”

Jason giggled and waved his deflating penis at them. They took showers, Devlin alone and then Conner and Jason. Jason helped Conner get the cum out of his hair which had begun to dry and then as they washed each other they just hugged. Jason kissed Conner”s cheek and they broke apart and went back to washing each other.

They sat on the couch and watched movies the rest of the night, naked of course. When it was time for him to go home for the night, Jason dressed in his new clothes and headed for the door. He paused with his hand on the handle. “Hey, guys. You wouldn”t want to go again before I leave?”

“No,” said Devlin. “I”m spent. I masturbated this morning and then twice with you.”

“I”m good too,” said Conner. “But I would be down tomorrow.”

“Oh okay,” said Jason.

“Hey,” said Conner.


“Leave your window open while you masturbate, and I”ll watch and record it.”

Jason”s dick jumped at the suggestion. He ran downstairs and across the street to his room. In the apartment, Conner set up his HD camera with the zoom lens and pointed it into Jason”s room and hit record. Jason entered his room and turned on all the lights. Then he set his things down and promptly stripped naked. Grinning Jason looked to the apartment balcony across the way. He could see a faint shadow that he thought must be Conner recording him. This was really hot. Conner obviously had a great view but the other apartments around him and anyone passing on the street would be able to see in too. Jason started stroking his dick. He thought about all the exhibing he”d done that day, he thought about exposing his new friends and his first site of them naked with their privates on display, he thought about the three way. Jason”s dick exploded with cum. He lay back panting.

Rising, Jason wiped his body of cum with some used underwear from his hamper. He started flicking off the lights. He waved at Conner on the balcony, plugged in his cellphone and climbed into bed.

In the apartment, Conner hooked up the camera to the TV and he and Devlin watched Jason masturbate on the big screen. They cheered at Jason”s cum shot.

Across the street, curled up in bed, Jason pulled the covers more securely over his naked body. It had been a good first day, a great first day. He couldn”t wait for tomorrow. This was going to be fun, oh so much fun. Who knows? He thought. Maybe he would get to cum on Conner”s face. Maybe he”d have to get naked outside. The possibilities were endless. Jason drifted swiftly off to sleep.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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